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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

Published on May 21, 2019 13,465,986 views

Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"

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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

  • m y
    m y 3 weeks ago god his children must’ve had such a hard time lying to him
  • Greek Gallavich Love
    Greek Gallavich Love 5 hours ago @noob noob 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jacob Hammond
    Jacob Hammond 6 hours ago @Ahmed Moutaz The Ariana Grande concert attack reveals everything there is to know about Islam.
  • Jacob Hammond
    Jacob Hammond 6 hours ago Family members probably remain absolutely motionless eyes straight at him with no expression when speaking to this guy.
  • Wike Widowati
    Wike Widowati 9 hours ago or maybe, they are trained liar?
  • Sunny Khatri
    Sunny Khatri 9 hours ago Still I can fool him
  • Matthew Camacho
    Matthew Camacho 18 hours ago LOL
  • Lightefilit Faylin
    Lightefilit Faylin 1 day ago Not at all. You're blind to your children behaviour most of the times. Excerpt or not, psychology still wins over everyone :)
  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 1 day ago Or became the best
  • Walter Kovacs
    Walter Kovacs 1 day ago They’re probably some of the best liars in the world by now
  • Evelyn Hammer
    Evelyn Hammer 1 day ago he probably beats his wife most cops do, the kids probably hate him
  • Homero Garza
    Homero Garza 2 days ago So if we have a disability like to read this you’re going to arrest him because he’s acting weird lol
  • Homero Garza
    Homero Garza 2 days ago His just a stacker
  • Homero Garza
    Homero Garza 2 days ago m y not for me
  • Justin Gutierrez
    Justin Gutierrez 2 days ago They mist be masyer lyiers
  • † Armitage Soulshroude †
    † Armitage Soulshroude † 3 days ago You think of it as a 'hard time" i read your words and want to ask, what was so bad in your life that you had to lie to your parents...
  • Candy Sweet
    Candy Sweet 3 days ago I can tell
  • Bob Smithers
    Bob Smithers 3 days ago They never made it past 8th grade...all sent to juvie by then. Then became "Alphabet Rangers/Agents."
  • Fet Brainz
    Fet Brainz 4 days ago Why lie we need to come together not with the feds tho they trying to separate us wit all this nonsense
  • Joshua C
    Joshua C 5 days ago @M Mmc why do you have to use the word God in your comment. That unnecessary and it's blasphemy.
  • geezusispan
    geezusispan 5 days ago @cameron taylor- All cell phones are tracking devices and have microphones!
  • Chomesuke Ishida
    Chomesuke Ishida 5 days ago Hahaha 😂😂
  • Sam Sen
    Sam Sen 5 days ago Haha. And his wife...Hard time living with him or watch "Meet the Fockers"!
  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble 5 days ago @Shain Andrews wtf????
  • Derek M
    Derek M 6 days ago With a man like this, it's literally easier on everyone if you just tell him the truth. Don't wanna have to lie then simply don't do things you know you'll be ashamed of later lol. My father was the similar type
  • Maureen Floresca
    Maureen Floresca 6 days ago @Jeff Dwyer - Well, we're certainly not going to *tell you 🤣
    KAWAHI LEONARD 6 days ago No they're experts.
  • Toms Boltjanskis
    Toms Boltjanskis 6 days ago I don't understand why the top comment promotes lying. It's sad that people think like that...
  • Hassan Fuad
    Hassan Fuad 1 week ago Tell me about it, I feel like my father studied body language so much that he can figure out pretty much every single lie I say, Of course, I didn't know this until he told me later on in life that he knew every lie that I have told him before.
  • Denise Emma
    Denise Emma 1 week ago Luckily we're not one of his... 😂
  • Michael Samuels
    Michael Samuels 1 week ago Did the man say anything about he having kids? Poor man probably impotent all his years
  • ThatOneWeird Kid
    ThatOneWeird Kid 1 week ago Kid: Dad I didn't break it!!! Kid: Cough Dad: you lying piece of..
  • Syn3rgy
    Syn3rgy 1 week ago Or maybe they learned to be really good at lying
  • Gerald
    Gerald 1 week ago I can’t lie to my dad he a cop and it part of his job to be rlly good at reading body language
  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 1 week ago not if u r on moriartys level like me.
  • ramadlan badar Mahangkoso
    ramadlan badar Mahangkoso 1 week ago Gold
  • ert wert
    ert wert 1 week ago Didnt you listen.. there is no pinocchio affect. He admits we are horrible at detectecting deception. Guess you missed that part
  • Shar Co
    Shar Co 1 week ago CAN YOU MILK ME GREG?
  • themfalcons
    themfalcons 1 week ago Omg I couldn’t live with a dad like that lol I’ll probably be telling the truth but still feel like I’m lying lmao
  • Aquenea Vida
    Aquenea Vida 1 week ago Siva sai Krishna for sure ! Plus this kind of people always targeted outsiders but trust 100 💯 their circle
  • Ahmed Moutaz
    Ahmed Moutaz 1 week ago @Supinder Singh No What a dumb words that you said Please read and search before you talk
  • Dragonfury3000
    Dragonfury3000 1 week ago Probably he didnt had much time to spend with his kids. FBI is a 24/7 job
  • Jeff Dwyer
    Jeff Dwyer 1 week ago I wonder how women can always tell when a man is lying
  • Haruglory131
    Haruglory131 1 week ago Now it's time to see if my bf cheating
  • Supinder Singh
    Supinder Singh 1 week ago @Ahmed Moutaz you are Allah, i am also, everyone is
  • andivlogs
    andivlogs 1 week ago Oh yeah 😂 but for sure they were raised to be as vigilant as the parents too hehe
  • Claudette Dean
    Claudette Dean 1 week ago His children are probably expert LIARS by now.
  • evan s
    evan s 1 week ago M Mmc lol
  • Kani Raja
    Kani Raja 1 week ago But, they get what they want!!!
  • Trevor Sabinson
    Trevor Sabinson 1 week ago m y nope
  • Anthony Lane
    Anthony Lane 1 week ago m y he’s going to pass on his knowledge to them and the cycle will continue.
  • Lydia Ponce
    Lydia Ponce 1 week ago If he was my dad I would've never been able to lie to go out. Lmao 😂 😂😂 😂"Voy a ir a la casa de mi amiga apa."
  • Shane Strickland
    Shane Strickland 1 week ago Their is no perfect technique to tell who is lying. Everything is subjecting in detecting deception. Take the crosed arm's for example i never do it for the reason's he mention's. Infact all the body language he mention's i do for no reason at all. When it come's to cloth's i just wear what is comfortable. I don't wash my hair much because I'm scared of getting soap in my eye. The only thing he got right with me is raising my shoulder's. Everything he says is subjective.
  • Michael Chou
    Michael Chou 2 weeks ago They must’ve have asked the mom (or spouse)
  • Dan R
    Dan R 2 weeks ago His kids was his subjects lol
  • Lariyah Vanguard
    Lariyah Vanguard 2 weeks ago Ahmed Moutaz wtf
  • Tommy & Leyla Brown
    Tommy & Leyla Brown 2 weeks ago @UrbanOutlawsSk8Co :-D
  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 weeks ago easy to lie if parents trust you, obviously he blocks out trust and feelings and analyze people
  • rajaratnam abraham prashath
    rajaratnam abraham prashath 2 weeks ago And his wife too..!😅
  • velveteyes79
    velveteyes79 2 weeks ago @Ahmed Moutaz It's not fake info, it's reality! if you do your due dilligence, you'd find it to be true. When setting out to find truth, i wasn't looking for what i wanted it to be. as that would of hindered me. and so i searched for what the truth is, which is what i've stated. Nothing can change it.
  • dragsterified
    dragsterified 2 weeks ago Or they’ve had to get freakishly good at it to survive lmao
  • frederick howard
    frederick howard 2 weeks ago m y or he got smart after they ran it on him too many times, lol
  • Ahmed Moutaz
    Ahmed Moutaz 2 weeks ago ​@velveteyes79 No you are wrong , its fake information about Islam i invte you to see FTD facts about Islam
  • Tucson Jim
    Tucson Jim 2 weeks ago @Jonas Breindahl If you want to win in poker (or in life), retake a statistics class until you can get an A. Six Sigma has proved this is the best way to get ready for life. Alas, I expect you don't like math and prefer the voodoo.
  • velveteyes79
    velveteyes79 2 weeks ago @Jonas Breindahl One's parents know you better than you know yourself and better than anyone else except God, Thus it's simple to read one's child.
  • velveteyes79
    velveteyes79 2 weeks ago @Ahmed Moutaz allah is actually the moon... islam is repackaged moon worshipping cult and mo was bon into such a tribe.
  • Dimpl : s
    Dimpl : s 2 weeks ago 😂😂😂
  • Tee X
    Tee X 2 weeks ago They are in Guantánamo now
  • Soone Lucas
    Soone Lucas 2 weeks ago 😂😂
  • Eagle 367
    Eagle 367 3 weeks ago @Shain Andrews Everyone has a version of it for some reason
  • MafioSol
    MafioSol 3 weeks ago (edited) @Eagle 367 HaHa indeed. So over qualified for monitoring people baiting on social media don't you think? I'd roll my eyes at your attempted trumpet blowing if I believed you, but 10/10 for imagination eh.
  • Eagle 367
    Eagle 367 3 weeks ago @MafioSol I'm studying physics so game development, software, business, research and maybe even law or medicine hahaha
  • MafioSol
    MafioSol 3 weeks ago @Shain Andrews Try again. Say something funny (not including family members) ...
  • MafioSol
    MafioSol 3 weeks ago @Eagle 367 Bait police. Tell me, what are your career prospects? ;)
  • Shain Andrews
    Shain Andrews 3 weeks ago @Eagle 367 Seems to be the american thing. OMG this, G that.
  • VictoriaG
    VictoriaG 3 weeks ago UrbanOutlawsSk8Co 😂😂😂😂
  • VictoriaG
    VictoriaG 3 weeks ago 😂😂😂🤣
  • Geistig fit
    Geistig fit 3 weeks ago god his children must've had such a hard time telling him the truth
  • Taehyun Kim
    Taehyun Kim 3 weeks ago Expert lying
  • countof3everybodyOD
    countof3everybodyOD 3 weeks ago m y don’t worry They probably honed their sociopathy and are now serial killers that most likely won’t be caught
  • noob noob
    noob noob 3 weeks ago (edited) "Would you like to know how I found out? It was the mashed potatoes"
  • cameron taylor
    cameron taylor 3 weeks ago Siva sai Krishna life has a way of balancing things out naturally.
  • cameron taylor
    cameron taylor 3 weeks ago Ragamuffin Juraj Benak exactly. He’s a smart guy and picks his battles. Pretends to let them think they are tricking him. Little do they know a microphone and tracking device are In their cell phones and car lol
  • BigDickMcGee
    BigDickMcGee 3 weeks ago @Siva sai Krishna Now they are infiltrating North Korea...
  • Stewart James
    Stewart James 3 weeks ago He pretty much said you can't make that judgement.
  • knt hyn
    knt hyn 3 weeks ago Image to be his in-laws 🤦‍♂️
  • Eagle 367
    Eagle 367 3 weeks ago @thiccwalrus He's baiting you mate. Ignore him or call out his troll bait.
  • Eagle 367
    Eagle 367 3 weeks ago @Shain Andrews Come on, that's total troll bait. Who's gonna bite that one?
  • Echo
    Echo 3 weeks ago so he's just making master maniupulators.
  • Shain Andrews
    Shain Andrews 3 weeks ago @MafioSol Says who?
  • Richard's World Traveler
    Richard's World Traveler 3 weeks ago If his kids are smart they learned to become very good liars.
  • Ahmed Moutaz
    Ahmed Moutaz 3 weeks ago Say, "He is Allāh, [who is] One, Allāh, the Eternal Refuge, He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent.
  • N
    N 3 weeks ago The parents probably teach the kids how to lie cause they get so frustrated lol
  • Rocco Graziano
    Rocco Graziano 3 weeks ago but they know all the tricks
  • Juraj Benak
    Juraj Benak 3 weeks ago He did say that we’re really bad at detecting deception. Ps everybody lies and I’m sure he knows that 🙃
  • Batfan1939
    Batfan1939 3 weeks ago He wrote a book with two other behavioral analysts where they said that the techniques they employ aren't automatic, and one of them talked about how her kids had learned which questions to answer and how.
  • Jessie Dahl
    Jessie Dahl 3 weeks ago OR they became pros at it
  • ENI
    ENI 3 weeks ago maybe he caught his wife cheating and he never had a child , might be sad
  • UrbanOutlawsSk8Co
    UrbanOutlawsSk8Co 3 weeks ago Son: "Dad, can I stay the night at Jimmy's house?" Dad: "Your left elbow tells me that your planning to sneak out. No."
  • thiccwalrus
    thiccwalrus 3 weeks ago Shain Andrews stfu
  • Me Me
    Me Me 3 weeks ago m y or they just become REALLY good at lying after a little bit. Children learn faster after all
  • Jonas Breindahl
    Jonas Breindahl 3 weeks ago I took a "Read poker tells" class of Joe Navarro a decade ago and had the pleasure of strolling through a poker room with him. If I recall it correctly his daughter learned the techniques, so it was just an armsrace in hiding tells. But it is probably just harder to read your kid than it is people that you do not have a real relationship with.
  • MafioSol
    MafioSol 3 weeks ago @Shain Andrews Weak.
  • Shain Andrews
    Shain Andrews 3 weeks ago What does your god have to do with this?
  • Rajesh Thomas
    Rajesh Thomas 3 weeks ago @Ragamuffin Like Dumbledore in the second HP movie.
  • MafioSol
    MafioSol 3 weeks ago @mara.iara Oh, you meant the fbi guy interrogating his children. :)
  • MafioSol
    MafioSol 3 weeks ago @mara.iara Forgive me. Can you explain your comment ... ?
  • mara.iara
    mara.iara 3 weeks ago @MafioSol "You wanna try that one again?" 😂😥
  • MafioSol
    MafioSol 3 weeks ago 'Did you do your homework? Are you sure? ... '
  • Ragamuffin
    Ragamuffin 3 weeks ago He probably pretends not to know when they lie.
  • Cindy S
    Cindy S 3 weeks ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • Another Mother
    Another Mother 3 weeks ago hahaaaaaa!!
  • M Mmc
    M Mmc 3 weeks ago 😂😂😂😂 Part of the job
  • Siva sai Krishna
    Siva sai Krishna 3 weeks ago Maybe they've become experts...
  • outlander
    outlander 3 weeks ago Meet the parents 😂
  • Praneet Singh
    Praneet Singh 1 week ago Him: This guy's legs are moving a lot. He's hiding something Me: I just need to pee man
  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 2 days ago or hes just old :)
  • Stephanie M
    Stephanie M 2 days ago Lmao
  • Man Muffin
    Man Muffin 2 days ago its all combined, no just one thing that will sell you
  • Boss Boss
    Boss Boss 3 days ago (edited) Yay I'm 1000th like
    RETARDIS 4 days ago 666 likes
  • laham mafia
    laham mafia 5 days ago Yeah that is why you are hiding something.. lol. Do you shout when you need to pee?
  • Robert Gardea
    Robert Gardea 5 days ago Praneet....Or neuropraty.
  • Chris Holbrook
    Chris Holbrook 5 days ago Praneet Singh I was thinking the same thing.
  • L Dorado
    L Dorado 6 days ago 😂😂
  • scottabc72
    scottabc72 6 days ago Nervous bladder: youre hiding something
  • Respondent Behavior
    Respondent Behavior 6 days ago Exactly.
  • Tomato Boi
    Tomato Boi 1 week ago Him: Yeah I'm not buying that
  • Sky Light
    Sky Light 1 week ago Praneet Singh Lmao!!!
  • Refat Kaiser
    Refat Kaiser 1 week ago Me: coughs FBI: Sir you're lying.
  • Jacob Hammond
    Jacob Hammond 6 hours ago @Kyle Butler You know how we got you? Your cough.
  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson 17 hours ago @LarsLessing They got dirt on you, Lars.
  • Ms Marbles
    Ms Marbles 22 hours ago Churchmilitant and sensus fidelium. Search for this two names here on Yt.
  • Tina Severinovna Me
    Tina Severinovna Me 1 day ago He sort of is. (or not as knowledgeable as he thinks he is?). Because that's also how we carry flowers in many other European countries. Holding them upside down apparently makes them last longer / is better for transportation.
  • LarsLessing
    LarsLessing 1 day ago OK FBI, you are so trustworthy
  • the grand canyon is Egypt
    the grand canyon is Egypt 2 days ago yeah, this guy 😶
  • Refat Kaiser
    Refat Kaiser 6 days ago @Vern Pascal Hahah. 😂😂😂😂
  • Vern Pascal
    Vern Pascal 6 days ago Ha! Coughs-of course he's guilty..Then he looks away-The SOB is a criminal!
  • Refat Kaiser
    Refat Kaiser 6 days ago Wow, thank you for the appreciations. ❤ coughs 😂😂
  • NeverTalkToCops1
    NeverTalkToCops1 6 days ago @Kyle Butler The Baltic States. I know it is customary to name the 3 Baltic states, but I'm ending that trend right here.
  • L Dorado
    L Dorado 6 days ago Hahaha
  • Kyle Butler
    Kyle Butler 6 days ago This is how they cough in Eastern Europe!
  • Micheal Rows
    Micheal Rows 1 week ago FBI: cough it up!
  • Refat Kaiser
    Refat Kaiser 1 week ago @Dingi M.J Hahah so true. 😂😂😂
  • Dingi M.J
    Dingi M.J 1 week ago FBI: Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.
  • Anh Minh
    Anh Minh 1 week ago Me: fingering my nose FBI: A sign of insecurity and stupidity
  • 6eloved
    6eloved 2 minutes ago That was the wrong time to take a drink of water.
  • Jacob Hammond
    Jacob Hammond 6 hours ago @Helen Finney Or he has tiny acorns.
  • Joeislayf
    Joeislayf 13 hours ago dude, you should have used "picking" instead of fingering
  • Rona M
    Rona M 16 hours ago HAHAHA
  • Diana21692
    Diana21692 1 day ago I think it's a sign of confidence and nonchalance
  • Diana21692
    Diana21692 1 day ago Anh Minh haha this gets me
  • Bronya Askanova
    Bronya Askanova 2 days ago You can't just comment a funny thing in a serious video because i lose my concentration and i have to laugh at it for a moment 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • S U C C
    S U C C 2 days ago Coreen Legaspi Pinoy spotted
  • Jess H
    Jess H 3 days ago 😂
  • Helen Finney
    Helen Finney 3 days ago The FBI's legs were crossed. This means he has something to hide or he's lying.
  • Robert Gardea
    Robert Gardea 5 days ago (edited) Anh..... digging for a snoot to flip in your food while you go to the restroom. Or walk out of the restaurant while your in the bathroom.
  • Shad - Edits
    Shad - Edits 6 days ago That sounds real?
  • Your friend Duolingo
    Your friend Duolingo 6 days ago Oh dang I'm wheeeezinnng
  • L Dorado
    L Dorado 6 days ago 😂😂😂
  • Coreen Legaspi
    Coreen Legaspi 6 days ago HAHAHA this is so funny
  • monserrat soto
    monserrat soto 1 week ago Me: yawns FBI Agent: “so you thought you’d get away with it huh?”
  • Jacob Hammond
    Jacob Hammond 6 hours ago Yawning is a sign of sociopathy. We're gonna need a team of psychiatrists to get inside this nut's head.
  • Lobo Baltazar
    Lobo Baltazar 10 hours ago @FrozenSkull Oh.... I didnt yawn reading it :(
  • Even Calibur
    Even Calibur 1 day ago Stop right there!
  • A random Anon
    A random Anon 1 day ago Ya’ll are spreading the plague
  • Pocketful Of Fog
    Pocketful Of Fog 2 days ago this is contagious
  • Vólkova 16
    Vólkova 16 2 days ago @LuciferTheFallen Oh, well hello Mr. Morningstar :V
  • FrozenSkull
    FrozenSkull 4 days ago (edited) @LuciferTheFallen Hahaha I yawned by reading your comment. Hey, at least that means we are not psychopaths.
  • nina harru
    nina harru 5 days ago Lmao
  • CommandoJenkins
    CommandoJenkins 6 days ago @LuciferTheFallen Juaned.
  • Lennert Beerten
    Lennert Beerten 6 days ago @LuciferTheFallen i just yawned by reading your comment to his comment
  • LuciferTheFallen
    LuciferTheFallen 1 week ago i just jawned by reading this comment
  • Erotic Tomato
    Erotic Tomato 3 weeks ago Me: shakes hands with him Him: you're a virgin
  • Adam Kapraun
    Adam Kapraun 11 hours ago Ha!
  • ryan.m
    ryan.m 20 hours ago Aggressive shaking is a giveaway
  • TheOmegajuice
    TheOmegajuice 1 day ago Sticky
  • hoe4hoseok
    hoe4hoseok 1 day ago I mean, is he wrong though?
  • ThatShiftyChara
    ThatShiftyChara 1 day ago It’s because his hand is soft
  • Erotic Tomato
    Erotic Tomato 2 days ago @The Curious Mind thank you! That's really kind of you to take the time to write that out, I'm super surprised too! I know the likes mean nothing but it still feels nice lol
  • 2019- 2020
    2019- 2020 2 days ago Did he lie though?👀
  • Joan
    Joan 4 days ago Haven't felt this way an a long time.
  • Michael Espinoza
    Michael Espinoza 4 days ago bluegreenplanet89 lof*ckingl
  • Li
    Li 4 days ago LOLOLOL
  • The Curious Mind
    The Curious Mind 4 days ago I've never seen a comment get 13,000 likes!! 🤯. Congrats, 🍅!
  • aloof galaxy
    aloof galaxy 4 days ago 🔥🔥🔥😏
  • Krystle Fugoso
    Krystle Fugoso 5 days ago This is me ahhaha
  • Joshua C
    Joshua C 5 days ago That's not funny🙄
  • Robert Gardea
    Robert Gardea 5 days ago Erotic.......With who ?
  • Kush Woosh
    Kush Woosh 5 days ago These psychopaths are weird spying on its people to over power their freedom.
  • Anastacia Wilson
    Anastacia Wilson 5 days ago 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  • The hero of Youtube
    The hero of Youtube 5 days ago ((((((((((((((((((((((((((( FBI )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • Mitto M
    Mitto M 5 days ago Erotic Tomato Me: Offering to shake hands with her. She: Sorry, I’m a Muslim . Thank you. Me: Oh alright, {blushes}.
  • shook lizard
    shook lizard 6 days ago 😂😂😂
  • alvin Ip
    alvin Ip 6 days ago he only need to look at your face
  • Tomato Boi
    Tomato Boi 1 week ago Ohh...
  • selenakam1
    selenakam1 1 week ago Good one!😂😂
  • Amile Away
    Amile Away 1 week ago hihi😂
  • Up North
    Up North 1 week ago Erotic Tomato 😂
  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 1 week ago That's accurate
  • Majestically Savage
    Majestically Savage 1 week ago HAHAHA Gosh
  • Gummibeerchen
    Gummibeerchen 1 week ago Pro tip: Shake with left hand and say your right hand hurts due to masturbation coz you're a virgin.
  • Estee Hanvey
    Estee Hanvey 1 week ago hahaha
  • Natasha
    Natasha 1 week ago Erotic Tomato I actually laughed out loud at this
  • Gigi Mimita
    Gigi Mimita 1 week ago 😂 😂 😂 😂 🔥🔥✨
  • Poetic Panda
    Poetic Panda 1 week ago Dude Im dying HAHAHA
  • Raern corner production
    Raern corner production 1 week ago @bluegreenplanet89 well what if you was left handed and used your left arm muscle than you would have lost.
  • Mista Cassla
    Mista Cassla 1 week ago ROFL
  • bossmoves 940
    bossmoves 940 1 week ago 🍅🍅🍅
  • Angel Gabriel
    Angel Gabriel 1 week ago Awesome🤣
  • Johan Fouche
    Johan Fouche 1 week ago @bluegreenplanet89 OMFG!!! dude. head up.
  • Eddie Boggs
    Eddie Boggs 1 week ago Do they still exist over 11 years old?
  • Kool Aid
    Kool Aid 1 week ago Bruhhhh 😂
  • LT Onyx
    LT Onyx 1 week ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • PN Craft
    PN Craft 1 week ago Ahhahaahahah
  • Gabi's Life
    Gabi's Life 1 week ago Lmfaoo
  • warystatue33
    warystatue33 1 week ago And you didn't clean yourself properly
  • sensei rei
    sensei rei 1 week ago Lmfao
  • Unicorntyme_xo Its_ME!!!
    Unicorntyme_xo Its_ME!!! 1 week ago Erotic Tomato hahaa
  • v t
    v t 1 week ago Do you wonna know how we know? ... Youtube comment.
  • Play Dog
    Play Dog 2 weeks ago Like a fresh red juicy bio tomato.
  • Felixir
    Felixir 2 weeks ago Uto Resa 519 same, i have social anxiety
  • Rhythm elf88
    Rhythm elf88 2 weeks ago He's not being completely honest, I can tell by his body language😆
  • Joe Felony
    Joe Felony 2 weeks ago Gahahaahaha
  • ricardo orozco
    ricardo orozco 2 weeks ago Haha good one
  • Seth Portland
    Seth Portland 2 weeks ago Subtle, and the funniest thing I've read all month.
  • Drew Hurst
    Drew Hurst 2 weeks ago Be your authentic self
  • Kevin Gomez
    Kevin Gomez 2 weeks ago Hahahhahaha
  • aɢʊstɖ.ɛ36
    aɢʊstɖ.ɛ36 3 weeks ago ohhhhhh
  • 66666peterwu
    66666peterwu 3 weeks ago Hmm I wonder what he smells
  • kito mad
    kito mad 3 weeks ago 😄😄😄
  • Empiric Wisdom
    Empiric Wisdom 3 weeks ago Savage.
  • MrShoy
    MrShoy 3 weeks ago I know how he knows. He checked the muscles on your arm.
  • Luke Rhode
    Luke Rhode 3 weeks ago (edited) Well, if you shake anything like that limp fish handshake at the beginning, then you most certainly are.
  • The Adbeco
    The Adbeco 3 weeks ago OH MY GAWD!!!!!
  • Barry Sabahat
    Barry Sabahat 3 weeks ago Brilliant.
  • Black Vintage
    Black Vintage 3 weeks ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Mike A
    Mike A 3 weeks ago Erotic Tomato ahaha
  • kalyani pawar
    kalyani pawar 3 weeks ago 😂😂😂
  • Lilith Thirteen
    Lilith Thirteen 3 weeks ago This is it, I will never be funnier then this
  • Chris Rambarran
    Chris Rambarran 3 weeks ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂 truly friggin funny. You win the internet today.
  • echols441
    echols441 3 weeks ago You win.
  • chinmay chandraunshuh
    chinmay chandraunshuh 3 weeks ago Me: no u
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    Koteshima : 3 weeks ago starts to tug at neck sleeve
  • Ariel Nunez
    Ariel Nunez 3 weeks ago I literally didn't realize that was an ongoing joke in the comments and watched the whole video to see it. Never saw it of course. I don't know whether to blame you for wasting my 14 mins or not lol
  • Ethan Zane
    Ethan Zane 3 weeks ago So you’re a virgin?
  • iPenguin42
    iPenguin42 3 weeks ago I think the tomato profile picture gave it away
  • Britbong
    Britbong 3 weeks ago You need to get laid.
  • otaku awsomeness
    otaku awsomeness 3 weeks ago F'kin beautiful
  • bluegreenplanet89
    bluegreenplanet89 3 weeks ago "Would you like to know how we know? It's your right arm muscle."
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    Kyle Oudomvilay 3 weeks ago F
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    Navstaa 3 weeks ago Hahaha
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    Desire La Belle 3 weeks ago Well we have a winner...ding ding ding diiiing..
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    jjes shen 3 weeks ago 😂😂
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    Emelie Freist 3 weeks ago AHHAHA
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    Rico Saucē 3 weeks ago Erotic Tomato lmaooo
    IM LEGION 3 days ago (edited) Asthma patient: heavy inhale through nose FBI: where are the drugs
  • Scubadog
    Scubadog 8 hours ago with that inhale, probably in the nose.
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    Alexandra Callis 1 day ago Me 😂
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    Happy Birthday 1 week ago Criminals:: *Taking notes* 😂😂😂
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    Heith Watkins 7 hours ago Exactly
  • Lazy Animator
    Lazy Animator 1 day ago Um-um...*cough* DON’T BLOW MY COVER
  • Susan Haynes
    Susan Haynes 2 days ago puts pen down DONT BLOW MY COVER JEEBUS FOOKIN CRISP
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    Quincy Quincy 3 days ago No I just like human behaviour.. leave me alone haha
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    Happy Birthday 3 days ago @Edward Jones cough you don't say... 🤣
  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones 3 days ago cough you look suspicious..
  • MadTinglesASMR
    MadTinglesASMR 3 days ago Girl: Are you looking at my butt? This guy: No I'm analyzing your body language
  • sara
    sara 7 hours ago MadTinglesASMR LMAO
  • Tomato Boi
    Tomato Boi 1 week ago Me: basically sleeping FBI agent: Yep,this guy planning something
  • mirror on the wall
    mirror on the wall 2 days ago Me: Yeah. I am up to something. your bed vacant? I have not sleep yet.
  • Dee funk Strong
    Dee funk Strong 5 days ago Lmao!!!!
  • The Force
    The Force 6 days ago You cant plan something while you sleep R/whooose'd me
  • TheDemonetizer
    TheDemonetizer 3 weeks ago (edited) Imagine you're a top of the grade spy and you get busted for carrying flowers upside down
  • Teresa R
    Teresa R 9 hours ago @MrXario It also keeps the sap/fluid going to the flower, and makes them last a little longer. A few Americans will carry flowers that way, however it's unusual enough that if a spy is already a little nervous, s/he will out themselves like the example he used.
  • Zlatan
    Zlatan 18 hours ago @Predrag Jandric that's what I have been told growing up in YU so I guess you are an idiot
  • Zlatan
    Zlatan 18 hours ago @Alimahendra Lidasan only when we are caring them, let's say you just bought them. Not when giving them to a person. You can also carry them right side up but have them cradled against your arm so they don't break.
  • Tina Severinovna Me
    Tina Severinovna Me 1 day ago True! But Western Europeans do so as well. My mother used to tell me to carry flowers that way (also my grandmother). Neither of them are Eastern European...🤷🏻‍♀️
  • R M
    R M 1 day ago Alimahendra Lidasan no, we rarely purchase flowers and when we do is a flower pot...
  • Staik
    Staik 5 days ago @Janett Espinoza🙄 its not the thought or the gift that counts, its the way he holds it 🤦🏼‍♂️
  • sam .t
    sam .t 6 days ago @Crimsön Fümes you must be a spy
  • sam .t
    sam .t 6 days ago @Crimsön Fümes it depends on who they are investigating
  • sam .t
    sam .t 6 days ago @Matthew Giese mmm I always have...but I spent time in germany as a kid
  • Mario Gatts
    Mario Gatts 1 week ago Lol
  • Tim
    Tim 1 week ago I’ll never buy flowers again.
  • Ar Arindam
    Ar Arindam 1 week ago Plot twist: Pretty sure that dude got caught intentionally by doing that flower thingy in front of cctv coz of a deeper mission!
  • Sagar Gajjar
    Sagar Gajjar 1 week ago End of career
  • HotRod Ray
    HotRod Ray 1 week ago there are many "tells" of other cultures. you can take the farmer out of the field, but you cant take the field out of the farmer
  • Gee Garcia
    Gee Garcia 1 week ago Right? Getting nabbed for a Rookie mistake lol
  • Alex Harris
    Alex Harris 1 week ago Top of the grade...
  • Fa Q Buddy
    Fa Q Buddy 1 week ago @Eduardo Ribeiro 3 whiskeys please
  • Wordsmith Gobshite
    Wordsmith Gobshite 1 week ago Yes, you'd be pushing up daisies
  • G Falk
    G Falk 1 week ago its like the inglorious basterds scene when he gets busted for showing three fingers in a british way rather than a german way when ordering glasses
  • Predrag Jandric
    Predrag Jandric 1 week ago Who carries flowers upsidedown omg ?? Idiot
  • Marin Kolenda
    Marin Kolenda 1 week ago That's not even how we carry flowers here in Eastern Europe. Pure nonsense. Probably made up.
  • MajorMadeTheBeat
    MajorMadeTheBeat 1 week ago Lml
  • Agent1W
    Agent1W 1 week ago +TheDemonetizer Typically that's why spies are supposed to learn the culture of where they operate.
  • Franklin Beale
    Franklin Beale 1 week ago What a Burn Notice.
  • Letucces Satan
    Letucces Satan 1 week ago @Noslen Nel ???
  • Noslen Nel
    Noslen Nel 1 week ago Its you tube. Its a very bad sales pitch. He should try to be an actor
  • Letucces Satan
    Letucces Satan 1 week ago 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 1 week ago Fiona Gregory - Our parents, especially our mothers told us when we were little to hold them like that whenever we had to give flowers to our teachers and the end of the school year. And now we are used to carrying flowers like that. Not only the bouquets are long and they break if you hold them upright, but it is more comfortable as well
  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 1 week ago Alimahendra Lidasan - Our mothers always told us "Hold the flowers upside down or elsehow they will break". And now we are kind of terrorized lol
  • Fiona Gregory
    Fiona Gregory 1 week ago @Polar Bear why?
  • Zuzana Suchá
    Zuzana Suchá 2 weeks ago @Alimahendra Lidasan the flowers also don't wilt that fast when you carry them upside down
  • Sandra Ohlsson
    Sandra Ohlsson 2 weeks ago @Alimahendra Lidasan Yes, we do. It feels more stable, a sudden gust of wind will not accidentally break them. There might be other reasons that I don't know about. Carrying them straight up would feel weird, you only do that when you're about to give them away to someone else.
  • Claudeus Gothicus
    Claudeus Gothicus 2 weeks ago @Crimsön Fümes - for American's, it's a sign you're a foreigner, or have lower intelligence.. I know it's not true.. but that's the perception..
  • Claudeus Gothicus
    Claudeus Gothicus 2 weeks ago @Alimahendra Lidasan - because it's the proper way to carry flowers..
  • Grand Old Poops
    Grand Old Poops 2 weeks ago TheDemonetizer Worst case scenario is your life will be upside down.
  • Alimahendra Lidasan
    Alimahendra Lidasan 2 weeks ago @Polar BearHow come?
  • Alimahendra Lidasan
    Alimahendra Lidasan 2 weeks ago Do Europeans really hold their flowers that way?
  • Sergio Alcantar
    Sergio Alcantar 2 weeks ago scalpelli I’ll love to waterboard a German.
  • Sergio Alcantar
    Sergio Alcantar 2 weeks ago That’s an Eastern European for you.
  • Dylan Reynolds
    Dylan Reynolds 2 weeks ago @MrXario *Don't
  • Bumbleness Supreme Brady
    Bumbleness Supreme Brady 3 weeks ago He got busted for confessing. Let's not forget that the evidence was hearsay until he got tricked into confirming it!
  • J Mor
    J Mor 3 weeks ago I carry flowers like that guy when I feel obligated to get flowers, I carry them the other way when I want to be getting them.
  • Nexsoss
    Nexsoss 3 weeks ago Eduardo Ribeiro “drei” beers
  • elite hunter
    elite hunter 3 weeks ago tht agent be like... it' a feel' gud comrade! lol
  • xsolent
    xsolent 3 weeks ago You wouldn't be top grade then bud. =P
  • foodank_atr
    foodank_atr 3 weeks ago Those are the things that get you. We have a saying... The devil's in the details. Remember the scene in Inglorious Basterds in the bar and the English secret agent used the wrong "3" with his hands, he was supposes to be German but did the English 3.
  • Max Dec.
    Max Dec. 3 weeks ago 😂😂😂
  • Crimsön Fümes
    Crimsön Fümes 3 weeks ago @Matthew Giese That's biased. I'm American and I count with my thumb first.
  • Cleo Fierro
    Cleo Fierro 3 weeks ago TheDemonetizer Nothing to imagine: I saw'Inglorious Basterds', too. Michael Fassbender's character gave himself away when he held up 3 fingers in a certain way....
  • Crimsön Fümes
    Crimsön Fümes 3 weeks ago @scalpelli That's the CIA, not the FBI. If you're caught by the FBI and you're a spy, they'll turn you over to the CIA.
  • Crimsön Fümes
    Crimsön Fümes 3 weeks ago That's gotta be an ouch.
  • Tachanka Groyper
    Tachanka Groyper 3 weeks ago @Polar Bear I never knew y'all did that until now.
  • leicanoct
    leicanoct 3 weeks ago Matthew Giese im South American we start to count with our thumbs ;)
  • z v
    z v 3 weeks ago (edited) scalpelli haha this is a funny comment. But I’m sure the man was already in the eyes of the FBI before the flower incident. It was probably their last piece of evidence.
  • Matthew Giese
    Matthew Giese 3 weeks ago I know it's just a movie... but in "Inglorious Bastards" the one American is figured out in the bar because he held up his fingers in a way that German people don't. Germans start counting with their Thumb, Americans do not.
  • leicanoct
    leicanoct 3 weeks ago TheDemonetizer im now carrying flowers upside down.
  • tagsdaddy
    tagsdaddy 3 weeks ago @Eduardo Ribeiro 👌 3 fresh glasses lol
  • Ziesam
    Ziesam 3 weeks ago Ikr
  • Janett Espinoza
    Janett Espinoza 3 weeks ago honestly if any guy gave me flowers the way he was holding them i'd walk away lol. just cuz i was so thrown off when he held them that way xD
  • Eduardo Ribeiro
    Eduardo Ribeiro 3 weeks ago Reminds of inglorious basterds
  • KaMo
    KaMo 3 weeks ago @Valeria Vagapova You don't say. I know that myself, but I just wanted to point out that it's definitelly not the case.
  • Valeria Vagapova
    Valeria Vagapova 3 weeks ago @KaMo I'm no expert but I think scalpelli is joking, mate
  • KaMo
    KaMo 3 weeks ago @scalpelli I see this is getting extremely biased right now. It's not like every single person in the US who is carrying flowers upside down is, indeed, a spy. The FBI surely doesn't interogate every person like that. The chances of such case are incredibly low.
  • scalpelli
    scalpelli 3 weeks ago @Polar Bear - We Germans carry them upside down too. I guess I'll never buy flowers for friends in the US if they have birthdays and such, don't wanna end up waterboarded.
  • Samir Hiri
    Samir Hiri 3 weeks ago TheDemonetizer 😂😂😂😂
  • KaMo
    KaMo 3 weeks ago Joking aside, sometimes even the smallest detail such as how you hold flowers can reveal and prevent a potential crime. However, the chances are very low.
  • Mac Y
    Mac Y 3 weeks ago i bet jason bourne wouldn't do it
  • New Ant
    New Ant 3 weeks ago Funny because most likely the dude was killed
  • Mary Williams
    Mary Williams 3 weeks ago A lit of my friends cover their mouths be sure they have teeth they are ashamed of but U tell them not to because if there is sudden background noise and I have to read their lips.
  • kenkenvlogs
    kenkenvlogs 3 weeks ago Yeah that was funny
  • Flori Damonos
    Flori Damonos 3 weeks ago Rociano Van de velde 🤣😂
  • MrXario
    MrXario 3 weeks ago @Polar Bear because it makes sense. Flowers downt bend if carried upside down.
  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 3 weeks ago TheDemonetizer - Such details count. And yes, in Eastern Europe, we do hold flowers like that. I think it will forever be a habit of ours
  • Aashish Bhongade
    Aashish Bhongade 3 weeks ago when level 100 crook gets beaten by the boss for being lousy
  • Rociano Van de velde
    Rociano Van de velde 3 weeks ago U should stick them in ur mouth and let them know ur weird
  • zat rat
    zat rat 3 weeks ago TheDemonetizer yeet the flowers
    ROBIONE 1 week ago Me: in a coma My Mother: You're lying...get up
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    Lyndsey Stang 16 hours ago snort that was a good one.
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    2452dee 3 days ago Best one yet 😂
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    뉴이스트 4 days ago this one
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    premiere selections 4 days ago ROBIONE no he didn't
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    Brandice 1 week ago ROBIONE literally
  • Lucy Roman
    Lucy Roman 1 week ago “furrowed brows, stress etched in forehead, red eyes/not enough sleep” congrats youve met a college student
  • Adrian Davis
    Adrian Davis 1 day ago @Micheal Rows the struggle is real. Lol
  • ThatShiftyChara
    ThatShiftyChara 1 day ago David Evans That’s what you think. That’s what you see. It makes sense though. Your so stuck in despair, everything is eating at you. Correct? Little do you know, little do you see, someone out there is trying desperately to make you smile—to make you happy. You just don’t notice them at first.
  • No.1 Spidey-Fan
    No.1 Spidey-Fan 2 days ago It starts in high school
  • T Taylor
    T Taylor 4 days ago I actually think you just described parenthood quite accurately. 😉🤣😂
  • tracy j.
    tracy j. 4 days ago Or a parent.
  • Lucy Roman
    Lucy Roman 5 days ago Easton Lucas at least ur getting paid :P
  • R S
    R S 6 days ago @Easton Lucas Good money if you can get it!
  • R S
    R S 6 days ago Or a member of the "Gig economy"
  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 1 week ago new parent*
  • Micheal Rows
    Micheal Rows 1 week ago Try to be humble when you're perfect in every way.
  • Easton Lucas
    Easton Lucas 1 week ago Try working in the oilfield 70-80hrs a week.
  • David Evans
    David Evans 1 week ago Try living on your own, barely affording bills, and people yapping for you to try harder, even though ya dont make spit. Let's make it better. Romance is impossible, and friendship is rare if any. Even that fades. The answer is to not participate, because everyone OTHER than you will benefit
  • JAYANT KUMAR NEMA me15b108
    JAYANT KUMAR NEMA me15b108 1 week ago not a college student that has done art of living :P
  • Joe Wilson
    Joe Wilson 1 week ago "Your blink rate is about 8 per minute" Blink rate instantly becomes 100 per minute
  • This Guy
    This Guy 19 hours ago I stop blinking for as long as possible then I’ll blink a dozen times 😂
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    Foul Hack 3 days ago Joe Wilson lmaoo same
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    R.K. F. 1 week ago 😂
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    Maddox Cindy 1 week ago Gtfo bc it’s so true
  • So Mystik
    So Mystik 3 days ago Me: Blinks FBI agent: Something isn’t right...
  • heysu
    heysu 3 weeks ago Learns about body language, forgets it all as soon as I interact with a person 😂
  • ghates
    ghates 12 hours ago This was dope..
  • rerenaissance
    rerenaissance 21 hours ago You don't, you just forget to do it consciously. The ultimate body language skill is "cold reading", the technique of which is to drop ALL technique but allow your subconscious observations room to become conscious...
  • Lucius Veratius
    Lucius Veratius 1 day ago focus on only one thing.
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    Makeup-Your mind -And Travel 1 day ago So true 🤣😂
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    Anthony Fiasco 1 day ago @Susana Di Santi haha.
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    BTS x BLACKPINK x GOT7 x SEVENTEEN 1 week ago me asf
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    Synergy management consultants 1 week ago Me too forget body language
  • rocker 76\m/
    rocker 76\m/ 1 week ago Same🙋‍♀️
  • Best Tongkat Ali
    Best Tongkat Ali 2 weeks ago @Just Jess I think it is more interesting to master it
  • Just Jess
    Just Jess 2 weeks ago @Best Tongkat Ali body contact is part of body language...
  • Best Tongkat Ali
    Best Tongkat Ali 3 weeks ago I think learn about body contact is more important..🌹
  • Just Jess
    Just Jess 3 weeks ago then, you haven't 'learned' it.
  • 36hounddogg
    36hounddogg 3 weeks ago Yeah it's not something you can really do anything about. Just have an awareness of it.
  • Kyheem Carter
    Kyheem Carter 3 weeks ago Human nature regrettably
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    Achi.TAGUM 3 weeks ago Thats dumb
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    Emu 3 weeks ago Aaaayy lmao 😂
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    Anthony Fiasco 3 weeks ago turns around and skims through the video "Okay so what did you say again." 😂
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    Samael Terringam 3 weeks ago heysu_ seems just about right
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    William Salazar 3 weeks ago It takes practice.
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    Dark Knight 3 weeks ago if u watch the video 2 times a day for a week u would never forget it
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    I am milan 3 weeks ago Story of my life
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    I.T. Girl 3 weeks ago (edited) 🙋‍♀️.. Squirrels & shiney things
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    Hanna J 3 weeks ago It happens to me with jokes to hehe
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    Ranveer Singh Sangha 3 weeks ago That's so true 😋😋
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    In The Dm's 3 weeks ago Its all practice
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    Monbebedelight 3 weeks ago Legit me
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    Sailor Moon 3 weeks ago heysu_ LMAOO literally me tho
  • Eleo2k
    Eleo2k 2 days ago Me: Opens bottle in 2.5 seconds FBI: A NORMAL AMERICAN OPENS IT UP IN 3 SECONDS OR MORE, GOT YOU THERE!
  • Person
    Person 1 week ago Me: looks at him and looks away Him: you failed on that English exam
  • Elysa Nicole
    Elysa Nicole 6 days ago Me: How'd you know ..
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    Teddi Brown 6 days ago (edited) Me: plays with hair FBI: where’s the hostages!??
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    Itoro Ette 3 days ago 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂
  • Seth Ramos
    Seth Ramos 2 days ago Mexican police: sir do you know how we know you are an American? American: How? Mexican: how the way you ate the taco
  • Matt nobody
    Matt nobody 15 hours ago Eat it in one bite if possible is how I try to eat it. Can you please explain the difference in how they eat tacos?
  • ryan.m
    ryan.m 20 hours ago Also he replied in English