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Major Scale 3 Note Per String System Pattern 7 Guitar Lesson Tutorial 3NPS

Published on Mar 14, 2019 3,476 views

Scale Diagrams and more info:
More about 3NPS System Pros & Cons:
In this lesson we check out pattern 7 of the Major Scale 3 Note Per String system, in which... SURPRISE... each string has 3 notes! It's more stretchy than conventional CAGED patterns and they both have good and bad about them! Watch out for new lesson series Legato Primer in which we'll check out a cool way of exploring them!

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  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty 1 month ago Ironically, this is pretty much the way i first learned scales as a newbie guitarist took me few years before i 'graduated' to pentatonics and 2 note 'cage' positions... never regretted inadvertently learning 'the hard way'
  • ZDimitris
    ZDimitris 1 month ago That's why a fretboard without inlays is more useful
  • Joe Svilpa 7step2livefit
    Joe Svilpa 7step2livefit 2 months ago It seems like it’s a Phrygian rather than the major Ionian to me. Can you explain?
  • MrYossell
    MrYossell 2 months ago I'm no expert but here's my attempt to explain... this is a g-major scale (Ionian), but the starting note is the f# -- ie the 7th. This means he's playing: F#, G, A, B, C, D, E, etc. Now, the F# Phrygian is: F#, G, A, B C#, D E. Exactly the same, except the C of the G-major is replaced by the C# of the F# Phrygian. Because of where he's starting, it does at first sound like it's the F# Phrygian, and it's not until the fifth note that you realise the opening note is not the root at all.
  • Godzilla Gg
    Godzilla Gg 2 months ago Where's pattern six? Am I missing something?
  • BurnleyNuts
    BurnleyNuts 2 months ago If you look on Justin's own website as per his link above, if you look at the Major scale 3 NPS pattern 6 lesson he doesn't appear to have done a video for it but the lesson is still there with the neck diagram, fingerings and notes
  • Godzilla Gg
    Godzilla Gg 2 months ago BurnleyNuts thank you!
  • Richard Lunn
    Richard Lunn 2 months ago hi justin I am a beginner I want to play blues I've heard the pentatonic scale is what I need to learn more than the blues scale sounds strange why would the major scale be useful