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You've heard it on TV, and you've probably heard it at your club - guttural, intense, LOUD grunting every time the ball is struck. So is it all for show, or does it actually serve a purpose? Here's our take...

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If you can read this you have an impressive scrolling game.


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  • Azu Azu
    Azu Azu 6 days ago That intro is prime 👌
  • Thumper baby Bambi
    Thumper baby Bambi 6 days ago Love it. You can take the air in and blow it out hard without to loud of a noise. Grunting loudly is amazingly amazing though 😣😜🤓
  • Glen Schneer
    Glen Schneer 5 days ago Great point, we sometimes forget to breathe when hitting the ball. Also, when lifting weights you inhale before and exhale when lifting to get maximum strength. I agree the noise is just a reminder to breathe out but can get excessive and should be done at the point of contact not after.
  • Deschutes Maple
    Deschutes Maple 4 days ago No. Grunting should be completely banned. It is obnoxious, irritating and infantile.
  • Glen Schneer
    Glen Schneer 4 days ago @Deschutes Maple You ca't ban it because some noise will be made when breathing out but I agree it needs to be kept to a minimum as a matter of courtesy.
  • Osama ilt
    Osama ilt 5 days ago 0:02 I am dead already
  • picolo2022 Games
    picolo2022 Games 5 days ago Sharapova is so annoying
  • Deschutes Maple
    Deschutes Maple 4 days ago Yes, absolutely. Her grunting is loud, rude, obnoxious. But mostly it is a cynical way to gain advantage psychologically by disrupting or otherwise intimidating her opponent. Pathetic.
  • Alex Fowler
    Alex Fowler 4 days ago Totally agree on the use of it for relaxing but not overdoing. On tough shots or extended reach i do grunt slightly but only under exertion. Players who grunt excessively like Sharapova, Sabalenka, muguruza, and now Halep always draw comments for it. Just one of the dialogues of our sport I guess. Keep up the good content ET team.
  • Paul Mullins
    Paul Mullins 3 days ago (edited) Serena makes noise to intimidate her opponents sort of a “Kill you” scream. If the ball hits the net it abruptly stops.That is proof of her intent. Also many of these screamers don’t make any noise at practice so it’s gamesmanship.
  • Diabeureu Djambeu
    Diabeureu Djambeu 6 days ago Great video
  • Sana Ahmed
    Sana Ahmed 5 days ago Great video as always. I wish you got more distribution for this content!
  • Lajos
    Lajos 5 days ago Yes but only after drop shot.
  • Deschutes Maple
    Deschutes Maple 4 days ago No. Grunting should be completely, totally banned from pro tennis. The only reason it is done, is to disrupt or screw up the opponent's concentration. Worst thing to ever happen to the game. Pros who do it are assholes.
  • Raj Patnaik
    Raj Patnaik 5 days ago 😍🔥
  • Gr8ItsTheB8
    Gr8ItsTheB8 4 days ago Nice vid