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How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

Published on Jun 27, 2014 21,756,682 views

Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding.

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  • Yunhua Chaang
    Yunhua Chaang 3 years ago Avoid: 1. Gossip 2. Judging 3. Negativity 4. Complaining 5. Excuses 6. Lying 7. Dogmatism HAIL - To greet or acclaim enthusiastically H - Honestly (Be straight and clear) A - Authenticity (Be yourself) I - Integrity (Be your word) L - Love (wish them well) Amazing Toolbox: 1. Register - Locate your voice at your chest to gain some weight 2. Timbre - Voices that are rich, smooth and warm 3. Prosody - Avoid monotone, a statement sounds like a question and repeat a statement 4. Pace - Get excited by saying something really quickly; Slow down to emphasize; Silent 5. Pitch- Ex: "Where did you leave my keys?" with different pitches, are different meaning 6. Volume: Excited - High Volume; Attention - Low Volume Warm up your voice 1. Arms up, deep breath in and sigh out 2, 3. Warm up the lips: Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba...; Brrrrr....... 4, 5. Tongue warm up: La, la, la, la, la....; Rrrrrr..... 6. WeeeeeeeeeAaaaawwww (From high pitch to low pitch)
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  • Rafał Dydkiem Machał
    Rafał Dydkiem Machał 3 months ago I learned a while ago that most people don't really listen to what a person has to say. Speakers with either natural or trained voice dynamics can say complete bullcrap and people will swallow it. How things are said change the way the content is understood. Even if somebody says the most fascinating things in the world, but with a dull voice, he won't be listened by most. People assume that dull voice comes from a person who doesn't believe what he's saying, so any message is lost.
  • TheWholeShabang
    TheWholeShabang 1 week ago Agree
    WHATISTRUTH 1 week ago Why u think Morgan Freeman is so known lololol.
  • Notcha Grandpa
    Notcha Grandpa 2 weeks ago (edited) Rafal machal: you're right, these trained speakers are taught the art of speech, not speaking, anyone can speak. Only those who are intelligent and naturally energetic with somewhat a deep voice and tone are listened to naturally, I was once trained in speeches, and how they discovered this technique, I know there has been hundreds of millions of dollars spent trying to formulate what makes one person great at speeches while others are smarter with a more important message that are never heard. We used to say quote "It isn't what you say that matters it's how you say it." These words are true today just as they were then.
  • GG T87
    GG T87 2 weeks ago @David Harrell I'm actually a very good listener. But listening is far easier when the speaker is animated.
  • David Harrell
    David Harrell 2 weeks ago @GG T87 So, it's solely their duty" to have an engaging enough tone to keep you entertained? Not equally your duty to listen?
  • David Harrell
    David Harrell 2 weeks ago Illogical, and sadly, true
  • David Latter
    David Latter 3 weeks ago Copy that
  • WhipperJesus
    WhipperJesus 3 weeks ago (edited) True. But also "race" and gender plays a major part. Whites, and English speakers, are more likely to be listened to.
  • C J
    C J 4 weeks ago (edited) Rafał Dydkiem Machał, agree especially about shallow YouTubers (who seemed to have learned it from this guy, or guys like him) and as was the content of this guy’s TED talk, too much emphasis on cliches and techniques rather than harmonizing with the soul of what you want to share and then bringing that out. I could have done a better job than this guy and I don’t fancy myself some great expert on public speaking. If this TED talk was to give the speech of his life in 18 minutes, as it says about TED talks in the description, i.e. the best short speech of his life about something his life is centered on or is emblematic of him, he must have a very dull and stupid life. It’s more emblematic of some stuffy Brit deigning to patronize us, even to gaslighting people, with his precious cliches while telling us something that actually adds nothing.
  • Rafał Dydkiem Machał
    Rafał Dydkiem Machał 1 month ago (edited) GG T87 there are also people with traumatic experience, which freezes their energy and makes their voice monotonous. Almost nobody listens to these people, even though they have a lot to say. It’s pretty sad that we idolize mediocre YouTubers, who have only one talent - talking dynamically. Their content is often very shallow.
  • GG T87
    GG T87 1 month ago @Fake NooseI'm a self diagnosed attention deficit; so when I speak to someone it's their duty to have an engaging tone so that I can keep listening. Otherwise, I completely switch off
  • GG T87
    GG T87 1 month ago This actually very true.
  • Fake Noose
    Fake Noose 1 month ago Rafał Dydkiem Machał nobody listens to words, only tone. Like dumb dogs.
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    Brumfield85 3 months ago This was 10 minutes of my life well spent.
  • Cedric Wehrum
    Cedric Wehrum 2 years ago (edited) The true problem about us is the following: Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen 7.471.503 Views Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better 1.307.557 Views
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    panambi nyc 1 week ago C J I’m not sure if Germany born people, but lots with German ancestry, yes.
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    Pancake Batter 2 weeks ago sharkam69 that book is GARBAGE. Should be called How to con and manipulate people.
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    kenneth nesmith 3 weeks ago Those numbers speak volumes, no pun intended.
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    RacingMachine 4 weeks ago Best commentary so far in 2019!
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    C J 4 weeks ago panambi nyc, any Germans in Paraguay?
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    panambi nyc 1 month ago palmomki I’m from Paraguay and we too use dots.
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    Kristijan Madhukar 3 months ago You used “.” Wrong.
  • greg james
    greg james 6 months ago (edited) From your point of view, might I ponder; If in fact people have two ears and only one mouth but are several times over wanting to speak more effectively than to listen more often . . . Might it therefore be reasonable that people would prefer to blather on & on whether another wants to hear it than to just listen and determine when it's time to go to listen to someone who actually knows what they're talking about is better to be heard?
  • Alex Stram Kurs Jones
    Alex Stram Kurs Jones 1 year ago Try to do the search of these videos and see the number of results. Show you everything about how hard its pushed to be a total idiot.
  • Alex Stram Kurs Jones
    Alex Stram Kurs Jones 1 year ago So here there is more than 4000 likes. Really show how fake Google and youtube counters are. Maybe like the German elections? PC is killing the world.
  • 0
    0 1 year ago EXACTLY RIGHT... In the end, it's the one who recieving if he/she wants to listen at all... Hahaha!!!
  • Han McKenna
    Han McKenna 1 year ago Cedric Wehrum I
  • Faragequit
    Faragequit 1 year ago Well I think a lot more people have trouble speaking properly than listening well. People who can speak properly probably don't want to listen well, automatically don't listen well, or don't even go searching for these types of videos because they believe they are good at everything.
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    faiza iram 1 year ago A.R.M.Y everywhere.....
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    Eu 1 year ago we use dots in Brazil too
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    GC Health Forever 1 year ago Rrdd you are right.
  • Rrdd
    Rrdd 1 year ago Could it be simply that there are more people that can listen well and not speak well?? Clever comment, but not really...
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    camillea benjamin 1 year ago Cedric Wehrum o
  • CiyborgCommando
    CiyborgCommando 1 year ago thx, made me realise why we need BOTH of the skills to be better human beings in general
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    A D 1 year ago Genius
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    Rayhan Miah 1 year ago resd
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    Herman Susanto 1 year ago Well,in my country, all use dots to seperate thousands in writings.But in computer still use ( , )
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    Al Joud 1 year ago 11M vs 1.6M now actually :)
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    Maggie M 2 years ago Some countries use dots as separators, a fact most intelligent people know. A fools understanding however is often limited to his perspective. Quit shouting your name ;-)
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    pratap limbu 2 years ago how many of you will go to that video on listening better because of this comment
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    Samer Ekad 2 years ago Cedric Wehrum excellent point honestly
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    Fred MANSON 2 years ago Hey! I seek people to speack English. To improve my English ^^
  • Fred MANSON
    Fred MANSON 2 years ago Hey! I am french and I seek people to speack in English. To improve my English ? ^^
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    A E 2 years ago Cedric Wehrum damn, I had to watch the listening video after that comment, dude! Your words have impact ;)
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    Bob 2 years ago You're right and your also 4 thumbs up away from the year I was born! Pretty cool.
  • Linked Neurons
    Linked Neurons 2 years ago (edited) So, over 6 million people who wanted to view to speaking didn't want to view the listening. That's over 2 months in seconds. Divide 6 million by the number of seconds in a day (86,400). Hint: if it were 100k, it would be 60 days.
  • Vanessa | CA love - ❤
    Vanessa | CA love - ❤ 2 years ago Good observation...
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    Karla DO 2 years ago Woww so true..
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    Barry 2 years ago awesome
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    Konstantin Kuzmin 2 years ago This is the highest quality comment I've ever seen on YouTube
  • Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu
    Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu 2 years ago :) People want to be listened rather to listen to.
  • Newts Nest
    Newts Nest 2 years ago Best bit of advice I ever received from the union rep I replaced after his retirement. "You have 2 ears and 1 mouth.. Try to use them in that proportion". Never failed me in meetings.
  • Aleksandar Gakovic
    Aleksandar Gakovic 2 years ago Brilliant!
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    Jaysonfred 2 years ago Cedric Wehrum lol
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    vijay chauhan 2 years ago true
  • Iron Girl
    Iron Girl 2 years ago I bet you didn't read the last six numbers
  • Raphaël Pyrat
    Raphaël Pyrat 2 years ago Sadly so true...
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    ADS Movement 2 years ago Cedric Wehrum hhhhhhhh
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    Acharich Speaks 2 years ago Selah..
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    prateek patra 2 years ago Cedric Wehrum h
  • moshe bar
    moshe bar 2 years ago Cedric Wehrum wow
  • Syahrul Anwar Jamaludin
    Syahrul Anwar Jamaludin 2 years ago (edited) its funny how this is true, because the TED talk video on " 10 tips on how to have better conversation" was talking about the power of listening, and she explained that the reason why people don't listen well is because, and I quote, "most people don't talk with the intent to listen, but with the intent to reply".
  • Matthew Villanueva
    Matthew Villanueva 2 years ago wow good eye
  • P K
    P K 2 years ago Basically... we all can't get enough of the sound of our own voices.
  • Akanksha Swarnim
    Akanksha Swarnim 2 years ago This is why I love reading youtube comments :)
  • Warriors of Success
    Warriors of Success 2 years ago Now that is an observation worth a TED talk on
  • Your Average Crusader
    Your Average Crusader 2 years ago Comment of the year.
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    Santoro 2 years ago Cedric Wehrum ' Entendi
  • Nineth Lion
    Nineth Lion 2 years ago Double slit experiment
  • A God
    A God 2 years ago (edited) @Just Someone​​ I look at this idea as speakers and microphones. The ear is a microphone, the mouth is a speaker. I should be able to control what the microhone hears simply by speaking casually and calmly, in an even voice, addressing commonalities humans have in mass. An example is weather. I once had a job listening to hidden microhone. The suspect was considered a minor player and was watched for collusion. With criminals. Every time we thought we had him,nothing happened. We decided the man knew or suspected he was bugged and was feeding us false information. We upgraded his status to cagey intelligence and tightened our surveillance. Still nothing. The more he eluded us the more suspicious we became. Still nothing. We began to question our own intelligence. Therein we found our inner demons echoing in our own paranoias. He turned out to be an average Joe, clean as a new car,and absolutely oblivious to out own complicities. These demons are the enemies of speaking to be listened to.
  • Osama Chess
    Osama Chess 2 years ago +sharkam69 you are right i readed
  • sharkam69
    sharkam69 2 years ago If you read " How to Win Friends and Influence People" of Dale Carnegie, he states that listening and care about your audience is the good key to communicate with people.
  • A God
    A God 2 years ago Cedric Wehrum yes! absolutely!
  • Nineth Lion
    Nineth Lion 2 years ago This might also have to do with what people even search to begin with, however. It's pretty true that videos become rather invisible after a certain amount of time.
  • sharkam69
    sharkam69 2 years ago I'm talking about referencing by google...Videos of 2011 are almost invisible today...I found and watched the other video because I searched for "Julian Treasure" and was very happy to find this lecture about listening...
  • Nineth Lion
    Nineth Lion 2 years ago @sharkam69 You can always divide views by time since upload and then compare. If one has 7.4 million views after 2 years and the other has 1.3 million views after 5 years, I pretty much doubt that the OP was irrelevant. I'm only using your comment as a reference however, I haven't confirmed the upload dates. Even then this one has a rate of 3.7 million views/year and the other one has almost 300k views/year...
  • sharkam69
    sharkam69 2 years ago This video is from 2014.. 5 ways to listen better is from 2011...If the video were published at the same moment, you could make a conclusion...
  • palmomki
    palmomki 2 years ago 1dkrs934
  • 1dkrs934
    1dkrs934 2 years ago palmomki
  • Nineth Lion
    Nineth Lion 2 years ago You can't write off the possibility that most people take listening for granted because it's passive and just don't feel adept enough at talking since it's active...
  • palmomki
    palmomki 2 years ago @Cedric Wehrum In Youtube, you have two separate settings for "language" and "content location" - I think the second one is assumed to be "where you're from". It might or might not be because of that.
  • Cedric Wehrum
    Cedric Wehrum 2 years ago Yeah, I copy & pasted the numbers from my browser. Personally I always use the English notation because my OS is set to English. But YouTube shows me the German notation although the language is set to English in the Google settings... (Probably depends on the IP address as I'm from Germany? ← Yes you were right @Fire Flieer​ ) However I think everyone still understood what I meant ;-)
  • Fire Flieer
    Fire Flieer 2 years ago @palmomki Oh I see :D
  • palmomki
    palmomki 2 years ago @Fire Flieer I asked because most people do it in Italy too.
  • Fire Flieer
    Fire Flieer 2 years ago Palmomki, I think Germany since Germans use dots to separate thousands
  • monsterhigh75
    monsterhigh75 2 years ago interesting right?
  • palmomki
    palmomki 2 years ago Hey! You use dots to separate thousands! Where are you from?
  • Harrison Fackrell
    Harrison Fackrell 10 months ago "BA BA BA BA BA" "LA LA LA LA LA" "RRRRRRRRRRR" "WEEEAAWWW" "RISE, MY ARMY!"
  • Ali Sawi
    Ali Sawi 2 months ago I wonder where would he practice the “WEAW” if he is already in a conference for a half day?!!
  • Sebastian Yu
    Sebastian Yu 3 months ago “Words are the only sound that can start a war.” YOU HAVE INITIATED A CHALLENGE
  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear 3 weeks ago @Erinda H. 😂😂😂
  • Erinda H.
    Erinda H. 3 weeks ago @Aryan Singh Now that you mention it, that's sad but still true
  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh 3 weeks ago @Erinda H. Diplomats sometimes 😒
  • Erinda H.
    Erinda H. 1 month ago Imagine someone starting a war by screeching uncontrollably
  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor 1 month ago @CHRISTOPHER Kincheloe Yep...and farting...that's caused wars in many a peaceful home!
  • CHRISTOPHER Kincheloe
    CHRISTOPHER Kincheloe 1 month ago Gunfire is a serious contender.
  • bob bob
    bob bob 1 month ago No
  • 박상훈
    박상훈 3 days ago It was a good speech to learn how to talk to people in an effective way. I would like to apply it to everyday life and have a positive result.
  • atang tem
    atang tem 3 days ago omg these 7 words characterize me....
  • Er Wars
    Er Wars 1 year ago I think my neighbour saw me doing the warm up. Time to move
  • Rihana Diane
    Rihana Diane 2 days ago You made the best comment among all ... You perfectly understood the message / meaning of this lesson 👌👏 Positivity 💯✨
  • Rihana Diane
    Rihana Diane 2 days ago 😂 😂 😂
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    raj raju 6 months ago Think of mr.bean when doing this while neighbour watching😁😁
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    John n Rebecca Mullins 7 months ago My wife was worried for me
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    Luis Marcelino Ramos 7 months ago 00999875321O
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    Ally Wu 7 months ago oh my god, i can't stop laughing
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    Ally Wu 7 months ago lol
    AKSHAY HEGADE 7 months ago 😂😂😂😂
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    Vanessa Gutierrez 9 months ago Er Wars - Your comment made my day
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    Victor Nguyen 10 months ago *inserts Mr. Bean's face as he is discovered doing sth weird by other people and tries to turn away
    GURUH AS 10 months ago LOL 😂😂
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    jasmin purani 11 months ago Hahaha...
  • Tania Das
    Tania Das 11 months ago Happened to me too😂
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    AJ 1 year ago Er Wars 😂
  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed 2 months ago How to get people to listen to you: Step 1= Get on the stage at a Ted Talk about "How to speak so that people want you to listen."
  • Omar Al-Zoubi
    Omar Al-Zoubi 3 weeks ago lol he is great
  • The B1 66-ER
    The B1 66-ER 1 month ago How to get 100% of the audience do what you tell them to do. I would have been the one not standing up and do the joke exercise, but we are all unique personalities... "we are all unique personalities baaa "
  • White Cloud
    White Cloud 5 months ago why am i learning voice warming exercises from wilson fisk
  • Kris Deng
    Kris Deng 5 hours ago Because "When I was a child..."
  • Alex Clemente Chueca
    Alex Clemente Chueca 3 months ago I feel like I wasted 10 minutes, he really made me listen to him xDD
  • Audra Le Beau
    Audra Le Beau 3 months ago My Grandmother who was Native American told me a secret, "Your Soul is What See's"
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago How to speak so people will listen: Have a British accent
  • Woman of the Quran
    Woman of the Quran 5 days ago Except if you’re a politician.
  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer 1 year ago cheers
  • Wells Shewench
    Wells Shewench 1 year ago I know right! Another reason to weep for the human race.
  • Wells Shewench
    Wells Shewench 1 year ago Seems like the obvious thing to do..You'd think! However, this is sadly not the case with the majority of folks i have met over the years from all walks of life. I'm not sure intensely listening to what people say then delivering any needs or wants they seem to be lacking is the best way to approach these kinds of situations. Surely a conversation should always be a two way street which is not always optional (work, family) and if that's not the case then it's best to just find pastures new, or if you're like me challenge them a bit, say something borderline outrageous.(tactfully!) to gain their attention if they're just mindlessly jabbering away at you. It kinda snaps them outta of it for a bit. Sometimes they even look relieved and start being more themselves. What most people lack is self awareness, and with social media taking over iv'e noticed more awkward face to face interactions than ever. I'm not suggesting these people are stupid it's just easy for people to get caught up in all the bullshit , and themselves! Since you're already massively aware i'm sure you'll make great company for anybody you interact with, just gotta find the right people uh?
  • Marcos Ross
    Marcos Ross 1 year ago +Wells Shewench Yes indeed. where can we find people to listen to us. In the mean time, I will just listen to others. Then I might discover what they want / need. Then I can deliver their need. Wait a minute. Suppose they all just need someone to listen. Sure I guess I could do that.
  • Wells Shewench
    Wells Shewench 1 year ago What if you're British with a British accent living in Britian? Does that mean we listen to each other more than other cultures? Nobody really listens most of the time, they're generally just waiting for you to finish what you're saying so they can speak about themselves. Maybe i should move to whatever country it is you live in to have a better chance of being listened too.
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    Kamrul Hasan 1 year ago 😂😂😂
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    Ryan Steven 1 year ago I smashed it
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    Ysser Punk vampire 1 year ago merci
  • Ysser Punk vampire
    Ysser Punk vampire 1 year ago merci
  • A. Lash
    A. Lash 2 years ago I think most of them are British ...and people normally attracted to people similar to themselves .. -)
  • Peter Huskins
    Peter Huskins 2 years ago Partly agree, but i think it's more that his voice is calm and soothing.
  • jabrown1978
    jabrown1978 2 years ago Lol i loooove British accents. Wish I had one! Lol
  • multidimensionalman
    multidimensionalman 2 years ago Gabriel Garcia Maybe there. Here its usually irritating.
  • TheUKNutter
    TheUKNutter 2 years ago My accent is best! You doyle! Init bruv!
  • Jonathan Walker
    Jonathan Walker 2 years ago Gabriel Garcia and and
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 2 years ago Thomas Alvarez i would listen to you aha
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 2 years ago andrew thompson lol haha
  • Jude Mark
    Jude Mark 2 years ago Same here lol everyone listens to a British accent. But the point were valuable and practical nonetheless.
  • andrew thompson
    andrew thompson 2 years ago Gabriel Garcia he was three words in and I scrolled to say exactly that. too funny
  • TheUKNutter
    TheUKNutter 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia Trust me no-one wants to hear a chav accent.
  • Anant Gautam
    Anant Gautam 3 years ago but no one wants to see that funny faces when a British person speaks
  • Thomas Alvarez
    Thomas Alvarez 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia well I have an English accent
  • Helen Bghebremehari
    Helen Bghebremehari 3 years ago Agreed!
  • qwertyrewty
    qwertyrewty 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia The number of likes is leet lol 1337
  • PsychoAztecs
    PsychoAztecs 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia been practicing lately... and failed miserably.
  • Asad Janjua
    Asad Janjua 3 years ago +Neldidellavittoria You are not "all ears" you are just a vase. ;)
  • Neldidellavittoria
    Neldidellavittoria 3 years ago @Crash Go on speaking. I'm all ears. :) 
  • MentalJack
    MentalJack 3 years ago @Neldidellavittoria Bloody need some ;)
  • Neldidellavittoria
    Neldidellavittoria 3 years ago @MentalJack Anyway, you were doing some PR for RP.  :D
  • MentalJack
    MentalJack 3 years ago @Neldidellavittoria Oo thank you, in my defence i had been drinking and it was late.
  • Neldidellavittoria
    Neldidellavittoria 3 years ago +MentalJack Even better if you speak RP. ;)
  • MentalJack
    MentalJack 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia Incorrect, many "British" accents are god-awful. You would want a RP accent, everyone listens to RP, if spoken correctly they sound like some one you want to be listening to.
  • Brawndo
    Brawndo 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia Jony Ive
  • Quyen Nguyen
    Quyen Nguyen 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia that's so true :lmao:
  • yesthetic
    yesthetic 3 years ago +Juan R hybrid genius
  • liar liarliar
    liar liarliar 3 years ago +purpledragonnuke It's to do with education, not region. A well modulated northern accent is just as impressive as it's southern counterpart. Estuary English, by contrast, is perhaps the most ghastly of accents.
  • liar liarliar
    liar liarliar 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia You don't have to have to be British to do this, It;s just that the British ruling class have long understood and used the techniques described here. It was Shakespeare who taught the power of words to the English, they then went out and used that power on the world. But you don't have to be British to apply these methods, think: Barry White, James Earl Jones, Ray Milland, or Marlon Brando.
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago +TheusZeusDeus I didnt put that that was my friends in class sorry thanks guys
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago @Juan R....
  • Dirk Rehse
    Dirk Rehse 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia no need for excuse in advance. British Accent has nothing negative... The information is what interests me.
  • Claudia ft Privacy
    Claudia ft Privacy 3 years ago @Javi Lash That one is easy, talk in a monotome way without volume variation and you will have a whole stadium snoring.
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago +cybertree didn't think about that haha
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago +Kevin Suryadjaja ahah sorry buddy 😂
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago +Maryam Davodi :D ahah
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago +Dave McBryde yes, just don't have a white personal boring accent lol
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago +LuckyLegionN7 lol yea
  • hidden treasures
    hidden treasures 3 years ago +Stewie Griffin Scouse is lovely as well as a manc or yorkshire accent.
  • Liam Hudson
    Liam Hudson 3 years ago Maybe not a Yorkshire british accent like mine hahah
  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 3 years ago more or less speak like they do in London, the rest of UK is off pitch.
  • grmmhp
    grmmhp 3 years ago é nois
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago HOLY CRAP 471 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR FINDING ME FUNNY/HONEST haha
  • Claudia ft Privacy
    Claudia ft Privacy 3 years ago +Juan R The problem is that American's are very quick with insulting if you do listen to them and don't agree with them. So when that happens a lot, you avoid to listen to them. And besides, who do listens to them get American style "democracy"....that you really don't want.
  • Top Loader
    Top Loader 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia I wish that were true, but having a British accent doesn't help you get listened to in the UK. That guy's tips were brilliant and it was all about the way he communicated but I reckon he could have had any accent in the world and he would still have been listened to.
  • grmmhp
    grmmhp 3 years ago ok then
  • David S Leyman
    David S Leyman 3 years ago +grmmhp: One assumes you are being facetious?
  • grmmhp
    grmmhp 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia nah american accent is bettah
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago @Maryam Davodi lol thanks!
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago @Dave McBryde i GUESS
  • Maryam Davodi
    Maryam Davodi 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia ur right and i wish i had the accent is cool and awesome also everyone wants to listen to this accent because is interesting . Good to mention it here .
  • Dave McBryde
    Dave McBryde 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia --- Does that include English people?
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago @Juan R si
  • Juan R
    Juan R 3 years ago that's weird, so you 're a hibrid
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago I am only half mexican, I have red hair/Ginger and im white. Sorry you weren't the correct Juan(one.) :D @Juan R
  • Juan R
    Juan R 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia Maybe you're referring to my nickname, sorry for the Donald trump's Wall your family will have to look elsewhere bye.
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago Just look at your name...
  • Juan R
    Juan R 3 years ago @Gabriel Garcia maybe ur chicano, have a nice salsa for your taco
  • JHawkinsAudio
    JHawkinsAudio 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia Really depends where in Britain. If you go up north most people have no clue what they're saying.
  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago @Izzard lol true
  • Izzard
    Izzard 3 years ago +Deos That's like saying "there's no such thing as fruit" just because there are lots of different types of fruit. If you see an apple or an orange, that's a fruit. Just like if you hear a Yorkshire accent or a Dorset accent, that's a British accent.
  • Johnson Taylor
    Johnson Taylor 3 years ago British accent is horrible. It sounds "nice" because its foreign and exotic.
  • Juan R
    Juan R 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia but maybe it's most credible than exaggerated american, didn't ya?
  • Deos
    Deos 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia No such thing as a 'British accent'.
  • Artur Haurylkevich
    Artur Haurylkevich 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia haha ... Actually it's a good point.
  • Lion of Judah
    Lion of Judah 3 years ago +Gabriel Garcia BAAAAAAAAAAALD MY EYES!!!!!!!!!
  • LuckyLegionN7
    LuckyLegionN7 3 years ago And say it twice apparently
  • Jessica Beck
    Jessica Beck 1 month ago I wish I could like this 1000 times.. I have fallen from grace with these practices... I certainly will be playing this every morning til these habits download 'back' into my daily interactions... I really needed the reminding of my 'tool box' ... Thank you Sir.
  • ノア
    ノア 10 months ago started laughing hysterically when he had the room doing the exercises, good times
    REVERSE ASK 3 months ago 8:05 where the fun starts ...
  • Aquib Khan
    Aquib Khan 4 months ago Weeeeawwww amazing