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How to Make Soup - The Victorian Way

Published on May 25, 2018 1,073,374 views

Mrs Crocombe is making a light soup using rhubarb from the kitchen garden at Audley End House.

6 stalks of rhubarb
1 litre veal or beef stock
1 small onion
2 thin slices of bread, plus extra for croutons
Salt and pepper

Take half a dozen sticks of fine young rhubarb, peel them, and cut them into short lengths.

Throw the rhubarb into a quart of good veal or beef stock and add a moderate sized onion, two thin slices of bread, and a little salt and pepper.

Let the liquor boil, remove the scum as it rises, and simmer the soup until the fruit is quite tender - around 30 minutes.

Strain it, and serve with toasted sippets.


  • jerilyn
    jerilyn 8 months ago why did she look at me when she said, “ associated with the poor”,
  • Gyro
    Gyro 6 months ago Do you live in a castle?
  • jerilyn
    jerilyn 6 months ago Gyro no why
  • Hibiscus Ratri
    Hibiscus Ratri 6 months ago 😂
  • Laila Rahmaini
    Laila Rahmaini 6 months ago Guess she's being sarcastic lmao I died on that part 😂😂😂
  • GIGI Smith
    GIGI Smith 6 months ago No no, she was looking right at me. 😮
  • Ben Gay
    Ben Gay 5 months ago cuz she is a shady queen hunny
  • Khan Nazia
    Khan Nazia 5 months ago Jerilyn Lee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Rawad Rabbat
    Rawad Rabbat 5 months ago Because she knew some poor people is watching this ! Unfortunately the technology boom made poor able to have smartphones and watch videos on YouTube for free loool
  • LaraCroftEyes1
    LaraCroftEyes1 5 months ago LMAO
  • LaraCroftEyes1
    LaraCroftEyes1 5 months ago Good one/
  • Cloudipy
    Cloudipy 5 months ago cause we all know you're broke as hell Jerilyn
  • Mandy
    Mandy 5 months ago Huh, same, how strange...
  • It’s me
    It’s me 5 months ago I felt her leer through my onion fed soul 🤣 the shade of it all!
  • Grace Giles
    Grace Giles 5 months ago Jerilyn Lee 🤣
  • Hey It’s Charlie
    Hey It’s Charlie 5 months ago Bish you know why
  • Hey It’s Charlie
    Hey It’s Charlie 5 months ago Rawad Rabbat shut up us poors can do what we want 😑 Sent from iPhone 😂😂 jk but it actually is an iPhone but im still broke af
  • Aries Rogue
    Aries Rogue 5 months ago Lolz
  • jennybean
    jennybean 5 months ago It was like she could see right through me 😂
  • Jordyn Elliott
    Jordyn Elliott 4 months ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • Cristhian Fuertes
    Cristhian Fuertes 4 months ago Reading the comments and the replies makes me feel poorer then God knows what.
  • shootingstar3006
    shootingstar3006 4 months ago Hilarious
  • Carty
    Carty 4 months ago Jerilyn Lee nervously looks at bank balance
  • Charmaine Balzan
    Charmaine Balzan 3 months ago Definitely define poor hahha means many ways
  • melissa nelson
    melissa nelson 3 months ago 😂😂😂😂
  • beautiful life
    beautiful life 2 months ago Think she looked and reffered to all of us nobodies lol
  • Emilie Smith
    Emilie Smith 2 months ago The Victorian lady’s soup is boiling over oh no she can’t hear us she has AirPods in
  • whatdoyoumean
    whatdoyoumean 1 month ago 😂 😂
  • SmolShady Studios
    SmolShady Studios 1 month ago I was eating onion soup and was like "well shit..."
  • Ayodhya Rathnayake
    Ayodhya Rathnayake 1 month ago Honestly I feel lowlier than pig poop whenever I watch these videos too. The snarkiness is pure gold 😂
  • WhoKnownsAndWhoCares?
    WhoKnownsAndWhoCares? 1 month ago Lol she’s judging you for being broke
  • Elu Mix
    Elu Mix 3 weeks ago Second??
  • ichigo rain
    ichigo rain 3 weeks ago I felt that
  • Ada K.
    Ada K. 1 week ago I Came Watching This Video to Have a Good Time and I'm Honestly Feeling So Attacked™
  • reem karar
    reem karar 10 months ago “seasoning” shows salt
  • Arp477
    Arp477 10 months ago ashjya - I know, right! Hahaha! Where's the herbs and spices?!? But, I'm an American, so I assumed maybe the definition is different in the Queen's English. Hmm?
  • frenchifier
    frenchifier 9 months ago Arp477 Herbs and spices are already in the beef stock :)
  • Karl Mars
    Karl Mars 8 months ago stan LOONA seasoning usually means salt and pepper
  • Salory 2
    Salory 2 8 months ago +Karl Mars - it can, but seasoning is any spice or herb added for flavor.
  • Karl Mars
    Karl Mars 7 months ago (edited) Salory 2 I know that. I was reacting to the other comments where they seem to correct her saying “season” but only showing salt. Chefs usually refer to salt and pepper when they say season, but of course the other spices are also seasoning. But salt and pepper foremost.
  • J. O.
    J. O. 7 months ago I was like "hmmm....sounds about white"
  • Emz351
    Emz351 7 months ago I can’t imagine many other herbs/spices would go very well with rhubarb soup (which in itself sounds gross 😷), plus you need to think that during the Victorian era they may not have had such easy access to as many different seasonings as we do now.
  • *insert witty username*
    *insert witty username* 6 months ago It was before Britishers had colonized kingdoms and took the spices to Britain.
  • Bianca Bell ASMR
    Bianca Bell ASMR 6 months ago I thought she showed white sugar though
  • myomadd
    myomadd 6 months ago iz*one 💜 yeah, that’s because salt is a form of seasoning. Surprise surprise.
  • Helyann Fimbres-Berdine
    Helyann Fimbres-Berdine 6 months ago @Bianca Bell ASMR I thought it was sugar too!
  • sunnydaze80
    sunnydaze80 6 months ago (edited) @*insert witty username* um nope, by the Victorian period they were colonizing India. Plenty of spices and seasonings available at that point.
  • Slappy
    Slappy 6 months ago Literally anything that is added purely for flavor is a seasoning.
  • RyokoAsakuraLastFan
    RyokoAsakuraLastFan 5 months ago It's likely msg
  • F L
    F L 5 months ago @Emz351 She does mention Indian servants in other videos so by this time Britain must have colonized India
  • Delli
    Delli 5 months ago There was a French king whose palate couldn't stand anything other than salt or black pepper and his tastes spread across Europe. So when you complain that white people can't season food, blame him :P
  • Suga’s Meow Meow
    Suga’s Meow Meow 5 months ago I was hoping someone would say something !
  • No Need
    No Need 4 months ago @Delli Considering how very inbred the royal families were back then, he likely had an allergy to anything stronger than salt & pepper. "White people" can absolutely season food, they're called Italians lol
  • Random Person
    Random Person 4 months ago Spices were very expensive back in the day
  • yeeter
    yeeter 3 months ago myomadd u can barely taste it unless you add a cup of salt sooo....
  • Jared Calub
    Jared Calub 3 months ago I thought it was a seasoning like aginimoto(GMO)
  • Aaron Ying
    Aaron Ying 3 months ago Salt is a seasoning.
  • Keitaris g
    Keitaris g 2 months ago reem karar exactly like um 😐 ???
  • McQueen Droid
    McQueen Droid 2 months ago reem karar 🤣🤣🤣 I thought the same damn thing.
  • choerry on top 🍒
    choerry on top 🍒 2 months ago Omg in asian thats ajinomoto vitsin, msg or thats exactly a MSG guys hahahaha
  • Nia K
    Nia K 1 month ago 💀💀💀💀💀💀
  • Christopher Ennabe
    Christopher Ennabe 1 month ago Oddly enough, I just watched a previous video of theirs where the used the same clip and called it ‘castor sugar’. So now I’m curious... did they put salt or sugar in the soup?? 😰
  • Mumei Mai
    Mumei Mai 1 month ago Actually that was sugar. 😂
    DAPHNE 3 weeks ago @J. O. sure, let's just pretend all traditional white people dishes are unseasoned, right? Spanish cuisine, Italian cuisine, German cuisine, Hungarian cuisine, French cuisine, Swedish cuisine etc. I'm so tired of this bs.
    DAPHNE 3 weeks ago @Delli ever tasted European food? We do season our food really well.
    DAPHNE 3 weeks ago @No Need not only Italians.
  • Daniel
    Daniel 1 week ago Seasoning definition: Salt, herbs, or spices added to food to enhance the flavour. Yes, salt is in fact a seasoning.
  • DeathnoteBB
    DeathnoteBB 4 days ago Arp477 They didn’t have them lol. And then when they did they didnt like them.
  • melissa saint
    melissa saint 2 days ago There's so much bologna in this thread!
  • Thar Chandran
    Thar Chandran 9 months ago Mrs Crocombe has that look that makes you feel she can roast you in a second and spill the tea without batting an eye.
  • Emma Jackson
    Emma Jackson 3 weeks ago She would roast you and serve you with a garnish of parsley. She wouldn't spill the tea though, it would probably make lord and lady Brabrook very upset. It's also not very dignified.
  • Over Enthusiastic Trekkie
    Over Enthusiastic Trekkie 1 week ago She would roast you golden brown and serve you with tea and a light soup.
  • InTheMixx866 ?
    InTheMixx866 ? 1 month ago I have a confession that I'd like to now share with the world - I'm a gentleman who sometimes enjoys a lighter soup... Phew...I feel better now...
  • Pierre C
    Pierre C 1 month ago (edited) As long as it doesn't contain... onions... or "Croûtons" then it's perfectly fine.
  • InTheMixx866 ?
    InTheMixx866 ? 1 month ago @Pierre C DAMN...I love both... Mrs. Crocombe is really throwing the shade at me this time...
  • Kaytlin Justis
    Kaytlin Justis 1 week ago I'm not a big onion fan, but it serves people well in cooking! Made a Boston clam chowder dish for my folks recently; cut the bacon and the onions first before putting the latter in the pot to cook. Add the bacon once the onions start to clear, and the soup ends up with a sweeter flavor! ^^ I don't know if shallots work as well, but we mostly cook with white onions as they don't have as strong a flavor. Reds we used for salads! ^^
  • cat Whiskers
    cat Whiskers 1 week ago I also must admit me a lady prefers a heavier soup gasp
  • InTheMixx866 ?
    InTheMixx866 ? 1 week ago @cat Whiskers Oh my! How very scandalous! lol
  • 28 stone scones
    28 stone scones 5 days ago ?
  • Milo Rodriguez
    Milo Rodriguez 10 months ago They even used to put genders on soup
  • Marissa Cole
    Marissa Cole 3 months ago Milo Rodriguez For good reason. You try eating a nice bowl of hearty soup in an extremely tight corset and see how well that goes for you.
  • wvnder
    wvnder 3 months ago Marissa Cole I’d rather hearty soup than a tight corset
  • Floral Stripes
    Floral Stripes 2 months ago Yeah people were dumb. Corsets were dumb too
  • Rachel M
    Rachel M 2 months ago And we wonder why we are where we are today . . .
  • Rubén Maldonado
    Rubén Maldonado 2 months ago Nowadays, soups are pretty gender-neutral.
  • Sis Jasmine
    Sis Jasmine 1 month ago @Floral Stripes It's not dumb,that's part of fashion for ladies in Victorian era because some women have insecurities for having a large or oversize belly,so they use corset to shapen their waist to attract gentlemen,well we still use it today.
  • MountainRain
    MountainRain 1 month ago Floral Stripes Maybe years in the future, people will think makeup is dumb because eyeliner can be dangerous or something. It’s not dumb, it was just how they did things.
  • MountainRain
    MountainRain 1 month ago I mean, women would have done less physical work in the household where this takes place, and we also need fewer calories to maintain ourselves. It makes sense to an extent.
  • poison rain
    poison rain 1 month ago Ya'll... gendering food is dumb no matter what
  • 529perla //
    529perla // 1 month ago Marissa Cole Corsets were actually not super tight. They would fit just right and would be conformed to the wearer’s body
  • FoxyWhite
    FoxyWhite 1 month ago Calling corsets stupid is like calling a bra stupid. It was worn to support the boobs long before bras were invented.
  • hannahbanana 116
    hannahbanana 116 1 month ago Why do you care?
  • Petite Sayo
    Petite Sayo 4 weeks ago @FoxyWhite Bras are actually stupid. It's not good for your chest. So yes. Corset were as stupid as bras are as make up is.
  • TFLightsTF
    TFLightsTF 3 weeks ago hannahbanana 116 Because putting a gender on a soup is ridiculous. your obviously too young to understand, go play with your barbies lol
  • Why Just why
    Why Just why 3 weeks ago @TFLightsTF The way you dismiss her makes it seem as if you're in middle school. "You're too young, you wouldn't understand. Tch." Then grow up and explain it to them, we're waiting, teacher.
  • Kimberly the rabbit
    Kimberly the rabbit 3 weeks ago @Petite Sayo Source?????
  • Petite Sayo
    Petite Sayo 2 weeks ago (edited) @Kimberly the rabbit How are bras good in any way ? Chest underwear were meant to hide body parts, not to support anything. It's actually very bad for the boobs' form too. It can be used by women with big breasts that hurt when they run. But for average women, no, it's useless and only a social construction. If it wasn't meant to hide our chests, wouldn't be any critic of women without bras. Nobody would call them sluts or anything else. Give me sources of why bras are "healthy"
  • Arttu Törmänen
    Arttu Törmänen 10 months ago "Some people might call them croutons." Just how vulgar can people be?
  • Leaf 0910
    Leaf 0910 1 month ago What's Croutons anyway?
  • Marcus Rivera
    Marcus Rivera 1 month ago Croutons are baked or toasted bread that is either overcooked to make a bit hard or has been left to air a bit and hardens by exposure to the air. Helps to give texture, or a bite, to soups or salads where there wouldn't be one. Also adds fiber to the dish
  • Jonathan Yik
    Jonathan Yik 2 weeks ago Even worse than vulgar...FRENCH.
  • Camila Bianco Agüero
    Camila Bianco Agüero 1 week ago @Jonathan Yik ok but you said vulgar twice, why is that?
  • weasel1822
    weasel1822 10 months ago "Some people might call them croutons." Me: Mind. BLOWN.
  • Breece Pancake
    Breece Pancake 7 months ago Not after 'Brexit' they won't.
  • PE Daugherty
    PE Daugherty 3 months ago SOME people...but not our kind dear.
  • Sandra Nelson
    Sandra Nelson 10 months ago I'm one of those folks who cannot abide rhubarb! Onions I love, but then I AM one of the poor.
  • C. R. G
    C. R. G 10 months ago Same for me :) I wonder if it works better as soup though. I do like a citrus flavour to my soups, so I'm thinking of trying it out.
  • LagiNaLangAko23
    LagiNaLangAko23 10 months ago Plebs unite! munches onion ring
  • vishu singh
    vishu singh 10 months ago Sandra Nelson I have never tried rhubarb so cant judge you
  • sourcheesepringles
    sourcheesepringles 10 months ago I tried rhubarb pie thinking it was sweet. Imagine my horror after the first bite.
  • Slytherin Pride
    Slytherin Pride 10 months ago I hate rhubarb :(
  • Arya1999
    Arya1999 10 months ago sourcheesepringles it's supposed to be sweet, sounds like somebody forgot the sugar!
  • Arya1999
    Arya1999 10 months ago I don't like rhubarb pie and crumble, I love rhubarb jam. It depends on what you do with the rhubarb, really.
  • sourcheesepringles
    sourcheesepringles 10 months ago starlinguk hahaha there was but it might not have been enough.
  • druidboy76
    druidboy76 10 months ago Sandra Nelson compared to being poor back then , you are incredibly wealthy.
  • Coon Music
    Coon Music 10 months ago Is rhubarb like celery?
  • Coon Music
    Coon Music 10 months ago But sweet?
  • Lisa Fernley
    Lisa Fernley 10 months ago me too
  • Sarah Strong
    Sarah Strong 10 months ago Cochise Lopez Rhubarb is not like Celery at all. It sounds like you are allergic to Celery. Rhubarb is sweet in a sour kind of way and usually used in fruit pies and crumbles.
  • Cochise Lopez
    Cochise Lopez 10 months ago Sarah Strong Oh I see and yeah I am sadly x.x thanks for the description makes sense now.
  • 미셜비
    미셜비 9 months ago Does rhubarb taste like lemons?
  • Dan R.
    Dan R. 8 months ago It can't hurt to try it. it looks neat. i have only had rhubarb in pies and crumbles drowned in sugar. This seems like a better thing to do with it.
  • Hulalulatallulahoop2
    Hulalulatallulahoop2 7 months ago And i just ADORE rhubarb! Oh my, it's delicious! I wouldn't like it in a soup though :(
  • Ingrid Dubbel
    Ingrid Dubbel 7 months ago Onions are not expensive.
  • smile it's just a game
    smile it's just a game 7 months ago I hear ya, same! Its onions and potatoes for this girl 🤣
  • jay yu
    jay yu 6 months ago down with the aristocrats! We shall throw onions at them!
  • BabyNessa198
    BabyNessa198 6 months ago Rhubarbs grow like weed here in Estonia! They are in everything garden and they are the taste summer. We boil them with sugar and cornstarch or make pies out of them or add them to lemonade. Or just have plain rhubarb with white sugar on it...delicious!
  • draco1811
    draco1811 5 months ago @BabyNessa198 I wish i could see that, it sounds amazing to see rhubarb growing wild. But here in the U.S., we usually have to wait for the spring before the first stalks are ripe enough to eat. I live in Baltimore, Maryland and I've see it at the farmers markets in the city. They sell it in stalks, or prepared as preserves, and even baked into pies and pastries.
  • Rainyciin
    Rainyciin 4 months ago Rhubarb pie is amazing with something sweet, like ice cream.
  • Aneesa H.
    Aneesa H. 3 months ago What does Rhubarb taste like? It looks like a Leek.
  • theblackrosedaughter
    theblackrosedaughter 3 months ago I may as well be declared a lowly peasant scoundrel...I love onions 😁
  • Mochi
    Mochi 2 months ago Well at least us poor have better taste
  • Mohamed Google
    Mohamed Google 2 months ago Poor peasant
  • Shadow J
    Shadow J 1 month ago Same here. Lol
  • Ayodhya Rathnayake
    Ayodhya Rathnayake 1 month ago Amen to that! 😂
  • Hessel Bouma
    Hessel Bouma 10 months ago “The kitchen maids can do that” yesss assert that dominance queen
  • Trashbag Smiley
    Trashbag Smiley 10 months ago Hessel Bouma lmfao
  • knocknockify
    knocknockify 10 months ago I was taken aback with that ATTITUDE lol 😂
  • Cassandra Chavez
    Cassandra Chavez 10 months ago YAAAAS, MRS. C.
  • Kawaii Desu
    Kawaii Desu 10 months ago She's so SASSSYY
  • Jordan Grice
    Jordan Grice 10 months ago Let's make Mrs Crocombe a gay icon!
    RED REBEL 9 months ago I think you meant "👏Kween👏"
  • Hessel Bouma
    Hessel Bouma 9 months ago RED REBEL i would never sink to that level, my empress deserves her official title only
    RED REBEL 9 months ago Hessel Bouma I bet you almost fainted on hearing me clap like a peasant
  • Gin
    Gin 9 months ago RED REBEL i think she meant "KUH WEEN"
  • Antonella Beretta
    Antonella Beretta 8 months ago Shade
  • smile it's just a game
    smile it's just a game 7 months ago Haha yeah that part made me laugh. Wish I could clap and summon some kitchen maids when im tired 🤣
  • headphonic8
    headphonic8 6 months ago yas assert that vicious class system hunty
  • All Time Lance
    All Time Lance 6 months ago 😤👏 we stan 🤪
  • Meghan M.
    Meghan M. 6 months ago I love you right now :')
  • John Alonso
    John Alonso 5 months ago YASSSSSS
  • CockieCat
    CockieCat 5 months ago more like hierarchy but yeah...
  • Dan de León
    Dan de León 5 months ago “-but THAT is frogs work.”
  • smile it's just a game
    smile it's just a game 5 months ago @headphonic8 🤣
  • That's cool Beans
    That's cool Beans 4 months ago Hahaha lmfao
  • Vanity Chair
    Vanity Chair 3 months ago @Colin O'Connell But I paid my kitchen maids to do the unsavory works that I'm not willing to do. I need their service. They need my money. It's a symbiotic relationship
  • candy is good
    candy is good 3 months ago Yaaaaassskweee
  • candy is good
    candy is good 3 months ago Yaskween
  • Gerald Koh
    Gerald Koh 10 months ago In case you didn't know, Mrs. Crocombe is played by Kathy Hipperson!
  • problematic princess
    problematic princess 1 month ago No body asked
  • SchismBlacksoul
    SchismBlacksoul 1 month ago @problematic princess Nobody asked you to make a rude sassy reply, either, but here we are.
  • Amber Robinson
    Amber Robinson 1 month ago Here we go...
  • Juliana Scout
    Juliana Scout 1 week ago (edited) Y'all need to shut up. I'm sure somebody here asked, and it's very rude to say that nobody has.
  • X _
    X _ 10 months ago This channel is definitely worth more subs for the amount of effort put it, hard to believe that people like jake Paul and prank channels have a larger following than this 😧😧
  • ishmael nettles
    ishmael nettles 9 months ago (edited) I would so watch her on the food network channel probably more then the other cooking shows really mostly because she make me feel welcomed into her kitchen and that I’m actually there and I forget that I’m at home
  • Tomato Queen
    Tomato Queen 3 months ago This is what cooking channels would look like if there was youtube in Victorian times
  • Dyl Pickle
    Dyl Pickle 10 months ago Who else feels bad for the rich Victorian era ladies who couldn't have hearty soups
  • Funtasmic
    Funtasmic 10 months ago It was most likely their choice. So they can have cake and Victoria sandwiches afterwards and still fit in their corsets.
  • large and mildly threatening reptile
    large and mildly threatening reptile 10 months ago Margarita Pegg Schuyler- vanresseler tru I would die without cream of mushroom
  • CyExL 陈盈璇 Cel Tan
    CyExL 陈盈璇 Cel Tan 9 months ago Funtasmic I don't care for them sweet stuff. Give me my beef potato soup any day. 😛
  • Alexan B.
    Alexan B. 7 months ago I thought the same... and then I tried to eat a full meal in a corset. It was not a pleasant experience...
  • tuberose yuri
    tuberose yuri 7 months ago (edited) I'd have it anyway and I wouldn't wear a corset. don't believe me because of "culture?" I don't wear shoes i don't shave and my hair is always a mess. idgaf
  • smile it's just a game
    smile it's just a game 7 months ago Love me some beef! Poor ladies had to look all cute and lite
  • smile it's just a game
    smile it's just a game 6 months ago @Rufus Chucklebutty Scandalous! 🤣
  • Lee Trevis
    Lee Trevis 6 months ago tuberose yuri that’s a lie, you would be a completely different person if you grew up in the Victorian era and would certainly be pushed into acting like this. If you didn’t then you’d just be a retard, not a badass like you seem to think you are
  • jay yu
    jay yu 6 months ago @Rufus Chucklebutty my word!
  • inisipisTV
    inisipisTV 6 months ago It's probably more their choice, to keep their figure, much like today.
  • Victoria Spice
    Victoria Spice 6 months ago (edited) Tuberose Yuri, if you didn't conform that much in Victorian times they likely would have either sent you to a doctor for hysteria who would have done something along the lines of drug you or forcibly masturbate you or just stick you in an insane asylum or home off the bat. The Victorian era was not particularly fond of breaking the mold, and it came down harshly on those who did.
  • Chloe Presley
    Chloe Presley 5 months ago Me!
  • Trickster Tube
    Trickster Tube 5 months ago CyExL 陈盈璇 Cel Tan hello my fellow Chinese friend
  • theblackrosedaughter
    theblackrosedaughter 5 months ago Ikr? As soon as she said that light soups were for ladies I was like "Ha....hahahahaha....hahahaha....I'll pass thanks..."
  • Chandrima Khastagir
    Chandrima Khastagir 5 months ago I felt the same...I usually love her videos but this subtle discrimination made me have second thoughts about this one.
  • Girls Can Be Perverts Too!!
    Girls Can Be Perverts Too!! 3 months ago Chandrima Khastagir She's interpreting history, because thats how it actually was in the past. She's not actively discriminating anyone, she's playing a role.
  • MrAranton
    MrAranton 1 month ago With the exception of rich western women today, rich english ladies of the Victorian era were the most privileged beings to ever inhabit the planet. If you feel bad about them not getting to eat hearty soups - at least not while others can see them eat - how would you feel about the widow of coal miner trying to feed herself and her children off the money she can make doing other people's laundry? Or the coal miner that died because his employer didn't give the slightest fuck about work-place safety while we're at it?
  • Kaytlin Justis
    Kaytlin Justis 1 week ago I do. When she said the lighter soups were for the Ladies, I was like, 'wanna bet?' L.O.L.! Then again, I ain't much of a Lady, and am proud of it! Sure, it's impressive how people can hold conversations and stand up tall with pride but... some of their customs are just so... Stuffy. :)
  • Hi my name's Catrina
    Hi my name's Catrina 10 months ago Why is she my favorite human
  • English Heritage
    English Heritage 10 months ago It's understandable.
  • Algren Dola
    Algren Dola 1 month ago Same here😂
  • Stitching Bear
    Stitching Bear 1 month ago Bc she is classy.
  • ThePabloSylar
    ThePabloSylar 1 month ago IKR! it's so confortable watching her cooking 💕
  • TheSoundtrackGenious
    TheSoundtrackGenious 1 month ago Oh my god. That serving bowl is GORGEOUS. 😱
  • hannahbanana 116
    hannahbanana 116 1 month ago AGREE. It's a soup tureen. They're not as common anymore but I am SO having one in my house when I'm older.
  • Marcus Rivera
    Marcus Rivera 1 month ago It looks similar to one my grandmother has. Although hers is definitely not that big. That looks like it could serve 2 dozen people. But that blue and white color pattern immediately reminded me of it! Now I want her beef stew :(
  • Ruby Lace
    Ruby Lace 3 weeks ago I think Tasha Tudor had dishes like that
  • Connor
    Connor 1 month ago When your masculinity is so fragile you can't eat light colored soups.
  • poppykok5
    poppykok5 10 months ago Mrs.Crocombe always makes me smile!!! I'm an American (from the Midwest) who grew up eating my dear Gramma's rhubarb pie & rhubarb jam... The "good ole days"... : )
  • Azazura Azura
    Azazura Azura 10 months ago mmmmmm i had that once it was good. rhubarb sounds like it would be a bitter root, but it way sweet.
  • MacyLouWho
    MacyLouWho 9 months ago Same here. I’m growing some in the garden now, might as well keep a good thing alive, right?
  • Eddie Li
    Eddie Li 7 months ago Good you been eating chinese originated food since a kid
  • Fashionova Wigs
    Fashionova Wigs 3 months ago @Eddie Li and?
  • Stephanie Rao
    Stephanie Rao 2 months ago poppykok5 ...LOVE rhubarb pie n jelly!!! (From Iowa)...
  • boneyween
    boneyween 2 months ago do you have rhubarb or apple crumble in the US? can't beat a warm homemade crumble with custard in the depths of winter :-)
  • kimberly montalvo
    kimberly montalvo 1 month ago My Grandmother made a rhubarb and custard pie that was to die for, wish I'd have paid attention back then!!!
  • Victoria Queen
    Victoria Queen 3 months ago I'm obsessed with British culture so I'm in love with this channel. My fave in whooooole YouTube
  • Ruby Lace
    Ruby Lace 3 weeks ago Me too.. never been to England but I can't get enough of these videos!
  • khodr obeid
    khodr obeid 1 month ago I LIVE for all the shade she throws at everyone 😂😂