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What it takes to be a great leader | Roselinde Torres

Published on Feb 19, 2014 851,725 views

There are many leadership programs available today, from 1-day workshops to corporate training programs. But chances are, these won't really help. In this clear, candid talk, Roselinde Torres describes 25 years observing truly great leaders at work, and shares the three simple but crucial questions would-be company chiefs need to ask to thrive in the future.

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  • Diana Whoran
    Diana Whoran 4 years ago when you have to watch this for school... :/
  • louise lavery
    louise lavery 1 month ago whaa happened? do i pass my class now?
  • Ty Dawkins
    Ty Dawkins 2 months ago Haha me too!
  • Peyton Vinc
    Peyton Vinc 2 months ago Same !
  • Jacob Amelung
    Jacob Amelung 4 months ago Ayeee lmao
  • Sir Dankus
    Sir Dankus 4 months ago Im watching for a college class
  • Danielle Moran
    Danielle Moran 5 months ago Here for school too ...
  • Scott Clobes
    Scott Clobes 8 months ago Same here! Ugh!
  • Tracy and Marilyn Lhouphei
    Tracy and Marilyn Lhouphei 1 year ago Yikes I'm ruler of my own gosh 😕😕😕
  • christiana onyejiaka
    christiana onyejiaka 1 year ago Diana Whoran me currently
  • Pfunk Beats
    Pfunk Beats 2 years ago yup I'm there now LOL
  • Steve L
    Steve L 3 years ago Lots of words but nothing much said Hahaha
  • Evepe Goel
    Evepe Goel 3 weeks ago Nothing much said She was consumed in ony herself and her experiences all throughout. She distilled the leadership skills by observing a lot but kept it to herself only Haha Lolz
  • mirror talk
    mirror talk 2 years ago corporate bla bla bla...look at the audience followers...ha ha ha
  • TheAldiraies
    TheAldiraies 2 years ago She did describe what makes a good leader, just not in a straightforward way. Like when she mentioned "Are you courageous enough to abandon the past?", she explained that a great leader is made when they step out of their comfort zone.
  • lillmango
    lillmango 2 years ago Agreed. I kept rewinding thinking I missed something but it was all just waffle.
  • adamw1010
    adamw1010 3 years ago +KingKong 69 Exactly I was waiting whole the time for the moment to learn something and then all of the sudden "Thank you" xD
  • joe2grand
    joe2grand 5 years ago just get on with it and tell us what we need to know
  • Carole Berreur
    Carole Berreur 1 week ago @TheRoxas13th 3 things: 1/ anticipate the future, don't just 'react' to things that are happening now 2/ Meet diverse people (not just those who surround you usually and who you're comfortable with) 3/ change your view on what's 'successful' and start thinking new ideas and concepts, even if it's not comfortable to you or others around you (be convinced by your own creativity).
  • TheRoxas13th
    TheRoxas13th 4 years ago @joe2grand Yeah, i am still not sure what makes a good leader.
  • ofSix
    ofSix 5 years ago Honestly, in my opinion it is always much more simple than some people make it out to be: once we understand that the ideas of control, power, and ability are much more rooted in how we think, and not in the initial or transitory circumstances at hand--we will then hold to key to being good at something, anything. Man is an idea, of sorts, that he himself learns from his influences (whether it's immediate family or teachers) and then has to unlearn so that he can become what he wishes, and ultimately chooses, to be. I love to talk about these types of things and I just want to improve with each day as a person--to become smarter, better, and stronger. If you find me to be genuine, give me a chance and bring me your life experience and opinions so that we may both grow. That is all, no more no less
  • K Brown
    K Brown 1 year ago I love the line: "...then has to unlearn so that he can become what he wishes, and ultimately chooses, to be". So appropo!
  • Richard Kralick
    Richard Kralick 3 years ago To all those who say you missed the point... well, you missed the point.
  • Samir Davis
    Samir Davis 5 years ago I am studying a  Management and Leadership module as part of my uni course and i have to say it is the most tedious, long winded and repetitive subject its just theories and diagrams of "types" of leadership with no conclusions or point its just an irrelevant study
  • Ramses Amon RA
    Ramses Amon RA 8 months ago of course, it's called : technocratie
  • John Askevold
    John Askevold 1 year ago Rubén Gallardo I think some pragmatic learning where students can maybe volunteer and lead groups of kids & teens trying out their specific leadership styles they like.
  • Rubén Gallardo
    Rubén Gallardo 4 years ago What do you think would be a good way to teach students in Managment and Leadership in a better way? How can teachers do that better?
  • Open School
    Open School 4 years ago Leadership is all about thinking different, taking risks, doing the unpredictable and anticipating the outcome above all giving courage to your associates. Roselinde Torres tries to unravel the myths associated with the modern day leadership.
  • Open School
    Open School 5 years ago Good subject. Showing lots of statistis and info, she should've made it even better. Leadership is one of the most researched, analyzed and debated matter all over the world. Here, we gets some more details on this topic. Thanks to Roselinde Torres.
  • New African Money
    New African Money 4 years ago What a boring speaker....shes definitely not a leader.
  • Technology drained our children's batteries!
    Technology drained our children's batteries! 2 years ago Spellcheck broken?  too tense?  speaking of someone who blabs...
  • New African Money
    New African Money 3 years ago LOL
  • Mannie kazares
    Mannie kazares 3 years ago that's what I learned from watching this video..she's to tence and nerdy..and that is clearly not her color...and she's cocky to...blabbing about herself...I hope they where handed out energy drinks to keep then awake
  • New African Money
    New African Money 3 years ago thank YOUS for pointing that out
  • xGrahamz
    xGrahamz 3 years ago @BLACK HARRY she's*