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10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

Published on Jan 1, 2019 24,048,295 views

The Seven Wonders of the Natural World may have been named too quickly. Wonders like The Grand Canyon and Victoria Falls are certainly big, and anyone who sees them will surely be impressed—but sheer size isn’t enough to truly leave a person in awe.
There are other places in this world, though, that are far stranger. Places that seem almost alien, as if they could only exist on a planet that evolved separately from our own. These are places that scientists have had to struggle just to understand how they ever could have been formed. Places that will truly make you wonder—not just because they’re beautiful, but because they seem to follow scientific laws that don’t exist anywhere else on earth. Here are 10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

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  • WeeItsNookies
    WeeItsNookies 6 months ago So you have people that went to college for a decade and they just use dye and ping pong balls and none of them are smart enough to go "hey let's build a tiny boat with a camera and GPS on it" ?!!!!!?!?!? and they make 100k a year?!?!
  • Una Nina Nine
    Una Nina Nine 6 months ago Kelli Doll Yes. Another one from the family called Idiot. You have and take the time to go through almost 500 replies... and dedicate two to my one. After you rattle around, put up the time mark where food colouring was mentioned and not dye. And then, do the same for where you actually saw ping pong balls. It's not like in your family; some of us watch these things to actually learn. And when presented with contrary to our residual knowledge, we try to point out what's skewed. Unlike your family who's impassioned with vain arguments for the sake of attention. I'm muting you as many others probably have. You have a channel? And views? Probably more of your family members. Goodbye permanently.
  • vaxine19
    vaxine19 6 months ago They tried something similar with logs but the theory is that the logs were obliterated. However measurements of the water going into and out of the system showed that the devil's kettle is in fact an optical illusion.
  • Kelli Doll
    Kelli Doll 6 months ago @Una Nina Nine they were just showing ping pong balls in water to give the viewer an idea of what ping pong balls do in water. No one said 'and here is footage from the actual event'. But you report away, because you are in fact the internet police lol. I really don't care - this isn't my channel. Hell none of them are my channel - but I do wish I had the kind of free time that you must have.
  • Kelli Doll
    Kelli Doll 6 months ago @Una Nina Nine really? I've seen the dye story reported several times only it was actually food coloring, not dye. Where is your source for this being a lie?
  • Kelli Doll
    Kelli Doll 6 months ago @kyle erikson lmao- you've decided that all of the info in this video is misleading because you don't have an answer for why no one has come up with a solution for the case of the disappearing water? Do us all a favor - never serve on a jury.
  • Allen Richards
    Allen Richards 6 months ago JH Monty, yeah no kidding, you are going to get those people down voting this video who think they are smarter than the scientists. There may be a few people here who really are because scientists are never right 100℅ of the time, but I am sure that there are also plenty of people who think they are smarter than the scientists but they really are not as smart as them.
  • Hope dontmope
    Hope dontmope 6 months ago I wondered that too. It's still cool to go and see it, it looks like it just goes down. Probably feeding some aquifer somewhere.
  • Sonic
    Sonic 6 months ago It ends in a factory on China just a joke.
  • Skeptage
    Skeptage 6 months ago Obviously they did but he needs content
  • PhantomCat
    PhantomCat 6 months ago People who go to college know why this example doesn't work. Actually, I learned why this wouldn't work in high school. Please don't skip on your physics classes kids.
  • Fishing Planet Live
    Fishing Planet Live 6 months ago Ya or a gps marker
  • Viki Banaszak
    Viki Banaszak 6 months ago @JH_Monty Really??? They still can't even explain gravity.
  • Viki Banaszak
    Viki Banaszak 6 months ago @WeeItsNookies That's how they studied the tornadoes in Twister, with trackers. That was my first thought and then sending in a go pro. There's probably a huge cavern under there.
  • Nathan Fisher
    Nathan Fisher 6 months ago You sound really dumb
  • Audio Arcana
    Audio Arcana 6 months ago Because.... they don’t!
  • Mike Merc
    Mike Merc 6 months ago It probably goes to another lake miles away... or a secret underground city that is pissed about the dye, but appreciate the balls.
  • Johnny93 Z
    Johnny93 Z 6 months ago Weeitsnookies for president 2020 lol
  • rc car
    rc car 6 months ago @Moggy1000, so yes, we can "digital images from Pluto" a lot easier than we can "digital images from caves hundreds of miles down in the earth".. Yeah? Make sense now? We've been exploring space for decades longer than we've been properly exploring our oceans. So diving in a cave would be just as complicated or even more than say trying to explore Mariana's Trench. Obviously it's a bit harder, because I'm pretty sure they've managed to map most of Mariana's Trench..
  • rc car
    rc car 6 months ago @Moggy1000, yes. That's because Scientists literally know more about space than they do our own oceans..
  • Mo Riley
    Mo Riley 6 months ago Where's that friggen sea chasm I clicked on the video for
  • Pete Allen
    Pete Allen 6 months ago How would GPS work through all the rock? And why would a camera help if we never find it again to look at the footage? Even if the camera could broadcast footage to the surface all we would see if water and rock probably.
  • Garifuna VincyBaje
  • Pikajew1234
    Pikajew1234 6 months ago if the water leads to a non-tunneled area the gps would work......
  • quazebra
    quazebra 6 months ago Freedom Rider ‘Laws of science don’t compare to laws of nature’? Eh, whah?
  • quazebra
    quazebra 6 months ago Yes, they can.98,4% of the water turns right back up at the base of the waterfall. Some people call stuff ‘mysteries’ too easily.
  • Saulius Budinas
  • Farlando Diengdoh
    Farlando Diengdoh 6 months ago It was proved that the water emerged downstream by a team of expert in 2017.
  • WeeItsNookies
    WeeItsNookies 6 months ago We can view the ocean at it's deepest depths using cameras under pressure so severe it'd crush a car and turn it into an icecube. We can make some type of protective case/minisub/camera thing WITH GPS and investigate. Then once it comes back up GPS picks it up and we retrieve it with the footage. We can make submarines. We can make minisubs that fits 2 people that can survive under intense pressure. We can make a super mini sub/drone thing to explore that. I think we have established a while ago I'm by far the most superior intellectual here.
  • Squirmy Wormy
    Squirmy Wormy 6 months ago @matthew moore lol well said. Bunch of idiots in this thread
  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington 6 months ago JH_Monty awww are you pissy because your scientists are under attack?
  • Devon Kubacki
    Devon Kubacki 6 months ago GPS Doesnt work line of sight. Camera would be destroyed by several impacts on its way down, its into a cave system, the water isnt uniformly going down, its powering down and sloshing about against, you gessed it. Rock. Water+ Rocks + Camera = Broken camera housing protecting from water, And then the camera gets destroyed by further impacts of the high velocity water. Dye is one possible solution, but it can get very diluted, to the point of being unable to visually confirm at the outlet, especially since the source of the water never goes away and is a WATER FALL of several hundreds of gallons a hour. Plastic balls evades the dye problem, but introduces another one. They can get lodged in thin gaps along the water's path because they are macroscopic. There is no good solution, other than diverting the water completely to the other side and exploring at leisure, Which can have HUGE ecological consequences to both the cave system and the river system that exists(flooding of banks, Losing a precious source of water respectively.)
  • Karen Tucker
    Karen Tucker 6 months ago I thought of a camera too but attached to an drone. Either way there needs to be a camera involved in that spot.
  • L Lance
    L Lance 6 months ago It just goes down into the earth and get mixed with moltan lava.
  • GamingCentralTV1
    GamingCentralTV1 6 months ago @R Yarbrough honestly i would personally want that money spent on solving things on earth rather than mars. If we cant figure out how this planet operates we have no business touching other planets
  • Savag3 Cabbage
    Savag3 Cabbage 6 months ago IKR
  • asterisk 23
    asterisk 23 6 months ago @lepayen I think it's meant to be a joke. But it makes sense, though. You're way too serious man.. :/
  • John Meskens
    John Meskens 6 months ago i was gonna say that
  • celeste sparks
    celeste sparks 6 months ago 😂
  • Allen Dickerson
    Allen Dickerson 6 months ago Or a submarine
  • takayuki yoshida
    takayuki yoshida 6 months ago A degree is just a piece of paper. Thats why jobs don't hire you just because you have a degree. They want experience.
  • PrinceKrish_ Elite
    PrinceKrish_ Elite 6 months ago WeeItsNookie
  • Dennis Rager
    Dennis Rager 6 months ago GPS doesn't work underground you dolts.
  • duncan mwangi
    duncan mwangi 6 months ago WeeItsNookies YES
  • _ MugiwaraOtaku _
    _ MugiwaraOtaku _ 6 months ago @WeeItsNookies ignorance is bliss
  • Andrew Rainer
    Andrew Rainer 6 months ago How would the signal get through the dense rock, you dense rock?
  • Lasna34
    Lasna34 6 months ago @WeeltsNookies omg you are sooooo genius. It's not like the tiny boat would capsize as it was falling vertical. Heck maybe they can parachute it? Roll eyes. Know nothing know it alls. Gotta love them.
  • mark stephen rosales
    mark stephen rosales 6 months ago Maybe they have that idea already they just don't relay us the answers just like NASA.
  • some guy
    some guy 6 months ago Strap my ass to a rope, I'll go down there
  • Hebba Khan
    Hebba Khan 6 months ago WeeItsNookies Now because of that there will be a cave in the world filled with green water and full of ping pong balls.
  • Lance Manyon
    Lance Manyon 6 months ago GPS wont work through rock , ever drive through a tunnel ? Or even under a bridge ? You sir , are pretty stupid .
  • My Name is Gladiator
    My Name is Gladiator 6 months ago That would end the mystery and end the tourist trade. Fact.
  • candance masters
    candance masters 6 months ago Hey
  • J noble
    J noble 6 months ago @WeeItsNookies I am a redneck and I don't understand what they speak of
  • Liberty Action
    Liberty Action 6 months ago @John Hosp oh my God here we go
  • Liberty Action
    Liberty Action 6 months ago @Tovah you must be black. Everyone knows redneck lives are more valuable than black lives. Otherwise why would you need a group called Black Lives matter? Right. True though, you right I didn't think of ruining the water and making it all nappy. So redneck it is!
  • Liberty Action
    Liberty Action 6 months ago We're going to need a smaller boat! ”😂😂😂😂
  • Hyikou Fang
    Hyikou Fang 6 months ago exactly. they have ways to track sea life without seeing them so why had they not thought to drop one of those transponders on a float bob down there and follow it? smh
  • Terra Incognita Gaming
    Terra Incognita Gaming 6 months ago That waterfall hole is a place that people dive into. This video is full of bullsht.
  • Moggy1000
    Moggy1000 6 months ago @rc car so we can digital images from Pluto but we can't get them from in a cave? Yeah makes sense...
  • millennial sleek
    millennial sleek 6 months ago WeeItsNookies Maybe things (do) disappear which means the GPS tracker might as well disappear too
  • boredamogh _
    boredamogh _ 6 months ago Lol genius. GPS doesn't work in tunnels or any underground place. Lol u some middle school dropout?
  • Pıņøy Prıđë
    Pıņøy Prıđë 6 months ago Or try someone going in there or an animal or more
  • Max Byle
    Max Byle 6 months ago lepayen Ahahaha, ur so wrong , couldn’t they use wired cameras with a very long chord ?
  • Floxers Add
    Floxers Add 6 months ago Am I right with two simple things I can solve a mystery. One long string and one camera
  • Max Byle
    Max Byle 6 months ago sarasmr 42 have a camera with a light, when with a wired cord , so the tracker can work
  • Max Byle
    Max Byle 6 months ago rc car you can have a wired camera with a long cord
  • Freedom Rider
    Freedom Rider 6 months ago @Steven Antoine Nicholson-EL That would make the most reasonable sense.
  • explore your mind
    explore your mind 6 months ago How's the GPS going to work if there is no signal underwater?
  • Nathaniel Kotey
    Nathaniel Kotey 6 months ago Cartoon A
  • Steven Antoine Nicholson-EL
    Steven Antoine Nicholson-EL 6 months ago @Freedom Rider *dilution
  • Keda Miles
    Keda Miles 6 months ago The dessert with circles, looks like cells under a microscope. Earth's Gaia cells maybe? Dry cells. Planet Ocean, there was water there at some point in time. The desert is thirsty.
  • Khambree'l Jackson
    Khambree'l Jackson 6 months ago WeeItsNookies I was thinking GPS too.
  • The Nameless One
    The Nameless One 6 months ago Yes.
  • Lachelle Best
    Lachelle Best 6 months ago WeeItsNookies same damn thing I saying lmao. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Maicon Lourenco
    Maicon Lourenco 6 months ago @matthew moore do you really believe in NASA? :(
    SPIRIT DOT 6 months ago @JH_Monty shut your ass
    SPIRIT DOT 6 months ago Dumb fucks
  • Ryan McKenzie
    Ryan McKenzie 6 months ago You all realize once a tracker ends up at it's destination, it will have line of sight again right? And if the logic against that is it ends up somewhere you can't see, why bother with ping pong balls?
  • Aaron M
    Aaron M 6 months ago If you researched beyond this video you'd know they know where the water goes.
  • Foreign Classics
    Foreign Classics 6 months ago But theyre sooooooooo smart!!!
  • Velvet Teddy
    Velvet Teddy 6 months ago lol 😂
  • paul anthony bulao
    paul anthony bulao 6 months ago GPS doesn't work underground.
  • Zwiswa Makwarela
    Zwiswa Makwarela 6 months ago @WeeItsNookies hi how are
  • Zwiswa Makwarela
    Zwiswa Makwarela 6 months ago Hi how are you today
  • Rondele Sue
    Rondele Sue 6 months ago Ping pong balls, how much did we just destroy?
  • Green Meat
    Green Meat 6 months ago I call it the Spruce Goose! Get in.
  • Wilson il Perso
    Wilson il Perso 6 months ago @kevin rumzek noaas yearly budget is over $5.5b, they can afford it. no its literally the same thing.
  • kevin rumzek
    kevin rumzek 6 months ago @Wilson il Perso sounds redicolously expensive to use for that and an underwater cave is a bit different from a waterfall forcing the umbilical into the crevices.
  • magnus rawstron
    magnus rawstron 6 months ago GPS wont work underground, doh, the water possibly get steamed off with deep down lava
  • Wilson il Perso
    Wilson il Perso 6 months ago @kevin rumzek yeah. one that lets itself out from the transceiver. not one you feed from the surface. & on the outside case it has wheels strategically placed all around so it wont get caught up or snagged on crack & curves & crevices. & thanks, but its not my idea, they already use them in underwater caves.
  • kevin rumzek
    kevin rumzek 6 months ago @Jeremy Hutchins are you going to send insanely expensive equipment into it to find out where it runs? What would you gain?
  • kevin rumzek
    kevin rumzek 6 months ago @Sudsy Sutherland what? Penetrate through solid rock? Idiot.
  • kevin rumzek
    kevin rumzek 6 months ago @rc car they do..... cave diving rings a bell but I wouldn't think they'd jump into a violent waterfall to go underground.
  • kevin rumzek
    kevin rumzek 6 months ago @Daniel Huddleston GPS on your phone doesn't need a phone signal.........
  • kevin rumzek
    kevin rumzek 6 months ago @Wilson il Perso an umbilical that will make it's way through twists and turns in rock and not get snagged on retrieval....... hmm smart idea.
  • kevin rumzek
    kevin rumzek 6 months ago @matthew moore Are you retarded? GPS runs using sattelites which are in the sky and you want them to be seen from underground.... idiot.
  • Jaymes's Channel
    Jaymes's Channel 6 months ago Its just an underwater vein. It goes to a lake somewhere. Especially if its dumping that much water.
  • Alex Baker
    Alex Baker 6 months ago People dropped many trackers inside however it's an underground current that traps underneath a heavy layer that essentially pulverizes everything in it. They also found it the exit, it's in a nearby river. This video is just clickbaity bullshit.
  • Shae Birt
    Shae Birt 6 months ago GPS no won't work that far underground. And they probably aren't using a camera because of the magnetic fields will interfere with the lens so it won't work the best you hope and that is money wasted especially when you can't receive it because you won't be able to find it.
  • Kris
    Kris 6 months ago @lepayen PBS is the Public Broadcasting Service a non profit educational telovision program distributor they also have PBS kids that makes educational programs for children. the man on the program is Jeff Green he's a hydrologist who works for Minnesota's department of natural resources or DNR, they can 100% measure the water moving through a river at two given point and determine the flow has not decreased in volume and, there is no evidence that anyone has ever put dye or other physical objects besides one ping pong ball in the falls. and again the force of the water would destroy most pieces of woods or a ping pong ball thrown in it.
  • Josh Messina
    Josh Messina 6 months ago That’s what I thought
  • Brittany Bozzuto
    Brittany Bozzuto 6 months ago WeeItsNookies Has
  • lordcrumb07
    lordcrumb07 6 months ago I'd say there's a fair few missing people down in that kettle.
  • Vong Xiong
    Vong Xiong 6 months ago Well, I will explain it with a wifi examples. How will you get your signal to come back or send it through large amount of rock? By the way, wifi use the air to transfer its data. It wouldn't work here, but use that to think why GPS won't work. It need satellite signals.
  • Michael Juarez
    Michael Juarez 6 months ago @lepayen yet we receive videos from outer space
  • Duncan Franklin
    Duncan Franklin 6 months ago It's called lack funding. Politicians do not care about science, they care about making money. If I make 100K a year and had to spend it everytime I wanted to run an experiment with the best equipment, I'd need loans. That's the reality of being a scientist right now.
  • Sharon Marsh
    Sharon Marsh 6 months ago That is exatly qhat i thought
  • Little Johnny CNC
    Little Johnny CNC 6 months ago matthew moore 😂 no shit! 👍
  • Jordan Shuman
    Jordan Shuman 6 months ago Clearly there are at least 2.3k people who dont understand simple technologies decades old... must be flat earthers 🤣🤣
  • AwolR
    AwolR 6 months ago They have tried, it goes too deep for modern GPS technology to work and signals are lost
  • Timothy Strong
    Timothy Strong 6 months ago It ends up here
  • mad ass
    mad ass 6 months ago Only thing that might work is stick a vegan down there, somebodys bound to hear about it when the vegan returns.
  • Janivi v
    Janivi v 6 months ago I’m sure they tried more.
  • Rain Turqueza
    Rain Turqueza 6 months ago Haha
  • Kala Dwarakanath
    Kala Dwarakanath 6 months ago If it occurred to you, I'm sure it occurred to them too!
  • Jessica Teale Jane McGregor
    Jessica Teale Jane McGregor 6 months ago To send expensive equipment into a hole of rushing water isn’t exactly the smartest idea in my opinion. Unless it’s made out of tank metal it’s just going to smash into little pieces as it is forcefully crushed into the the cave walls.... And I’m sorry but the cord theory is laughable. Yes a cable could be used but under ground rivers can be HUGE. Like miles long, no one knows how long the cord would need to be, it could get stuck and not to mention that it will be useless with a smashed up piece of equipment attached to it.
  • karrskarr
    karrskarr 6 months ago (edited) @JC D Simple, it goes where the missing sock goes, from the dryer! It may go all the way to Yellowstone! Ye of lil faithful. Obviously, if it has no outlet,then it ends in a cavern at the water table,as other surface water that seeps down. :P
  • karrskarr
    karrskarr 6 months ago @Majime I would do a non-invasive dam to revert the water temporary and go spelunking . Sign onto National Geo and maybe even find Jimmy Hoffa! :P
  • Majime
    Majime 6 months ago (edited) well that's because they are not millennials they'll take a old fashioned way of figuring things out without technology, just like some adventurers prefer to use compasses rather than gps. actually in a jungle, you cannot be using gps because the trees and foliage are too thick. sometimes you will have to rely on old technology because sometimes its better. anyways they did the math on the water flow and determined the water is rejoining somewhere further down the river, they will be using a biodegradable fluorescent dye to determine exactly where it rejoins. tiny boat idea isn't any better than the ping pong idea. the boat will meet the same fate as the ping pongs.
  • JC D
    JC D 6 months ago If we can go to outer space then why can’t we figure out where some water goes ON EARTH?.... Pay me 100k and I’ll find out for them.
  • karrskarr
    karrskarr 6 months ago @sarasmr 42 but using a hard line can :P
  • Piesang
    Piesang 6 months ago GPS uses satellites, but a tracker inside a ball would work. And I personally think the smarter persons like me that used common knowledge like that, doesn't give a sh!t where the water is going. Cause I already know it goes into underground rivers. Some of those rivers never see the light of day. They only fuel springs of water
  • Ayfayyy
    Ayfayyy 6 months ago Indeed... a small remotely operates vehicle (ROV) should be able to do the work!
  • Ayfayyy
    Ayfayyy 6 months ago Hahaha you should get paid for this! Seriously
  • dnug Earl
    dnug Earl 6 months ago Yes that exactly what hes saying.
  • Erin
    Erin 6 months ago Drains to the waters below our flat earth. Simple. And I'm no scientist.
  • lepayen
    lepayen 6 months ago (edited) @Kris I just realized, your source is PBS. A kids TV show. PBS is a kids channel, there's not a show on it with a real scientist or researcher or anything, they're just reading from a script. What a terrible source. That's worse than trusting Wikipedia. Might as well be pointing to a show on the comedy network or Much Music or something as a source.Not to mention, they couldn't measure the volume of the water moving at the top or the bottom of the falls, it's moving and it's liquid. If it was coming out within 500 feet of the falls, people would have easily found the ping pong balls and seen the dye, 500 feet isn't that far.
  • Justin  Ho
    Justin Ho 6 months ago matthew moore that my dear friend was going to be my argument on people saying things like gps can’t be tracked underground... please we have a space shuttle that goes around the moon and back and we can use a camera on them to see everything here we can’t find where the water is going lmao
  • Kathy Ramos
    Kathy Ramos 6 months ago I was what happened to pro cam lol
  • John Schneider
    John Schneider 6 months ago This is where our taxes go?
  • Wizx13
    Wizx13 6 months ago Throw a go pro in the hole
  • smurf streetking
    smurf streetking 6 months ago Sod it give me a scoober tank a go pro torch and tie me to a tree and ill jump in and see
  • Axelle Gorter
    Axelle Gorter 6 months ago Irk
  • Alex Kastano
    Alex Kastano 6 months ago @sarasmr 42 stupid fuck,he just gave the direction for an idea.....
  • Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity
    Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity 6 months ago More likely prior to when GPS was available and much to dark for any camera..
  • Ryan Gunnip
    Ryan Gunnip 6 months ago Good luck picking up a GPS signal several feet underground... Why the hell would money be wasted sending an expensive GPS and camera into an underground tributary when they have no idea way of knowing it never surfaces. You'd know stuff like this if you paid attention in middle school science to be completely honest.
  • pewds will win
    pewds will win 6 months ago That is true
  • Jopo
    Jopo 6 months ago @rc car Still no need to be rude. I never insulted you, so why do you insult me? Pointing out one simple spelling mistake doesn't really compare to the mess you wrote earlier. I managed to understand your meaning, but it cause misunderstandings in one of the thread here, where I explained the meaning to someone else. I was only trying to help you because you end up in meaningless discussions where people talk right past each other if you don't explain things properly.
  • rc car
    rc car 6 months ago @Jopo, did you ever consider it's because you're the one who's retarded?
  • rc car
    rc car 6 months ago @Jopo, you mean "write"?, Right?
  • Susan Fudge
    Susan Fudge 6 months ago matthew moore Ugh. They don't.
  • Susan Fudge
    Susan Fudge 6 months ago They know. They just don't want us to know.
  • Javon
    Javon 6 months ago How about just having someone go down
  • Andrew Valenzuela
    Andrew Valenzuela 6 months ago I am pretty sure that the EPA says no dumping, the ping pong balls are probably biodegradable
  • Jopo
    Jopo 6 months ago @nuff sed GPS relies on receiving radio waves from at least 3 satellites at once, to get the position of the receiver. The issue with this is that the signal has to travel a long distance already, and for all those signals to reach something deep under ground is very difficult. It's more efficient to use a local low frequency emitter to determine distance from the object through signal strength. The advantage of low frequency is better wall penetration, and a much stronger signal can be achieved through a local transmitter, than from the remnants of what the satellites send out.
  • Jopo
    Jopo 6 months ago @rc car No need to be rude. Just trying to say it's hard to see what you really mean with what you right
  • Emanthegman
    Emanthegman 6 months ago I feel like some of what he said is bullshit just to create mystery, but what do i know.
  • nuff sed
    nuff sed 6 months ago @Jopo What do you think gps uses if it isnt radio waves ?
  • nuff sed
    nuff sed 6 months ago @Una Nina Nine i recognise the video clip they used too, this channel is shit.
  • nuff sed
    nuff sed 6 months ago @kyle erikson Thank you "content in this video is either misunderstood, or deliberately misleading." One sensible comment so far. A realist on youtube!
  • Khirey Gayton-Sims
    Khirey Gayton-Sims 6 months ago Bro that make so much sense but of course they had ways of finding where it leads they just not telling us
  • Tony Bowyer
    Tony Bowyer 6 months ago @GypsySlide well if the water does in fact come out somewhere, it's possible when the GPS "pops out" as well it would regain is positioning capabilities, which would tell you about where the water came out at.
  • Tony Bowyer
    Tony Bowyer 6 months ago @Una Nina Nine dumbass... Dye has been used as well as ping pong balls. Obviously he doesn't have the fucking video, so he just showed a similar video of balls rolling into water for a visual aid... Smh
  • Polina She
    Polina She 6 months ago exa(FUCKING)ctly
  • George Mass
    George Mass 6 months ago WeeItsNookie s
  • TheMan Cone
    TheMan Cone 6 months ago The amount of water being dumped the channel is massive think possibly the size and length of the Rio grande any dye would be diluted or even it could go down deep enough to evaporate from heat then the steam could rise up into other channels being sent right back to the start or split of the river so how do you track an underground cloud.
  • penitent2401
    penitent2401 6 months ago it's something that needs to survive the fall and be light enough that it won't just sink to the bottom and stay there, anything that uses electronic tracking like GPS can't work because there's too much rocks and solids blocking the signal, no ropes is long enough, and they don't have that kind of funding to build something expensive, no one is investing in finding out where a hole goes if they don't see a profit in it.
  • ScreamToASigh
    ScreamToASigh 6 months ago @matthew moore They don't need gps on Earth, there's another system used... I forgot the name but it's used for tracking cars by police...
  • extra ordinary planet official
    extra ordinary planet official 6 months ago Hi
  • Richard O'Keefe
    Richard O'Keefe 6 months ago @WeeItsNookies - they were much smarter than that. They measured flow rate upstream and downstream and found that the water wasn't going anywhere except right back into the river.
  • Tay Bands
    Tay Bands 6 months ago You deserve the Nobile peace prize for this lol
  • Ben Murray
    Ben Murray 6 months ago Hahahhahaa yes
  • Emi Kawaii
    Emi Kawaii 6 months ago WeeItsNookies read my comment it’s a bit smarter
  • Gual Casas
    Gual Casas 6 months ago (edited) @a girl is no one or maybe they have and people already know where it leads to, but it wouldn't make an interesting video if they just said that. I just googled Devils Kettle and the wikipedia article explains where the water goes.
  • hi chase my name is alexie Carreon
    hi chase my name is alexie Carreon 6 months ago lullaby
  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas 6 months ago Ground penetrating radar, though. The kind they use on 1st Nation burial grounds and Egyptian pyramids, etc...
  • Kenny Wooten
    Kenny Wooten 6 months ago Lmao
  • Billy Bob Bobson
    Billy Bob Bobson 6 months ago Not how gps works dumbass
  • snoopy gee
    snoopy gee 6 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Baconchevy 555
    Baconchevy 555 6 months ago Or dive in it
  • Jacknife1007
    Jacknife1007 6 months ago Or like an amphibious drone with an expert pilot
  • Ornery Unicorn
    Ornery Unicorn 6 months ago Pretty much you said everything I was thinking.
  • T C
    T C 6 months ago Guessing they tried that and the signal was lost or they didn’t have one. But in fairness to you, why talk about using dye and ping pong balls.
  • Jhamel Chamberlain
    Jhamel Chamberlain 6 months ago My God that was my first thought lol GP skiing S!!!
  • General Harness
    General Harness 6 months ago @Freedom Rider Sorry but no. Science can explain every thing but what happens after death and what was at the beginning of time. What people misunderstand is that science is a way of thinking not what we know. Science is observe, come up with idea on what is going on, test said Idea repeat until right. Just because we do not understand something now does not mean that science is wrong its just that it is still in progress. As for your Nature vs Science its the same thing. Nature says this does this and then we say ok science your turn what is causing this? end result is that science says this does this because..... and nature says this does this because it can. Same thing as what every is doing it is doing it but science explanes why and natures says it just does.
  • Doug M.
    Doug M. 6 months ago Call Rotor Router
  • Naomi J
    Naomi J 6 months ago When regular folks like you are smarter than these so called scientists. Great idea.
  • maldeventre
    maldeventre 6 months ago Add some more plastic to the water... smh
  • Michael Reinhardt
    Michael Reinhardt 6 months ago That won't work underground.
  • Tess N
    Tess N 6 months ago LOL....Stop it!! LOL!!
  • Kris
  • lepayen
    lepayen 6 months ago @Kris The force of the water wouldn't matter when it comes to tiny objects like GPS trackers and ping pong balls. Ping pong balls can handle being smashed nearly flat while playing ping pong and rarely get destroyed. Not to mention, they would have at least found bits and pieces of ping pong balls and GPS trackers if they did get destroyed. Still, I want to see the source, because anywhere I'd heard of them using dye, they never saw it come out anywhere.
  • stoffmiester
    stoffmiester 6 months ago @a girl is no one - cant they use the tech that's inside drones to track it? in the uk the police recovered a drone which people were using to smuggle drugs into prisons and the software inside it tracked exactly where it went and to even which window the drone dropped the drugs to? if they could use that somehow and attach rope to recover? idk
  • Kris
    Kris 6 months ago @lepayen if you Google it theres a PBS video of a hydolocist who talks about how the water has so much force it destroys objects thrown in but I was wrong about them doing the dye test they measured the water proving there was no change in volume at the bottom of the falls suggesting the water comes out within 500 feet of the falls and when they wanted to do a dye test to prove it they had to many challenges and to many people who didnt want the mystery solved but again Google it the first 3 things in this video have been explained that's when I stopped watching the video
  • lepayen
    lepayen 6 months ago @Kris I'd like to see your source on that, considering the first videos on it showed up in 2016/2017 and all the sources i can find said they tried with ping pong balls and they tried with dye and couldn't figure out where the water went. Not that Wikipedia is the best source, but they at least check sources. "The river splits in two to flow around a mass of rhyolite rock. The eastern flow goes over a two-step, 50-foot (15 m) waterfall and continues downstream.The western flow surges into a pothole, falling at least 10 feet (3.0 m), and disappears underground.Visitors have reputedly dropped sticks, ping pong balls, and GPS trackers into the Devil's Kettle without seeing them resurface downstream". I would think that if dye supposedly came out at the bottom of the waterfall then the sticks, pingpong balls and gps trackers would have come out as well. If GPS trackers even resurfaced they'd be located.
  • Corey Whittaker
    Corey Whittaker 6 months ago They went to college for so long so that they could instantly realise that wouldn't work without even thinking about it
  • Beau Peep
    Beau Peep 6 months ago @JH_Monty Don't tell people to "shut up" just because you happen to disagree, and don't "think", you might hurt yourself in the process. Oh, and btw, it's "they would of done it" "they would have done it", you illiterate Commie bastard!
  • Beau Peep
    Beau Peep 6 months ago (edited) Or divert the stream (eg, with a [temporary] kind of mini dam) and just climb down that sucker? Those ping-pong balls... what a great ecologically-sound idea to test. Not! PS: Kinda makes you wonder about the sort of dye they've used...
  • Jesse Ball
    Jesse Ball 6 months ago Don't confuse the scientists with brains! Might get them millions of our tax dollars taken away!
  • Rob Andrew
    Rob Andrew 6 months ago I was thinking the same thing...white people are stupid... specially the ones that don't believe in G*D or the ones wit blue eyes and blonde hair
  • pranav bhaskar
    pranav bhaskar 6 months ago They already did that
  • Isaac Rene Aguiar
    Isaac Rene Aguiar 6 months ago WeeItsNookies lmfao for reals though 😂😂😂
  • starry nights
    starry nights 6 months ago WeeItsNookies 0000
  • Arron Johnson
    Arron Johnson 6 months ago Sorry mrayhall
  • General Harness
    General Harness 6 months ago (edited) sorry man but have to point out a number of things. GPS needs a direct line of sight to the sky and it goes into a cave so it may not even come out until any battery you put on it is dead. The other thing is that its thought that there are 3 times+ the amount of water on the surface of our planet inside the crust it could be going into one giant underground lake, or underground aqueduct these can go for miles and miles. I think one goes across south africa and is longer then the Nile. While yes high tech "could possible" find it the amount of investment needed is kinda iralavent I mean its just to find where water goes. I really doubt that they where payed 100k a year to come up with a dye solution it could be hey I wonder where this goes whats the chespest thing I can do. or even it may not have taken a year to come up with that.
  • Rubies and Jaspers Jasper
    Rubies and Jaspers Jasper 6 months ago hahahahaha
  • guerrerodude
    guerrerodude 6 months ago Drone and a GoPro. Can I have 100k now?
  • Rojas d2s
    Rojas d2s 6 months ago Perfectly said
  • Beeko Angelo
    Beeko Angelo 6 months ago (edited) I don't know, but I guess they thought of it, coz it's more complicated than that... But good thinking 👍👍.
  • Rudy Salas
    Rudy Salas 6 months ago We can discover planets far away from us but cant find the location of where water appears?????
  • Claude Roberge
    Claude Roberge 6 months ago The water goes back into the fall, it's not a scientific mystery at all...
  • grey rain
    grey rain 6 months ago Had to come back i thought of a great idea have Trump jump in he can tell us when he gets back
  • Creativesuit
    Creativesuit 6 months ago @GypsySlide here you are calling other people stupid and telling them to look in the mirror! And you think using dye is a good idea? You could throw so much dying that water and it could come up somewhere close by completely clear if it's diluted enough by the time it comes out. Besides the whole dye thing was a lie anyways, that never happened. The MDNR has no record dye test or ping pong balls.
  • Trevor Diez
    Trevor Diez 6 months ago The dye did work. It came up 500 feet from Devil’s Kettle. Not sure why the video said it didn’t.
  • Nightwing 123
    Nightwing 123 6 months ago Drop a go pro duh
  • Joseph Malone
    Joseph Malone 6 months ago @John Hosp seriously? Who did they kill and how?
  • Kris
    Kris 6 months ago theres way to may replies to read them all so idk if anyone already told you but they solved this in 2016/17 they measured the water realized there was no change in volume then they did the dye test and found out the water just comes back out under underground and back into the pool of water at the bottom of the falls the reason none of the previous dye tests worked is likely because they wanted to keep the mystery alive to increase publicity for the park
  • lepayen
    lepayen 6 months ago (edited) @alexubel No, it's not an accurate example because it's a video game and video games are not real. The video game represented it well, but that doesn't make it an accurate example for real world scenarios because it's still just a video game. Would you say that a flight simulator is an accurate example of flying a real aircraft? Probably not, they just represent flying an aircraft accurately, it's still just a simulator right?
  • bgtsllc1
    bgtsllc1 6 months ago LOL
  • alexubel
    alexubel 6 months ago @lepayen Except for the fact that not only was it an accurate example, it shows that the video game is using real world technology correctly.
  • Jonah Loftus
    Jonah Loftus 6 months ago 19Edurne boi when the gps comes back to the surface it will tell people where the water comes back up so there’s ur answer
  • Jonah Loftus
    Jonah Loftus 6 months ago LOL even if the tracker doesn’t work under water as soon as it comes back out it will tell where it is and the boom
  • grey rain
    grey rain 6 months ago I
  • grey rain
    grey rain 6 months ago Those were actually proven methods for following water routes, but build a little boat with A camera really? When all they have to do is shrink someone like in one of those movies were they shrink someone inject them into a fish oh shoot what if it comes out somewhere in a sewer maybe the fish would die so they should inject them into a terd just to be safe..
  • Llewellyn Grant
    Llewellyn Grant 6 months ago Lmao
  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal 6 months ago Or balls containing GPS trackers...
  • Ammar Hussain
    Ammar Hussain 6 months ago WeeItsNookies LMAO. waterproof robot, fuckin waterproof go pro attatched to a ball idfk. Its a good idea
  • burden on society
    burden on society 6 months ago @JB Dragon let's face it a stick on a piece of long string knocked together for less than 50p work of worked better, putting dye in the water😂 it probably got that diluted by the time it reached the surface again
  • burden on society
    burden on society 6 months ago It is pretty lame though, I don't believe this story , if we can work out the source of the Nile etc we can bloody we'll work this out , it's probably an internet story having little truth to it just to generate views
  • Queeks Red Guard
    Queeks Red Guard 6 months ago @JH_Monty well scientists can be pretty stupid
  • burden on society
    burden on society 6 months ago @matthew moore maybe it's to do with signals bouncing off of satellites relaying them to mars , you don't know how many are up there orbiting mars etc
  • Dollaress Ajuzie
    Dollaress Ajuzie 6 months ago @JH_Monty common sense isn't so common. Even for some so called scientists.
  • Dollaress Ajuzie
    Dollaress Ajuzie 6 months ago What a waste
  • PopOff!
    PopOff! 6 months ago The already solved this mystery. The water goes nowhere but back to the same stream it emerged from further down the way. A google search will give the answers. And anything dropped in their gets smashed to bit before it ever get to the other side.
  • Simon Phillips
    Simon Phillips 6 months ago I will tell yall where that water ended up. Lake Su mutherfucking perior mother fuckers, i tracked it
  • bert larsen
    bert larsen 6 months ago I was just getting ready to say GPS
  • shawnda mccormick
    shawnda mccormick 6 months ago My god, y'all are going to be screwed one day when there's no internet or satellites. GOOD LUCK!
  • trey kearns
    trey kearns 6 months ago @Wilson il Perso no prob bob..the YouTube comment section has become is a dangerous and mysterious place.. One must tread carefully round these parts..
  • Wilson il Perso
    Wilson il Perso 6 months ago @trey kearns roger that, my apologies
  • trey kearns
    trey kearns 6 months ago @Wilson il Perso woah pump the brakes there bud I was being facetious along with yew.
  • Wilson il Perso
    Wilson il Perso 6 months ago @trey kearns awww arent you so very clever? apparently not clever enough to tell a misspelling on purpose, but clever enough to comment on it, though. brilliant.
  • Eddie Bacon
    Eddie Bacon 6 months ago Not a GPS but some tracker in a device that can take a beating
  • trey kearns
    trey kearns 6 months ago @Wilson il Perso yes, these people need to learn moar b4 judging other peoples intelligence.. Learning moar, for instance, how to spell..
  • trey kearns
    trey kearns 6 months ago @lepayen I think the point he was making was that even video game developers know that that will not work..
  • John Bradford
    John Bradford 6 months ago Fr
  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 6 months ago In reality it’s probably just because no one cares enough to really solve this mystery. These things take money and why do it? Hell they even have a solid theory that proves where the water goes but they won’t let them test the theory probably because tourism is generated out of mystery.
  • SsoulBlade
    SsoulBlade 6 months ago @JH_Monty "i think the scientists are smarter than you so shut up" I admire scientists but sometimes they overthink things. Sometimes the simplest of solution is needed, not an elegant one.
  • mgpvii
    mgpvii 6 months ago But at least it would help determine if it eventually surfaces somewhere.
  • shanny 7
    shanny 7 6 months ago I think they should try blocking it... 😯
  • BrokOvicH92
    BrokOvicH92 6 months ago @John Hosp lol. Who's the brainwashed? You belive earth is flat aswell?
  • Daniel Gundersen
    Daniel Gundersen 6 months ago Off course not. This video is bullsht.
  • Shanell Ellis
    Shanell Ellis 6 months ago @JH_Monty them should used him to see where or when he comes out.
  • Bedub yell1
    Bedub yell1 6 months ago It's Not that hard to figure out that the Devils Kettle water feeds and boils out of the Boiling River -10 and 1 solved:
  • nina1610
    nina1610 6 months ago Well they already know the answer, but are afraid to speak out loud about it.
  • thomas oliver
    thomas oliver 6 months ago Also no die was ever dumped its stories and the reason its not being done is because of liter and waste. The kettle pops up about 500 ft down the river.
  • thomas oliver
    thomas oliver 6 months ago @JH_Monty are they smart enough to go pro that shit, alright. There is a reason NASA is in the south dumb ass!
  • Jake Nardi
    Jake Nardi 6 months ago HARTbrOkn4mySISSY are you speaking? thanks for that contribution
  • George Abdo
    George Abdo 6 months ago You forgot Crop Circles.. And that should have been number 1.
  • KitDEsine
    KitDEsine 6 months ago They could just put a pet-camera thing in a boat, and watch/record everything on their device XD
  • Chris G
    Chris G 6 months ago @sarasmr 42 The idea is to get the signal from the device once it comes OUT the other side somewhere, genius.
  • Loris Linic
    Loris Linic 6 months ago You have search engines to verify that this one has been solved.
  • hans hans
    hans hans 6 months ago @matthew moore maybe NASA does not give a sh..!
  • Dewayne Miguel
    Dewayne Miguel 6 months ago They wanted to but nobody would volunteer to be captain
  • Tara Bista
    Tara Bista 6 months ago Anyway, I think that the video doesn't have all the information needed. But, dye is not a safe bet as it'll eventually disappear in large bodies of water. Unless they used containers upon containers of dye, which, I doubt they did seeing as they are educated scientists.
  • Tara Bista
    Tara Bista 6 months ago Apparently there are and they do. Also apparently nobody thinks that the water could turn up on some other place of the world.
  • eGnome Sporite
    eGnome Sporite 6 months ago rc car always managing to bring GTA V into this!!!!
  • greenman360
    greenman360 6 months ago This video didn't mention it, but I saw another video on the same river, and they have tried GPS. I want to say they lost signal on it, though. Meaning it still didn't work in terms of figuring out where it goes.
  • cory F
    cory F 6 months ago They have figured it out. Sadly not until 2017, but they did. The water renters down stream. They measured valume the water flowing before the split and after the falls and it is almost the exact same amount of total water. That wouldn't be possible if the devil's kettle water had not rejoined the river.
  • NegroDeSangue
    NegroDeSangue 6 months ago Simple solution: Sequentially drop sensors down there that report and relay information. Radio waves travel far, bounce off solid objects and can travel through water. All objects dropped after the first will relay information from the previous drop. It's such an easy problem to solve. If they get hung up on something, well, at least you'll know where to start again and precisely how deep you can go before you get hung up.
  • Jeff Boerst
    Jeff Boerst 6 months ago Erm..... GPS needs a signal to work. Try using a cell phone under bedrock. Guess the scientists ARE more intelligent than you....
  • sam mahdi
    sam mahdi 6 months ago they already know where it empties out. Using much simpler strategies than that.
  • Iain Carr
    Iain Carr 6 months ago Moose stores
  • Jake Russell
    Jake Russell 6 months ago Okay you go ahead and do it then. Let the rest of us know what you find.
  • Michael Brennan
    Michael Brennan 6 months ago The Devils Kettle is part of what is called karst topography. The underground geology has natural tunnels that carry it. Southern Missouri is riddled with Karst topography. Dyes would be dropped in on one side of the state but emerge 100 miles away. This hole must be very deep, extend very far to be lost, or both.
  • Fallen Devonish
    Fallen Devonish 6 months ago The disappearing half of the river, it turns out, reappears pretty quickly downstream.
  • Lucifer Rising
    Lucifer Rising 6 months ago (edited) Or build a dam to block the water from going that direction and descend into this hole.
  • Patricia Sheck
    Patricia Sheck 6 months ago Or why not just tie a really really long string on 1 or 5 of those ping pong balls? Maybe with some type of tracker?
  • katts11
    katts11 6 months ago GPS underground, yeah right. And the amount of thumbs ups you got from your silly smartass comment is extremely alarming (yet not that surprising).
  • Memri oxox
    Memri oxox 6 months ago I am dead😂
  • Bob Coburn
    Bob Coburn 6 months ago
  • Shane Kral
    Shane Kral 6 months ago GPS does not work Subterranean. It has to be exposed on the surface and able to be pinged by a satellite college boy.
  • Patrick Stoute
    Patrick Stoute 6 months ago Clickbait...
  • Neethu Neethzzz
    Neethu Neethzzz 6 months ago WeeItsNookies r
  • Peter Ndungu
    Peter Ndungu 6 months ago Neat. Or use those transmitters they fit in cars to track them, if stolen... for example!
  • Russell Realin
    Russell Realin 6 months ago If we throw Dwayne Johnson there, Im not so sure but he'll gonna make it back to the surface to tell the tales
  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans 6 months ago @JH_Monty depending on the funding, and residential approval. People are still trying to figure out what new materials can be made from crude oil components because the industry has the money to waste, but replacement products for plastics is privately funded because of no industrial base. Add in that those two things already used are crap put in the water, residents and even Town Hall may have said "enough already!"
  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans 6 months ago Hey, remember the balls used to try to map the inside of a tornado?
  • stephen last
    stephen last 6 months ago just because someone went to college for a Decade it does not mean they are smart
  • Sonia Joubert
    Sonia Joubert 6 months ago Yeah, and the answer is so simple for anyone that knows anything about gold mines, etc. The water goes underground! Duh! No mystery there. Probably to an underground river. My husband works in the deepest gold mine on earth and there is a river way at the bottom which they constantly have to pump up the water to the surface. Its really no mystery at all. But none of them have the guts to take a dive and record the underground river. Cause they're scientists, not miners!
  • Rob Rine
    Rob Rine 6 months ago To the idiot that says GPS won't work Underground GPS works everywhere has nothing to do with line of sight how to flush a GPS know my toilet and it would tell me where it's at and I could track its whereabouts
  • Juels Santana
    Juels Santana 6 months ago Get the scuba gear
  • Nobel Faith Evangelista
    Nobel Faith Evangelista 6 months ago The same thingking but I guess at that time they don't have those inventions yet.
  • MegaLilei
    MegaLilei 6 months ago first thing that came into my mind
  • Rea Nandlal
  • George Dixon
    George Dixon 6 months ago WeeItsNookies I was thinking the same
  • mosher2001
    mosher2001 6 months ago The number of absolutely retarded comments on this one thread is amazing. I'm shocked some of these people can even read. They watch one clickbait video about bullshit that almost all of has already been scientifically explained and they are suddenly experts on gps, geology, cave diving and NASA. The only thing missing is some douchebag telling everyone the earth is flat.
  • sortsius
    sortsius 6 months ago @Rosalie Kanny same here. GPS would explain where it goes.
  • Shane Von Harten
    Shane Von Harten 6 months ago Really people, there are millions of miles of underground caves,rivers and aquifers around the world much of which is unknown. that is the least impressive of all the hoax shit in this video.
    ReeEEE! NORMIEGETOUT!! 6 months ago nice clickbait m8. you should be flayed alive for your shenanigans.
  • modfee walkers
    modfee walkers 6 months ago I have a feeling that there is a tiny tunnel underneath that connects the two waterfalls up and when the water goes down the first waterfall the force gravity and mass of it pushes the water through the tunnel to make it come out the other side
  • Mephistahpheles
    Mephistahpheles 6 months ago While this idea seems ridiculous since GPS uses satellites, a boat is generally "surface travel", and a string/rope would get tangled long before it were in the least bit useful....a series of transmitters/receivers dropped 1 at a time, so that (in theory) none will be out of range of the next.....a "wifi submarine rope" so-to-speak could be used.
  • Double C Plays
    Double C Plays 6 months ago Youre right
  • Stefan Blaauw
    Stefan Blaauw 6 months ago @JH_Monty would have...
  • Jake Nardi
    Jake Nardi 6 months ago Clearly it's not a "tunnel " so why does it matter?
  • Mizz Vette
    Mizz Vette 6 months ago Google it , a scientist did some research and found out that the water didn’t go anywhere. A team of DNR hydrologists used stream gauging equipment to measure the volume of water flowing above the falls and below. The results were virtually identical, which meant half the river wasn’t dribbling into the center of the earth or flowing underground to rejoin Lake Superior.
  • Fact Based Living
    Fact Based Living 6 months ago @JB Dragon it doesnt have to work underground, only where it comes out.
  • Fact Based Living
    Fact Based Living 6 months ago Literally all of these are points refuted a thousand times
  • MaskXxGamer
    MaskXxGamer 6 months ago @JB Dragon but nobody knows where it goes so you don't know if if it goes underground Soo.....?
  • hey i just commented
    hey i just commented 6 months ago @Freedom Rider biology is a type of science dipshit
  • hey i just commented
    hey i just commented 6 months ago you ever tried using a remote with a wall in the way?
  • Christopher Melvin
    Christopher Melvin 6 months ago Right?
  • wolf 0
    wolf 0 6 months ago That is so true hahaha
  • Maniata Degei
    Maniata Degei 6 months ago I put a hole batch of jelly beans up my ass
  • scott stickller
    scott stickller 6 months ago Water is God's creation. The earth is God's creation too. Anyone ask Him? Water flooded the earth springing up and raining down. Yahusha walked on water and calmed the storm and commanded the dead to rise. There are more mysterious things than toxic waste dumps and underground waterways.
  • Helen Barbary
    Helen Barbary 6 months ago Marilyn Watene 11
  • MultiScooter68
    MultiScooter68 6 months ago @JH_Monty The majority of REAL scientists have been SILENCED by the LIBTARD left. Just look at what they have done to climatology (climate change) and Biology (all this LGBTQXYZ BULLSHIT!!!!)
  • Giovanni Bilotta
    Giovanni Bilotta 6 months ago @Wilson il Perso he also didn't know how to spell a three letter word so no where was he even remotely correct in his utterly confident attempt to disparage these people, and may God have mercy on his soul.
  • Crispy Joking Tuna
    Crispy Joking Tuna 6 months ago yup
  • Tex Mex
    Tex Mex 6 months ago Is it possible that the "Mind Boggler" youtube Channel is misrepresenting scientists here? As in they were not scientists because why the hell would scientists care where this water was going?
  • blizzme
    blizzme 6 months ago Daniel Huddleston It won’t work. It requires satellites. 3 at least to triangulate its location.
  • Wilson il Perso
    Wilson il Perso 6 months ago @Abdul Malik Mufeed yeah, because 'trackers' work under 10s of feet of rock. water is pretty good at shielding radio waves too, so, double fail. this is why 'they' didnt ask you for your input. genius.
  • mussaranya
    mussaranya 6 months ago GPS underground? Did you seriously recived education at school, or you were there just heating your seat??
  • Wilson il Perso
    Wilson il Perso 6 months ago @Freedom Rider name 3 books youve read about science that turned out to be wrong.
  • WeeItsNookies
    WeeItsNookies 6 months ago (edited) @Jeremy Swope Not just that. We can find a guy's cellphone, listen in to make sure other people are there. Fire a rocket from one side of the planet and make it land right up that dude's ass on the other side.
  • alexhernandez757
    alexhernandez757 6 months ago Agree
  • Spagh King
    Spagh King 6 months ago is no one gonna point out that when you google it there's been explanations of how it works and where the water goes starting in 2017...
  • Sayap Kodok
    Sayap Kodok 6 months ago @matthew moore maybe because there's nothing blocks the signal from the earth to Mars
  • ScarlettM
    ScarlettM 6 months ago I don't think it's possible to make a tine boat+tracker that could withstand damage from water beating it on the rocks. If you build it armored - it won't float, if hollow - water will crush it into tiny pieces.
  • Bee Snort
    Bee Snort 6 months ago WeeItsNookies it’s because they didn’t use tennis balls! I am a total genius!😂😂😂
  • Peter Lyall
    Peter Lyall 6 months ago (edited) Bingo!!!!...right on that exactly what I thought of as I could not believe Scientist could not come up with your idea. I was watching this and thought..Hey! put a god dam camera on the end of a line of some sort and winch the thing down there.. with GPS tracking. It may take a few try's to get it right but..hey it don't take a scientist to work it out..
  • nj649
    nj649 6 months ago Any tiny boat shape can stock. Ball shape is the good idea.
  • Salma El Haddaji
    Salma El Haddaji 6 months ago there s tracking devices that you can connect to your phonee and you track it s location and it works
  • samparkins
    samparkins 6 months ago This was solved in 2018. The dye worked and the outlet was found.
  • Downswing Player
    Downswing Player 6 months ago They should throw Kevin Spacey down it and see what happens.
  • Alexander Schestag
    Alexander Schestag 6 months ago @matthew moore because it's impossible? Laws of physics are against it.
  • Johan Larsson
    Johan Larsson 6 months ago harvard wants to know your location
  • welshgit
    welshgit 6 months ago No mystery: However experiments conducted in late fall 2016 and announced by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in February 2017 strongly indicated that the disappearing water simply flows back into the Brule River shortly below the falls. At the suggestion of state hydrologist Jeff Green, two DNR experts measured the water flow above the falls and several hundred feet below them. The two readings were virtually identical, suggesting no water was being lost to some other outlet.[14] They accounted for the failure of visitors' floating objects to reemerge by explaining that the powerful currents in the kettle's plunge pool would be enough to hold down most material until it was pulverized.[15] Green and a colleague planned to conduct a dye tracing experiment in the fall of 2017 when water flows dropped again, with the hope of determining where the underground channel rejoins the main river. They were discouraged from doing so by park management and decided that the dye experiment was not scientifically necessary to confirm that the water simply rejoins the river below the falls.[16]
  • Achilles
    Achilles 6 months ago Ahh they did that too ... eventually it was concluded that the water goes into an underground river and eventually connects to the main water stream.
  • Jeremy Swope
    Jeremy Swope 6 months ago We can find a cell phone on the entire side of the earth, but can't figure out how to track one down a hole?
  • rc car
    rc car 6 months ago @john cuervo cool story
  • Aka Cazza
    Aka Cazza 6 months ago matthew moore do you think there is some magical tunnel between the earth and mars?
  • ajhansen92fs
    ajhansen92fs 6 months ago R Yarbrough a couple years ago the us government spent 250k to fund a study on why lesbians tend to be fatter than straight females. Money isn’t an issue.
  • Ellie MM
    Ellie MM 6 months ago True. The technology today, they can find what s going on with lots of this stuff.
  • Stace Valentine
    Stace Valentine 6 months ago M
  • YouKevo
    YouKevo 6 months ago I would imagine wherever the water ends up, if someone lives down there, they would probably be asking: "Where the fuck did all this green dye and ping pong balls come from?"
  • Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit 6 months ago I would use several sturdy basket/beach ball size/shaped sealed vessels. Very buoyant with the most powerful transmitter available.
  • Linkatchu
    Linkatchu 6 months ago the joke is, the black ball clip is completly unrelated to this
  • vanMrMann
    vanMrMann 6 months ago you do realize that most of his stories behind the places are made up do you?
  • JH_Monty
    JH_Monty 6 months ago @Klik Date ha lol
  • JH_Monty
    JH_Monty 6 months ago @curtis cWho me cus i'm still in school
  • curtis c
    curtis c 6 months ago @JH_Monty would HAVE, or would've, never would of. How early did you drop out of school.
  • curtis c
    curtis c 6 months ago @JH_Monty would HAVE done it.
  • Freedom Rider
    Freedom Rider 6 months ago @Tiff W Nah, brother, it's not that I believe the video, it's that science CANNOT explain all of nature, everything inside the earth, or beneath the waves. There are many things we know, and many we do not. You're right, we can solve many mysteries, just not all of them.
  • Freedom Rider
    Freedom Rider 6 months ago @Wilson il Perso You could try to be more wrong, but you wouldn't achieve it. Science seeks to understand nature. Nature tells science to shove it, that nature will do what it wants, when it wants, and could care less that science is far too impotent to get it. I've read many books, by many scientists, that turned out to be laughably wrong. Not sure what "moar" is but obviously a smart guy like you does.
  • Tiff W
    Tiff W 6 months ago @Freedom Rider Sorry, friend. I am that scientist. Refer to my other comments. We trace underground water all the time. This video is inaccurate and misleading. I worked on a case against a giant food corporation who was contaminating the waters in rivers, ponds, springs, caves -- it's all connected-- for 100s of miles. Unfortunately, the cave ecosystems suffered irreparable damage. Please don't believe these kinds of videos. We're actually not this stupid. 😃
  • Tiff W
    Tiff W 6 months ago Scientist here. We don't use food coloring for dye tracing. Depending upon the ecosystem, we often use a tracer with extremely low, harmless, short half life radioactivity or similar. We can take water samples and test with flourometry. Sometimes we use charcoal to absorb the dye. In this field, "dye" does not necessarily indicate actual color, but any additive that will provide a signature in the water. #themoreyouknow
  • 19Edurne
    19Edurne 6 months ago GPS works thanks to satellites... hence won't work underground... And, the tiny boat would probably get smashed right from the start. So, no, I'd say they are not that stupid.
  • Susan Patten
    Susan Patten 6 months ago This is crazy
  • Datbeast Anthonyxxx
    Datbeast Anthonyxxx 6 months ago Dude my dad is a teacher and makes that much money in a year
  • FlameKnightPlayz
    FlameKnightPlayz 6 months ago Hey I fixed world hunger! Easy solution! Eat Shit and have infinite food. Ez right?
  • Jay Pierre
    Jay Pierre 6 months ago exactly smh
  • WeeItsNookies
    WeeItsNookies 6 months ago (edited) @Slyguy threeonetwonine So true. Colleges are nothing more than indoctrination factories now. They just teach kids how to protest things. They'll go to a college with a 90%+ acceptance rate. Get a degree in gender studies or some equally BS, useless, easy to get degree then proceed to think they are better and smarter than everyone else.
  • xijn Booth
    xijn Booth 6 months ago It was solved already.... Please do your research before making a video!
  • Slyguy threeonetwonine
    Slyguy threeonetwonine 6 months ago Awww, you think going to college makes you smart. It doesn't, it makes you a debt slave.
  • moonlight ninja man
    moonlight ninja man 6 months ago Idiots
  • yuva RUDRA
    yuva RUDRA 6 months ago How about urinatin in that hole 🤔
  • Death BeforeDishonor
    Death BeforeDishonor 6 months ago @JB Dragon True, But I take it the dye & ping pong balls were to see if the water comes out to the surface at some point, & if it does then the GPS will show where it comes out.
  • blmonkey
    blmonkey 6 months ago it obviously flows into an underground aquifer in the bedrock and flows away from the river.
  • john cuervo
    john cuervo 6 months ago Divert the water that is going into the hole so the hole will dry
  • john cuervo
    john cuervo 6 months ago @rc car because likely it will surface else where dip shit and gain signal again
  • huhummmmmmm
    huhummmmmmm 6 months ago Except, this has been solved years ago. It flows back into the river.
  • Airbud Singing
    Airbud Singing 6 months ago (edited) They solved this, the trackers all ended up being smashed. They used fluorescent biodegradable dye (your correct on that) and all it did was resurface from underneath the river. All the sticks and shit people threw where held underneath the channels and powerful recirculating currents and multiple caverns until they got smashed to small pieces and just Re-appear further downstream
  • Melanie Clark
    Melanie Clark 6 months ago @JH_Monty "...would HAVE done it."
  • CSharp
    CSharp 6 months ago (edited) WeeItsNookies Also, according to this, they DID try GPS. Maybe you shouldn't get your info from YouTube list videos alone: There also this, where they came to the conclusion that the water rejoins the other side at the bottom:
  • CSharp
    CSharp 6 months ago WeeItsNookies What makes you think they're making 100k a year?
  • Klik Date
    Klik Date 6 months ago @JH_Monty WeeItsNookies thinks he's dealing with the pond in his back garden along with all the other numpties here
  • Rayan Ali
    Rayan Ali 6 months ago The lightning picture is true i t was my research and I saw this image!!! U can find it in google search cool lightning pictures and u might be lucky to see it!
  • osayamen omigie
    osayamen omigie 6 months ago this crack me... lol
  • Bradley Lambie
    Bradley Lambie 6 months ago Thought the same thing.
  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 6 months ago ...
  • J.I
    J.I 6 months ago Emm.. the water is falling, there is no way for a boat to float on it. Dying water is way better, and i really, really doubt they make 100k a year.
  • Hannah Madden
    Hannah Madden 6 months ago Or just a GPS tracker.
  • M. Gato Winters
    M. Gato Winters 6 months ago Just implant a camera and GPS on someone then throw em' in. Heheheh , just kidding...
  • itsdatruff
    itsdatruff 6 months ago @matthew moore only 75% of land and 5% of the ocean on Earth has been explored and I bet they're blowing that number up. NASA haven't been back to the moon bc "they lost the technology". But the they send rovers to Mars and send satellites to the edge of the Galaxy. While scientist can't even solve simple shit. I don't believe shit they say 🗣️
  • Perse Reikänen
    Perse Reikänen 6 months ago Good point 👍
  • K_w _Z_
    K_w _Z_ 6 months ago WeeItsNookies hhhh not smart enought 🐸
  • Daniel Huddleston
    Daniel Huddleston 6 months ago Well part of my comment didn’t post correctly, I meant to include accelerometers and magnetic cores.
  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 6 months ago W1sg,m6mnmmnm9irdfbkstst6e4e6 rules espresso 😇😄😈🗼🏪🏫8
  • Chantal Corleone
    Chantal Corleone 6 months ago Tovah Hahaaaaa good idea...🤣
  • Chantal Corleone
    Chantal Corleone 6 months ago John Hosp nasa=saTan = deception..
  • JH_Monty
    JH_Monty 6 months ago @Airsoft Tactical i know what a way to start the new year
  • name's Zeus
    name's Zeus 6 months ago @Heath Todd what a loser. "Iphone x" bitch a samsung is more water RESISTANT
  • Airsoft Tactical
    Airsoft Tactical 6 months ago @JH_Monty this video is kinda click bait. Bit ok. " A hole in the ground.. wheres the water..? Call the nasa.. call the US navy.. omfg missing water in a cave... ahhhhhh" stupid video.
  • Airsoft Tactical
    Airsoft Tactical 6 months ago How is this even cool? "Oh look, we dont know where the water is going.. its alien stuff. Call nasa! Call every one. Just a stupid hole in the ground leading water somewhere else. Boring vid
  • coy clown
    coy clown 6 months ago Right? I was thinking in similar terms myself!
  • Porsche Mccray
    Porsche Mccray 6 months ago WeeItsNookies lol rite
  • BTS Fans
    BTS Fans 6 months ago It might lost signal but if it only on underground it could be a good idea don't you remember it goes somewhere to
  • Gavin Osborn
    Gavin Osborn 6 months ago WeeItsNookies i love you😂
  • ONE MAN ARMY oma015
    ONE MAN ARMY oma015 6 months ago Heath Todd YEAH
  • JH_Monty
    JH_Monty 6 months ago @Mike Pesci true
  • junaid koya
    junaid koya 6 months ago or a GoPro
  • Adventures with Frodo
    Adventures with Frodo 6 months ago I hope you are being sarticial.
  • nestor hechavarria
    nestor hechavarria 6 months ago Bro thankyou man like dude there are hundreds of ways to determine where that water fall leads into
  • big foot
    big foot 6 months ago They are the type of people that believe the world is millions of years old
  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell 6 months ago Save the planet I've heard that before got tired of listening to it there is no such thing. oh the environment we are gonna get right on fixing we are going to ignore the problems which keep happening it's what we do.
  • Gopherchucks Games
    Gopherchucks Games 6 months ago right.. a loadjack and a condom would be more effective
  • a girl is no one
    a girl is no one 6 months ago @Marilyn Watene sure. Send in a diver.
  • orlando De Jesus
    orlando De Jesus 6 months ago Thank you.....that's the same thing I'm saying
  • Saber Crosby
    Saber Crosby 6 months ago Clickbait Conman
  • Mike Pesci
    Mike Pesci 6 months ago
  • RidgeW100
    RidgeW100 6 months ago Jason Hendrik wouldnt they see the dye then?
  • Mike Pesci
    Mike Pesci 6 months ago LMAO@JH_Monty the point is this dude is just making shit up or didn't do enough research.
  • Jeremy Hutchins
    Jeremy Hutchins 6 months ago so you think its 2019 and the government has no way of tracking their way underground? a lot of you on these comments are pretty dense.
  • Jeremy Hutchins
    Jeremy Hutchins 6 months ago Have you been to college? a college degree doesn't mean these scientists are any smarter than anyone else, it just means they had more money. you don't even have to learn anything to get a college degree these days. so your point is invalid.
  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming 6 months ago lol! i agree
  • nexxusty
    nexxusty 6 months ago You fucking people are morons.
  • Leavethebuilding
    Leavethebuilding 6 months ago Or just accept that it runs into the mountain. Maybe into an underground lake that we can't access. That's how mysterious it is.
  • Be Smart
    Be Smart 6 months ago @matthew moore Powerful satellites, transmitting from earth to Mars through powerful distances. It's just that it's difficult when signals are conflicting with matter
  • JH_Monty
    JH_Monty 6 months ago @Willem What do u mean
  • Willem
    Willem 6 months ago @JH_Monty They would HAVE done it, of is stupid
  • Danny Dadog
    Danny Dadog 6 months ago 1. no, it wouldn't work. 2. where i'm from we do these things for free (i have), but scarse paid scientists get <€10K/yr..
  • realcygnus
    realcygnus 6 months ago (edited) @matthew moore with math/ Mechanical/optical/Radio positioning instrumentation/gyroscopes/lasers/radar etc. /Newtonian Equations of motion/Rocket science/orbital mechanics etc. We went to the moon & back long before the GPS system existed.
  • JH_Monty
    JH_Monty 6 months ago @WeeItsNookies u dont learn do u
  • Gerald Dixon Cummings
    Gerald Dixon Cummings 6 months ago Maybe if we paid them $200,000 per year? lol
  • Agent J
    Agent J 6 months ago (edited) I'm going with you're a fucktard with Bullshit to defend, nothing in reality to even suggest you're opinion or judgement worth knowing.
  • WeeItsNookies
    WeeItsNookies 6 months ago COT DAMN you'd think this was a Trump video on MSNBC. Who knew such a fury inducing argument could happen over a waterfall :O You're all idiots. Let's just strap some cameras to Kim Kardashian and throw her down there. Hopefully her big ass doesn't get caught on something and plug up the flow. There, best idea in the comment section. I'm smarter than a scientist.
  • Sudsy Sutherland
    Sudsy Sutherland 6 months ago We can send a man to the moon but can’t event a gps device that works underground?
  • rc car
    rc car 6 months ago @Jopo, lyke i. GiV a fuck?
  • Jopo
    Jopo 6 months ago @rc car Your sentences are extremely difficult to read because of your punctuation, and improper grammar.
  • Jopo
    Jopo 6 months ago @lepayen That is true
  • lepayen
    lepayen 6 months ago @Jopo Well yes, that's fairly obvious, just rather dumb that they would use a video game as an example.
  • Micki Moritz
    Micki Moritz 6 months ago Troglydites now worship the green dye and ping pong balls.... that went underground.
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago JkPro _SG He is wrong, and you are too. Check the surrounding comments.
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago Daniel Huddleston This is just false, and this hypothetical equipment could not most likely withstand the fall
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago Sam Howard he is wrong, I hope you know that
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago Marilyn Watene they can’t do that very easily, and this is more difficult because they do not know the environment in which they are sending the cameras, and would be unable to both conduct the experiment and retrieve the footage
  • Hanky _
    Hanky _ 6 months ago They solved the mystery already and concluded it flows back into the Burle river... The only reason none of the items resurfaced was because the waterfall basically crushed all the items that went in.
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago Marilyn Watene it’s been thought of, not a great idea
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago Matt Morris well not entirely. That would be helpful information, we would know how fast the water is moving to it’s destination(s), but it would not determine where it is ending up
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago Freedom Rider now I don’t know this for sure, but they most likely used an oil based so that it did not dissolve and could be seen on the surface where it is found. Also what are you referencing with laws of science=/=laws of nature
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago WeeItsNookies try it. Try taping a GoPro to a rc boat and Y E E T I N G it down there. You won’t get very far.
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago oneoflokis no. It teaches a system, a knowledge. How the over-under diddly donkey fuck would an education kill creativity. You all realize they need a wide speed of data points, right? If you send one cam down, which btw needs to be disconnected from cables in order to show where the water ends up, it could travel down one path of the river but not the other. Ping pong balls, hundreds of them, show exactly where ALL exits are, not just one
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago oneoflokis just no. If you have an issue with relativity and the existence of space time, 10 year olds can’t do that. I know what you are referencing, it does not relate to scientific inquiries
  • Raging Poseidon Gaming
    Raging Poseidon Gaming 6 months ago The nature of the fall would destroy boats and gps trackers can be destroyed or lose signal under the rocks. Sometimes what we do is simple but works
  • Jopo
    Jopo 6 months ago @Marilyn Watene Aaaaaaand he's dead
  • Jopo
    Jopo 6 months ago ​@lepayen I think what he's desperately trying to say is gps doesn't work underground. Which is true by the way. A strong low frequency radio signal would probably be better. Then they could determine the signal strength when moving to figure out which direction it's coming from.
  • Jopo
    Jopo 6 months ago @Jack Keesee That could become dangerous very quickly
  • Jopo
    Jopo 6 months ago @JH_Monty Everyone has an IQ
  • rc car
    rc car 6 months ago @Jack Keesee, divers don't normally go underground..
  • Will Winters
    Will Winters 6 months ago They didnt learn science for that decade. They learned job security. (shhhhhhhh....)
  • HARTbrOkn4mySISSY
    HARTbrOkn4mySISSY 6 months ago (edited) Hahahaha....devil's kettle??? Dye and balls, for real?? Norway lights dancing ...4 decades??? From radon or sulfuric acid? A hidden cave has insects never seen anywhere? Karachey? Can kill in 1 hour? It was covered with concrete? Huh? Double tree, hmmm. Learn how in a plant class. Epidemic of sleeping...hmm Circles in a field...this was told what did this on a science show. Taos buzzing/humming.... From the electrical power lines. Nightly lightning .... Has a lot to do with composition of mountains, the land...????? All these are so easy to explain. Either do some reading, research it....lololol Or laugh at all the money spent on figuring out where the water goes. LMFAO
  • JH_Monty
    JH_Monty 6 months ago @WeeItsNookies if it is so obvious they would of done it
  • JH_Monty
    JH_Monty 6 months ago @WeeItsNookies they probably don't care that much so shut up do U even have an IQ
  • Jack Keesee
    Jack Keesee 6 months ago @rc car Divers?
  • 925bubbalicious
    925bubbalicious 6 months ago Beetween 2 ferns
  • golden bro
    golden bro 6 months ago @JB Dragon im sure they could try to make flexible cables to link it istead gps so if they make water proof cables that go underground they would find it
  • Daniel Huddleston
    Daniel Huddleston 6 months ago gps Works underground. Just not on your phone bc you need cell signal. It’s satellites not line of sight. Try out a garmen gps. They even have phone apps that can work without cell signal.
  • Calli Arcale
    Calli Arcale 6 months ago If the ping pong balls don't show up, what makes you think they want to send thousands of dollars worth of equipment down? For what it's worth, people have sent GPS receivers down. They never got them back. However, hydrologists did work out the solution. The water rejoins the Brule River right below the falls. They believe the reason nobody ever found equipment again is simply because the falls themselves are so violent that anything dropped in gets pulverized at the bottom; there's probably a lot of debris down there by now. They want to try putting dye in again, sometime when the water level is really low, but the DNR has said no.
  • Jason Hendrik
    Jason Hendrik 6 months ago The water ends up in the same place as the other waterfall they measure the flow of water at the top and the flow of water right after the waterfall and it's literally the same so there's all kinds of holes through the rocks and the water just comes out it's not a mystery
  • Tovah
    Tovah 6 months ago Or just drop some redneck down with a rope around his/her waist.......cheaper than losing a drone!
  • daniel dallego
    daniel dallego 6 months ago Or divert the water and just go look inside like any other cave.
  • rc car
    rc car 6 months ago @lepayen, my point was not even in the video game world does stupid shit like that not even happen. Now fuck off.
  • Sam Howard
    Sam Howard 6 months ago LMFAOOOO
  • Hel JK
    Hel JK 6 months ago I thought the places are the only things that don't make sense here til I see this comment
  • Marilyn Watene
    Marilyn Watene 6 months ago @a girl is no one So...? send in a diver in a bell???? and a big flashlight...?
  • thegayestgoth
    thegayestgoth 6 months ago Morenthat
  • bill warman
    bill warman 6 months ago I
  • Marilyn Watene
    Marilyn Watene 6 months ago If they can send tiny cameras through the body, you would think they could do this easily...?
  • John Hosp
    John Hosp 6 months ago @matthew moore because NASA does nothing but lie, steal, cheat, and murder us! Plus they haven't been to Mars or the moon absolutely everyone except the extreme brainwashed knows that!!!
  • GypsySlide
    GypsySlide 6 months ago GPS uses satellites, idiot!!! How are you going to track it underground? Dye makes the most sense. Simple and inexpensive, can't get lost, can't get held up, doesn't require "line of sight". What are you going to do with a boat in a waterfall, dumbass? Before you start calling other people stupid, look in the mirror, stupid is right there!
  • Heath Todd
    Heath Todd 6 months ago How about we slap you in a wet suit, a few tanks of oxygen, and an iPhone X(They're water proof). You just give us a call every now and then, we'll triangulate the location. Deal?
  • Matt Morris
    Matt Morris 6 months ago WeeItsNookies. Or they could just measure the flow of water before the kettle and also at the bottom of the waterfall. If the water flow is the same then there's no mystery.
  • zain
    zain 6 months ago matthew moore Perfect question xD
  • Una Nina Nine
    Una Nina Nine 6 months ago WeeItsNookies He's even lying. Nobody used dyes, environmentalists deterred them. And the video of balls he used is also a lie. Those were black balls used in Nevada to arrest evaporation of their reservoirs. Awful channel and I'm reporting them once I find the original source
  • mastersadvocate
    mastersadvocate 6 months ago Gee! I wish I had their job!
  • R Yarbrough
    R Yarbrough 6 months ago (edited) @matthew moore It would be very expensive to do this just to demonstrate where the water is going. And the existing GPS would not work because the signals are attenuated below the surface. You'd have to build something different. Does the water go into a place large enough for a remote vehicle, or into some porous rock? As I said, expensive. Do you really want to spend the money on this or use the money for something else.
  • Analyzing Sources
    Analyzing Sources 6 months ago WeeItsNookies, Are you being sarcastic, or is humanity doomed?
  • Wilson il Perso
    Wilson il Perso 6 months ago probably need a small sub with an umbilical and/or tether for retrieval.
  • Wilson il Perso
    Wilson il Perso 6 months ago @Freedom Rider 'laws of science' & 'laws of nature' are literally the same thing. learn moar, read a book.
  • lepayen
    lepayen 6 months ago @rc car You realize you're using a video game as an example of not being able to do something in real life, right? That's dumber than the suggestion to just send a boat with a camera down there.
  • lepayen
    lepayen 6 months ago And how does your smart ass suggest they retrieve such a camera? They're not going in behind it to find it and get the footage, that's for sure. And that's rock, you're not getting a signal from a wireless camera or anything else through solid rock and earth. Try making a cell phone call in a mine shaft, it doesn't work, so how are you expecting them to receive footage? It's not just going to magically get to them.
  • Freedom Rider
    Freedom Rider 6 months ago Not to mention that "laws of science" don't EVEN compare to the laws of nature. Once again, science proves its limitations. A very likely destination for that water is the underground rivers/aquafers. But even I know that unless you poured thousands of tons of dye in the water, saturation will occur.
  • WeeItsNookies
    WeeItsNookies 6 months ago @JH_Monty Clearly not if they can't even find out where some water goes ;/
  • Igan Ramdani
    Igan Ramdani 6 months ago Good Morning Youtube....!!!! -From Mars.
  • oneoflokis
    oneoflokis 6 months ago @JH_Monty Not necessarily... It has been said to solve any seemingly insoluble practical problem ask a 10-year-old child...
  • oneoflokis
    oneoflokis 6 months ago @sarasmr 42 And ping-pong balls?? Camera with LED lights?
  • oneoflokis
    oneoflokis 6 months ago @WeeItsNookies Formal education/unis kill creativity!!
  • kyle erikson
    kyle erikson 6 months ago (edited) JH_Monty I don’t think anyone is contesting that, it’s more than likely a matter of misreporting. That means that most of the content in this video is either misunderstood, or deliberately misleading.
  • matthew moore
    matthew moore 6 months ago How does NASA have a rover on mars if we can't control a GPS vehicle in a tunnel on earth?
  • a girl is no one
    a girl is no one 6 months ago I'd imagine if you thought of it, someone has thought of it... they have used trackers and apparently still can't conclusively say where the water ends up.
  • sarasmr 42
    sarasmr 42 6 months ago Trackers can't transmit through the stone and earth. A camera just shows cloudy water and rocks.
  • Yung Co
    Yung Co 6 months ago rc car how u know they play gta and same way we build all technology
  • rc car
    rc car 6 months ago You realize even GPS in GTA V doesn't work in tunnels? So how do you expect it to work underground? lmao..
  • JH_Monty
    JH_Monty 6 months ago i think the scientists are smarter than you so shut up
  • JH_Monty
    JH_Monty 6 months ago I think it is more complicated than that, if they could just do it they would of done it
  • JB Dragon
    JB Dragon 6 months ago WeeItsNookies Well GPS is line of site. It’s not going to work under ground. But some kind of reinforced camera on a very long cord. Some kind of device to track where it goes. Speed, water movement, depth, etc with s GPS in case it pops out somewhere in the future, you can find it.
  • WeeItsNookies
    WeeItsNookies 6 months ago @Rosalie Kanny Seriously some redneck that dropped out in middle school could have figured this out already :/
  • Rosalie Kanny
    Rosalie Kanny 6 months ago WeeItsNookies thats what i was thinking "what no trackers?"
  • Arish Kumar
    Arish Kumar 6 months ago Who else came just to see ppl complain in the comment section?
  • Children of Parents Incarcerated Needing Guidance
    Children of Parents Incarcerated Needing Guidance 2 days ago You are so correct. We are a non profit all volunteer. We fund activites for children of inmates. So we build up business that protect children. We get get complaints every single day. Why do we focus on pedophiles? Why do we care if children are trafficked via courts. The most insane complaints.
  • Dave Atkinson
    Dave Atkinson 2 months ago Many of the comments are hilarious, far more entertaining than the video, so worth it you scroll down to the comments!
  • Srinath Radhakrishnan
    Srinath Radhakrishnan 3 months ago I came to laugh the hell out on the comments of conspiracy nutjobs
  • Dajell X
    Dajell X 4 months ago I did I did
  • Trikky2
    Trikky2 5 months ago @Arish Kumar , Sort of came here for that. Main one was just the total click bait shit that somehow turned up on my recommendations :) Managed to get through the first one ... Just, then decided looking at the comments would be more interesting :)
  • Rickardo Ramchand
    Rickardo Ramchand 5 months ago 😆😆
  • Rickardo Ramchand
    Rickardo Ramchand 5 months ago where's the thumbnail😭
  • Sheri Gilford
    Sheri Gilford 5 months ago Come on!!!! I'm done. You lost me...waste of my time
  • Carla White
    Carla White 5 months ago Never even saw the story on the pic i actually clicked to see. Bait
  • jon long
    jon long 5 months ago Lol
  • Lynn Quin
    Lynn Quin 6 months ago I did and wasn't disappointed. We're doomed.
  • Sansan
    Sansan 6 months ago Lol same here..
    JUSTE 6 months ago The fact that 222 people liked this and people took time to respond below is so crazy to me. Why do I feel like the only self aware person on this freaking planet lol. I swear it's like I'm living in a world of programmed robots.
  • Leave:Me:In:A:Little:Log:Cabin ?
    Leave:Me:In:A:Little:Log:Cabin ? 6 months ago (edited) I came to look at peoples you tube handle. I see my moms here, look, 5 th comment from the first. Hi 👋 Mom!!!
  • E. Lewis Basher
    E. Lewis Basher 6 months ago I wonder if the thumb nail is click bait/ How angry I will be if it is. I was looking for a clue.
  • Excelsior
    Excelsior 6 months ago Lol same here
  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor 6 months ago Yup
  • Eric McDaniel
    Eric McDaniel 6 months ago Arish Kumar lmfao it’s all I do when I see videos like this. The world is full of unhappy people who love to start drama.
  • chipin lol crazy whool
    chipin lol crazy whool 6 months ago 😰😰😨😨😨😨what te
  • chipin lol crazy whool
    chipin lol crazy whool 6 months ago Yeah
  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 6 months ago u know me very well
  • Roslynn F
    Roslynn F 6 months ago Lol, bunch of babies!
  • Erik Mitchell
    Erik Mitchell 6 months ago Guilty
  • Dan Mickelson
    Dan Mickelson 6 months ago Lol weird
  • Maegan Tucker
    Maegan Tucker 6 months ago Arish Kumar lol i came to see who would complain about the thumbnail
  • ¢hippy Kidd
    ¢hippy Kidd 1 month ago Scientists: put dye and ping pong balls in the water Also scientists: why is the world so polluted
  • Misha Clarke
    Misha Clarke 1 day ago I get this post is probably satire but I'm pretty sure scientists would have made a ecosafe dye for this experiment
  • brx
    brx 2 days ago @¢hippy Kidd yeah but the ping pong balls won't cause any serious or permanent damage and the colouring is harmless to most living things
  • ¢hippy Kidd
    ¢hippy Kidd 2 days ago (edited) brx you do realize that they put millions of ping pong balls... right?
  • brx
    brx 2 days ago You do realise that it would take billions of pingpong balls to actually cause some sort of dent in the amount of pollution... right?
  • Catacs
    Catacs 3 weeks ago Sometimes you need to sacrifice
  • Geovani Hernandez
    Geovani Hernandez 1 month ago It was before pollution was such a big thing
  • danna smith
    danna smith 1 month ago Lol
  • Rob S
    Rob S 4 hours ago "every night, 260 nights each year" :-/
  • Ken Mills
    Ken Mills 1 month ago Roses are red Violets are blue I was click baited And so were you
  • Lucas Ninjay
    Lucas Ninjay 1 week ago @Kenny Caseres IT IS
  • greg spearinggreg23
    greg spearinggreg23 2 weeks ago Hi
  • Kenny Caseres
    Kenny Caseres 3 weeks ago @Ken Mills Should I report the harassing reply or no!
  • Ken Mills
    Ken Mills 3 weeks ago @Kenny Caseres the thumbnail was never discussed. Hence the claim of clickbait
  • Kenny Caseres
    Kenny Caseres 3 weeks ago THIS ISN'T CLICKBAIT!!!😡
  • Kenny Caseres
    Kenny Caseres 3 weeks ago @reggie bayard That's just rude!
  • Dynamiclol
    Dynamiclol 4 weeks ago @reggie bayard so funny i almost forgot to laugh
  • reggie bayard
    reggie bayard 1 month ago dont forget roses are red voilets are blue. you're a big fat retard. and the rest of you.... see what i did there? i just called everyone a retard. you're welcome
  • Will Fishing
    Will Fishing 2 months ago "every single night" ... "260 nights a year"
  • gerold lewis
    gerold lewis 5 days ago boboy bro wn g
  • Karissa Miller
    Karissa Miller 6 days ago Micheal Low exactly what I was thinking lol
  • Micheal Low
    Micheal Low 2 weeks ago Keinia Sharp-Bucknor I rly hope ur kidding...
  • Diann Whitaker
    Diann Whitaker 3 weeks ago @Esther van Rijswijk the math is still off. 6 weeks only account for 42 days. What happened to the other 63 days?
  • Paula Ward
    Paula Ward 1 month ago 😂
  • Esther van Rijswijk
    Esther van Rijswijk 1 month ago Maybe because they said it stopped for 6weeks
  • Keinia Sharp-Bucknor
    Keinia Sharp-Bucknor 1 month ago Will Fishing um yeah...there’s 365 days and 260 nights...hellurrrrrr😂🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Emperor
    Emperor 1 month ago But there is only 50 percent chance for that...
  • Zach Kemppel
    Zach Kemppel 2 months ago 60% of the time, it works every time.
  • Ruben VD
    Ruben VD 5 months ago Imagine being that alien in his underground base suddenly seeing colored water and ping pong balls thinking 'wtf is wrong with humans'
  • Gacha Deer
    Gacha Deer 6 days ago meganpitt woowwwww your an alien. Lol the only video u posted is a kitten video 😂
  • jason robinette
  • Eve hyland
    Eve hyland 1 month ago I would agree with the Aliens. What are them idiots up to now? 😂😂👽👾😂😂
  • Ana C Dyminski
    Ana C Dyminski 1 month ago they shouldn't have done that, it is pollution and God knows what can happen because of that silly action moved by curiosity.
  • Salim Bholat
    Salim Bholat 1 month ago Check the footage
  • Sophie Richmond
    Sophie Richmond 1 month ago lmao 😂
  • twety mae
    twety mae 1 month ago Haha great😂
  • Shantanu Ghanekar
    Shantanu Ghanekar 1 month ago Lollololollolololol
  • Kameron Hisaw
    Kameron Hisaw 1 month ago @meganpitt dance with the alien
  • Energizer Shitcunt
    Energizer Shitcunt 1 month ago 😂
  • Egle Davidsoniene
    Egle Davidsoniene 1 month ago Underground based idea worth best regards.
  • Darksector88
    Darksector88 1 month ago The water works the same way as alcohol to the alien. All it needs now is some plastic cups and he can play dyed water pong to pass the time and get wasted. Let's help the alien out!
  • James Finlay
    James Finlay 2 months ago Jokes top comment
  • Shaun Cusack
    Shaun Cusack 2 months ago LOL, They made us and they know whats wrong with us, we live on the surface and are exposed to too much radiation its frying little humans brains!
  • Kathy Shipley
    Kathy Shipley 2 months ago Lol
  • Reya Amaro
    Reya Amaro 2 months ago Wtf! 😂😂
    GHOSTRIDER 6338 2 months ago HOLD THE FUCK UP
    GHOSTRIDER 6338 2 months ago How did you know what hapend to me the other day.;-)
  • Denice Mendieta
    Denice Mendieta 2 months ago lol
  • Ana Eiras
    Ana Eiras 2 months ago ruben you ar the real g my guy
  • Karla Barton
    Karla Barton 2 months ago 😭😂😂😂
  • Aroob Khan
    Aroob Khan 3 months ago (edited) Best comment 😂😂😂😂 hahaha
  • Donna Rasmussen
    Donna Rasmussen 3 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • BrownMumba panda
    BrownMumba panda 3 months ago I laughed to to hard at this
  • Laura Espinoza
    Laura Espinoza 3 months ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Dana Ann
    Dana Ann 4 months ago I laughed WAAAY too hard at this!
    DCCCXXII 4 months ago 😭😭😭
  • Anaïs H
    Anaïs H 4 months ago Hoomans*
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    Billy Bowles 4 months ago Ho
  • Billy Bowles
    Billy Bowles 4 months ago @kaden martin fh
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    Yared Belete 4 months ago Awesome
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    Ahmad Alsaleh 4 months ago meganpitt you must been pissed
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    CapnUmofos 4 months ago Hilarious
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    NeeNee 4 months ago 😂😂😂
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    Vee TV 4 months ago 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
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    Krazie Maniak 4 months ago 🤣
  • Echos gacha
    Echos gacha 4 months ago Lol
  • Umaruh Chan
    Umaruh Chan 4 months ago Hahahha
  • Jonica Compton
    Jonica Compton 4 months ago I can its soooo funny
  • Helaine Moreno
    Helaine Moreno 4 months ago Ahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  • NRG
    NRG 4 months ago Nice one 😂😂
  • Zombie Cat
    Zombie Cat 4 months ago lol
  • Amar Fawwas
    Amar Fawwas 4 months ago Lol
  • inappropriate videos
    inappropriate videos 5 months ago Lmao
  • Ecliptic Speroid
    Ecliptic Speroid 5 months ago No mr.clean/alien
  • Discover
    Discover 5 months ago love
  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson 5 months ago 😂😂😂
  • meganpitt
    meganpitt 5 months ago It's true. I know because I was that alien.
  • John scafidi
    John scafidi 5 months ago I serius
  • John scafidi
    John scafidi 5 months ago You don’t get it, it’s a West Virginia tradition
  • Lorenzo wolfgang
    Lorenzo wolfgang 5 months ago that's probably why aliens try to stay secret
  • Dimitrios V.
    Dimitrios V. 5 months ago Omfg Living a good life 👽 See ping pong ball 👾
  • kaden martin
    kaden martin 5 months ago Thats funny 😂🤣
  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez 5 months ago Ruben Vandoorne 😂😂😂
  • The Division
    The Division 2 days ago In india there are may rivers with boiling water. Youtube it. People boil potato, cook rice and make their meals.
  • Angie
    Angie 1 week ago Imagine going to take a swim in your local lake when suddenly the water turns green and thousands of ping pong balls come up
  • Ahmed Elzanaty
    Ahmed Elzanaty 5 days ago 😂😂😂
  • Hec Her
    Hec Her 1 week ago Angie 😂
  • Vj Toys Review and Gaming
    Vj Toys Review and Gaming 3 weeks ago Thumbnail: water in half. Moses: am i a joke to you?
  • R R
    R R 1 week ago Vj Toys Review and Gaming rblweexzxdd
  • Jo Santiago
    Jo Santiago 3 weeks ago Great I'm on the wierd side of YouTube again
  • Alpha Crusaders
    Alpha Crusaders 6 months ago Clickbait should be a punishable crime on YouTube.
  • Terat Helos
    Terat Helos 1 week ago @riddlerecsful Yep, me too. I have learned that I should hover for a second over the thumbnail to see if it's a 'cover image', which is usually a good indicator for clickbait. This one, however, has a short fake 'clip' of the image zooming. Nice.
  • Rosario Grace Roldan
    Rosario Grace Roldan 1 week ago @riddlerecsful me too
  • Ayung Vomshak
    Ayung Vomshak 1 month ago Amizing
  • Ellephxx _
    Ellephxx _ 1 month ago Chris Butler 260 ??..
  • Ellephxx _
    Ellephxx _ 1 month ago TycoTyrannus people use others to get views and then get money for it , how is it not bad u fuckin hoe
  • Chamomile Tea
    Chamomile Tea 1 month ago It’s not click bait it’s the Red Sea
  • Aggrobiscuit
    Aggrobiscuit 1 month ago Agree with the concept. However if you clicked this, not knowing it was clickbait, then you deserve to be here complaining about it.
  • --cLAsic--
    --cLAsic-- 2 months ago Report it . Those 3 dots next to the Save button, click on that choose spam or misleading then click on thumbnail the rest is on you
  • EmptyHand49
    EmptyHand49 2 months ago These are the kinds of videos that should be demonetized
  • MM MM
    MM MM 2 months ago look at what how trump slap his body guide at the link
  • Alex The gamer
    Alex The gamer 2 months ago Alpha Crusaders the thumbnail is a movie Jack sparrow a dead Mans Cheasy bruh
  • Brazilian Goddess
    Brazilian Goddess 2 months ago @Muslim Evangelist 60% of the time, the storm rages 100% of the time
  • Muslim Evangelist
    Muslim Evangelist 2 months ago 8:45 "never-ending lightening storm .. .. storm that never ceases ... starting at 7pm every night ... everyday (year is 365) 260 nights each year". Dickbait
  • Brazilian Goddess
    Brazilian Goddess 2 months ago Report fake clickbait videos
  • Destiny Dickens
    Destiny Dickens 2 months ago Googled the sleepy town it was true so I’m guessing this all may not be click bait....seems to be kind of legit as u can pull it up on google yourself
  • HTC2 Channel
    HTC2 Channel 2 months ago Are you interested in this video?
  • Silvio Manuel
    Silvio Manuel 3 months ago That's why I didn't watch a single second! Zionists!
  • jlovesandrew forever
    jlovesandrew forever 3 months ago No that would be the ass response as clearly he knew that and only clicked on the vid to see what crap they could muster up for the obv clickbait pic and title. Now the logical response from you would be "dont bother wasting energy by typing posts complaining about clickbaiters on yt when nothing practical currently can be done about it". Ez debate. Debate solved
  • Dimi Tsioubris
    Dimi Tsioubris 3 months ago Yeah, but still the clip is interesting
  • potato fox
    potato fox 3 months ago YEP
  • D rude
  • *Lady Voldemort*
    *Lady Voldemort* 3 months ago @YUMO *** In my tablet there's only "spam or misleading" option. No mention about thumbnail clickbaiting...
  • *Lady Voldemort*
    *Lady Voldemort* 3 months ago (edited) I AGREE I usually automatically dislike videos with clickbaits. At least YouTube should have a report button about clickbaiters. I'm sick of them, especially because my own local YouTubers often do that. Photoshopped pictures and crazy hyperbolic titles... What a bunch of low self-esteem liars.
  • Rajesh Moturu
    Rajesh Moturu 3 months ago we can report them btw..
  • Laura Espinoza
    Laura Espinoza 3 months ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Crazy Sisters
    Crazy Sisters 4 months ago Yeah clickbaiters should have to sub to T-Series and Pewds then unsung from T-Series of COURSE
  • Isaac Palomares
    Isaac Palomares 4 months ago @TycoTyrannus💯
  • Feathers Hunt
    Feathers Hunt 4 months ago trending... must watch its awesome
  • Alfredo Sawyer
    Alfredo Sawyer 4 months ago (edited) @Jonica Compton p.c. is shit drives me crazy....... fuck it morbid is the only way smoke weed live life PARTY MASSACRE!!!!! It's the ONLY way
  • Jonica Compton
    Jonica Compton 4 months ago @Alfredo Sawyer yay I'm morbid yay
  • Jonica Compton
    Jonica Compton 4 months ago @Jedidiah Gilchrist a sad sad story
  • Matt
    Matt 5 months ago @Chris Butler and whilst your asleep, Bill Cosby is date raping your ass!
  • YUMO ***
    YUMO *** 5 months ago there is an option to report a "misleading thumbnail" in the report video options.
  • B O R I N G msp
    B O R I N G msp 5 months ago Alpha Crusaders well they can explain it’s not click bait so why don’t u explain how it is click bait
  • Lin Kuei Dragon
    Lin Kuei Dragon 5 months ago What I say about YouTube is that small YouTubers (such as me and many others) that don't use clickbait are the best channels on YouTube. Not like most YouTubers where literally every video in the past 2 years were clickbait
  • Jacinta Penesa Solomona
    Jacinta Penesa Solomona 5 months ago .
  • Alan Bird
    Alan Bird 5 months ago I do believe you are undeniably missing the whole ethos of YouTube. We are all criminals for partaking?
  • Richard.Lewis
    Richard.Lewis 5 months ago It really should be.
  • OhMyGoddessXOXO
    OhMyGoddessXOXO 5 months ago It is.....that's what the "thumbs down" and " report" buttons are for. Just like Hillary, lock 'em up!
  • Ribeck3
    Ribeck3 5 months ago Totally
  • Poképartum Depression
    Poképartum Depression 5 months ago I came just to downvote uwu
  • badejo jimi
    badejo jimi 5 months ago Alpha Crusaders spot on
  • IdduTube
    IdduTube 5 months ago Alpha Crusaders it is; you can report it on YouTube following the reporting tools on each video
  • Rachel Jefferson
    Rachel Jefferson 5 months ago 900th like
  • Kew Akl
    Kew Akl 5 months ago the 'corn' that is included in this video is worse than the clickbaity title
  • cresun
    cresun 5 months ago Unless there is one already, I guess there ought to be a report system for addressing misleading video thumbnails. Of course one would expect the thumbnail to show something relevant from the video itself in a case like this, as opposed to a still taken from something completely irrelevant.
  • Alfredo Sawyer
    Alfredo Sawyer 5 months ago KILL em ALL!!!! Like politicians must hang and judges and lawyers KILL em ALL!!!!!!
  • Shoko Truth
    Shoko Truth 5 months ago So where's the fucking thumbnail?
  • Duncan Keefe
    Duncan Keefe 5 months ago the clickbait picture is a picture from one of the movies of pirates of the caribbean
  • Jedidiah Gilchrist
    Jedidiah Gilchrist 5 months ago So your telling me that scene from pirates of the Caribbean (the thumbnail photo) doesn’t really exist?
  • r.j. s
    r.j. s 5 months ago This is CLICK BAIT as I don't see any ocean or even river separated from itself like was shown in the title.
  • Catherine Eckstein
    Catherine Eckstein 5 months ago ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY
  • Real deal
    Real deal 5 months ago Thx to that. Im start to have problem with boredom because i know everything i click on wont be as excited
  • 82Brightstar
    82Brightstar 5 months ago Chris Butler Wow you’re such an ass
  • Thingsyourollup
    Thingsyourollup 5 months ago If you don't like clickbait then dont click on it. As if the words "Impossible" and "Actually exist" weren't your first clue....
  • cN Jumper
    cN Jumper 5 months ago Nate Wood lmao you made an excellent point
  • Erik Chingon
    Erik Chingon 5 months ago @Nate Wood it's still not cool
  • Myles TV
    Myles TV 5 months ago riddlerecsful I’m guilty too.
  • Chris Butler
    Chris Butler 5 months ago @ActualStellaNation your moms house. I'm fucken her while we keep your dad under the bed, why?
  • ActualStellaNation
    ActualStellaNation 5 months ago @Chris Butler where do you live Mate?
  • Chris Butler
    Chris Butler 5 months ago @TycoTyrannus dont forget that #2 says that lighting happens every day here... all 260 days a year....
  • riddlerecsful
    riddlerecsful 5 months ago @Nate Wood I came here for the divided ocean in the thumbnail. I admit my shame 😞
  • Tyson Wright1
    Tyson Wright1 6 months ago That from the new pirates of the Caribbean ahah
  • Nate Wood
    Nate Wood 6 months ago the logical response is "If it exists its NOT scientifically impossible". Youre the one who clicked on it expecting some magic or some shit lol. you cant really be mad at such an obvious clickbait. shoulda known it was clickbait from the title alone. and if you DID, youre just an ass for coming here just to say they should be banned
  • TycoTyrannus
    TycoTyrannus 6 months ago Click bait is a grift. Its just a new con for the new age. Show a thumbnail and or title that's false. Get people views. Get a check from YouTube for views from a con. How is this allowed? How is this not a con and a crime. There is actual monetary exchange goin on. So it should fall under some form of crime. Rant over. So how is this clickbait? "Scientifically Impossibe"? Ya that's a stretch. "Scientifically Fascinating" would better suit the video. Nonetheless I found it very interesting. Though not a scientist and far easier to please.
  • t.j Richardson
    t.j Richardson 2 weeks ago nobody: nobody at all: scientists: these are 10 places we can't explain GOD: STOP TRYING TO FIGURE OUT MY CREATIVITY!!!
  • Z3UX Playz
    Z3UX Playz 13 hours ago Why there were scientist if you cant accept wat are they doing
  • Love Witch
    Love Witch 1 week ago Fuck off with this grammatically incorrect, dumbfuck meme!
  • IlikeToDraw
    IlikeToDraw 2 weeks ago God: reset
  • T DUB
    T DUB 2 weeks ago 😂😂😂
  • YeTi b0dyy
    YeTi b0dyy 1 day ago 6:05 iT nOw a gHost toWn
  • DH pheonix
    DH pheonix 1 day ago 1:50 my guess obviously a giant banana is messing with us
  • Slim Toto
    Slim Toto 1 day ago 0:32 so that thing about moses. Ocean closing up is a lie they stillwaiting for more Israeli's to cross huh
  • herbnerd7
    herbnerd7 6 months ago Clickbait should be banned and punishable by public whipping!
  • Phelan Morris-Wiles
    Phelan Morris-Wiles 1 month ago Hell yes
  • Garrett Tyler
    Garrett Tyler 4 months ago Vague Ginger I second that
  • Benson 'Drongo' Hedges
    Benson 'Drongo' Hedges 6 months ago Loll sounds like Saudi Arabia
  • Official_ Xenon
    Official_ Xenon 6 months ago ikr these ppl are shita
  • Land Creature
    Land Creature 6 months ago For real though, it needs to be stopped.
  • nostradomis
    nostradomis 6 months ago blood eagle
  • Kitten with a few videos but needs 346 subscribers
    Kitten with a few videos but needs 346 subscribers 6 months ago The line of replies are making me laugh idk why
  • Mark Mathews
    Mark Mathews 6 months ago I report every single one and you should too, they have an option for it. Also, dont ever let the video play for more than a couple of seconds until you have looked at the comments section for the word clickbait. advertisers give them no money if the video isnt watched
  • Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity
    Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity 6 months ago Bet that you also want those public whippings posted on youtube, with clickbait.
  • zedmelon
    zedmelon 6 months ago @Chaney McInnis We got one roll of TP to last the summer. Conservation counts!
  • NexxtGenDave
    NexxtGenDave 6 months ago Gambit Wilson it’s spelled “Genius” 🤗
  • Abhinav Yadav
    Abhinav Yadav 6 months ago True
  • martine love
    martine love 6 months ago By public whipping,I'm weak 😂😂😂
  • Ornery Unicorn
    Ornery Unicorn 6 months ago Public spanking
  • Duncan F
    Duncan F 6 months ago Erm, that could actually be "genius", GW.....jussayin'
  • Tracy Bamber
    Tracy Bamber 6 months ago @Gambit Wilson LOL, it's 'genius' smart guy...
  • Randy J
    Randy J 6 months ago Michael Beelby anyone smoking cigarettes calling someone else a dimwit is priceless there asshat. Get back to stoking the fire pit in your mouth moron!
  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male 6 months ago My name is Alpha Male and I endorse this message.
  • rockero1313
    rockero1313 6 months ago why?
  • CryptoSonic
    CryptoSonic 6 months ago @lester andes yep I reported it
  • Shed Man X
    Shed Man X 6 months ago You actually expected that fake photo to be featured? Let me show you a bridge I have for sale.
  • jayvhon calma
    jayvhon calma 6 months ago Medieval punks 😠😠😠
  • Fiana Lile
    Fiana Lile 6 months ago Yes
  • #Fashwave
    #Fashwave 6 months ago While I agree clickbait stills that aren't in the video is extremely disingenuous, at least this video was still interesting.
  • Benjamin Garrett
    Benjamin Garrett 6 months ago What the fuck?
  • Yavor Kapitanov
    Yavor Kapitanov 6 months ago You are an idiot if you believed that seas can be separated as the clickbait photo.
  • Memri oxox
    Memri oxox 6 months ago 😂
    NOT POWER NOR MIGHT BUT BY HIS SPIRIT 6 months ago but can you explain these?
  • Garth Brown
    Garth Brown 6 months ago (edited) it's not really click bait unless you're really that stupid to think there is a part of the world's ocean that just splits in two and drops off into nothing, the thumbnail did make me notice the video but that is not the reason i clicked the video, i know that is not a real thing and watched for what the real places where. my only issue with the video is the radioactive lake in Russia that is not a natural wonder but instead is a man made ecological nightmare.
  • ringheader
    ringheader 6 months ago With a side of Shame... Shame... Shame... 🔔🔔🔔
  • Jessica Samantha
    Jessica Samantha 6 months ago #herbnerd7 for president 😂
  • Daniela Danci
    Daniela Danci 6 months ago @DerpyWerpy lol
  • Amanda Wingo
    Amanda Wingo 6 months ago @Gambit Wilson u spelled genius wrong
  • Amanda Wingo
    Amanda Wingo 6 months ago Agreed
  • Bernadette Okoli
    Bernadette Okoli 6 months ago You knew it wasn't real
  • Max Pranks
    Max Pranks 6 months ago Guys just report the video and put the 0:30 second mark as the timestamp
  • Mephistahpheles
    Mephistahpheles 6 months ago You should make a video with that title. Bet it'd get a lot of hits.
  • Murrell Smith
    Murrell Smith 6 months ago And then beaten with an organic carrot.
  • Maximum Effort
    Maximum Effort 6 months ago herbnerd7 I agree 👍🏼
  • Simple Us
    Simple Us 6 months ago Wdym?
  • Ayamalach
    Ayamalach 6 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Daniel Griner
    Daniel Griner 6 months ago Send them into the Devil’s kettle
  • lester andes
    lester andes 6 months ago You can report clickbaits for "spam or misleading".
  • Kalo
    Kalo 6 months ago Capital Punishment
  • ABaumstumpf
    ABaumstumpf 6 months ago It is not allowed by YouTubes guidelines and that is what the report button is there for. It has a specific option for misleading titles/thumbnails. And unless you actually report it the channel will keep on just posting clickbait bullshit.
  • Mind of freeky comedy
    Mind of freeky comedy 6 months ago Please check this out
  • Richard Wall
    Richard Wall 6 months ago @DerpyWerpy the only problem with that is some may like it
  • Reeble Snarfle
    Reeble Snarfle 6 months ago Ditto!
  • Pink Magic Ali
    Pink Magic Ali 6 months ago It should. But at least this is mildly interesting. Most is a waste of time and boring.
  • Michael Beelby
    Michael Beelby 6 months ago herbnerd7 what about those that click on obvious clickbait and then get mad that it is clickbait....I'd rather seen them whipped....this video is a perfect example of it...ridiculous photo, paired with an over the top title...and people still mad it's 'clickbait'...personally...the dimwits that click and still complain about it are worse
  • Geech Beezy
    Geech Beezy 6 months ago @Chaney McInnis, I don't think that's what he means😂😂😂
  • Gambit Wilson
    Gambit Wilson 6 months ago Chaney McInni He said "whipping" genious
  • Chaney McInnis
    Chaney McInnis 6 months ago Pubic wiping?
  • Geech Beezy
    Geech Beezy 6 months ago @Vague Ginger He's got my vote
  • Erich Grice
    Erich Grice 6 months ago Dilly dilly to the pit of despair
  • Billy Jenkins
    Billy Jenkins 6 months ago flay them alive!
  • realcygnus
    realcygnus 6 months ago @Vague Ginger its actually become an art
  • Vague Ginger
    Vague Ginger 6 months ago I vote this guy president
  • Golden Sperm
    Golden Sperm 6 months ago And decapitation
  • ken johnson
    ken johnson 2 weeks ago I've got an idea.send whoever is behind this clickbait into the devil's kettle with a go pro
  • ya_boii 253
    ya_boii 253 2 weeks ago "They also dissapeared without a trace WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???"
  • Kim Tai
    Kim Tai 2 weeks ago Boiling river: "The eyes cook first