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Most leaders don't even know the game they are in - Simon Sinek at Live2Lead 2016

Published on Nov 2, 2016 2,510,735 views

Trust and cooperation are not standard in our organizations and yet we know they should be. There are two attributes that every single leader has the opportunity to possess that will help them create the types of organizations we would be proud to call our own. Those two attributes are EMPATHY & PERSPECTIVE.

Simon Sinek's full keynote from John C. Maxell's Live2Lead event in Atlanta, Georgia, October 7, 2016.

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  • Jesper Faber Stuhr
    Jesper Faber Stuhr 1 year ago I Can watch these speeches over and over again. SO much valuable information and stuff to reflect on for a very long time. THANK you Simon!
  • Mark Russell
    Mark Russell 6 days ago I particularly like the part about looking at the lack of trust in organisations, it is so true! Simon's comments on the lack of training in empathy and perspective being key to the reasons for this lack of trust is spot on. It would be great if companies invested in leadership skills as much as they invest in training people for the technical jobs they used to do. Good Video :)
  • Rakesh Ranjan Rao
    Rakesh Ranjan Rao 1 month ago Same here... ☺
  • Niel van Steenderen
    Niel van Steenderen 1 year ago The story about Noah, was just simply wonderful. If that does not open peoples eyes to the huge affect the way people treat each other makes, I am not sure what will.
  • Yourmoms Asshole
    Yourmoms Asshole 1 week ago Niel van Steenderen vvhjjo
  • Broken Man
    Broken Man 10 months ago Thats Great, i remember we had a young lad working for us and he was always late, i remember my boss at the time, tearing him apart, and the boss asking me what to do about this lad, if he should fire him, etc. i said just ask him why hes late. it turned out he was looking after his younger sister, taking her to school making her breakfast, because his mum was really poorly, so the empathy thing is so true he changed his hours and the young lads performance increased dramatically
  • Sefalis Yoga
    Sefalis Yoga 2 days ago On the flip side, I am often in late to work or having to take time off giving short notice and I manage this by being transparent about my caring role so that I can communicate my needs and allow my team to fully understand me.
  • Curious Communicator
    Curious Communicator 6 days ago I've got a lot of respect for the leader that takes the time to gather the facts and really try and understand someone before passing judgement. Some great points in this video. Thanks Simon.
  • Purple & Black
    Purple & Black 1 year ago People on their phones as Simon talks. They just don't get it.
  • V N
    V N 5 months ago You don't what the reason is for that is, they might be taking notes (a few people front row are taking notes the old way). Start with empathy :)
  • mortenthorpe
    mortenthorpe 5 months ago RealDarkBlade good point! Also my greatest fear with my favorite hobby - seeing/photographing amazing fun places and birds... will I actually see this, in a way I can remember and cherish? Or will I see this in transition with the result of having pictures which have limited lifetime and relevance?
  • Sansta
    Sansta 5 months ago @RealDarkBlade why are you telling me?
  • RealDarkBlade
    RealDarkBlade 5 months ago @Sansta People completely miss nowadays what "taking part/being part of" means. Same as people going to a concert and spending the whole time trying to get a "better" shot to film the concert. In the end, you missed the experience, and ended up with a very blurry, sound distorted ...nothing.
  • Sansta
    Sansta 5 months ago They are taking notes and pictures,
  • RealDarkBlade
    RealDarkBlade 8 months ago I know! Could barely focus on the video cause that blonde in the first row got in late then spent all the time on the phone. Most likely some middle tier manager sent by the company to get "trained".
  • zan
    zan 9 months ago They are using their phones for notes.
  • Rusu Traian Cristian
    Rusu Traian Cristian 9 months ago He talks about those in the audience. Damn..
  • absolutetuber
    absolutetuber 10 months ago I’m watching this on my phone.....I’m a horrible person
  • Iloveufonzi
    Iloveufonzi 2 years ago How many times do you practice your speech or do you freestyle it
  • Joy Brastrom
    Joy Brastrom 5 days ago Survive and Defend I believe what he said in response to you, without putting words in his mouth, was that he believes in his own work, theories and research and speaks it in every conversation. When you are truly passionate about your work and believe you have a message for the world, you have to keep sharing it. Over and over. He talks often about knowing where you are going. No one gets where they are going with a destination or a plan. I do not believe he would “wing it” in front of tens of thousands of people. It is contrary to what he teaches. Know the game you are in.
  • Thomas Scoville
    Thomas Scoville 3 weeks ago There is no way he's freestyling, and it shows. Believe me.
  • tushar kaushik
    tushar kaushik 1 month ago @Simon Sinek Seeing you reply to the comment personally, practicing empathy, even my oxytocin got elevated :D
  • Pertez Beauty Luxury
    Pertez Beauty Luxury 8 months ago @Simon Sinek I want to attend some of your speach. Living now Dubai. Your so good speaker. I want to learn more from you.