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Only a Genius Or a Person With a Mental Illness Can Answer This

Published on Aug 1, 2017 12,622,060 views

It is practically impossible to tell an average person from a person with schizophrenia by their appearance. Many psychiatric tests and methods are used in order to find out what is going on in the patient’s head and determine whether they need help. Here are two simple questions that can be answered only by a person with schizophrenia or by an extraordinary genius person.

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Question #1. Is the mask convex on one side or two? 1:00

Question #2. Is the mask rotating in one direction or in two? 1:30

Answers 1:55

So, let’s see who you are: crazy or a genius 2:06

What difference does genius make? 2:56

A quick IQ test that can determine your intellect 3:31

- If you answered both questions wrong, do not worry: you are a completely healthy person. And if one of the answers was obvious to you, it’s probably time to find a friend that is a psychiatrist.
- The truth is that the brain of a healthy person tends toward self-deceit. It takes into account artificial forms and extra shadows, ‘correcting’ the picture.
- People with schizophrenia do not have this imagination. Their brains cannot establish the connection between the details.
- Schizophrenia and genius are not that different. However, it is possible to distinguish between them.
- Genius personalities possess both types of thinking: that of a healthy person as well as the schizophrenic one, and they can switch between the types of thinking.
- They see the illusion just the way an average person sees it, but they also see the catch immediately. If they want to, their brain may stop perceiving the deceit.

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    BRIGHT SIDE 7 months ago Also, try these exercises! They'll make you smarter in a week 😉
  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson 4 weeks ago @Oren Franz That's exactly right
  • Oren Franz
    Oren Franz 4 weeks ago @Alexander Johnson I agree, I also would suggest doing a Real Test, instead of doing it on the Computer, but, it is on You
  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson 4 weeks ago @Oren Franz the only reason I pass is cause I see it form both angles legit right in and out
  • Oren Franz
    Oren Franz 4 weeks ago @Alexander Johnson He is wrong, because, Passing all these tests might mean that you could Have a Character that seems Psychotic, but, You are Just Extremely Intelligent and Healthy and it is Normal to have some Anxiety, because, it can also mean that you are less Gullible and be Extremely, Careful
  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson 4 weeks ago @Oren Franz very very true
  • Oren Franz
    Oren Franz 4 weeks ago @Alexander Johnson But, there is A High Chance that I can pass this test without Computer, because, I am Genetically and Neurologically Different and I answered all of these tests correctly and very and Super Fast
  • Oren Franz
    Oren Franz 4 weeks ago (edited) @Alexander Johnson Plus, his video is just Computer Graphics, I would Instead do the Same Test, but, without Computer, with my Doctors, to see what might be with me, A Test on the Computer means, Nothing
  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson 4 weeks ago @Oren Franz I can pass these's tests easily cause I have an IS of 168 but I totally understand what you're saying
  • Oren Franz
    Oren Franz 4 weeks ago Also, You can be Healthy and Pass all these Tests, because, being Intelligent is Very Healthy, You just Have some Facts Wrong
  • Oren Franz
    Oren Franz 4 weeks ago (edited) It is Possible to Fail all These tests and Be on the Psychotic Spectrum, you might Be Diagnosed with "Not Specified" Label, because you don't have all of the symptoms to Probably be Psychotic, but, have something unknown that is part of Psychotic Spectrum Disorder
  • Oren Franz
    Oren Franz 4 weeks ago I can pass these tests correctly and extremely fast, because, I am Autistic and I also Had History of Brief Psychotic Disorder, Catatonia, Bipolar Disorder, and Anxiety, I also Have a Learning Disability, You don't even need to be Intelligent and/ or pass these tests to be Psychotic, the Medical Professionals can Decide, if You are Psychotic, or if they are In Suspension that you Might Be Psychotic, based on what and how they examine or Interview you, they can give you Services, if you need them, if they are in Suspension
  • yes yo
    yes yo 1 month ago @Saloni Yadav interesting.
  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson 1 month ago I'm confused
  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson 1 month ago What if you see the mask in both ways immediately of see every animal at once
  • yes yo
    yes yo 1 month ago @Phil J.L Fig need to go more deeper, too limitied
  • Phil J.L Fig
    Phil J.L Fig 1 month ago yes yo what are you trying to ask?
  • yes yo
    yes yo 1 month ago @Phil J.L Fig which things are not right or incorrect? And why? TY but i prefere to ask someone
  • Phil J.L Fig
    Phil J.L Fig 1 month ago (edited) yes yo the word “wrong” - means “not right” or “incorrect” put the word “wrong” into google search engine
  • yes yo
    yes yo 1 month ago What means the word : wrong ?
  • Phil J.L Fig
    Phil J.L Fig 1 month ago Easy, click bait
  • Only4jessy
    Only4jessy 2 months ago (edited) So you can diagnose someone as a schizophrenic by their answers to 2 questions?? Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Lone Soldier
    Lone Soldier 2 months ago i know the first part was an illusion qustion 1 had no clue what it meaned an i knew it was going right
  • fij
    fij 3 months ago @anime blazing stop exploiting mental illness
  • Sukanya Somsa-ard
    Sukanya Somsa-ard 3 months ago BRIGHT SIDE I actually answered these right
  • donblub
    donblub 3 months ago Delete this video, you spreading disinformation!!!
  • Saloni Yadav
    Saloni Yadav 3 months ago In iq test i choose both 2nd options
  • Saloni Yadav
    Saloni Yadav 3 months ago What if both answers are right?
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  • B. Strømsnes
    B. Strømsnes 4 months ago 😂
  • gamesting diacrane
    gamesting diacrane 5 months ago that ''IQ'' test was basically asking someone if they're extravert or introvert which has barely anything to do with intelligence
  • Taecutie
    Taecutie 7 months ago Okay
  • anime blazing
    anime blazing 7 months ago Easy for me
  • Okay Bambi
    Okay Bambi 1 year ago I think this is more common sense rather than having a mental disorder?
  • Alex Walsh
    Alex Walsh 3 days ago @okay Bambi that's exactly what a schizophrenic person would say
  • Sam Iam
    Sam Iam 1 week ago Nando Lopez to an extent, even a genius cannot continue seeing the illusion rotate to the left once the image fails to appear behind the left eye hole.
  • Sam Iam
    Sam Iam 1 week ago jfhghifhg but why?
  • Sam Iam
    Sam Iam 1 week ago Robert Hudson look through the eyes and try to see the back of the mask from the left eye vs right eye
  • Marianna Doyle
    Marianna Doyle 1 week ago Your more then likely right
  • Trakehner20
    Trakehner20 1 week ago I feel bad because I couldn't remember what convex meant, so I couldn't fully answer that one. Oh well.
  • Hard9
    Hard9 1 month ago Olay Babmi Only to us genuises . Cause I thought the same thing about both within secs. Common sense isn't common at all. Its only common to geniuses
  • Memo Heyi
    Memo Heyi 2 months ago Nando Lopez not really, it depends... one schizophrenic could be able to see both rotations and faces while the other may not and can only see one rotation and one face. It depends on how your brain was structured and affected, I’m not good at this stuff sorry if I fit anything wrong
  • walt dutchak
    walt dutchak 1 year ago (edited) +Kenzie Pearson - Confusing, but similar to Trump.
  • arjenbij
    arjenbij 1 year ago Kenzie Pearson You're grammar says otherwise.
  • Ben Bolton
    Ben Bolton 1 year ago yep. I don't think i have schizophrenia
  • Daniel Curtis
    Daniel Curtis 1 year ago I'm a simple man, I see a narcissist trap, I click, then dislike
  • walt dutchak
    walt dutchak 1 year ago (edited) +jfhghifhg - Agreed!
  • Roy Hoeksema
    Roy Hoeksema 1 year ago Justin Perez It's unlikely for all schizoprenics to be psycho's... So certainly not that