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In this Film Courage video series, screenwriters share their thoughts on screenwriting lessons most people learn TOO LATE.

1) 0:06 - Work On New Projects
2) 4:24 - What No One Else Can Create
3) 5:44 - Six Scripts
4) 11:08 - Script Comparison
5) 12:30 - Nothing In Return
6) 15:16 - Story or Character
7) 15:56 - Name Of The Game
8) 18:55 - The Great Weakness
9) 21:03 - I’ll Take A Look At It
10 27:04 - How To Build Empathy
11) 31:05 - A Participatory Experience
12) 35:35 - Writer’s Mindset
13) 41:46 - Not Good Enough
14) 47:43 - Value Of An Idea
15) 50:40 - Story Structure Myth
Bonus) 56:10 - Never Forget This One








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  • Yung Nigy
    Yung Nigy 1 week ago I’m 16 and hoping to be as prepared as possible for my future. Looking forward to a good listen!
  • Prime Videos
    Prime Videos 1 week ago Dont go to film school
  • টোল জামাই/ V's moonchild mahir
    টোল জামাই/ V's moonchild mahir 1 week ago Omg! 😍 I'm also 16 and trying to learn more about writing
  • Paul Sharp
    Paul Sharp 15 hours ago Good luck on your journey.
  • Villeins09
    Villeins09 1 week ago They dropping free gems through out the whole video.
  • Film Courage
    Film Courage 1 week ago Doing our best, thanks for watching!
    TOOFUTURETV 1 week ago This got me pumped to get writing again, thanks FILM COURAGE for all of your amazing videos! ;)
  • MiaCat Adventures
    MiaCat Adventures 1 week ago Brilliant video - thank you so much for uploading this and sharing
  • Stephen George
    Stephen George 1 week ago One heck of a compilation
  • Karlin Williamson
    Karlin Williamson 1 week ago I'm like the guy that talked about over structuring. Writer's tend to over think a script. Have fun, if you are a writer just write. Great video😀
  • CMichelle15
    CMichelle15 6 days ago Always appreciate your content 🖤
  • Yusuf Hassan
    Yusuf Hassan 1 week ago Entire video was GREAT! Richard Walter's portion (#14) really hit home for me. I have tons of ideas for what I believe would be a great script. It's the story and dialogue that will turn those ideas into successes. Thanks so much to Film Courage and all its contributors
  • Camron Chlarson
    Camron Chlarson 1 week ago I'd love to hear more from all of these writers about how they got their lit managers. If they sent query letters, how did those look and what tips can they give to us? If they got set up as a referral then who was their contact and what did they do right that helped them Network those relationships. If they won contest and got attention that way, which contest did they enter and how many times did they have to try before one finally came through. I would love to hear more about their experiences finding and obtaining representation.
  • stacy youst
    stacy youst 1 week ago Mom always says I'm "RELENTLESS". ;)
  • Leo Feo
    Leo Feo 1 week ago (edited) Is #8 denying the use of the flat arc character?
  • LastLooks29
    LastLooks29 1 week ago Erik's comments on giving over just trying to get something out of the process has come to me twice this week. (at 39:03) Message received loud and clear, Universe. Thanks, Film Courage!
  • Hamoon F
    Hamoon F 6 days ago watched this during my daily procrastination before writing, love it
  • Film Courage
    Film Courage 6 days ago We are glad you are back to writing Hamoon!
  • K Rodriguez
    K Rodriguez 6 days ago haha! dont we all
  • Joe Tred
    Joe Tred 16 hours ago Thanks
  • misterright !
    misterright ! 1 week ago #7 at 16:00 - great, so valid
  • Film Courage
    Film Courage 1 week ago Thanks for watching!
  • misterright !
    misterright ! 1 week ago great channel, I love it @Film Courage
  • LastLooks29
    LastLooks29 1 week ago Kinda harks back to the old days when we would hand send out resumes and cover letters. Often, you'd want to personalize them in a small way. Yes, I'm majorly dating myself with this comment. LOL
  • Carrie Hubbard
    Carrie Hubbard 1 week ago Sooo Inspiring!
  • Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers 1 week ago I want to write for tv but sometimes when I think of even writing I get lazy but film and production interest me so much I can’t see myself doing anything else
  • Edd Sou
    Edd Sou 1 week ago Thanks for the tips... But it's too late for me, TOO LATE
  • Robert J
    Robert J 1 week ago Start now! If you are not dying it aint to late
  • Diva 504
    Diva 504 1 week ago Edd Sou it’s not. I’m 35 and I’m still an apprentice. None of my works from the last 2 years are ready to publish but I’m still going strong. It’s the process of creating art that’s satisfying.
  • Fat Beets
    Fat Beets 1 week ago Yeah. I'm 47 and just getting into screenwriting as a hobby. And why is it too late Mr. Drama Queen with the all caps and no explanation?
  • Fat Beets
    Fat Beets 1 week ago Besides the title of this video ends in TOO LATE I just realized. I agree that is not a great title for this video. A bit of click bait I guess?
  • lglp3
    lglp3 5 days ago I'm not going to lie, when I was 12 years old all I wanted to become was a director. And then life happened, the flame went out and such. It was only a couple of years ago that the idea came up and sparked a new ember, since then film courage has kept the flame alive. Now I am realistically engaged was becoming a screenwriter and maybe someday I can become a director.
  • A1
    A1 5 days ago Same, Just get to writing. Can't wait to see your film on the big screen one day.
  • lglp3
    lglp3 5 days ago @A1 awe thats the sweetest thing to say
    PEDROJELLO 4 days ago @lglp3 do you write scripts? if you do let me know I have some great movie idea that will get people pumped up off their houses to the theater