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LESSONS FROM ARIANA GRANDE'S DADDY ISSUES: How To Break The Cycle of Toxic Relationships!

Published on Apr 14, 2019 55,648 views

Sick of getting stuck with toxic guys in toxic relationships? #Coachella's new queen #ArianaGrande has messy love life thanks to relationships with Big Sean, #MacMiller and #PeteDavidson were completely toxic and we can blame #ArianaGrande's #daddyissues! So, I'll tell you how to overcome daddy issues and break the cycle of toxic relationships!

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  • ainisaurus `
    ainisaurus ` 3 months ago No crazy ads, No crazy disclaimer, No crazy edit. Just girlfriend talking. Love you Shallontourage! Girls united!!
  • 나쁜기집애
    나쁜기집애 3 months ago (edited) Could you do a video on Billie Eilish and her horrible content that drugs teenagers into thinking being psychopathic and borderline depressed is cool in today's society? I really want to hear your opinion on her
  • Brianna
    Brianna 2 weeks ago @나쁜기집애 It creeps me out as well, and creeps me out even more how normalized this it is. I don't mean the emo aesthetic, because I definitely went through that phase too. I don't mean being depressed, anxious, or suicidal either, because I understand that mental illness is a valid thing. I'm speaking about the darker, gorier , death-obsessed/ self-destructive aspect of it all, and how romanticized it is, so much so that I've even seen people try to portray suicide/self-injury/drug addiction as "beautiful." Or I've heard them romanticize things like the 27 Club. I mean, even in the video, it shows her being simultaneously injected with several needles and she's portrayed as a demon, or demon-possessed, and if those things don't seem strange to people, then I don't know what will 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • 나쁜기집애
    나쁜기집애 2 weeks ago @Brianna Well, considering what people in my comments section had to say, I think people like her because she is "relatable" and "edgy". She's surely not the first one to sing and write depressing songs, but her whole vibe creeps me out. She looks and sounds like a drug addict, which Shallon confirmed. I really don't know why she's so hyped.
  • Kiana
    Kiana 2 weeks ago Billies music is to escape mundane ass people like you. Please don’t listen if you hate it and stop trying to look for something that doesn’t exist. Emo “depressive” music has always been present just in different genres and her music is mainly popular because of her otherworldly voice and videography
  • Brianna
    Brianna 2 weeks ago @나쁜기집애 Of course! Especially after "Bury A Friend" I even looked at the comments and I didn't see anyone mention how weird the entire thing was.
  • 나쁜기집애
    나쁜기집애 2 weeks ago @Brianna I'm glad someone is agreeing!
  • Brianna
    Brianna 2 weeks ago I want this as a video too. Her music/lyrics and visuals have always been pretty disturbing to me, but I've never seen anyone with a similar opinion until this comment.
  • Tracie Wasley
    Tracie Wasley 3 weeks ago My 15 year old nephew is in love with Billie Ellish. Thats how ive heard of her but i love her to, omg the song ocean eyes is so beautiful! And of course her fashion sence isnt my cup of tea but i LOVE the cocept behind it, she said she doesnt want anyone talking about her body, thats why she wears baggy cloths. I actually think shes a good role model
  • 나쁜기집애
    나쁜기집애 3 weeks ago @Musiconex World So just because I don't like someone's music style or the way they act, and what they write about, you think that gives YOU, a nobody from the internet right to tell me that I have my life easy, and that I should act mature? You should take a several seats.
  • Musiconex World
    Musiconex World 3 weeks ago @Fran Curotto OMG yes. I feel the same way. Once I found Billie's songs I fell in love with it. I just discovered this channel and was enjoying it so far. But I always had this but feeling that Shallon was a bit of a mean girl. Especially because she said she wanted to be really popular in high school. But I don't think Shallon should just judge someone. Maybe her sources are just shitty. And she always flexes the fact that she was the editor of some magazine. I hear about it in every video. I'm like.....girl GET OVER IT. I relate to Billie so much and think she's the new generation music artists who have nothing but pure talent. Shallon is just being bitchy. She has a bad opinion of everyone and sometimes I feel like maybe she's the one who's in the wrong. And maybe that's the case.
  • Musiconex World
    Musiconex World 3 weeks ago @나쁜기집애 you don't find her content positive and helpful? Guurll go look somewhere else. Coz she ain't selling any of those things. Go for happy poppy songs that mostly have no meaning and are not relatable at all. What Billie is doing is pure and raw art. She's an amazing singer and songwriter. You're the kind of people that have experienced no challenges and think life is easy. Girl, guess what? It ain't. Might be for u but not for others. Act mature. Such a disgrace.
  • Fran Curotto
    Fran Curotto 2 months ago Shallon Lester WOAH what the actual fuck! I’ve only just started following your Chanel, so I have no idea of your sense of humour....but PLEASE tell me that statement “she’s also on a shit ton of drugs” is your attempt at a funny?.....because, if it isn’ really can’t be saying shit like that about a 17 y/o! Especially when it is so outrageously untrue, you’re just feeding hate, and if that’s what you do round here, grown women ganging up on a 17 y/o....then count me OUT!
  • Fran Curotto
    Fran Curotto 2 months ago 나쁜기집애 WOOOOOOW you’re making all kinds of mad bold statements. To begin with she is 17, travels with her family, and works with her brother, her mum is with her 24/7, so your drugs claims are ABSURD and outrageously misinformed. Secondly as a 31 y/o I LOVE Billie Eilish, her talent is insane, I listen to her music a lot and can honestly say, it isn’t depressing, the music and piano is actually beautiful, it’s darker, but the lyrics are not suicidal they’re empowering. Furthermore if you actually listen to some of her in depth interviews, she is one of the most aware, and switched on people, most adults aren’t as aware of situations as she is. Finally I’m thrilled that a self assured, confident, respectful, talented young woman, who doesn’t feel that she has to bend to the traditional ‘I’m a pop star so will ware mini skirts - so boys like me’ trend. She’s teaching young women to be confident, and to value themselves for the right reasons, but most importantly that THEIR opinion is important. If I’m honest the majority of her songs are about standing her ground and having the respect to walk away when she has been wronged by a boy. How is this bad?
  • Monad Aeon
    Monad Aeon 2 months ago @Shallon Lester what drugs are you talking about? This is a serious allegation, seems being based off of judging book by it's cover
  • Luna Eclipse
    Luna Eclipse 2 months ago 나쁜기집애 since fucking when she was promoting it she’s just expressing herself asshole
  • Ely G
    Ely G 2 months ago (edited) I found about Billie Eilish because of one song (Come out and play) and it was so lovely I even put it on one of my Spotify track lists. But I never looked for any of her other songs tbh...
  • Ely G
    Ely G 2 months ago @Ruby Rayne lol, it happened something similar to me. YouTube recommended Shallon's video about Kourtney Kardashian and because I like her enough and I was curious, I watched that one. So I decided to watch other videos but tbh, she makes a lot of comments that are VERY frivolous and ??? like, there's this video about Selena Gómez and, while I don't like her, Shallon said she didn't like her but liked Justin Bieber because he was hot even when the video was basically about how this dude was the one who got Selena into heroine... So of course I didn't find weird a comment about how someone's fashion is something to be worried instead of the chance of a teen being on tons of drugs. Just don't look for any kind of empathy in these videos 😂
  • Wandi N
    Wandi N 2 months ago Yeah because depression isn't cool or trendy.
  • Ruby Rayne
    Ruby Rayne 2 months ago Shallon Lester I just stumbled on your channel and watched the Kourt vid and started watching this one. And even subbed. Then I read this ignorant comment. 1) How would you know if she’s on drugs? She lives with her parents still and has publicly said she doesn’t do drugs, so it seems like you’re assuming and being bitchy. 2) why call out her fashion, cuz she doesn’t show her body and ooze sex? That’s not only petty but that’s some mean girl shit.
  • Warda Rahman
    Warda Rahman 2 months ago 나쁜기집애 Alright, but that’s literally your opinion. Millions of people find her music beautiful and relatable. I believe you’re hating on her for no legitimate reason and it doesn’t really make sense. Based on your comment you seem spiteful because she’s ‘trending.’ Your negativity isn’t really amounting to anything which is ironic since you reprimand her for being negative. As I’ve mentioned previously, there’s nothing wrong with letting people know that you’re not always happy and positive, however if you don’t personally agree with her messages that’s totally fine, just don’t listen to her music. Stop being cynical towards someone who’s simply expressing themselves in a world full of the same mundane people.
  • Memes are too relatable
    Memes are too relatable 2 months ago 나쁜기집애 many teenagers do things that you shouldn’t do just like any age group. It’s a bit funny that you called them easily manipulated when in truth, any age group can be very gullible. Also music is subjective and a matter of opinion whether you like it or not. One last thing is that you’re criticising a teenager on the internet.
  • 나쁜기집애
    나쁜기집애 2 months ago She is literally promoting everything negative teenagers usually go through. I don't see how a person that has creepy and borderline diabolical themes in her music videos, constantly depressing lyrics and a drugged persona can help anyone? Especially easily manipulated teenagers who will listen to anything that is trending right now. I don't find her content one bit positive and "helpful".
  • Memes are too relatable
    Memes are too relatable 2 months ago I don’t really agree with you that much. As Warda Rahman has said in this thread she makes teenagers feel better about themselves in a world where they’re almost “demonised”. I’m a teenager myself and while I don’t really listen to her, a lot of my friends have gotten over their personal troubles by listening to her or similar artists.
  • Warda Rahman
    Warda Rahman 2 months ago She’s actually a cool person and she seems really genuine, I don’t believe her music is perpetuating teenagers minds into becoming negative, in fact her music allows teenagers to feel understood in a society where they are deemed as irresponsible, reckless and dumb. There is nothing wrong with being depressed, and to accept it and try to help oneself is nothing to be ashamed of. Her clothing style is also extremely unique and edgy, since that’s just her personal image. It’s like her signature trademark, you feel me?
  • m M
    m M 3 months ago Shallon Lester how do u know she does drugs? She made a song denouncing drug use so that would be weird..
  • Hawa F.
    Hawa F. 3 months ago Jessica Clifford okay that I’m not gonna deny😭
  • Jessica Clifford
    Jessica Clifford 3 months ago Shes a devil worshipper. Disgusting
  • Hawa F.
    Hawa F. 3 months ago (edited) Shallon Lester oh I thought she wasn’t because I heard one of her songs and she said she would never do drugs she made a song about it because she doesn’t want her friends dying from drugs anymore. It’s called xanny and I’m not one of those teens btw her music is cool but i don’t get why people take it so literal. Billie is a depressed person but doesn’t mean people should be making it a trend! I don’t think that was her intention. If you watch interviews of hers she’s really cool! And she’s definitely not the one that makes it cool
  • Prigoxin
    Prigoxin 3 months ago She didn't make it cool. It was cool for ages with teens.
  • Manifestation Godess
    Manifestation Godess 3 months ago She is underage after all and we all went trough that emo phase, but her music is low vibrational, it makes me depressed
  • Nikki Shaye 11
    Nikki Shaye 11 3 months ago @Shallon Lester lmfao
  • Shallon Lester
    Shallon Lester 3 months ago 나쁜기집애 She’s also on a shit ton of drugs. But my main concern is HER FASHION.
  • Torrie
    Torrie 3 months ago I've only heard of her but how is she making depression and psychopathy cool?
  • Chanel Autrey
    Chanel Autrey 3 months ago ‘Oh HAVE you Nancy? Have you?’ -the unintentional humor here is amazing
  • Nikki Shaye 11
    Nikki Shaye 11 3 months ago Oh wow I just commented this a few strings above, I love that you caught that too!😘
  • C Villa
    C Villa 3 months ago I really like how you talk straight through and don’t over edit your videos!
  • Nicole Araya
    Nicole Araya 2 months ago C Villa that just shows how eloquent she is! So smart too 🤩
  • ニャーSolCi
    ニャーSolCi 3 months ago I've realized that finding out ugly truths about the "good parent" it's even more life-changing than knowing who's the difficult one. Then you stop taking sides and see them as the unperfect humans they are, which makes you more forgiving about your own mistakes. Basically, you have to burn the whole family picture and take a new one to see who you really are and what you deserve 🙂
  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou 2 months ago Well said
  • Golden Sun
    Golden Sun 2 months ago sad and so liberating at same time
  • Ladyhmcgaga 17
    Ladyhmcgaga 17 3 months ago Sometimes I think the Kardashian’s act the way the way the do a lot of the time because of their father’s death and everything that happened with OJ honestly
  • Ladyhmcgaga 17
    Ladyhmcgaga 17 2 months ago Winter D think about it. What if a man, who was like an uncle to you, was accused of murdering his wife, who was like an aunt to you? And then your father and mother ultimately have both lost people they cared deeply about. And a child has lost an adult that meant something to them. That is very painful. And then their father dies from cancer of the throat...after doing what he did...that must haunt the family so frequently. Just crazy stuff. No wonder they are so spiritual too.
  • Paola Vanegas
    Paola Vanegas 2 months ago There's a whole lot of trauma in that family, if we really think about it I can understand why they act that way
  • Mel B
    Mel B 3 months ago What
  • Winter D
    Winter D 3 months ago Ladyhmcgaga 17 what do you mean
  • rtompkins1957
    rtompkins1957 3 months ago I LOVE these “lessons we can learn and so” 😍😍😍
  • Baron Sledjoys
    Baron Sledjoys 3 months ago REQUEST: Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. I would love to see a series analyzing older celebrity couples (See: Liz and Dick, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, JFK Jr and Caroline I see requested all the time). Perhaps something called RETRO DIVES!
  • RideShareChariot
    RideShareChariot 3 months ago U should do podcasts...
  • Grecia Medero
    Grecia Medero 3 months ago I’m going through this now. My dad is A good man, respectful but growing up I always had to be the one to make effort. Today, I don’t feel comfortable hugging him or showing affection to him and I wish this was different. He also would leave the house often when him and my mom would argue and this has affected me in relationships immensely. My mom would take him back and I did that with my last relationship over and over. I’m finally making a decision to stay single and deal with this. Maybe go to therapy and know more about these suppressed issues. Your videos help Shallon. Blessings 💕
  • 1maybeline
    1maybeline 2 months ago @Jen Lee What you're saying is very true. I'm very close to my family but we're not very affectionate. However everyone does their part to get together and we always have a great time when we do. Keep connected with your family, when you need someone, they're usually the only ones there to help out. Cheers!
  • Jen Lee
    Jen Lee 3 months ago I think it's normal to not be that affectionate with family members? I'm only affectionate in certain circumstances and find it awkward even then lol but I've noticed most people are like this. The majority of people I know aren't even close to their families at all.. so maybe that's why, too. I'm close with my whole family but just don't like being affectionate.. maybe you're the same?
  • Thankful and Grateful
    Thankful and Grateful 3 months ago I sure wish you would give a perspective of Brad and Angelina.
  • Tiffany Marie
    Tiffany Marie 3 months ago Omg!!!! Shallon taught me how to kiss when I was 15. I found your channel a month ago and I couldn’t place why you looked so family until now!
  • Carolina Hoyos
    Carolina Hoyos 2 months ago @Shallon Lester You did on me!! I kissed a guy for the first time when I was 19 but I had already watched all your kissing videos several times and I kept all those tips in mind! Still use the tips ALL THE TIME hahahah
  • Naama Loll
    Naama Loll 2 months ago Tiffany Marie omg rightttt haha I was 17 excited for my first kiss😂
  • Ella luvs21 Suarez
    Ella luvs21 Suarez 3 months ago my bf doesn't kiss.he has no teeth
  • LumiereDarling
    LumiereDarling 3 months ago Tiffany Marie Oh my gosh!! The kissing video! That’s where I know Shallon from! 😂 😂 It’s all making sense now. 🤣 I just couldn’t figure it out.
  • Nikki Shaye 11
    Nikki Shaye 11 3 months ago So awesome🌺
  • Shallon Lester
    Shallon Lester 3 months ago Tiffany Marie hahaha YES!! I hope I had any small part in you becoming a kissing kween 😘😘😘
  • sephora k
    sephora k 3 months ago you are on a roleeee and i love it. i should be sleeping but i’ll watch your vid first 😭
  • BraidedLady
    BraidedLady 3 months ago Yes! Role model and a rolllll
  • Julia T
    Julia T 3 months ago Do Jhene Aiko and Big Sean!
  • AS
    AS 2 months ago she claims it was wasted love (victimizing herself and blaming him) but he seems to be much happier and peaceful without her (as he claims with his newfound clarity). i believe neither. they both have been around in the industry repeating the same mistakes so both dont seem healthy religious or serious partners.
  • Celestial Empress
    Celestial Empress 3 months ago How did you heal your issue you had with attracting relationships that would ghost?
  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 3 months ago Get some you time.
  • Lumka Jwara
    Lumka Jwara 3 months ago Oh so early just when I just finished your Beyoncé video. 🙌🏾 love you Shallon.
  • Morgan Carroll
    Morgan Carroll 3 months ago Lumka Jwara I really liked that video 😂
  • Tara Von
    Tara Von 3 months ago This woman is seriously the bees knees. Like a breathe of fresh air! Not only is she highly intelligent in all areas of life, her deep self awareness, infectious and personable energy, + her insightful perspectives on certain subjects, makes me want to be her best friend!! Thanks for your videos, Shallon. They truly brighten my day.☀️ Anytime you’re in the Boston area, hit me up for drinks! 💖
  • liat ka
    liat ka 3 months ago (edited) "ill find my own place to breastfeed, thank you"..priceless..this is a great video. you rock.
  • Baron Sledjoys
    Baron Sledjoys 3 months ago Every time Shallon uploads a new video, I feel like I'm going to YouTube Group Therapy. I LOVE my Shallontourage! ♥️
  • Tabula Rasa
    Tabula Rasa 3 months ago I have an unpopular suggestion: the breakdown of Shania Twain's marriage. A woman worth half a billion, gorgeous, famous, and is cheated on by her producer husband. WHY????? Who is familiar with her story?
  • myusername
    myusername 2 months ago 1maybeline The one he had a kid with like 2+ decades before their breakup? Not really the me thing.
  • 1maybeline
    1maybeline 2 months ago Same as what Arnold Schwarzenneger did to Maria She. He cheated on her with their Nanny which was/is super ugly!!!
  • Tabula Rasa
    Tabula Rasa 2 months ago @Juliana Silva I never got it. She hit 40 + and it was over and in such a seedy secretive backstabbing way. I will never understand that situation
  • Juliana Silva
    Juliana Silva 2 months ago Tabula Rasa OMG YES !!!! That would be such a good break down video because that was such a weird situation . Especially cause she was no where near as successful/ attractive as shania . So crazy !