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In this leadership training video you will learn seven tips for hiring the best of and more. As a manager you have to be involved in hiring your team. Partner with human resources but don't abdicate the responsibility. Too many manager interview by the "seat of their pants". In other words they don't take a professional and methodical approach to hiring. Great performance begins in an effective selection process.
Rick will cover:
+5 Common Problems in the selection process
+7 Qualities of the Ideal Candidate
+What to avoid in an interview
+7 Proven and Practical Interviewing Tips
The best managers, always have the best people. They are picky in who they hire so they bring on excellent people. In addition, they coach and train them the best so they perform even better. Watch the hiring training video, take notes, you just might learn a technique or two to help you transform from manager to leader.

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  • Chan Chancel
    Chan Chancel 9 months ago I dont like this, I love this
  • DotkaEmber
    DotkaEmber 3 months ago Thank you, Sir, for taking the time to create this.
  • Rick Conlow
    Rick Conlow 3 months ago Thanks so much. Check this out when you get time: 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers: Positively, Rick
  • Bible Pool
    Bible Pool 2 months ago Excellent presentation!
  • Rick Conlow
    Rick Conlow 2 months ago Thank you!
  • Businessin10
    Businessin10 1 month ago Hi Rick, I hired people based on personality traits, of course speciality mattered, such as accounting etc... what also mattered training and following up. So I say hire people that are smarter than you, train them, then let them run. I started a couple of companies from the ground up and this worked for me.
  • Kelli Conlow
    Kelli Conlow 1 week ago Hi Businessin10: Great point. I have used a couple of personal profiles like that is well. They help. We just have to be consistent in how we apply them. Thanks. Positively, Rick
  • Rick Conlow
    Rick Conlow 1 month ago Hi Businessin10: Great point. I have used assessments to identify success traits. I agree it can work really well. Thank you for commenting on this. Positively, Rick