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Survival Lessons from The Great Depression

Published on Apr 14, 2019 373,042 views

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  • paintballgod33
    paintballgod33 1 month ago People were also far more tough back then. Nowadays, people have temper tantrums if they don't have Wi-Fi.
  • Gerod253
    Gerod253 4 days ago This is very true. The other side of that, however, is how much of our lives seem to now require the internet to function. Just walk into a retail store when their network is down and you’ll watch the entire store virtually grind to a halt.
  • Trese Drek
    Trese Drek 2 weeks ago @GazB85 We have far more technology now than back then. Yes, times has changed alot. Humans have changed. 2Tim 3
  • Santosh Ragi
    Santosh Ragi 4 weeks ago (edited) @Jo Smith Well, your kids might surprise you. We never know what really one is made of until they really meet the situation. You could be surprised by how fast they cope up to the situation.
  • Jo Smith
    Jo Smith 1 month ago (edited) GazB85: Yes, and no. The OP is right. Most people nowadays can’t handle being without WiFi. I grew up watching the computer and Internet evolution take place so I can be fine without it. My kids on the other hand go crazy if they don’t have wifi and a screen to watch. They won’t read books or just “be bored.” My wife got them addicted to it all much to my frustrations.
  • GazB85
    GazB85 1 month ago People were just the same. Human's have not changed really since then.
  • the poastman
    the poastman 1 month ago But Wi-Fi is life!!!!!
  • Robin Murray
    Robin Murray 2 months ago I've always followed my grandparents advice. DON'T TRUST BANKS!
  • Sarah Strong
    Sarah Strong 46 minutes ago @Mystery Buyer All the credit unions in my area have closed down.
  • jtellier0
    jtellier0 2 days ago Cops will confiscate if they deem any large amount of money you have on hand is illegal
  • America Reigns
    America Reigns 6 days ago Assholes!
  • Tommie duh Swamy
    Tommie duh Swamy 1 week ago During the recession of 2007-2011...people had stockpiled their savings into one bank and as a result many were losers due to the fact that the FDIC insures up to $100k and that's it! How profoundly stupid. Obama, after the damage was done, upped the amount to $250k. Wonderful...
  • Me Me
    Me Me 2 weeks ago @Vorname Nachname good you can trade for coffee sugar flour and bullets. (just kidding) see you on the battlefield. ✌out
  • Me Me
    Me Me 2 weeks ago @John Doe just a wee tad sarcasm . Also don't drive or fly or walk while chewing gum. Now go get um. Hehehehe
  • PW Thomas
    PW Thomas 2 weeks ago FEMA bought 30,000 Guillotines from France and plan on using them on Americans! FEMA also purchased giant plastic grave liners and also concrete ones which hold 5-7 bodies each. They have prepared for WW3 and are ready to go! Nice that they warned you right? Look at all of this stuff on YouTube! Walmart stores are being bought by FEMA and being turned into concentration Camps! With all of those head choppers and grave liners do you have any idea what they plan to all of the illegal aliens coming to America by the hundreds of thousands?? Going to be bloody!
  • Marie John 3:16
    Marie John 3:16 2 weeks ago No doubt! 👍
  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 3 weeks ago @Mike Ries Thanks Mike. You have a great way to win a argument without trying! -- win, at least, to your own measure, LOL.
  • Mike Ries
    Mike Ries 3 weeks ago @GetMeThere1 I'd argue with you but for one thing. A very wise man once told me to never argue with an idiot. Agree with them and walk away because the battle is un-winnable. You're 100% correct..
  • Widethinker
    Widethinker 3 weeks ago Problem is when we move to a cashless society. Our paper money will be worthless.
    THE PRODIGAL ESOTERIC 3 weeks ago Food storage is a must! Water storage, too!
  • Glenn Redwine
    Glenn Redwine 3 weeks ago Getmethere1: I think that people have to have a reserve in very safe investments and perhaps some in a physical asset, like gold first before doing more risky investments.
  • Georgeann Baxter
    Georgeann Baxter 3 weeks ago I don't trust banks either. Frank Dodd bail ins were pasted for a reason. 🤔
  • Glenn Redwine
    Glenn Redwine 3 weeks ago @zurgo 2004 learn how to make it from FERMENTING fruit, BUY COPPER TUBING BEFORE YOU NEED IT!!
  • Glenn Redwine
    Glenn Redwine 3 weeks ago @Martin Luther Spare us the ANTI-SEMITISM, JERK. 97% of the Jewish people are just like us just normal middle class folk, trying to get by. I have tried to figure peole like you hate the jews so much & one I think it is that the Jews very well may be smarter than the average person. You can find videos here on Youtube stating that the average IQ is 115-120. Not the usual 100 for the population in general.
  • Glenn Redwine
    Glenn Redwine 3 weeks ago @Ken & Shan wow, sad. Should have blhad it in a locked box. Under the bed.
  • Glenn Redwine
    Glenn Redwine 3 weeks ago @Carmen Ortiz it's $250 K Carmen, you get a proportion if you have have more in than that. I wouldn't trust it if Donald Trump were in office but anyone else yes.
  • Glenn Redwine
    Glenn Redwine 3 weeks ago (edited) @GetMeThere1 Probably need $200K in CD's as a cushion, plus your SS. WALL STREET IS CROOKED AS A BARREL OF SNAKES!! Probably a good idea to pay off house as possible, though.
  • Glenn Redwine
    Glenn Redwine 3 weeks ago (edited) @TheLouisianan it's better than the crap stock market though. I think CD's were much better than the stock market and some giy was teally taking me to task either here or FB over prefering CD's to putting money in the stock market. Am in my early 60's & no time to earn it all again.
  • Angel Martin
    Angel Martin 3 weeks ago then you do what?hide it?put it in stocks?ive heard wells fargo are flakes and maybe chase otherwise banks seem ok
  • sandee foreshee
    sandee foreshee 3 weeks ago Ken & Shanin ...moral to that story to me can’t take it with you!...and i believe people are more important than things...what a sad story
  • Leif C.
    Leif C. 1 month ago Don't trust any bank. Get your own old man currency if you get my drift....
  • Shahin Khan
    Shahin Khan 1 month ago @Vorname Nachname if had surplus cash I'd do the same
  • Sandy M
    Sandy M 1 month ago @Vorname Nachname Please don't post that sort of thing like how much money and where you keep it.The very next post asking where you live whether it was a joke or not. Trust no one with that info. Bad times are coming.
  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 1 month ago @chriss4365 Well, in fact they can, because the US govt can print as much as necessary to support their own insurance -- not that that's a good thing, lol.
  • chriss4365
    chriss4365 1 month ago @catauzy hah
  • chriss4365
    chriss4365 1 month ago @GetMeThere1 The fdic cant insure all of us they don't have enough cash.
  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 1 month ago (edited) @SuLebo215 The stock market is nothing other than the buying and selling of shares of public companies. As such, it's not fundamentally the "cause" of anything. As for our "economy," it's doing fine. The only way to actually measure an economy is to count what is produced. The U.S. continues to be a MAJOR producing among all countries. On that basis (the only one which is a direct "measure") our economy is doing about the best of any world economy out there.
  • SuLebo215
    SuLebo215 1 month ago @Montana Maverick Prepper My money is in my chicken house :) Won't tell you were I live, lol
  • SuLebo215
    SuLebo215 1 month ago @GetMeThere1 I'm with Carmen on this. It's the greed for money in the stock market that caused all the problems in the first place. The existential lesson to learn from the depression is that you can't always get something for nothing - which gaming the stock market is. And anyone who thinks that our current "economy" is doing great just because GDP and the stock market are high, are fooling themselves. Increased GDP is due to automation and the stock market is a hedge fund manager's paradise but does little for the common man
  • zurgo 2004
    zurgo 2004 1 month ago @Vorname Nachname If anything store alcohol, that is better for bartering with others, people will always want alcohol
  • zurgo 2004
    zurgo 2004 1 month ago @Vorname Nachname who's gonna buy youre gold in a depression. smfh
  • t Mann
    t Mann 1 month ago Me to and that's why none have ever got chance to Fu#@k me but they have tried
  • my first channel
    my first channel 1 month ago I remember that distrust of banks. But people can't just do the things they could do back then.
  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 1 month ago @Chris Rock Wow! Great story. Thanks for sharing it.
  • Chris Rock
    Chris Rock 1 month ago @GetMeThere1 he did have stock from the steel mill he worked at. Got so much for hours worked. Well right after he retired it dropped to 2 bucks and my mom started bugging him to sell it. I was like 18 at time. I begged and pleaded with him not to sell low. He had like 700 shares. I said you need 1400 bucks that bad. Finally he listened and 3 years later it went up to 100 and then he sold. I told him to roll it into an annuity and my mother gets 400 extra a month to this day. Thank God he listened.
  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 1 month ago @Chris Rock Yeah. So...sad that, at least "back in the day" the average mom and pop thought the stock market was "beyond them." Now -- at least according to Warren Buffett -- just going with an index fund will make anyone more money that the most sophisticated hedge funds; and he in fact recently won a million dollar bet with a hedge fund manager over just that.
  • Chris Rock
    Chris Rock 1 month ago @GetMeThere1 I hear you there. My parents where 2 of the hardest working people you ever want to meet but they didn't make their money work for them. My dad was good with money and did ok but he should have died a multi millionaire. My mom is barely scraping by. They would give money away but if you brought up investing you got crickets. It urks me to this day.
  • Anita Ares
    Anita Ares 1 month ago "Slow bank run." Slowly take everything out of your account that you don't need for bills and business. Where you put it is your business. "If you don't hold it, You don't own it!".
  • Jim Bklyn
    Jim Bklyn 1 month ago @Ken & Shan That's a sick story no more morals in world though a few and I mean a "very few individuals" would help baby first, peace.
  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella 1 month ago Great advice! 😁
  • Sean O'Dwyer
    Sean O'Dwyer 1 month ago rob     destroy   the   A.S. B.  banks
  • M1903A1
    M1903A1 1 month ago @GetMeThere1 A key concept of life and investing is "quit while you're ahead". Some did that before the crash in 1929, realized things weren't making sense and decided to quit the herd...many more did not, they just had to reach for N+1 instead of settling for N...and they lost most if not everything and then some. Trouble is, crowd psychology is enticing, and you never know when "N+1" is a step too far.
  • zhrob na
    zhrob na 1 month ago @Vorname Nachname Do you trust me enough to ask what is your address? bawahahahahaha rubbing my hands with a maniacal laugh...
  • Martin Luther
    Martin Luther 1 month ago GetMeThere1 You speak like an offended little child.
  • Martin Luther
    Martin Luther 1 month ago Robin Murray More Specifically, the Jewish Rothschild Central Bankers.
  • Donteven Fuckintalktome
    Donteven Fuckintalktome 1 month ago (edited) John Doe - 😂Lol
  • Ken & Shan
    Ken & Shan 1 month ago (edited) Hey, a man in my hometown didn't trust banks, he had 100,000.00 stuffed in a mattress and a tornado came and threw his newborn grandson in a flooded ditch face down, him through a tree and his 100,000.00 through town. People picked that money up before turning that baby over. Let that poor newborn drown and the grandpa died in the tree. True story. Morgan county Tennessee 2001.
  • America Reigns
    America Reigns 1 month ago Shut up beeeoch.
  • Mystery Buyer
    Mystery Buyer 1 month ago @Ja Te Yep silver is the hot thing to get right now. A lot of people still dont get it yet.
  • Ja Te
    Ja Te 1 month ago Buy silver. Buy silver. Buy silver
  • Mystery Buyer
    Mystery Buyer 1 month ago Credit unions are safer but still part of the system. I would not trust them either but would trust them more than banks.
  • Jim Bklyn
    Jim Bklyn 1 month ago Trust no one as I learned in life, peace.
  • Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III
    Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III 2 months ago Many, possibly most, amish today are heavily dependent on "the grid".
  • Blz Ahz
    Blz Ahz 2 months ago To have money is to have purchasing power. To have power is to be independent. You don't surrender your independence to others. Indepedence is the ability to do stuff on your own, to have power over your own life. No one looks after your best interest better than you yourself (with the exception of your parents in some cases), and that's why you don't outsource your personal freedom.
  • Bob Bobbertson
    Bob Bobbertson 2 months ago @John Doe Top tier satire.
  • Mrs.
    Mrs. 2 months ago Robin Murray Me too
  • Free North Radio
    Free North Radio 2 months ago Invest in gold, silver, platinum, and other assets besides metal. Then pull your money out of your bank and either keep it in a safe or put it in a credit union. Next. Dont do stocks. Then. Invest in things work while and do not invest in things that are damaging to America.
  • Vorname Nachname
    Vorname Nachname 2 months ago catauzy Im sure you are a very cool dude, dont get me wrong, but i dont need friends :D Its not your fault, its me. ^^
  • Mark Hollingsworth
    Mark Hollingsworth 2 months ago Joo run! Do I need to say more?
  • Remnant Soldier
    Remnant Soldier 2 months ago The only Real money is money is that which you can hold in your hand, like physical gold and silver... not IOU's like the dollar bill..
  • Montana Maverick Prepper
    Montana Maverick Prepper 2 months ago And Don’t Hide $ & Guns Under Ur Bed Either! 👍🌲🇱🇷 Another Great Video
  • catauzy
    catauzy 2 months ago @Vorname Nachname hey wanna be friends ? where you live at ? :DDDDD
  • Vorname Nachname
    Vorname Nachname 2 months ago I dont trust Banks, i dont trust anybody. Thats why i have food for 6months in my basement and 20.000€ in Gold and Silver under my bed.
  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 2 months ago @Carmen Ortiz Thanks Carmen. I'm afraid you're a bit too stupid to even bother replying to, however. Have a nice day though!
  • Carmen Ortiz
    Carmen Ortiz 2 months ago @GetMeThere1 You are delusional. During the Great Depression previous rich people were committing suicide after losing it all and the banks would close with people's money one day and never open again, which meant people lost all their savings. Robin is right. I have saving in the bank for things like my property taxes, which I pay in February or March so it's not in the bank for long and the rest is in my house in a fireproof safe in a secret place, until things improve. FDIC can't cover more than a small fraction of money in banks, it is an illusion.
  • eric solskjar
    eric solskjar 2 months ago We don't know were born
  • John Doe
  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 2 months ago grandparents and parents trusted banks because of FDIC. Unfortunately, part of my family lore became "don't trust the stock market." As a result, they could have turned hundreds of thousands into tens of millions -- but missed out.
  • TheLouisianan
    TheLouisianan 2 months ago Plus, whats an FDIC guarantee when the currency becomes face value
  • Rudy P
    Rudy P 3 months ago Just look at what the Amish are doing. Lots to learn from them. They could not care less, if the system goes down.
  • Ray Williams
    Ray Williams 3 days ago @Rudy P that Amish are the most non violent people I have ever met.
  • Duggy Dugg
    Duggy Dugg 4 days ago everybody is hooked into the supply lines.... the least dependent are the cubans....they became microfarmers usa embargoed them.. then Russia abandoned them ... they are now reintegrating with the grid since the usa has relaxed its position ...
  • Faith
    Faith 4 days ago They're also inbred
  • Duggy Dugg
    Duggy Dugg 6 days ago they will be innundated
  • Andrew Polkowski
    Andrew Polkowski 6 days ago Yes that sounds good but you try to live without your cellphone and technology. See how practical and long that last.
  • Will Dwyer
    Will Dwyer 1 week ago @vicky janway those Amish driving cars and all that stuff are not Amish. They're called Mennonites.
  • Margaret Gust
    Margaret Gust 1 week ago @Bryan Simon - The Amish aren't going to stand back and let you raid their homes and farms and take food out of the mouths of their families! They aren't saints - just backwards.
  • MtnDewey
    MtnDewey 3 weeks ago actually the Amish are not as self sufficient as we are to believe, they make a lot of their merchandise with power tools, they just don't own any....its a little secret they have going on believe me.
  • Ani Bell
    Ani Bell 4 weeks ago I saw a pretty little Mennonite girl, shopping where I worked( in a mall). She was wearing the prairie dress , and bonnet. She was driving a brand new Toyota celica( bright yellow). It floored me!
  • Quinn Tech
    Quinn Tech 1 month ago Sure, everything's great when you don't have to pay any taxes, plus they'll be hurting when the "English" run out of money. Even they depend on a prosperous and industrious society in which to live. So don't kid yourself.
  • Tyler More
    Tyler More 1 month ago @Cassie Miller if you don't know, then they're doing it well eh 😎
  • Tyler More
    Tyler More 1 month ago It's like the meek inheriting the earth.... I'm sure I have heard that mentioned some where, like an old saying or something .....hmmm just say'n...
  • Cassie Miller
    Cassie Miller 1 month ago What are the amish doing please?
  • The Don
    The Don 1 month ago (edited) @J P It's true. They won't. But the Amish are very well off and their hired hands sure will take up arms. The same ones that chauffeur them around to Walmarts etc.... Easy Pickins? Believe me, you'd be dead in a heartbeat if you were to step on their land uninvited. Well almost. First you'd have to endure a sermon on how you were about to enter Hell with fire and brimstone by defying God's chosen peoples. Fact is, the Amish here own probably every each of a vast County and all the businesses in it including the Police and Judges. They are far from weak.
  • J P
    J P 1 month ago Bryan Simon Amish wont bear arms against others? Well then that means easy taking of what they have.
  • The Don
    The Don 1 month ago (edited) @vicky janway I live right near an Amish community. Believe me, they still ride in horse drawn buggies and carriages. Many ride Bikes. You're talking about the Mennonites. A modernized Amish clan. Fact is, Just yesterday one of them was hit by a truck out on the highway. Not unusual to hear horses hooves tramping down the street. But the Amish do use modern methods more. They're also good at hiding it. But the Amish would also be hit hard by any depression too. In our community, they take in part of their income from tourism and selling handmade furniture. They also use Natural gas to heat their homes and Karosene for lighting. So while they may be self sufficient it's only to a degree.
  • Aras B
    Aras B 1 month ago "Chappy takes care of Chappy! Let the grid go down! I poop in an outhouse!" (Hank, "uh, ... There is no Mrs Chappy is there?")
  • Rick Burton
    Rick Burton 1 month ago @Gwebo Celestron very correct, I saw a lot of them in McDonald's the other day.
  • high lord of danktopia
    high lord of danktopia 1 month ago @Rudy P i didnt know they smoked and drank i thought they werent allowed to do stuff like that huh you learn something new everyday
  • jasiel delgado
    jasiel delgado 1 month ago Joseph Mcnally Nothing wrong with that Y'all the fools Read up on the laws of power
  • Bob Bobbalina
    Bob Bobbalina 1 month ago The Amish aren't a good example - because of there Inbreeding they won't be around in 50 yrs Thier disabled population is growing ! some of Thier families have 2-3 children whom are disabled .
  • Amish Special Forces
    Amish Special Forces 1 month ago The Amish have more guns than people realize....
  • Gioia Pharo
    Gioia Pharo 1 month ago ..... Being Omish = like a religious cult ...... if you do not tow their religious lines = you are shunned snd never seen to them again ..... They get around modern = by using what is already made ....... The Meninights (sp) ladies dress like “ House on the Prairie” - men by their clothing at Walmart - drive modern cars - use electricity - are Amish light
  • skojig oquist
    skojig oquist 2 months ago Yes but they have a land, the knowledge how to use it, and heir comminities
  • Gwebo Celestron
    Gwebo Celestron 2 months ago @Rudy P Yep. Same in Oswego Cty. You see them shopping at Aldi's, Tractor Supply, White's Lumber just like the rest of us. I've gone to one of their mills and it uses electricty. They make a killing up here selling rough hewn lumber and building sheds. They even have a metal roofing fabrication shop in the area. And yes, they have plumbing. Have seen them at Ace Hardware buying PVC pipe. Where people get their ideas about the Amish, I have no idea. Urban legend, I guess.
  • Gwebo Celestron
    Gwebo Celestron 2 months ago I live in Amish country. It's nothing but a parade of horse and buggies passing my house as they go to and from church on Sundays. Hate to bust the myth, but the Amish shop at the grocery and hardware stores just like the rest of us. They even come into the local convenience store for subs, pizza and wings. They use electricity to run their mills.
  • john dowe
    john dowe 2 months ago the amish are a bunch of hypocrites with fucked up rules. you go be amish! lol
  • m55
    m55 2 months ago @Rudy P I was surprised to find out they're behind several major pretzel companies like Snyder's. They're a little bit more modern nowadays, but they still have the right idea in many aspects.
  • Rose of Sharon Homestead
    Rose of Sharon Homestead 2 months ago (edited) I live among the Amish, BULL. The Amish are just as Dependent on the System as anyone else. They eat Unhealthy processed foods, they use Heavy chemicals in their gardens and rely on the English to get anywhere. People have No clue they look at the Suspenders and bonnets and make Assumptions
  • native american.
    native american. 2 months ago @Bryan Simon sounds more like a Jehovahs wittness
  • Mr Cheapies
    Mr Cheapies 2 months ago They do buy antibiotics for example from the outside right?
  • T Allen
    T Allen 2 months ago @Bryan Simon Do they vote, and partake of the American way of life?
  • Rudy P
    Rudy P 2 months ago high lord of danktopia Interesting. I live in the same area (Wayne Cty.). We are talking about the same people. Working in PA a lot, I meet a lot of them. They drink, smoke, and own guns. They work the system as much as they can or have to, to run their businesses. And yes, I talk about Amish not Mennonites.
  • high lord of danktopia
    high lord of danktopia 2 months ago @Damnit Bobby i can confirm this i live in upstate ny and they are everywhere out here especially in the area between palmyra and lyons and i love them they are pretty nice they do go shopping we occasionally see them in walmart usually baking stuff like pots pans is what i usually see em buying
  • N/A
    N/A 2 months ago I would be amish if they weren't so religious
  • Lori Jean
    Lori Jean 2 months ago Damnit Bobby or Hutterite... (sp). I even seen their women in bars.. I worked at Walmart for 2 years... They buy case loads of supplies. However, I would not mind learning some of their skills
  • George Wang
    George Wang 2 months ago Bryan Simon good people carry guns too.
  • bean stalker
    bean stalker 2 months ago @Bryan Simon - not if someone is going to kill your entire your family right in front of you.....
  • Joseph Mcnally
    Joseph Mcnally 2 months ago @Bryan Simon yeah they let every one fight and die for their freedom while they do nothing. They like taking our money tho cause they think anything made by Amish is plated in gold
  • Justin Riley
    Justin Riley 2 months ago @Bryan Simon well do em a solid and dont tell everybody about it.
  • Chris Sewell
    Chris Sewell 2 months ago Yep, the Amish people are a good model. Many of us skoof at them now. But, that is how you want to end up living if things really got bad! Housing, food, water, businesses, order, safety, community, Really, it is not to bad, when you look at it.
  • Damnit Bobby
    Damnit Bobby 2 months ago @vicky janway You're probably thinking of Mennonites. They're like regular people who milk the Amish idea for money.
  • vicky janway
    vicky janway 2 months ago @Damnit Bobby lol we have some here They don't ride buggies anymore. Cars, ac ,all kinds of modern things. Just like every one else
  • Damnit Bobby
    Damnit Bobby 2 months ago False. Amish people buy all their supplies from people who aren't Amish and Walmart LITERALLY has horse and buggy parking spots for local Amish. Amish also sell items to regular people to make money so they can buy supplies. Just because Amish don't have electricity or plumbing doesn't mean they're entirely off grid, they're not.
  • Tax Payer
    Tax Payer 2 months ago Rudy Priepke, please give us an example?
  • Rudy P
    Rudy P 2 months ago I know. I don’t want to argue with you. I believe we’re like minded people. I live in Amish country and have met many through my line of work. I have been blown away by what I have seen over the years.
  • Bryan Simon
    Bryan Simon 2 months ago Amish will not bear arms against others, but they do use firearms for hunting and other purposes. The Amish belief in nonresistance mean Amish will not serve in the military, law enforcement, or in any other position that requires them to use firearms against other people.
  • Rudy P
    Rudy P 2 months ago Most of them own guns just like us.
  • Bryan Simon
    Bryan Simon 3 months ago Well, they might not care up to the point where assholes show up to steal, rape, and/or kill
  • Susan Fudge
    Susan Fudge 2 months ago My great grandparents were southern. They were poor before the bust. Back then, you always grew food, regardless of your job. Fishing and hunting weren't just hobbies. Environmentalism was reusing everthing. Nothing was thrown away.
  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 2 days ago That is the one thing I do miss about the South.
  • AlienPrincess ATX
    AlienPrincess ATX 1 month ago Great values to live by! Smart, economical and innovative.
  • Jeff K
    Jeff K 3 months ago The real scary thing is we have three time the amount of people in the U.S. now. And there are a lot less farms and people that can do for them self.
  • Lamarr Avery
    Lamarr Avery 5 days ago @Coyote Demon Do you know if this rapist is still around? You should make his or her life a living hell now.
  • Lamarr Avery
    Lamarr Avery 5 days ago @James Rustermier Hello, we are America, land of the immigrants. You're family were immigrants who came here. The native Americans were here first, let's all remember that. We're all illegal immigrants to them.
  • Will Dwyer
    Will Dwyer 1 week ago @Timothy Mckee kill everybody associated with the two party system.
  • Jeff K
    Jeff K 1 week ago @Marcia Smith Thanks but I am not worried about myself. My life experiences, hobbies, and my job keeps me crafty and ready to handle problems. It's the sheer amount of people that can't fend for themselves.
  • Marcia Smith
    Marcia Smith 1 week ago You probably have more skills than you know you have. Talk with just about any kid who doesn't know how to balance a checkbook, cook from scratch, tell time from an analog clock, add and subtract without a calculator, and the list goes on. Don't worry. "Old" dogs can learn new tricks.
  • KillBud Sanchez
    KillBud Sanchez 1 week ago @Jeff K way more then the government can provide.
  • Jeff K
    Jeff K 1 week ago Well I would definitely say your right. I don't know how accurate Google is. It hard to research things like this. No matter how you look at it. There will be a lot of people who need food.
  • KillBud Sanchez
    KillBud Sanchez 1 week ago @Jeff K I googled it but that's google who knows , as for current 320 million was the population for over 20 years but if you do the immigration research I.e. for the past 5 years we got about 500,000 immigrants a year before that was 250,000 to 300,00 on average multiplied by 20 plus immigration from other country's like Africa and the middle east it's been another 100,000 plus each year . This is all debatable because our government can't take a credible census thanks to liberal democrats and judges. 327 million with our national GDP and debt is still bad but more doable for the government.
  • Jeff K
    Jeff K 1 week ago @KillBud Sanchez whin I looked it up in 1929 we were at 121.2 million. And in 2018 we were at 327.2 million according to the U.S. census.
  • Debt Miner
    Debt Miner 1 week ago @lew bronstein Both parties are full of the rich.. Even Bernie has multiple homes and a lot of $$$, and he's never worked outside the government. He's no different from the rest, aside from his clear hypocrisy.
  • KillBud Sanchez
    KillBud Sanchez 1 week ago The population was 15 million during the great depression that's way mor then "three time's" the population . fortunately our economy runs on debt and not back by anything but future liabilities.
  • arlene stacko
    arlene stacko 1 week ago @Coyote Demon sorry for what happened to you. The law should have protected you. That person should have been punished.
  • Michael O'Callaghan
    Michael O'Callaghan 3 weeks ago Bio-intensive gardening proven methods could feed 300m people with the lawns of America (3% of the land.)
  • Coyote Demon
    Coyote Demon 3 weeks ago @Beverly Harward I needed one when i was a child and an victim to being molested and raped repeatedly and what did the lawyers do?.. "oh it's too stressful on the children" and didn't bother to present the case just because the pedophile had more money than my family. because of that the person was allowed to walk the streets to rape MORE little children and that's my grudge against lawyers. majority of them don't care about the victims, they only care about the money and their reputation.
  • Beverly Harward
    Beverly Harward 3 weeks ago @Coyote Demon everyone loves badmouthing lawyers untill they need one!
  • happyuk06
    happyuk06 3 weeks ago Mankind HAS to go back to the land. Or at least ALLOWED to go back to the land.
  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 3 weeks ago (edited) Lets start by killing the liberal n the snowflakes of the nation that day. They are worthless and meaningless creatures with no future. Sounds cruel but listen, having money they buy beer, drugs and expensive phones, sneakers and trans surgeries, demanding communism and socialism for they dont need to work, that makes them the perfect scum, expendable crap that nobody needs to be caring, holding or be worried in times of need.
  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 3 weeks ago Well now on the positive side there and back into depression they didn't have combines and large firms that could produce a great some out of food the way we do now so we are able to produce much much more food.
  • Carlton Poindexter
    Carlton Poindexter 1 month ago @James Rustermier Thank you for the information and I know clover is edible.
  • J P
    J P 1 month ago Timothy Mckee Nah, shoot 'conservatives' who waged the war on drugs and war on terror for decades. Liberals will just die off without any help. Fake ass rightwingers are the ones who dont deserve to stick around. You fox News types.
  • David Funke
    David Funke 1 month ago Stop by , Disabled, Democrat, I will leave the light on.
  • James Rustermier
    James Rustermier 1 month ago @scott besemer The US is almost 400 million and growing at the rate of 50,000 per month, mostly from immigrants, legal and illegal
  • James Rustermier
    James Rustermier 1 month ago @Carlton Poindexter: All parts of the Dandelion is edible, the flower, the leaves and the root.