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Major Scale 3 Note Per String System Pattern 5 Guitar Lesson Tutorial 3NPS

Published on Mar 14, 2019 6,013 views

Scale Diagrams and more info:
More about 3NPS System Pros & Cons:
In this lesson we check out pattern 5 of the Major Scale 3 Note Per String system, in which... SURPRISE... each string has 3 notes! It's more stretchy than conventional CAGED patterns and they both have good and bad about them! Watch out for new lesson series Legato Primer in which we'll check out a cool way of exploring them!

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  • Stan Leonard
    Stan Leonard 2 months ago Justin wanna say thanks for all the hard work you do. I've learned a ton and improved my guitar skills incredibly, thanks to you. Also if I could possibly request a song... stealin by Uriah heep. That would be awsome.
  • Naif Bin Essa
    Naif Bin Essa 2 months ago Hey Mr. Justin Do you offer any private guitar lessons? Thanks
  • Gideon _Mx
    Gideon _Mx 2 months ago Hi Justin, Will you be doing more song tutorials anytime soon? It's been a while! =)
    RANGERVETBRET 2 months ago well u still rock and ive gotten many ppl to learn from u. I would like 2 thank you 4 showin me how 2 play chords with my thumb/index finger tendon attached and fingers move 2gether. I also think it was u that sent me a live feed 2 Neil Young live (my fav) thanks again 4 gettin me back in2 playin
  • omri cohen
    omri cohen 2 months ago Great series of lessons justin! Will you do a lesson about your jazz improvisation and how you outline the chord changes?
  • omri cohen
    omri cohen 2 months ago @justinguitar
  • downhill2400
    downhill2400 2 months ago Excellent lesson!