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classical melodica tutorial for beginners lesson 05(vibrato) - by Shan Kalyan(lets make it easy)

Published on Apr 14, 2019 91 views

melodica tutorial for beginners lesson 05 -
#vibrato #classical #melodica #tutorial #for #beginners #lesson #05 - #by #Shan #Kalyan...explaining vibrato
lets make it easy-
melodica lessons for beginners -
very easy and effective classical way of learning-simple lesson for learning harmonium melodica and keyboard-harmonium lessons-
in this lesson we are going to learn 4th palta for more speed and finger familarization with soor.
this video is about melodica ,harmonium ,and key board tutorial in which em going to show the classical technique of learning these three intruments...
em teaching the typical classical tricks for learing .
by practicing these practices you will be able to play melodica and harmonium.if you are intrested in singing as well then its also very usefull for you..these exersice are basically classical way of learing harmonium and if you are tring to learn melodica or harmonium try these exercises it will be benifical for you ....and the most important thing for which i have started these lessons its free of cost and u dont have to spend money on teachers ...em writing about money because i personaly have survieved this problem.practice is must if you really want to learn then be devoted and hard worker...
and one thing if someone wants to learn keyboard plz leave a comment i will try to make a proper part about keyboard in the videos...thanks
God bless you and regaurds Shan Kalyan...

  • sehar shan kalyan
    sehar shan kalyan 2 months ago Zabrdst...tere hase ton wariii u😘😘😘😘😘🙃🙃
  • waseem benjamin
    waseem benjamin 2 months ago good job brother, lets collaborate for your viewers. what do you think?
  • Shan kalyan
    Shan kalyan 2 months ago its a good idea bro ... and thanks for your love and appreciation.....😍😍😍
  • digvijay singh
    digvijay singh 1 month ago Thank you sir Apne mera doubt clear kar diya last vedio me Mene he apko vibrato ka question Kiya tha Mene apse ye question puchne se Phela YouTube par bhot search Kiya par kissne proper vedio Ni banai thi apki first vedio he sir vibrato ki information par 💐🙏
  • Shan kalyan
    Shan kalyan 1 month ago thanks bro next bhi kuch aisa aisa ho jo smjh na aye to ap comment kr k pochna mai zaroor aise hi ache se smjhane ki koshish kru ga ...GOD BLESS YOU
  • digvijay singh
    digvijay singh 1 month ago Or thank you sir for making a dedicated vedio on my question
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