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Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

Published on Apr 6, 2016 21,265,370 views

Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through YouTube binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.

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  • Hamna
    Hamna 1 month ago I bet everyone watching this is procrastinating by watching a video about procrastination 😂
  • Bismah Shafiq
    Bismah Shafiq 5 hours ago Yashh
    FARYA RAHMAN 20 hours ago yeah. Same
  • Schiße 11
    Schiße 11 1 day ago actually i saved this video to my "watch later" list but procrastinated for a long long time
  • Dr. M Shaikh
    Dr. M Shaikh 1 day ago Yes u got that right 🤣🤣🤣
  • Arieal C
    Arieal C 2 days ago Oh geez, totally happening haha! If someone else didn't say it I was about to
  • Demon Kitty
    Demon Kitty 2 days ago Yeah
  • Barbara Łukomska
    Barbara Łukomska 2 days ago exactly :) tomorrow I have exam an I guess the panic monster will arrive around 9pm ;)
  • Reana Warfield
    Reana Warfield 2 days ago @Unkn0wn 4Life you are not wrong
  • Robert McCurdy
    Robert McCurdy 2 days ago @Darren Those are the sounds of the "Dark Playground." I recognize them.
  • cosmic mutant
    cosmic mutant 3 days ago exacly you know it
  • Emily
    Emily 3 days ago I was procrastinating by clicking the like button on your comment and un-clicking it.. that happens when you're like number 10 000
  • BlueKiwi Consuming
    BlueKiwi Consuming 3 days ago Was about to comment this
  • Ethan Crawshaw
    Ethan Crawshaw 3 days ago I've seen it twice now. I just watched it then cause I was like "Oh that was a great video that really described me! I should totally watch it again INSTEAD of what I need to do rn"
  • Ireland Garrett
    Ireland Garrett 3 days ago What a mood😂
  • Reasonable Perfection
    Reasonable Perfection 4 days ago Omfg ikr lol I'm procrastinating that I should be at my friend's at 10 and now it's 9.30 Lmao
  • IB
    IB 4 days ago Me
  • Harry Nicholas
    Harry Nicholas 5 days ago i've designed my lifestyle so that my entire existance is spent procrastininating, i even feel like finishing this comment at a later date. the key to success is "displacement activity", i do housework to avoid real work, and i do real work to avoid housework. the rest of the time i goof off. perfect life.
  • Clementine Phokela
    Clementine Phokela 5 days ago about to write my exam in an hour. just happened to see this video and for some "strange reason", i had to watch it till the end.
  • Dominique Maldonado
    Dominique Maldonado 5 days ago HAHAHAHAHA
  • Rupin Sharma
    Rupin Sharma 5 days ago I wasn't expecting such a personal attack.
  • ? PRO2
    ? PRO2 5 days ago I only have to study for 3 exams and 4 final projects in a week mate no big
  • prythian novak
    prythian novak 6 days ago yup. should be finishing an assessment
  • Dr. Allison Qiu
    Dr. Allison Qiu 6 days ago 🌸Yes, agree with you. I'm procrastinating my paper by watching this...🌸 💝He is an ideal type of man in my mind, handsome, intelligent easy-going and humorous. But how to find this kind of guy in our life. And it seems is it is impossible to get in touch or contact this kind of famous person.💝
  • Natalie Gelman
    Natalie Gelman 6 days ago yep
  • Nabila Putri A.
    Nabila Putri A. 6 days ago Aren't we are?
  • Jared Guerra
    Jared Guerra 6 days ago ohh lady yah got me!
  • Muzammil Masroor
    Muzammil Masroor 1 week ago highkey
  • Chrisandra Dlamine
    Chrisandra Dlamine 1 week ago bro😅😅😥
  • Imaelito AC
    Imaelito AC 1 week ago I had this on muy watch list for year.
  • Bjørn-Petter Tøsse
    Bjørn-Petter Tøsse 1 week ago And if I get to write a PhD, it should be about procrastination! It is an interesting field! Or time management in general is interesting.
  • Bjørn-Petter Tøsse
    Bjørn-Petter Tøsse 1 week ago I have 5000 words to write and 150 pages to read by Monday. I'll do it tomorrow.. Tonight I'll anyway work on some other things and now I'll eat, after this video. I started writing this paper today though, because the panic monster grabbed my ape by its tail and threw it into the woods.
  • Barnaby
    Barnaby 1 week ago I have been putting it in my watch later playlist for two months now, this is when I'm watching it.
  • lillith77
    lillith77 1 week ago How did you know?
  • Trapper
    Trapper 1 week ago true
  • alo300wsm sako
    alo300wsm sako 1 week ago yup how Ironic
  • Alaina Howard
    Alaina Howard 1 week ago Yep
  • Cole Orehosky
    Cole Orehosky 1 week ago I have a project due in a few hours
  • Mya Stark
    Mya Stark 1 week ago YEEESSS
  • Cameron Rogers
    Cameron Rogers 1 week ago Facts lol
  • Cris R
    Cris R 1 week ago 😂😂 i should be studying. Finals are tm
  • Elias Niwert
    Elias Niwert 1 week ago I didnt need this personal offense
  • Jack Baker
    Jack Baker 1 week ago Yes
  • The xx Gamer
    The xx Gamer 1 week ago Finals next week...
  • Misael Cortes G.
    Misael Cortes G. 1 week ago lmao i am
  • The Mario Kid
    The Mario Kid 1 week ago You know it!