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Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin Guitar Lesson. INTRO with picking
Step by step easy to follow lesson. Loads more lessons on my channel!

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  • Tegan Woodard
    Tegan Woodard 6 days ago I had went to a class to start playing guitar, it went well, bought my first guitar and everything. I would watch your videos and learn a lot and easily. But I can’t play anymore because my father got drunk and broke it after I was “playing to loud”. And even though I don’t have a guitar I still watch your videos and now I just need to wait to get another guitar. I won’t ever stop because playing helps me get through a lot. So thank you for helping me without realizing how you’ve helped me. 😁❤️
  • Rohan Tiwari
    Rohan Tiwari 6 days ago Can you do some Iron Maiden please?
  • Ashikur Rahaman
    Ashikur Rahaman 2 days ago Thankzzz a lot for this one as this one is a dream song since my childhood .... Thankzzzz a lot for this tutorial once again... I have started learning it and hoped to get this under my belt soon !!!!!
  • MegaDIsBack awb
    MegaDIsBack awb 4 days ago Could you please do a Video for Wheel in the Sky by Journey? That would be great :)
  • George Cost
    George Cost 3 days ago Greetings, Lee! As a suggestion, Love of my life from Santana, easy and iconic riff for us, begginers! Keep rocking !
  • Crisgames OMG
    Crisgames OMG 5 days ago This song is so beautiful! Thanks for the lesson
  • Mari Sortedal
    Mari Sortedal 3 days ago Can you please make a tutorial of the song The riddle by Nik kershaw
  • dak 1ng64
    dak 1ng64 3 days ago Can you do Until The End by breaking Benjamin?
  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor 6 days ago Brilliant LJ, that’s me sorted for god knows how long.... I love this version, in fine voice Sir. Cheers
  • Andrey Rudenko
    Andrey Rudenko 5 days ago I really appreciate your lessons, they are extremely helpful. Could you please do a solo lesson for stairway to heaven
    NORDELTUS 2 days ago Awesome
  • Jamie S
    Jamie S 6 days ago Another awesome tutorial cheers sir 👍
  • Toxic Dragon
    Toxic Dragon 6 days ago First comment I had started guitar off of you great job man continue 👍👍
  • climber7565
    climber7565 6 days ago I love the tutorial!! Thank you so much!!!
  • Somebody Touch My Spaghetti
    Somebody Touch My Spaghetti 6 days ago Nicee man, thank you for this tutorial
  • Nikad
    Nikad 6 days ago Thanks for the constant uploads! 😄
  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 6 days ago Finally You uploaded it . Thank You ! 🙏
  • Rogi
    Rogi 6 days ago I feel copy right 😉👏👏 its perfect 👊🎸🎸
  • Eryk Lewandowski
    Eryk Lewandowski 5 days ago Omg, I love you for this tutorial
  • Jamie S
    Jamie S 6 days ago Could I request some libertines please🙏