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7 Crucial Lessons People Often Learn Too Late in Life

Published on Apr 14, 2019 455,708 views

What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?

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How to Turn Failure Into Wisdom:

Do What You Love:


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  • The Art of Improvement
    The Art of Improvement 3 months ago "You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending." - C. S. Lewis
  • J A
    J A 1 month ago (edited) Damn that's a badass quote
  • Doomer Ipe
    Doomer Ipe 1 month ago I need this tattooed on my forehead
  • Timothy Appleseed
    Timothy Appleseed 2 months ago (edited) @Asuna Yuuki Set your rudder on your values. Then combine and apply your talents and interests to your values. Your interests is the wind in your sails. Your skills are at the helm and your rudder is set on your values. Always start with the end in mind but then always set the end on the why, ...because it's always the why we fall back to. Following your talents makes your work come easier so that you can get onto doing your art. Following your interests helps you throw the blankets off in the morning and it keeps you naturally focused and engaged. Following your values gives you staying power. Compromising your values causes burn out and self sabotage. What do you like? What do you daydream about? What are you good at? What are your natural traits and talents? But mostly, what do you care about? "The synergy of our talents and interests encased in what we care about is the seed of purpose and purpose is the fruit of life, but the path to the tree of life is obscured by the masks we wear seeking validation and or approval from others." ~me
  • Asuna Yuuki
    Asuna Yuuki 2 months ago But I dont know where to go
  • Timothy Appleseed
    Timothy Appleseed 2 months ago Every new beginning is preceded by some kind of big-ending.
  • laurendd1123
    laurendd1123 2 months ago I love Lewis.
  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 2 months ago The Art of Improvement No SHIT, Sherlock!!!!
  • Mike Hess
    Mike Hess 2 months ago The best way to change the past is to focus on the present moment
  • Bunny
    Bunny 3 months ago Good video, Art of Improvement
    TALLY ERP 9 2019 ' MOHAN SREENIVAS ' 3 months ago Bro can I use videos but audio will be in my language that is in Telugu
  • Andrés Cervantes
    Andrés Cervantes 2 months ago (edited) 1. If you want to "do what you love" you have to work three times as hard as everyone else. 2. Beneath anger there is always fear. 3. Our everyday habits form our future selves. 4. Your emotions take practice (who you are takes practice). 5. Everyone has his or her own agenda. 6. Achievement will never be as fulfilling as the journey. 7. Working hard and laughter are not mutually exclusive.
  • Josh foreman
    Josh foreman 1 month ago Legend.
  • Charissa Hakes
    Charissa Hakes 1 month ago Andrés Cervantes a hero every video needs
  • Richreap
    Richreap 1 month ago Thank You
  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 months ago Andrés Cervantes - Thanks👍
    UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS 3 months ago One of the lessons I wish I had learned earlier in life is that failure is just a normal part of success! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Virtual Vendetta
    Virtual Vendetta 2 months ago failure is the best teacher
  • smita chhetri
    smita chhetri 2 months ago Very true... & that focusing on being better person .. while reaching our goals should be the way of life... & not like it is nowadays .. reach ur goal at any cost..
  • Hallenor
    Hallenor 2 months ago Thats basically the only thing they have to teach in school.The rest you can learn on youtube in half the time.
  • Richard III
    Richard III 2 months ago @Stuve715 Cute joke but you can fail in other ways other than just not having your chute open. The first time you jumped out of an airplane did you have a perfect landing or was it more of a rough landing. I'm sure people have jumped out of the plane the wrong way and might have hurt themselves,and stuff like that.
  • Jason Frederick
    Jason Frederick 2 months ago Excellent!!
  • Stuve715
    Stuve715 2 months ago That isn't what they tell you when you're learning skydiving
  • Geetha Balasupramaniyan
    Geetha Balasupramaniyan 2 months ago Very well said. True
  • vempriex
    vempriex 2 months ago Indeed. I wish I have known that earlier in life.
  • b gatty
    b gatty 3 months ago same here!
  • Life Progress - ideas for a better life TV
    Life Progress - ideas for a better life TV 3 months ago Anger, resentment, and jealousy don't change the heart of others. It only changes yours...
  • Daniel Porter
    Daniel Porter 2 months ago I agree, except anger, If you see an unjust evil system, to effect change, if wages are so low,long hours, then change is required. if it was not for anger, people would be working 10 hour days with so low pay today with NO RIGHTS
  • Bonnie Kuhn
    Bonnie Kuhn 2 months ago @TheMilpitasguy Quite the opposite. Yes don't seek them out, and definitely stay away from people who are truly dangerous. But most so-called toxic people just have bad attitudes that WE ALLOW to change us. Often they are close family members or co-workers, and "staying away" is not an option; so it is important to practice rejecting their drama, anger and general nastiness - not let it become part of us - while tolerating their inevitable presence in our lives.
  • arizona dreaming
    arizona dreaming 2 months ago @TheMilpitasguy adult bullies suck
  • monkeyfingers
    monkeyfingers 2 months ago Not in they way you want it to anyways
  • TheMilpitasguy
    TheMilpitasguy 2 months ago In other words, stay away from toxic people.
  • Blake McBride
    Blake McBride 2 months ago Life Progress - Health, Wealth, & Happiness Channel: He’s talking to you SJWs!
  • Sabrina Dacosta
    Sabrina Dacosta 2 months ago Life is not about having fun. But having fun while living is essential
  • In Dem Haus
    In Dem Haus 2 months ago Depends on what the fun leads you to. Yeah you can drink, fuck, smoke, party and all of that playboy stuff but it has the potential to send you spiraling into profound depression. The point is too contribute to society as much as you possibly can while still indulging in fun activities. Being an accountant or doctor for decades is great financially, but if it defines you and you find yourself struggling to have fun, make friends, and/or marry someone, then sorry but that's a bit too lonely of a lifestyle for my liking. That is not to say that accountants and doctors can't do what I have listed but my point stands.
  • dj ochi
    dj ochi 2 months ago Just live yo life to the fullest. Know ALOT OF PEOPLE WHP DIED BEFORE THERE TIME. TRUST ME. CANCER IS NO JOKE YOUNG AND OLD.
  • Meghan Dietrich
    Meghan Dietrich 2 months ago @Mateusz Urban I think fun makes the world a better place. Fun is what makes life worth living. What's the point without it?
  • Mateusz Urban
    Mateusz Urban 2 months ago Sure, I agree :)
  • 2 months ago Mateusz Urban Because it’s not the ultimate goal. Having fun is part of life! Don’t take it so serious today might be your last, always remember that and live your life to the fullest of your capacity. Be humble, friendly, smile and have fun!
  • Mateusz Urban
    Mateusz Urban 2 months ago @Fleecemaster It is about pursuing the meanigful and making the world even a slightly better place everyday. "Fun" as your ultimate life goal is quite pathetic, isn't it?
  • Fleecemaster
    Fleecemaster 2 months ago What is life about if not for having fun?
  • Authentic Self Guide
    Authentic Self Guide 3 months ago Greatest lesson i have learnt in life is to take full responsibility for yourself. Never blame anyone in life. Own it 👌🏼
  • Jerico anon
    Jerico anon 2 months ago (edited) Amazing comment, too bad people filled with hate came quickly just to spread more hate The only downside in this logic is that responsibility only exists when there's authority, a kid doesnt have authority in his home and so, he cannot be responsible for his life at home An adult doesnt have authority to change laws and so, he cannot be responsible for law We humans made our own cages by creating authority systems, but at the price of our freedom, they work and they spread, so you cannot escape them unless you are just never born But when dealing with equal beings, "take full responsibility" is an absolute perfect practice
  • aFreeman0409
    aFreeman0409 2 months ago (edited) @Drake ICN Keep telling yourself that Dorothy and don't forget to click you heels 3 times; He isn't any fairy tale and there is plenty of evidence that Jesus was here.
  • Drake ICN
    Drake ICN 2 months ago @aFreeman0409 Jesus is a fairytale.
  • aFreeman0409
    aFreeman0409 2 months ago (edited) @Drake ICN You better know more than snippets. Jesus said you have to be JUST LIKE HIM to go home...
  • Drake ICN
    Drake ICN 2 months ago @aFreeman0409 Anyone willing to listen to their inner divine voice knows snippets of it. Nothing special about that.
  • Oscar Rivera
    Oscar Rivera 2 months ago Thats remember me Dr Jordan Peterson
  • aFreeman0409
    aFreeman0409 2 months ago @Drake ICN As if you know the mind of God...
  • Drake ICN
    Drake ICN 2 months ago A very much privileged view point. Typical of someone who have had an easy road. No, I don't mean that you haven't worked hard. I mean that you could work hard without interference and that when you worked hard you were rewarded. This type of privilege leads to arrogance, and arrogance leads to cruelty. Here is the truth you SHOULD embrace; despair leads to criminality, cruelty (perhaps even more than privilege does, ironic, isn't it? Two sides of the same coin...) and laziness. Instead of judging, show compassion. When your time is up, God will not ask how much was your bank account or how far you could kick a football or how many ladies you slept with.
  • Boss
    Boss 2 months ago 'Take full responsibility"... what a joke. Biggest lie they are telling the poor these days. Pretty much just enjoy being raped and blame yourself for it instead of your rapists.
  • aFreeman0409
    aFreeman0409 2 months ago Except for the obvious fact that shit rolls down hill. Plenty of people get shit on and are not responsible for it
  • James A. Huitron
    James A. Huitron 2 months ago @Stuve715 you're confusing fault with responsibility. You take responsibility in the sense that it's up to you and only you to deal with the consequences of any situation that occurs, whether good or bad.
  • Vic Wilson
    Vic Wilson 2 months ago @Stuve715 u can trust people. just trust them to act in their own perceived self interest which is no reason to be paranoid or antisocial. do you not trust your dog because he eats meat if u give it to him ?
  • Stuve715
    Stuve715 2 months ago Right. So when people I should have been able to trust, like, oh I don't know, my parents, acted in their own interests and caused me harm, I should take full responsibility for that myself? Even though I was a child? Don't get me wrong, my parents didn't sell me into slavery or prostitution, but harm comes in many forms. Your comment is a trite comment to a trite video. No, most people aren't specifically out to get you, but most people are looking out for their own interests and some absolutely don't care that if in doing that they cause you harm - they just expect you to look out for yourself. How do you know who to trust? From my own experience you can't trust people whom you are supposed to be able to trust, let alone random strangers. At what point do you learn whom you can trust? By that point the damage might already have been done; your life might have been severely affected. Can you go through life without trusting anyone? Is that even possible? And if you could, what kind of life would that be?
  • Chester Villaruel
    Chester Villaruel 3 months ago Authentic Self Guide yeah men.
  • Linda Harrison
    Linda Harrison 3 months ago "If you want to "do what you love", you have to work 3 times as hard as everyone else." And this is the part they don't tell you! We hear corny stuff like "do what you love and the money will follow," but they left out this most important part. I wish I'd heard this about 40 years ago.
  • Alan Walkman
    Alan Walkman 2 weeks ago @Jeff C If you love history, music, or even gardening, certainly and obviously, you'd have to work as much as the other person. Not many people make it in the music business and unfortunately, unless you're Indianna Jones (I know he's fictional, but bare with me) or a well-renowned archeologist, I don't see people making a career out of history. Most people try to figure out how to make something they are passionate about helpful to society. With Walt Disney, it was entertainment and making people laugh. With Mark Zuckerberg, it was being able to communicate with others like him and share ideas. If there is a will, there is a way.
  • Heather Feather
    Heather Feather 2 weeks ago Guurrrl SAAAAAAME
  • Alan Walkman
    Alan Walkman 2 months ago Linda Harrison "I love video games. Where the hell is my 1 million dollars like PewDiePie?"
  • Phumlani Wiseman Khumalo
    Phumlani Wiseman Khumalo 2 months ago Good thing I am watching this at the age of 19
  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 2 months ago @Um Okay Don't expect a prize at every turn, but if you really want it you can make it happen! If you believe that there's little chance, you can also make that happen!
  • jamie gill
    jamie gill 2 months ago Clint Eastwood not sure how much harder he worked though
  • Mike Hess
    Mike Hess 2 months ago Working hard is putting in consistent effort over time...
  • Jeffrey Kaufmann
    Jeffrey Kaufmann 2 months ago @Nikki Thomas like Federer playing tennis
  • Um Okay
    Um Okay 2 months ago Yup, if I hear one more video telling me to start my own friggin' business or make my hobby into a living... such things can only work on very rare occasions for a select few people.
  • Kelly Keefe
    Kelly Keefe 2 months ago I believe 10 times harder is more accurate. ( For a brief time I was involved in a business with 3 others, the feeling was wonderful, but short lived.)
  • Vanessa Depas-Medina
    Vanessa Depas-Medina 2 months ago This has been particularly true for me. Others are always asking me why I work so much but bc I love it I don't get as tired as others
  • Nikki Thomas
    Nikki Thomas 2 months ago When you do what u love it's like it is not work at all. You would do it free without pay if you love it.....
  • LFM Music
    LFM Music 2 months ago How true Linda!.........Liam
  • Jeff C
    Jeff C 2 months ago ​@Sabrina Dacosta Well, it really depends on what it is that you love.
  • Sabrina Dacosta
    Sabrina Dacosta 2 months ago Well, don’t worry that you didn’t hear that before because it is not true
  • David Stoyanoff
    David Stoyanoff 3 months ago Courage is being afraid and doing what you are afraid of in spite of it.
  • Malt454
    Malt454 2 months ago Courage is doing what is necessary, regardless... emphasis on necessary, not regardless.
  • David Stoyanoff
    David Stoyanoff 2 months ago @doge fm courage is overcoming your fear. I think that's what you're trying to say. If you're not afraid it's no big deal to do something
  • doge fm
    doge fm 2 months ago I don't think so. Courage is suppress your fear, and not be afraid of something you were before.  or not to be a fraid of something that is scarry. and you are not courage is to be not afraid
  • Life Progress - ideas for a better life TV
    Life Progress - ideas for a better life TV 3 months ago (edited) Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others. My vision involves making animations for my channel, what's yours?
  • TougeRuzbay
    TougeRuzbay 2 months ago Auto racing
  • I'm no faggot
    I'm no faggot 2 months ago Be a lunatic and sell guns to unstable country
  • Vic Xuan
    Vic Xuan 2 months ago Life Progress - Health, Wealth, & Happiness Channel Entertaining through basketball
    CREATORS93 2 months ago Those were most wisely used 06 minutes and 05 seconds of my life.
    CREATORS93 1 month ago Three seconds to decide and click which video I'm gonna watch, after the YouTube search results.
  • VADOR 93
    VADOR 93 1 month ago Where tf did you get the other 3 seconds from ?
  • Moon Scorpio
    Moon Scorpio 2 months ago We had a substitute that once told us “Life happens while you’re planning other stuff”
  • Sochetra Song
    Sochetra Song 3 months ago " if your are not able to ENJOY THE JOURNEY with those surround you, then the end goal will become meaningless ". Thank you man.
  • davebuchan81
    davebuchan81 2 months ago @Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy I expect so. Otherwise why go through with it? Enlightenment comes from within. The journey still remains.
  • Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy
    Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy 2 months ago I wonder if Jesus enjoyed his journey to the cross?
  • Dave Lordy
    Dave Lordy 2 months ago "To do what you love you have to work three times harder than everyone else" . . . I love to work three times less than everybody else.
  • Kewl Story
    Kewl Story 3 weeks ago Spelling smarter is harder
  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 1 month ago You're living the dream lol
  • FEAFi
    FEAFi 2 months ago @Dave Lordy Fucking hell, I spat out my coffee on my cat when I read this
  • Tad Mcdougle
    Tad Mcdougle 2 months ago @Dave Lordy mic drop
  • Dave Lordy
    Dave Lordy 2 months ago But not better than wirking snarter.
  • Mike Hess
    Mike Hess 2 months ago Working snarter is always better than wirking harder...
  • keith stevenson
    keith stevenson 2 months ago 21 April 2019 Keith Stevenson Interesting , Some wisdom here. Thanks .
  • TurkeySlapper
    TurkeySlapper 2 months ago Purge toxic people from your life. Many ppl like to think we're 100% responsible for our own lives and strong enough to brush off the negativity coming from these ppl. The reality is we absorb it like a sponge, your environment affects who you are regardless of who you want to be. Toxic people can ruin your life. People definitely can be controlled, maybe not forever if they resist but often they don't resist due to fear.
  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 1 month ago @matthe ai you god damn right about that.
  • matthe ai
    matthe ai 1 month ago Freddy Krueger I know I’m right
  • matthe ai
    matthe ai 1 month ago (edited) Those people at federal reserve don’t care if you are trying to bring positive or not You will still be a slave to the bank You will fucking pay your student debt and morgages
  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 1 month ago @matthe ai bingo
  • matthe ai
    matthe ai 2 months ago TurkeySlapper I disagree with this video People can still be controlled with central bank and federal reserve and petrodollar
  • Eugene Gawanab
    Eugene Gawanab 2 months ago ppl can be controlled for sure....i mean look at how many haven't woke from this Ultra mind control system of the elite...
  • S K
    S K 2 months ago Despite what you think, everyone else is having the same thoughts, problems, anxieties as you.
  • David Brooksbank
    David Brooksbank 2 months ago I'm afraid their not. For instance many people pursue money just in order to survive, others pursue money to get rich. I have had opportunities to if not get rich but wealthy. I need money as much as the next person to survive but it doesn't motivate me. I am concerned about the falling standards in society but looking around any town centre it would seem few are.
  • Pigdoc1
    Pigdoc1 3 months ago Well, at least one of these is true, people will always work in their best interest, and if that means throwing you under the bus, they are there
  • The pixelated girl
    The pixelated girl 2 months ago @Stuve715 it’s not too late
  • Stuve715
    Stuve715 2 months ago Yep. And this is one thing that I wish I had learned years ago... y'know, before it was too late
  • O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me
    O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me 3 months ago Your life is the sum of the decisions and actions, made by you and compounded throughout the time.
  • Harmen
    Harmen 1 month ago @NoPainLorraine1 1 thanks. Glad you understand that this shit exists.
  • NoPainLorraine1 1
    NoPainLorraine1 1 2 months ago @Harmen I am so so sorry they did that to you.
  • Harmen
    Harmen 2 months ago Yeah I am a survivor of satanic ritual abuse while I was a kid. Try to get your head around that, dismissing that as my decisions and actions. There is evil in the world, there is injustice in the world.
  • Stuve715
    Stuve715 2 months ago @Kris Zen Successful people discount the degree to which luck played a part in their success and over-credit their own efforts - that's just human nature and understandable, but leads those people to be scornful of those not as successful (that is, not as lucky): "If I could do it then anyone can"
  • Kris Zen
    Kris Zen 2 months ago Yes and no:) You never have enough data to make right decisions neither you control the actions of others :)
  • Mind Now
    Mind Now 3 months ago O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me so true brother
  • Garry Allison
    Garry Allison 2 months ago I think a lot of people feel this stuff you point out, when they see this laid out in front of them like the way you present it, it makes sense! Good channel and happy Easter to all readers and watchers of this advice
  • The Life Formula
    The Life Formula 3 months ago What you do today is one more action toward who you will be tomorrow. Love this line!