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A Little Diagram That Changed My Life | Little Lessons with David Servant

Published on Apr 15, 2019 321 views

A few months ago I discovered a diagram that has changed my life. It was shared with me by one of the most successful disciple-making missionaries in the world today. Discover this life-transforming diagram for yourself in today's Little Lesson!

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  • John Schmuttermaier
    John Schmuttermaier 1 week ago Inspiring talk David. Love your little lessons. In this instance you have revealed how much of a failure as a Christian I am. Yes I have lots of knowledge, and apply that knowledge in my life as much as possible and am very God conscious of that. But while I take every opportunity to share my knowledge with others, there are not many who are willing to receive this. I guess I am not alone in this. Nonetheless, I keep sharing when the opportunity arises. Thanks for the daily scripture talks which I have subscribed to and enjoy every one of them. God bless
  • Chris
    Chris 5 days ago I like this video. I'm not applying it or sharing it. I'm not Christian though but I've been learning more and more about it. I'm actually in a bit of a pickle right now with regards to my negativity and keeping it under control. I'm not sure why exactly but for a long time I've felt like I am crying inside. When I was younger I felt as if there was a white light inside me, guiding me, willing me to help people and I thought it could show me things, about the plains of existence and how it's like a spectrum and Earth is in the middle. Now it feels as if the light has been restrained. I think I'm writing this because I really want help but I know no one will, so I'm really bothering you and other people for no good reason. It's just that I have no one to talk about it with... the things I think I can sense or have experienced. You make a good videos. Thanks for making them. =)
  • True Colors
    True Colors 1 week ago Amen brother , what you say makes me think of this Matthew 7:5 thou  hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye For us to be Light in the world we must remove the planks in our eyes that causes us to walk in darkness. Then will be salt in this world ready to season . If we walk in darkness by having unrepented sin in our lives then the best we might be is a blind hypocrit leading the blind.