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5 People Who Claim to be Time Travelers

Published on Mar 1, 2019 5,685,790 views

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  • Dekks123
    Dekks123 4 months ago I appreciate the way you cover "out there" topics like this, unlike other YouTubers, I can enjoy them without the host either trying to convince you that they're zomg totally legit and real or constantly pointing out how fake they all are,which spoils the silly fun. Keep up the good work 👍🏻
  • Noah Gardner
    Noah Gardner 6 days ago this shit was covered so many times
  • old gregg
    old gregg 1 week ago Pointing out how fake something makes for a video worthy of being watched. If you're just putting your arms up and saying "lol idk", your input is utterly pointless.
  • MindShock
    MindShock 2 weeks ago Exactly. Logic and reason above all else. "The only thing for sure, is that we don't know anything for sure!"
  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 2 weeks ago I'm from earth
  • Psykonaut
    Psykonaut 3 weeks ago Anthony Padilla did the same video
  • Delilah Jones
    Delilah Jones 3 weeks ago @BARACKOBAMA BARACKOBAMA...I can´t figure that out either. I have been drinking milk and eating nothing else but white chocolate for five and a half months now and my shit is still brown!
    BARACKOBAMA 3 weeks ago If food has color why is shit always brown?
  • Dee Gee
    Dee Gee 3 weeks ago cy p what about the planets long term heating and cooling trends? We're slowly coming out of an ice age, which will eventually stop and reverse. It's like a 2500 year season.
  • Delilah Jones
    Delilah Jones 3 weeks ago All 5 time travelers said that even 1000 years from now people are still listening to Led Zeppelin.
  • Dee Gee
    Dee Gee 1 month ago Right. Time travels not impossible either. Whether it happens or not is obviously speculation
  • Johnson Lane
    Johnson Lane 1 month ago @Jas Mann if i drink a liter of whiskey i can make the near future pretty fucked up, but nothing can take you to aomewhere that simply doesnt exist yet, or back to places that no longer exist. any bozo can see that.
  • Karl Anderson
    Karl Anderson 1 month ago ZERO FOOL I know what that blur is it's you wacking off outside that historical apartment FUCKIN LOOSER
  • john smith
    john smith 1 month ago @Tavis Vaughn are the rich blacks and Asians doing the same thing? Or just the whites? @donttrustwhitey
  • JAS Jubilee
    JAS Jubilee 1 month ago Yeah, silly fun for those who love syfy and have plenty of time to waste. Unfortunately, there are many mentally and emotionally challenged individuals who feed on this stuff and regress into a strange place.
  • Toby Langlois
    Toby Langlois 1 month ago Not to mention how many other channels have such obnoxious narration either using those god forsaken robotic voices instead of actual narration or being so damned enthusiastic and childish it's sickening.
  • Chuck T.
    Chuck T. 2 months ago Pretty funny how most of the time travelers seem to support the Globalist agenda, lol. Think those goons are pulling these stunts as part of their even admits he is there to "seed" certain messages.
    ROMAN CEASAR 2 months ago I don't own a hdr Machine ,I prefer teleportation by standing in my bedroom and going into psychic trance and seeing white mist / fog form in my surroundings and my bedroom becomes my country and facing me is the border strip separating the bedroom from the kitchen and the kitchen becomes the other country ,hence borders between two countries ( world's ) I'm a space traveler Most alien contactees get diagnosed with mental health issues just like people from other world's use mental telepathy ( channelling ) just ask any medium / psychic whether military or civilian
  • Roslyn Hall
    Roslyn Hall 2 months ago .
  • Keith Howard
    Keith Howard 2 months ago @Miss Urielle Shakir We are Gods creation, His children. We are not God.
  • Keith Howard
    Keith Howard 2 months ago @Tavis Vaughn Money came about as a better way to exchange goods and services, labor. Barter just won't cut it. It is neither good nor evil. It is just a tool
  • real truth 2019 yup!!!!!!!!
    real truth 2019 yup!!!!!!!! 2 months ago If anyone could travel in time it wouldn't be u fuck face. Unfortunately I can only see so far. So good luck.but the three eyed raven
  • 0 0
    0 0 2 months ago Take your MEDS kids!
  • Yourmoms Asshole
    Yourmoms Asshole 2 months ago Dekks123 trolls
  • Yourmoms Asshole
    Yourmoms Asshole 2 months ago Dekks123 trollsun
  • marco garza
    marco garza 2 months ago Fake ass time travels I'm the real time travels .