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IHOP Incident Leads To Lessons Learned | Active Self Protection

Published on Mar 14, 2019 105,339 views

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  • Max Rockatansky
    Max Rockatansky 2 months ago The lesson is cook breakfast at home. It's better anyway.
  • Michael Maslo
    Michael Maslo 2 months ago At least you know there is nothing "extra" in it.
  • Mike Quarentino
    Mike Quarentino 2 months ago It can happen on lunch or dinner time
  • Isaac
    Isaac 2 months ago Right, waste of money too. Idk about anyone else but I'm not gonna blow money on IHop when I have a baby so young that they need to sit in a booster seat (end table baby chair, w.e).
  • Rindick
    Rindick 2 months ago There's always someone who knows better in the internet
  • MrMetonicus
    MrMetonicus 2 months ago I wonder how many people walked out in their check.
  • urkel305
    urkel305 2 months ago 😂
  • Mister T
    Mister T 2 months ago Max Rockatansky and most of the Time also healthier
  • AJ G
    AJ G 2 months ago breakfast, lunch, dinner, just about everything I cook @ home is better than a restaurant, plus as others already mentioned -no special treats in your cooked food, cheaper, healthier, & you usually know what you're getting/eating too when @ home (leaves out TV dinners & other types of prepared/ prepackaged junk food). I'm not bragging, I just know how to cook. of course there's some pizza places I can't even get close to, & I'm sure most high end restaurants would blow me away too, but the expense for them doesn't usually justify their price
  • Papi Maximus
    Papi Maximus 2 months ago (edited) @MrMetonicus "I wonder how many people walked out in their check." My rule is that if I have to duck bullets at your restaurant, then yeah, the meal is on you.
  • MrMetonicus
    MrMetonicus 2 months ago @Papi Maximus - Fair enough
  • mr gbs
    mr gbs 2 months ago @Big Matty Nice 3/10. Then go to bed early. You sound like someone who's late to work. But wakes up 30 min before their shift. It must be everyone else's problem not you.
  • wayne kerr
    wayne kerr 2 months ago @Big Matty Nice 3/10 cooking breakfast takes less time than going to ihop
  • johnny jones
    johnny jones 2 months ago @Gadnuk the Breaker of Worlds ,, and pee sitting down????
  • Mr. W.
    Mr. W. 2 months ago Max Rockatansky You win!
  • Messeresser
    Messeresser 2 months ago @Michael Maslo - Yeah. No chance of lead poisoning...
  • Messeresser
    Messeresser 2 months ago @Big Matty Nice 3/10 - who the hell is going out to eat before work? You actually have time for that? I certainly don't, unless I enjoy waking up at 4am. News flash, I don't...
  • johnny jones
    johnny jones 2 months ago @Now or Never , I like the way you think...
  • Todd T
    Todd T 2 months ago @MrMetonicus Nobody. They ran...
  • Todd T
    Todd T 2 months ago @wayne kerr Even less time than waiting in the ER...
  • William 12
    William 12 2 months ago Max Rockatansky lmfaooo 🤣
  • Fire&Forge3000
    Fire&Forge3000 2 months ago My take away from ASP is to build a steel fortified and stone castle, with a most, draw bridge, pungie sticks, howitzers on the walls, patrol armed drones and sniper towers. All life will be sustained inside by the underground garden and artesian spring.. This all will be on a moubtain with cliffs, on an island with all cliffs in the middle of the ocean.. Oh and will have a whole underground network in the event of fallout.
  • Papi Maximus
    Papi Maximus 2 months ago @New York Val IDK...maybe they should have security to protect the patrons. Either way, I am pretty sure that they could not finish their meals given that the restaurant was now an active crime scene.
  • Joe Kerr
    Joe Kerr 2 months ago @Papi Maximus That is a great rule, it should be a standard clause.
  • Daniel Rahab
    Daniel Rahab 2 months ago Max Rockatansky or don't give birth, the world is a dangerous place
  • Shel Nunya AT
    Shel Nunya AT 2 months ago Max Rockatansky ❤️awe
  • Priest
    Priest 2 months ago Or just go where there aren't minorities
  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 months ago IHOP ain't that bad
  • 3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!!
    3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!! 1 month ago @Rindick On
  • Stacks McTutz
    Stacks McTutz 1 month ago The complete lesson is: stop being a lard ass and eat and cook your meals at home; it could be healthier, better quality family time, saves you money, and keeps you out of unnecessary risks. Besides, why do we go to restaurants and malls in the first place? Because we’re sheep! So, maybe the real lesson is to stop being sheep and instead be wolves—or sheep-dogs.
  • SinglePotMike
    SinglePotMike 1 month ago That's BS. These cockroaches cannot determine whether I choose to eat breakfast or lunch or dinner wherever I damn well please. You cower in your house all day if you want, but I'll be damned if these human turds are going to dictate how I live my life. The REAL lesson is stay vigilant and ready... like the family at the top of the screen. I honestly have no idea what I would actually do in this situation. I might just crap my pants and pass out for all I know, but one thing I won't do is let these pieces of garbage make me stay home.
  • Max Rockatansky
    Max Rockatansky 1 month ago @SinglePotMike Dude. I'd rather be home than ANYWHERE. Lol
  • Alicia Teel
    Alicia Teel 1 month ago Uber eats all the way
  • Jake Lo
    Jake Lo 2 weeks ago Safe to eat at the zoo. Since they let the animals out.
  • IXLife G
    IXLife G 2 months ago Sitting gangster had excellent situational awareness tho...
  • Jay Zenitram
    Jay Zenitram 2 months ago He definitely saw that coming. Then again, if I had an ongoing feud with another dude, I'd see it coming too - especially if I were part of a violent subculture.
  • TheDeadMeme27
    TheDeadMeme27 2 months ago 👨🏻🤜🏻🤛🏾🐵 no racism
  • Gee B
    Gee B 2 months ago Hate to say it but you are right! He must be a fan of this channel.
  • Andy Wilson
    Andy Wilson 2 months ago This is the one situation were I'm glad the thug had good aim
  • B Louis
    B Louis 2 months ago @TheDeadMeme27 your comment was racist itself smh
  • NSA 000
    NSA 000 2 months ago TheDeadMeme27 Hahahaha
  • Nug U
    Nug U 2 months ago Police Activity just uploaded a video of a white guy shooting at cops with a rifle. Fucking white trash meth heads. I'm sick of them!
  • Kaju Kota
    Kaju Kota 2 months ago He sits alone in his four cornered room staring at candles. 🕯️
  • Papi Maximus
    Papi Maximus 2 months ago @Kaju Kota Well played - Geto Boys!
  • Richard Reynolds
    Richard Reynolds 2 months ago Many evil doers do. It comes from knowing how dangerous humans are and having dealt it themselves.
    FU GOOGLE 2 months ago @ Nug U ...dumb liberal f*ckhead alert. Hard to believe but Guess your even lower than the trash in the video with guns. Fkn dumbshit
    FU GOOGLE 2 months ago (edited) Nug U at least white dude had the balls to shoot at someone with guns themselves. POS in the video shot amongst families and children. YOU NEED TO STFU. Animals need to be treated as such when it comes to shit like this
  • Boogaløo X
    Boogaløo X 2 months ago @TheDeadMeme27 Funny lil peckerwoods😂 Y'all so much better then black folk that nature hates you.....That sun is hell on your skin huh....
  • Boogaløo X
    Boogaløo X 2 months ago @Richard Reynolds You think so idiot that's what it's like growing up in a hostile environment believe it or not everybody that carries guns or has problems "beef" in these neighborhoods are in the wrong....It comes from having it done to you and knowing nobody is gonna care at the end of the day...If he would've died all you retarded ass crackkkaz talking shit about him would've damn sure been happy about that and would've been more then happy saying "welp one less jiggaboo" "he got what he deserves".....
  • kellerr13
    kellerr13 2 months ago He's an animal the same as the other two. he started shooting without any concern for who was in the line of fire.
  • Just Gator
    Just Gator 2 months ago @Nug U I'm waiting in them to upload the Jussie smollett attack 😆 Good thing the 50+ shootings in Chicago....weekly.... Don't have footage. Or John would be saying "we got another video from.....YOU GUESSED IT, CHIRAQ" Gangs kill more people than cops do. Cops kill more whites than blacks. Blacks kill more blacks than every race combined kill blacks. How come blacks lives only matter when cops justifiably kill them?
  • Just Gator
    Just Gator 2 months ago (edited) @Boogaløo X 480 homicides (9.4%) were in Chicago • 344 homicides (6.7%) were in Baltimore • 333 homicides (6.5%) were in Detroit • 119 homicides (2.3%) were in Washington D.C. (a 54% increase over prior years) So basically, 25% of all gun crime happens in just 4 cities. All 4 of those cities have strict gun laws, so it is not the lack of law that is the root cause. For 2016
  • Messeresser
    Messeresser 2 months ago @Just Gator 👍🎯 Beware of your statistics, the liberals heads will explode 🤯. It doesn't fit their narrative... 🤔
  • magoo drummer
    magoo drummer 2 months ago he shot wildly in the direction of a child to save his own but . Didn't care where his bullets went . luckily for the child it didn't get hurt. so sad .
  • Neal McBeal
    Neal McBeal 2 months ago @TheDeadMeme27 its funny bc caucasians actually are the ones who share dna with apes.
  • Leopard Boas
    Leopard Boas 2 months ago @Boogaløo X nature hates's your lack of vitamin D?
  • Leopard Boas
    Leopard Boas 2 months ago @Neal McBeal so do you, uneducated tree-swinger.
  • Neal McBeal
    Neal McBeal 2 months ago @Leopard Boas im afraid not crackajack
  • Boogaløo X
    Boogaløo X 2 months ago @Just Gator I agree your right on the money with that....
  • Boogaløo X
    Boogaløo X 2 months ago @Leopard Boas You know that your birth rate is down because interracial marriage with your woman is going up meaning they must love the people with lack of Vitamin D which we don't need too much of because we have melanin /Hue which makes you human your kind doesn't have that and that's why your really not "HUman" and you have such high levels of Ether that it actually eats at your woman's ovaries which is one of money reasons your woman love the dark meat and having more black kids....Hows eye and skin cancer going in Israel😂 and y'all suppose to be the "Jews"....You say tree swinger but y'all grow hair all over your body hairy mfs lol let's not forget you people still grow tails...When you people was in the Caves of Georgia Russia you was walking on all 4's while we was building empires we invented and or improved a lil more then 90 percent of the things used today...Thank the tree swingers for making it possible to use your phone watching t.v. sitting in your a.c. having a refrigerator...You tried that....And let me guess your gonna say something about my spelling or something but I don't lack knowledge when it comes to the truth so fuck it....
  • Leopard Boas
    Leopard Boas 2 months ago @Boogaløo X thanks for confirming my previous comment.
  • Leopard Boas
    Leopard Boas 2 months ago @Neal McBeal you skipped a few biology classes, haven't you?
  • Boogaløo X
    Boogaløo X 2 months ago @Leopard Boas Exactly looks like nature hates you more very limited rebuttals 😂
  • Stephen Anderson
    Stephen Anderson 2 months ago Damian X and what happened to those empires that you claim to have had😐
  • Mathieu Levasseur
    Mathieu Levasseur 2 months ago Very shitty gun skills though.
  • Gary Adams
    Gary Adams 2 months ago Well, when gang members you're at war with approach you from the front, I imagine they're hard to miss.
  • Leopard Boas
    Leopard Boas 2 months ago (edited) @Boogaløo X well, why rebute nonsense? BTW nice grammar.
  • Boogaløo X
    Boogaløo X 2 months ago @Leopard Boas When you crackkkaz bring grammar up that's when you know you really don't know wtf your talking about I lack grammar in your language but you obviously lack knowledge in a range of subjects.....I take knowledge of self over grammar any day....
  • Shel Nunya AT
    Shel Nunya AT 2 months ago IXLife G lol
  • Sanahas Kuranage
    Sanahas Kuranage 2 months ago Just think how disappointing it is. He’s probably always expecting for someone to point a gun at him. How can you live like that with fear 24/7? It sucks!
  • Leopard Boas
    Leopard Boas 1 month ago Damian X "i take knowledge of self over grammar" well, I'm afraid you're lacking in both. English is not my first language, not my second or even my third. Try again.
  • Harlow Marie
    Harlow Marie 1 month ago @Leopard Boas that dude is trying to clown on white people calling them cave dwellers yet white people rule the world and everywhere the white man goes it flourishes
  • michael p
    michael p 3 weeks ago Not really. Didn't consider the backdrop. Could have put 1 on target and fled without raising the stakes
  • Jake Schuh
    Jake Schuh 2 weeks ago @B Louis how?
  • Y Smith
    Y Smith 2 months ago Wait!!! how could this happen, New York has the strictest gun laws.
  • ToastytheG
  • Sick Intentionz
    Sick Intentionz 2 months ago @Christian Rosario pretty sure that was sarcasm you didnt pick up on.
  • Casey Locke
    Casey Locke 2 months ago That's why it CAN'T be New York. This is clearly a mistake in the video. It can't be ANY state with strict gun laws, in fact! I mean...we know gun laws work...right?
  • Christian Rosario
    Christian Rosario 2 months ago Sick Intentionz I just read it quickly, rereading it yeah, that was obviously sarcasm
  • Christian Rosario
    Christian Rosario 2 months ago Sick Intentionz I just read it quickly, rereading it yeah, that was obviously sarcasm
  • John Mintalar
    John Mintalar 2 months ago Since they are not law-abiding citizens, they can carry all day long. It's when you are law-abiding, you can't have one or it has to be locked up in a safe.
  • Naughty B
    Naughty B 2 months ago Sick Intentionz lol agreed
  • Minesanity
    Minesanity 2 months ago (edited) @Casey Locke Gun laws don't matter anymore. Doesn't matter where you live, you can go online (the dark web) and have a gun delivered right to your mailbox. That's probably an unlicensed gun he used. If you know how to use the internet correctly, then you can get a gun no matter where you live. I don't suggest anyone does this, but its a fact. Drugs, Weapons, and illegal violent videos all available on the dark web and 90% of the world is blind to this fact. Laws are irrelevant unless we are tracked 24/7, because otherwise you will have people like this who ship drugs and weapons straight to your house and get away with it on a daily basis.
  • Hidden Arizona
    Hidden Arizona 2 months ago I'm sure the bangers were on their way to the police station to turn in all weapons when this target of opportunity presented itself.
  • James Scott
    James Scott 2 months ago Interesting comments, yet no has said one word about those law abiding citizens whom purchase said guns from other law abiding citizens and then take them into inner cities to make a profit off of gun violence in said cities. Lets address how those guns are getting into those hands and those responsible for selling them, not every person who has a gun in these strict gun law states stole them as many would like to tell everyone
  • ulisses dpaz
    ulisses dpaz 2 months ago @John Mintalar lolololol perfect statement good sir👏👏
  • Joe Fixit
    Joe Fixit 2 months ago Doesn't matter how strict gun laws are in certain states when you can go into a neighboring state with very lax laws and buy one there. I mean murder is illegal and those laws dont stop people from killing others. So why have those laws to begin with????? Asinine argument
  • ulisses dpaz
    ulisses dpaz 2 months ago @John Mintalar those citizens need to know they cant carry by law..
  • The Busterdog
    The Busterdog 2 months ago (edited) @James Scott You're obviously a full of SHIT SJW troll. Go waste someone else's time, go to a site where your comments would be welcome.
  • Jason Woods
    Jason Woods 2 months ago They keep getting them from Halifax! Need a broader wall up there! Though, those 1780s muskets did look a little funny.
    TAKIZAWAYAMASHITA 2 months ago @ToastytheG yes and gun free zones why did this happen guns arent supposed to be there omg lol
  • Nug U
    Nug U 2 months ago It happened because it's in the United States where you can simply drive across the border and pick up a gun no matter which state you live in
  • Tommy Guns
    Tommy Guns 2 months ago (edited) Nug U as opposed to other countries where it’s not crazy to see a little kid with an AK that will kill you or the U.K. where it’s illegal to have guns so they just wander the streets stabbing people or in Brazil where guns are illegal but anyone on a mopped or bike might rob you at gun point and very possibly shoot you too no country is perfect as you see in this video we have scumbags as well and didn’t you know we don’t have borders in the us that’s why we have a lot of illegal guns In our country do you think if we can’t buy guns in the US those guns won’t make there way into the US or since then there would be a higher demand more guns would come in but criminals would have them not law abiding citizens oh and areas of the US that have stricter gun laws tend to have more violence New York, California, Washington DC, Chicago it’s not coincidence
  • mr gbs
    mr gbs 2 months ago @Minesanity. Ok buddy. You obviously dont own nor have went through purchasing one. I'm buying one through budz. I give my info. Give my foid card. They process it and do background checks. I go to what ever store I decided to have it shipped it to( ie: basspro). Then we do the whole process again. 3 days go by and then I get an ok to go get my new gun. So I'd have to go through 2 background checks to buy a gun online.
  • Dylan Harrison
    Dylan Harrison 2 months ago (edited) lol another 1 second of thought comment about gun control
  • mr gbs
    mr gbs 2 months ago @Nug U. Yeah ok bud. Let me guess CNN said so.
  • Daryl V.
    Daryl V. 2 months ago @mr gbs I think he is refering to private sales, which is between individuals. Which can be done online, and without having to go through an FFL. In some, like my state of WA, that's illegal but not others. Our gun laws are convoluted.
  • HereFishyFishy
    HereFishyFishy 2 months ago @Minesanity I call bullshit. Unless you are surfing the dark web for firearms, I call bullshit. This idea that you can just jump online and buy a firearm and have it mailed to you is a complete lie.
  • Minesanity
    Minesanity 2 months ago @HereFishyFishy Yes, the dark web... lol
  • Minesanity
    Minesanity 2 months ago (edited) @mr gbs You can buy guns online through the dark web... Plenty of sites supply you with handguns for the same price you would pay to buy it at any gun store. These people also don't want to know anything about you. Communication is all encrypted and all they want is your money and an address. Like I said, if you know how to use the internet then you can get anything mailed to you. I don't suggest anyone does this, but its a hard reality check for people who think gun laws are a viable option.
  • Nug U
    Nug U 2 months ago @Tommy Guns Yeah okay keep comparing New York City to the wartorn Middle East or Subsaharan Africa. What a great argument dude. I guess as long as we're doing better than the Middle East there's no problem. I would rather have someone attack me with a knife than with a gun. The fact is basically every time there is a gunfight it's in the US. When was the last time you saw a story about gun violence in Canada, Europe, or Australia? The rest of the developed world is watching videos of us shooting each other and laughing like "When will Americans pull their heads out of their asses? I'm never traveling to that f'ing warzone."
  • 4TheRecord
    4TheRecord 2 months ago Same in the UK, most popular guns on the street today are handguns which have been illegal to buy, sell or own since 1997.
  • bastarddarsh
    bastarddarsh 2 months ago New York government only cares about its criminals, that's who votes for them.
  • Justin Steckly
    Justin Steckly 2 months ago Because what the snowflake libtards don't understand is you can get a gun illegally
  • bob bobbinson
    bob bobbinson 2 months ago gun control works. look at england....
  • Laddie McGee
    Laddie McGee 2 months ago Yes, this is how gun control laws work.
  • KerrySaidSo
    KerrySaidSo 2 months ago James Scott listen to you in the back of that little yellow bus...How is it possible to be a law abiding citizen and deal guns on the black market? Just another Gun Controller trying really hard!
  • Gerardo Martinez
    Gerardo Martinez 2 months ago Damm this cant be possible NY city have very hard gun control over his citizens
  • sim1tti
    sim1tti 2 months ago New York state has the 3rd lowest occurrence of gun deaths in the US. Right behind Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The top 5 you ask? Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma. Source:
  • mr gbs
    mr gbs 2 months ago @Daryl V.. No. If the shotgun my dad bought me when I was 12 would still have to go somewhere and re register it. And it cant be for zero dollars either. So if I got pulled over with that shotgun. The numbers wont come back as me owning it. Any purchase or hand down has to be recorded and transferred properly. Other wise your just transporting firearms illegally.
  • mr gbs
    mr gbs 2 months ago @Minesanity. Mean while having a hacked modem to access the dark web isn't exactly legal either. As in hacking a device that has said "laws" around its technology.
  • Daryl V.
    Daryl V. 2 months ago @mr gbs Ok, but that's only in states where you have to register your firearms. When I lived in TX we didn't have to, we didn't have to get FOID cards either, same here in WA. You go to a store, you show your driver's license, you do a background check, then you get your gun that day. If you wanna sell it privately or give it to someone, you could do that without going through an FFL, at least in TX. They stopped that here in WA in 2014, before that though you could meet up at Taco Bell and sell guns in the parking lot.
  • Minesanity
    Minesanity 2 months ago (edited) @mr gbs You clearly have no idea what you're taking about... You just need to download a piece of software (Tor) to access the dark web. No illegal hardware is needed. Please do some research... I'm just glad most people don't know about how easy it really is to use the dark web. Ignorance is bliss...
  • JeffBlondeau
    JeffBlondeau 2 months ago @Hidden Arizona Sen. Dianne Feinstein: "When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in ... that's just human nature." (Winner of the "This isn't your Everyday Stupid" award.)
  • JeffBlondeau
    JeffBlondeau 2 months ago @James Scott This is an unbelievably stupid statement, and not only absolutely untrue, it's unproven. Source? URL? Proof? Corraborated evidence? You can make juvenile accusations, but remember the accusation proves nothing; in this case it's anti-gun propaganda.
  • kellerr13
    kellerr13 2 months ago Has to be fake. All those strict gun laws make this impossible.
  • Messeresser
    Messeresser 2 months ago @James Scott - That's not how criminals get firearms dumb-dumb. They steal them in home burglaries or buy them from someone who stole them. Something greater than 97% of firearms used in crimes are stolen or obtained illegally (black market, etc.). Not the best article, but sheds some light on the subject. "A study from the University of Chicago looked at 99 inmates at the Cook County Jail in Chicago in 2015. It found only about 3 percent of inmates who used a gun bought it at a gun store."
  • Messeresser
    Messeresser 2 months ago @Nug U - Not pistols... Apparently you're not familiar with the Federal law that prohibits sale of pistols directly to out of State residents. You 'can' technically purchase the firearm from an out of State dealer, but then the dealer is required to ship it to a FFL in YOUR home State. If the pistol is not legal for sale in that State, the FFL will send it back to the original FFL dealer in the other State and you will be charged a restocking fee before being refunded your money. If you fail the same NICS background check from the other State, you won't even get far enough in the transaction to have the firearm shipped out. You speak as if you have never gone through the process of purchasing a firearm legally?? Criminals either steal a firearm or buy it from someone who stole it. Either way, they're completely subverting the whole legal system and any laws that apply to honest firearm owners.
  • mr gbs
    mr gbs 2 months ago I'll give you a break on anything ground shipped. As those will receive lot sampling for xray. But anything being shipped through the airport will be 100 percent xrayed. Especially privatised company's. All Gov. Paid workers fail at a much higher rate than privatised.
  • Nug U
    Nug U 2 months ago @Messeresser Thanks for the info
  • Matztertaler
    Matztertaler 2 months ago but the criminals can`t read !
  • ofwoden
    ofwoden 2 months ago I get the joke your making and I'm not trying to invalidate it but New York State and New York City have different gun laws. NYS is more relaxed when compared to NYC. This event happened on Long Island which isn't NYC.
  • Walter Mora
    Walter Mora 2 months ago @Joe Fixit I don't think you understand what laws are for. Laws are not meant to stop anything. Laws describe the punishment that happens after the crime has been committed. So yeah, we already have laws to punish murder. Why should we turn good people into criminals for wanting to have a gun for protection?
  • Crwth Ghiikilzic
    Crwth Ghiikilzic 2 months ago Because New York is connected by roads and highways with 47 other states where you can buy a gun from a dealer on the spot in a parking lot without any wait period or any competency test or background check. You can even legally sell a gun to someone on the terrorist watch list...its legal!!!...its harder to buy a car in US than a gun. Im a Hope that answers your question.
  • Crwth Ghiikilzic
    Crwth Ghiikilzic 2 months ago Casey Locke yea so do cars and interstates...durrr...i like jello🤓
  • AHarice
    AHarice 2 months ago isnt hard to smuggle guns over state lines as it is boarders
  • Member Berries
    Member Berries 2 months ago Gun laws don't work for criminals
  • Cartoon Kingdom
    Cartoon Kingdom 2 months ago good point
  • Cartoon Kingdom
    Cartoon Kingdom 2 months ago @ToastytheG right exactly
  • K Den
    K Den 2 months ago Only for law abiding people. Aka the good ones
  • Cartoon Kingdom
    Cartoon Kingdom 2 months ago @Casey Locke yeah
  • sim1tti
  • General Ivan
    General Ivan 2 months ago @Member Berries makes it harder for them to find, buy or steal one. Also if they were caught with one then they could be booked before they get a chance to harm anybody. If it was legal for them then they can just carry it openly and not be worried about being arrested or having it taken away.
  • Sean Thomas
    Sean Thomas 2 months ago (edited) Because of states like South Carolina and Georgia which don't have strong laws. I own firearms, but let's not be stupid. There's a reason why Britain has like 100 gun deaths a year compared to our 40,000. You can have an opinion of whether that's worth it or not, but don't lie to yourself or other people. Have some self-respect.
  • Mr. Deaf420
    Mr. Deaf420 2 months ago Bob bobbinson 😂😂😂😂 knife? I don’t think so teabaggers
  • Fizzy_B
    Fizzy_B 2 months ago Y Smith there criminals remember.. there allowed to have guns
  • JayWard413
    JayWard413 2 months ago Wait!!! How do people speed if there are strict speed limits? I guess we should abolish all speed limits since they don’t work.
  • Stephen Ritger
    Stephen Ritger 2 months ago @Nug U Not legally, you can't.
  • Penguin1290
    Penguin1290 1 month ago I love this fucking moronic logic. That's like saying "Wait, how could this happen? Murder is illegal!! We should get rid of all the murder laws!!!"
  • Will Baker
    Will Baker 1 month ago (edited) Somebody needs to tell the criminals its a gun free zone. They just did not see the no gun sign, poor gangsters.
  • tony j
    tony j 1 month ago Strictest gun laws against selling guns? There are so many A-holes who buy and resell guns for profit and they really don't care who they sell too.
  • D T
    D T 1 month ago Gun law is a stupid law..
  • Chew Chew Train
    Chew Chew Train 2 months ago IHOP aka International House of Projectiles
  • Peter Teixeira
    Peter Teixeira 2 months ago Lesson is "if our food doesn't kill you a stray bullet might" - IHOP
  • Joseph Brintnell
    Joseph Brintnell 2 months ago (edited) Tbh I'd say you're more likely to get shot at a Waffle House over an IHOP. Each has had a mass shooting at a respective restaurant though
  • Super Sam
    Super Sam 2 months ago Joseph Brintnell I definitely agree! I swear every single WorldStarHipHop fight video has at least one video of people fighting in a Waffle House😂👍
  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho 2 months ago Joseph Brintnell the difference is that Waffle House’s food is worth taking the chance of catching a stray bullet
    DANGERTASTIC 2 months ago John doesn’t eat at IHOP. That’s how he lost so much weight. You look good man
  • Les Hunt
    Les Hunt 2 months ago The one gang member had the stuffing blown out of him.
  • NSA 000
    NSA 000 2 months ago Les Hunt lol.
  • darkliter8
    darkliter8 2 months ago Had to watch the slow mo again and yeah it was feather's in the wind for him lmao
  • edi
    edi 2 months ago In German we say he lost some feathers when we mean that someone got old or worn out or beaten up...
    WASTHATABULLET 2 months ago I wished he died. One of the rounds could of hit the kid.
  • Paul American
    Paul American 2 months ago The stuffing coming out of him just proves he's not a violent gang member instead a cuddly teddy bear.
    DONNIE YEE 2 months ago Lmao he did so
  • Demeitrius Washington
    Demeitrius Washington 1 month ago Dude this comment is goddamn hilarious! The stuffing really did get blown out of him. Lol
  • Rafy G
    Rafy G 2 months ago (edited) Lucky that little girl didn't get shot. Smh
  • ulisses dpaz
    ulisses dpaz 2 months ago Was right accross from where the rounds took off They couldve killd her So relieved they didnt
  • sttonep
    sttonep 2 months ago Imagine if the bullet changed trajectory when exiting the guy and then hit that girl. Horrible
  • Darknyte 86
    Darknyte 86 2 months ago Situational awareness, but it's hard to see something like this coming.
  • Ghost Bullets
    Ghost Bullets 2 months ago In this day and age, its almost impossible.
  • Boomie789
    Boomie789 2 months ago At the risk of sounding racist, pay extra attention to young black males. And they usually display their background in their dress. Over half of all crime in the USA is from young black males. That's just the way it is. Sorry to all the good young black males.
  • John Dees
    John Dees 2 months ago Well said
  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis 2 months ago Impossible unless you live in a war zone
  • Papi Maximus
    Papi Maximus 2 months ago (edited) @Boomie789 "Over half of all crime in the USA is from young black males" LIES! Just outright lies! [edit: cue the per capita argument now that the lie has been exposed]
  • Matztertaler
    Matztertaler 2 months ago (edited) @Boomie789 And : A hoody is a criminal wardrobe ! Blacks wearing a hoody inside a building : Better run !
  • Nordic Resilience
    Nordic Resilience 2 months ago @Papi Maximus stats vary greatly depending on the type of crime.
  • Boomie789
    Boomie789 2 months ago @Papi Maximus hmmm, well they commit over half of the murders and robberies. I geuss that's what they mean when they say that.
  • Boomie789
    Boomie789 2 months ago @Matztertaler dont be fearful, just wary.
  • Papi Maximus
    Papi Maximus 2 months ago @Boomie789 But that is not want was purported. He said "Over half of all crime in the USA is from young black males" which incorrect. Yes, blacks (not just "young black males") commit half of robberies and murder. But we conveniently forget that whites commit over half of aggravated assaults (62%) and rapes (actually 68%) which the FOUR categories together are considered the "violent crimes". So why do whites get a pass?
  • Boomie789
    Boomie789 2 months ago @Papi Maximus are Mexicans and latinos counted in the white category? I've seen that trick pulled before. And since I dont see a latino category, their portion has to be lumped in with, I'd bet, the whites. Let's see how the percentages break down with a latino category. I think I remember a Red Elephants video that gets into it. I'll try and find it.
  • judsonkr
    judsonkr 2 months ago Well i think one can identify, although it is not politically correct, that there are people in your immediate area who are more likely to engage in this sort of activity than others. When those people are around it would behoove your to be more vigilant than when they are not. Just go with the odds.
  • judsonkr
    judsonkr 2 months ago @Papi Maximus Whites DON'T get a pass PAPI but they should. Crimes committed by whites correlate to their represetavive population or lower. It is sensible that whites commit the crimes you mentioned at the rate sthey do because that is the same as their population percentage. When whites commit crimes that represent 4-5 times thier percent of the popuation then lets worry about them.
  • Patrick D
    Patrick D 2 months ago Blacks commence to violence at a higher rate commensurate to being singled out and hated on. What else did you expect?
  • Papi Maximus
    Papi Maximus 2 months ago @Boomie789 Yes and no. They are counted for BOTH the whites and blacks overall but are then broken out in the same table. So the raw numbers would be a little higher but the percentages stay about the same.
  • Papi Maximus
    Papi Maximus 2 months ago @judsonkr LOL...the Per Capita argument gives whites a pass.
  • judsonkr
    judsonkr 2 months ago @Papi Maximus No. Whites do NOT get a pass dimwit. In your mind maybe they are just allowed to get away with the things that they do but this is not true.
  • @ngel0fdeath
    @ngel0fdeath 2 months ago Darknyte 86 since he's in war, he's always aware. For us that have no beef or war we don't have to be paranoid everywhere we go.
  • Jason
    Jason 2 months ago Sucks if you're already seated and these thugs come in. Gonna leave your meal? Usually a shooting doesn't break out. I do agree that if you walk in a restaurant and see these types in there, you should leave.
  • judsonkr
    judsonkr 2 months ago @Papi Maximus papi FFS. Your linked material does nothing for your argument. It supports
  • judsonkr
    judsonkr 2 months ago @Jason It might behoove you greatly to get up and leave. Not that the odds of someting like this happening are good. They are not. This sort of thing is quite rare. However, the odds of someting like htis happening are increased exponentially when there are certain players on the room.
  • DTS !
    DTS ! 2 months ago @Boomie789: Bingo
  • big papi
    big papi 2 months ago some things can't be seen coming, period
  • Richard P
    Richard P 2 months ago No backstop worries for gangbangers... just shoot.
  • Jay Zenitram
    Jay Zenitram 2 months ago Only cops and robbers get to so this. The rest of us are screwed.
  • Keith Bond
    Keith Bond 2 months ago Exactly, zerofucksgiven
  • artiew87
    artiew87 2 months ago why don't the police actively find and shut down these gangs. nobody has an ounce of sympathy for any of them. end them and save everyone time and money.
  • Womp Bozer
    Womp Bozer 2 months ago artiew87 Because of their civil rights, dude. It’s actually not illegal to know gang members. If you watch the video you’ll see that they arrested the perpetrators of this crime.
  • Boogaløo X
    Boogaløo X 2 months ago @Womp Bozer Right and it's actually not against the law to be in a "Gang" either...
  • Boogaløo X
    Boogaløo X 2 months ago If it was you what would you have did dickhead make a back stop???....Or get beat tf up in a corner by 2 guys that has weapons all in their hand reach....Fucking idiot if he wasn't a gang member but a "good ol boy" you fucking dumbasses wouldn't have shit to say.....
  • Just Gator
    Just Gator 2 months ago @Boogaløo X Wow somebody sympathizes with gang members. Gangs are plagues. They don't teach somebody to be man, they teach cowardly behavior. I don't give a fuck who it is, if they hit a kid they are responsible for the bullet. There was no deadly threat, if there was, then the perpetrator takes responsibility for the need to escalate with a deadly response. All three were pieces of shit who have not a single ounce of common sense or regard for other lives. The two pussy gang members couldn't wait for him to walk outside? No because that would take rational thinking. Also not taught in gangs. Gangs are for pussies and if you need to be in a gang it means you're a bitch. I have no sympathy for trash of any color. Hells Angels are bitches too. No man needs to be surrounded by other men for protection. Don't join a gang and you won't need protection from other gangs. It's simple fucking math. Being in a gang means one has no future, and a likelihood of dying before 30 from unnatural causes. By all means join up. Stand in line though because everyone with a brain is signing up. 🙄 Stupid ass fuck with shit for brains and a dumpster for logic
  • corsairguru
    corsairguru 2 months ago Damian X and the most ignorant post of the day goes to... 🙄
  • brandon2076
    brandon2076 2 months ago @Just Gator Destroyed that guy......nice.
  • Womp Bozer
    Womp Bozer 2 months ago Gator never been about that Nice virtue signaling! You’re an awesome citizen and it’s about time you finally stood up to say something about gang violence. Also I’m really impressed that you’re not scared of the HA. You should publish your address and your identity so you can claim your citizenship award.
  • Floyd Waters
    Floyd Waters 2 months ago Gator never been about that You speak the entire truth! Pussies straight the fuck up, no matter how fucked up your childhood is , joining a gang is probably the worst and weakest decision one can make. Jesus Christ a baby was the backstop, I have an 18 month old and this is one of my fears.
  • BC Walk
    BC Walk 2 months ago @Boogaløo X Yet people like liz warren want to use the justice dept to go after "white nationalists" meanwhile the gangbangers that account for causing 80% of homicides get their data deleted by social justice activists in Chicago. the looney left makes this all possible.