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Smart brain and Top 5 is going to start new English lessons | by Omar Liban.

Published on Mar 14, 2019 18 views

I'm going to start English lessons for leaners, and this program will help those who need to improve their speaking abilities.
These lessons Will be Idioms. And we know that Idioms are the vertebrate of English.

To benefit this opportunity, Subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification bell and you'll not miss a new video every single Monday! And leave your idea towards every lesson in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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    Galgaduud Radio 6 days ago caadi maahid kaabe.
  • Galgaduud Radio
    Galgaduud Radio 6 days ago sxb dhalashada british ka qaado sxb
  • Indhodeq Adan
    Indhodeq Adan 6 days ago yes I need it
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    ShakraAhmadNor ShakraAhmadNor 5 days ago Ho gaa waa qatar dee videoga