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Playing In Every Mode with ONE Tiny Scale Shape [GUITAR LESSON - MODES - MUSIC THEORY]

Published on Mar 14, 2019 196,521 views

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Instead of learning thousands of scale shapes, why not just learn how to use the ones you already have? In this lesson, I'll be demonstrating how one tiny little scale shape can be wielded with infinite power to create all 7 different modal tonalities.

Hopefully this helps you all realize that whatever scale shapes you've learned are totally usable for any sort of modal playing. You just have to really understand the idea of modal tonality.

This is the third video where the prime goal is to help people understand modes, however this is speciically geared towards guitarists. The other two modal videos can be found here-
Meet the Modes:
Modes and Tonal Center:

Jam Tracks for each mode!

A Major (My Track):
G Dorian:
Sebastian Zunino:
E Phrygian (NCTRacks):
F Lydian (M&M Music):
C Mixolydian (Music Art):
E Minor (Superior Jam Tracks):
B Locrian(Six Strings):

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  • Tunir Ghosh
    Tunir Ghosh 2 months ago Just skip between Jake Lizzio and Rick Beato and research a little, you are set for life.
  • Matze Lauda
    Matze Lauda 2 months ago word
  • titmusspaultpaul5
    titmusspaultpaul5 2 months ago True. I'm subscribed to both channels and they are awsome, really informative.... cheers.
  • Joekcer
    Joekcer 2 months ago don't forget adam neely!
  • Yoatzin Peñaflor
    Yoatzin Peñaflor 2 months ago I would also throw some Fretjam in there.
  • Tunir Ghosh
    Tunir Ghosh 2 months ago @Yoatzin Peñaflor I am going to check that channel. Came in notification but haven't seen until now.
  • Tunir Ghosh
    Tunir Ghosh 2 months ago @Joekcer Adam is a lot of things pushed together but these two I think are purely music theory based.
  • Superior Jam Tracks
    Superior Jam Tracks 2 months ago Yes Beato is Awesome!
  • Master Exploder
    Master Exploder 2 months ago Rick's too boring and his vids are far too long.
  • Comment Freely
    Comment Freely 2 months ago the shape is at the 3rd, 2nd, 1st strings in aeolian box. that's where i like to play major scales too, in circle of 5th then 4ths.
  • Brock Brown
    Brock Brown 2 months ago (edited) I honestly have a really hard time learning from Rick, I like his personality and his perspectives a lot though I'd say go through Jake, 8 bit music theory, and 12tone Rick's constant use of modal terminology and long jams for me kind of distract from the meat... he's good though
  • Eduard Swanepoel
    Eduard Swanepoel 1 month ago I've watched both Jake and Rick's videos on modes, and now I'm more confused than ever :( They seem to be teaching completely different things.
  • Berni Fitzsimmons
    Berni Fitzsimmons 1 month ago Absolutely true. Rick Beato explains things in depth, Jake breaks it down so it’s easy to understand... practice what Jake Lizzio shows you and go to one of Beato’s videos with a pen and paper to get the theory end stuck in your head.
  • [LRE] Lucas Ray Exp
    [LRE] Lucas Ray Exp 1 month ago After some time, rick just keep rehashing the same things and honestly, not too deep. Although I do enjoy his channel
  • Krisitan Sterjo
    Krisitan Sterjo 2 weeks ago Rick is a fraud
  • Paul Grice
    Paul Grice 2 weeks ago (edited) The big difference between the two is this chap is demystifying music (good). Beato is musically gifted but tends to over complicate things.... I once said “surely i stead of learning a zillion scales youjust learn the major scale andthen start on a different note to get a different mode” he shot me down in flames because if we all realise it is that easy then he can’t sell you his book
  • Paul Grice
    Paul Grice 2 weeks ago Eduard Swanepoel Biato likes to maintain the mystique... forget him and watch this guy... music can be as complex or a simple as you like, it just depends how it is explained.
  • Space Alien
    Space Alien 2 weeks ago @Brock Brown I agree completely! Lot of the time, he talks of theory concepts that are way over my head and loses me with his terminology. And tends to get boring and loses my attention. But Rick as a person is awesome. And i can see how his channel would help lots of people that are more advanced.
  • Larrymh07
    Larrymh07 2 weeks ago @Master Exploder Yeah, but he's got cool hair.
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    Jason Woolum 2 months ago But wait , there's modes!
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    Ethereal Beef 1 week ago Scrolled down to find this comment after that. He had to do it to em
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    Zak Barlow 2 months ago That intro is gold Jake! Haha
  • _ musique
    _ musique 2 months ago Yeah, I laughed hard!
  • Fernando Morales
    Fernando Morales 2 months ago "THERE'S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!"
  • Anton Ladan
    Anton Ladan 2 months ago He should be an advertiser
  • Valon Berchtold
    Valon Berchtold 2 months ago That voice is perfect for it.
  • bluesborn
    bluesborn 1 month ago except he's serious
  • Fábio Ferreira
    Fábio Ferreira 2 months ago One of the most clarifying videos about modes. I really got how to use them. Excellent video!! Cheers!
  • H
    H 2 months ago Fábio Ferreira agree. Perfect
  • Sockoiid
    Sockoiid 2 months ago I think that locrian track you did sounded pretty chill, it was good
  • Leonardo Soriani Alves
    Leonardo Soriani Alves 2 months ago Yes. He used the lick. Here 13:19
  • Signals Music Studio
    Signals Music Studio 2 months ago long overdue tbh
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    BaneOfXistence4 2 months ago A bell went off in my head as soon as I heard that
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    RoBenhood7 _ 2 months ago An infinitely ongoing joke in the music community on YouTube
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    RoBenhood7 _ 2 months ago Go to Adam Neely s youtube channel for more context :)
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    Agastya Bose 2 months ago Ladies and gentlemen, we got em.
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    greenatom 2 months ago Just want to say, I hate The Lick
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    Polaroit 1 month ago @BaneOfXistence4 hahaha same, I was like "wait, that wasn't just any lick, that was THE LICK"
  • Rafael Cacilhas
    Rafael Cacilhas 1 month ago Not gonna lie, I came in here because I thought the title was very clicky-baity and my plan was to comment on "such an idiot trick". But dude... that was such an awesome music lesson. A simple comment, "these three notes make it sound like the scale" are so obvious after I heard them that I cant believe I didnt know this. Thank you. This was awesome.
  • Signals Music Studio
    Signals Music Studio 2 months ago Make sure you check the description to find the links to the jam tracks I used! Also, if you still suffer from Modal Confusion after this video, PLEASE watch the two videos I linked to in the description. Between those two videos and this lesson, you should be able to fully understand how modes work and apply it on your guitar. GOOD LUCK!
  • Catalin Amariei
    Catalin Amariei 2 months ago Hi, do you do private lesson via Skype?
  • RO FL
    RO FL 2 months ago (edited) Thank you brother, I am learning theory, now on 7-chords, this video is very good! This building modes on example of C-mixolidian in F-major, i tried to build C-major natural from C-mixolidian an d now see the difference , 7th half tone down, and I am starting seeing notes instead of shapes. I mean it seems that shapes are important just to remember on automatic level like some default major or minor scale how it builds, but the sounding of scales and modes and how they relate that is more important and this is looking like majic, opens doors to improvising thank you!
  • coolpoolshark
    coolpoolshark 1 month ago The vid is clear about using shape to play modes on guitar. My question is how do you apply modes to chord progressions to improvise guitar solos?
  • Alberto Casanova
    Alberto Casanova 1 week ago @coolpoolshark Basically like you'd use the minor and major scale (Aeolian and Jonian). Sometimes you can play a few notes from a different mode to add some colour to your playing
  • Joshua Evere
    Joshua Evere 2 weeks ago Greetings from Philippines. You're great. I've learned so much and everything seems clear to me now. Just need little more practice. Thank you so much.
  • Mats K.
    Mats K. 2 months ago (edited) OUR SHAPE communism intensifies
  • Rowan B
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    George W Kush 2 months ago (edited) LOOK AT ME, WE'RE THE CAPTAINS NOW
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  • Rowan B
    Rowan B 1 month ago @machia0705climate change threatening to snowball out of control in our lifetimes, far-right leaders coming to power across the globe, ever-increasing economic inequality, human rights being rolled back, hate crime numbers rising...I could keep going, but feel free to take your pick.
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  • Jacob Hartle
    Jacob Hartle 2 months ago Interesting how many different types of laughter I had throughout this video. Comical laughter at the beginning, then laughter towards the end about how many years I've wasted not knowing this the way you described. Kudos
  • Angel c
    Angel c 1 week ago Thats only two types of laughs
  • Jacob Hartle
    Jacob Hartle 1 week ago @Angel c , now it's three lol
  • Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg
    Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg 1 week ago He has one of the best speaking voices on YouTube. Literally amazes me every time :-)
  • Superior Jam Tracks
    Superior Jam Tracks 2 months ago (edited) Thanks so much for crediting my backing track and promoting my channel, I truly appreciate it. You run an outstanding channel my friend!
  • Signals Music Studio
    Signals Music Studio 2 months ago Thank you! It's a sweet track and I had a lot of fun playing on it, nice work!
  • Superior Jam Tracks
    Superior Jam Tracks 2 months ago @Signals Music Studio Thanks, My newly created channel got a nice little bump since you posted your video. Thanks again!
  • karlfarren
    karlfarren 2 months ago Wow! Mutual respect and courtesy in a YouTube comments thread! Not something you see very often. Thank you both.
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    Ron Singley 7 hours ago One of the clearest explanations of modes I've seen (not that I hunt for them, lol). Subscribed!
  • Chris Wood
    Chris Wood 2 days ago Where were you in 1982? I could have used this YouTube channel.
  • Pete Randall
    Pete Randall 23 hours ago I’ve been gradually discovering these scales for DECADES! Thanks for explaining them!
  • Pete Randall
    Pete Randall 23 hours ago I’ve been gradually discovering these scales for DECADES! Thanks for explaining them!
  • Lucas T
    Lucas T 2 months ago Dude this is amazing. You make this stuff so easy to understand, much appreciated!
  • Strings and Things
    Strings and Things 1 week ago You are a brilliant teacher Jake. Keep it up thx man. 👍🎸