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what's in my bag? and singing lessons 🛍 WEEKLY VLOG #11

Published on Mar 13, 2019 54,644 views

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  • HanaitsRetro1
    HanaitsRetro1 6 days ago Have you ever thought about maybe going somewhere other than Starbucks for a change ?! Maybe support a smaller local business. You could find your new favourite place to go.
  • rebelodge
    rebelodge 6 days ago Maybe you could try a non-chain coffee shop instead of Starbucks since stabrs is always so packed for you? Or more of a cafe than just a coffee shop? I get anxious going to new places, but it helps if there’s pictures on insta or google that I can look at before going somewhere new. That way you could get a good idea of the seating situation 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Sprite Zero
    Sprite Zero 5 days ago Nelly shouldn't eat regular tuna! And cats prefer to eat from large bowls or flat plates because their whiskers hit the edges of small bowls and it causes them pain. This is why many cats seem fussy with food when it's actually the small bowl!
  • 87Yellowrose
    87Yellowrose 1 week ago (edited) Your singing....😮 wow, amazing! X
  • ElizabethDave
    ElizabethDave 6 days ago Have you ever considered going to a public library? Some have coffee shops inside them as well so could kill two birds with one stone 😎
  • Betsy Eliza
    Betsy Eliza 1 week ago I might sound really ignorant cause I'm not sure how it all works but you should go and audition for something!! You are soo talented! Go for it!
  • Theresa G.
    Theresa G. 6 days ago Right! I feel like she's not doing anything with her talent. She should be out there performing! She sings beautifully! 😍
  • Yasmin Paul
    Yasmin Paul 6 days ago It's a shame your local Tesco doesn't stock whole melons, would be much less waste and more cost effective
  • Kiera May
    Kiera May 1 week ago I love Brighton and it makes me happy when you film it, SO many cute shops!! Also when you hit that high note YASSSSS release an EP please !!
  • Emma Papper
    Emma Papper 6 days ago same here! im just like, been there, done that, e.t.c lolll
  • Polly Barrett
    Polly Barrett 1 week ago I can never understand how people can sing as powerfully as you can it’s truly captivating! You’re destined for good things Gabriella 💓💓
  • Jodi's Expat Life
    Jodi's Expat Life 6 days ago I'm taking singing lessons at the moment and it's really all about focusing on using your breath and singing from your core instead of your throat 💖
  • Yasmin Paul
    Yasmin Paul 6 days ago Not gonna lie her voice is Lovely but its an easy technique, you breath from your diaphram Sleeeeeeeo breaths
  • PippityBop
    PippityBop 1 week ago Your voice gave me chills! GOODNESS
  • Raegan Anderson
    Raegan Anderson 1 week ago You have the most beautiful voice, it gave me goosebumps ♥️♥️
  • Angelika Dulichan
    Angelika Dulichan 1 week ago Omg love that little snippet of you singing from the hunchback literally my favorite musical ❤️
  • Sarah Pettet
    Sarah Pettet 6 days ago (edited) O M G Gab if I ever get married I’d pay you thousands for you to sing at my wedding you would literally blow everyone away! I could listen to you sing all day more cover songs please 🙏 ❤️
  • Lynda
    Lynda 6 days ago Sarah Pettet agreeeeed
  • lozzywalker
    lozzywalker 1 week ago Gabby, your voice is incred gurl! Love the vlogs so entertaining and relaxing.
  • Vicky Cole
    Vicky Cole 3 days ago This is probably really random but what shampoo do you use? Your hair is always shiny. Maybe you could do a video of the every day products you use on your face and body? Xx
  • ZK2AM
    ZK2AM 1 week ago “Shhhhhhhut up Siri” 😂😂
  • Rafaela Alonzo
    Rafaela Alonzo 1 week ago Super duper love your Videos!❤️ i’m from. The Philippines btw☺️💕
  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark 6 days ago Hey, did you pass for your drivers license btw? Haven't watched in so long! x
  • 12missmolly
    12missmolly 1 week ago You belong on stage!!!!! Quite simply the most beautiful voice ❤️
  • 12missmolly
    12missmolly 1 week ago Also I hate that your last 3 videos didn’t make my subscription box 😩❤️
  • Yasmin Paul
    Yasmin Paul 6 days ago Don't quote me on this but I think in a previous video she said that going into professional theatre would require Her total commitment and being away from YouTube which she can't do atm (buying house etc) hopefully in the future!!
  • Lynda
    Lynda 6 days ago Your makeup and hair lately has been 🔥 even though you’re a beaut without ! Also I will never get bored of listening to you sing😭❤️❤️