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Leadership guru shares qualities of a good leader

Published on Jul 8, 2015 22,127 views

John Maxwell speaks annually to Fortune 500 companies, international government leaders, and organizations as diverse as the US military academy at West Point and the National Football League. Maxwell joined ANC's Headstart to share some qualities that make a great leader.

  • Paul Vincent Galgo
    Paul Vincent Galgo 3 years ago He's one of my favorite writer. I love reading his books. I salute you Dr. John Maxwell
  • john maxwell leadership
    john maxwell leadership 1 year ago Great teachable skills. Very soon on! on the subject of leadership.
  • Zachikho Thingo
    Zachikho Thingo 11 months ago (edited) great interview. God bless him with long long life.
  • Chris Vallez
    Chris Vallez 5 months ago My invisible counselor #4
    SPY WARRIOR 3 years ago Amazing talk. I wish all leaders and president will listen to him.
  • Lyte Ones
    Lyte Ones 3 months ago John Calvin Maxwell ( a leadership expert ) is a hypocrite. Dont trust him. He is inconsistent on his values. He does not practice what he preach. That is a fact.
  • Chris Vallez
    Chris Vallez 5 months ago Kelan tong interview na ito?
  • Hubert Sumulong
    Hubert Sumulong 2 months ago Chris Vallez 4 years na bro
  • Jen Li
    Jen Li 3 years ago Maxwell leadership open secret is JESUS.
  • Jona Stork
    Jona Stork 3 years ago Kind of playing safe when it comes to same sex marriage. You should specify or elaborate. You should speak up that same sex marriage is sin. Because God command that man is for woman..God commanded Abram to bless and mulitiply the nations through Him . yea God loves us equally and unconditionally that is why he gave his only son Jesus Christ .died for you & me. believe and trust that he died for you because of your sins then then guaranteed you will have eternal life and that is promise. People just become selfish. We are self centered and we wants all the best for lives . we don't glorify ,honor and obey his commandments. God created us plain and simple but we made ourselves complicated.
  • The Labone Times
    The Labone Times 2 years ago I love this man but I must say for the first time, I'm quite disappointed at his opinion about Obama's leadership, terming Obama as a terrible leader because "what legacy is he going to leave, probably, Obamacare". Really? What kind of legacy does he expect Obama to be able to make? What kind of "courageous decisions" is he expecting Obama to make, claiming Hilary is a far better leader than Obama. I thought he was the same person that describe leadership as meaning, influence. That is to say, the ability of a person to influence action among his followers. Or has he changed his description of leadership to mean a person capable of making so called courageous decisions? Where I suppose courageous decisions will mean declaring war on countries simply because you don't agree with their politics? Or a courageous decision will mean sending NATO around the world to destroy world peace? Anyway, needless to say, I think his opinion about leadership in itself is subjective. He has great wisdom but that's not beyond being erroneous some times.