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5 Secret Physiological Ways To Tell A Girl Is Into You

Published on Jan 18, 2018 686,169 views --- 5 Secret Physiological Ways To Tell A Girl Is Into You

Have you ever noticed a chick staring at you and wondered what she was thinking? Does she think you’re cute? Has she spotted some leftover lettuce in your teeth from lunch? If your fly is down? Trying to tell if a woman likes you by looking at her is like trying to teach your cat a backflip. Pretty unrealistic. Women have mastered the art of mixed signals and playing hard to get. So trying to tell if a woman likes you just by a glance is a pretty difficult, if not impossible, feat. Women will, however, send subtle signs that indicate that they’re interested in you with more than just a look. And that is what this video is all about: The subtle physiological signs that let you know what a woman is thinking about you.
Hey guys, for those of you who don’t know me -- I’m Kate Spring. A dating and relationship coach from the west coast of Canada. If you’re new to my channel, welcome. And for those of your returning, welcome back. Before I dive into the nitty gritty details of this video, be sure to subscribe to my channel and ring the little bell where you can stay up to date with my latest videos and you can then leave all of your questions in the comments section below.
Quick question, how do you usually tell if a woman likes you? If she looks at you? or if she smiles at you? Take the poll and let’s see how you all tell if someone likes you.
If you haven’t got a clue, relax because women have been encouraged to be coy and play hard to get for centuries with the notion that romantic uncertainty increases attraction, and it does. But don’t remain uncertain. There are signs that give a clear indication of interest because today body language is a topic widely observed and studied. In fact, we’re now able to interpret slight changes in a woman’s body that can reveal her true feelings and motivations. Unlocking the mystery of a woman’s attraction can be as simple as looking for these 5 physiological indicators of interest.

1. Her pupils dilate when she speaks to you:
You know the saying that “the eyes are the window to the soul.” I think it should be, “the eyes are the window to the libido.” I once thought that this was a fallacy, a myth circulated by one of the original pick up artists, but, upon looking more deeply into the topic, I was pleasantly surprised that there is considerable research that supports the idea that there is a biological response to attraction. The studies found that our pupils dilate up to three times the regular size when we see something stimulating, exciting or interesting in order to take in more of the pleasing surrounding.
In fact, women in 16th century Italy would take this medicine named “belladonna,” which would keep their pupils dilated because dilated pupils were seen as more attractive and seductive.
It follows, then, that when you want to tell if a woman likes you, see if her pupils are dilated when she’s talking to you. It’s also important to note here that if you’re in a dark room, her pupils will enlarge as a simple fact that there is not enough light in the room. So try to see it in different lighting.

2. Her feet are crossed:
One of the physiological ways to tell that a woman is interested in you, not that she wants to marry and have children with you, but that she’s interested in at least talking to you, if she is standing facing you and her feet are crossed.

When someone is uncomfortable their feet generally don’t point towards the person with whom they’re speaking. Their feet tend to point away, and only their torso is facing their conversation partner. Subconsciously, their feet are preparing for them to exit the conversation. However, on the flip side of this, when someone’s feet are pointed towards you, that means that they are engaged in the conversation and are in no rush to get away. And an even better sign is when a woman’s feet are crossed. When her feet are crossed, it’s much harder to make a quick getaway. This is a sign that a woman is essentially planting herself in this spot and is engaged in her conversation with you, which is a great sign.
So look at her feet, are they pointed towards you, or are they crossed? If so, take note that this is a subconscious response that she is interested in you and this interaction.

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    Russell Mccune 1 year ago Actually I've successfully taught a cat to backflip
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    Jean-Patrick Smith 1 month ago dude... u win the internet
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    Lawrence Davis 1 month ago That'd be fuckin easier than trying to understand women.
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    Ocean Hedonist 3 months ago @D.E.B. B Don't quit your day job!
  • D.E.B. B
    D.E.B. B 4 months ago It's not really that hard. Just be willing to put in the time to learn how to observe women, and the time to memorize what types of behavior to watch for. It truly is worth it. Not all of these videos are worthless, and this woman is actually trying to help you.
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    Jerry Serrato 6 months ago That is actual truth
  • Mike Cummings
    Mike Cummings 1 year ago Tracy Hawley that's because physics is logical, women are emotional
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    Bugumir 1 year ago That feeling, when you realize that you didn't miss any signs, they just weren't there... stings like a mothafucka'.
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  • Rayaan ريان Watchu want lil' hoe ?
    Rayaan ريان Watchu want lil' hoe ? 6 months ago Bugumir Sad bro, I've seen a whole load of "signs videos" and I always have most of them with all the girls I like and eye contact with lol
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    Tempor Rage 7 months ago Bugumir don’t worry man. Same over here
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    markj6700 9 months ago Being honest with yourself is always a win.
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    LRN88 11 months ago Right there with ya
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    Josh S 1 year ago sorry man.
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    GTD_Bing 7 months ago Just trust your gut feeling most of the time it’s right
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    Ray2311us 21 hours ago Hell no
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    Daniel 1 month ago GTD_Bing not always
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    NoseKey 2 months ago Nope, my gut instinct has been wrong 100% of the time each time
  • Damnnn :D
    Damnnn :D 2 months ago Did you watch endgame Remember Dr Strange say what "If i say it , it wont happen"
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    Tyler Blevins 2 months ago My gut feeling is to whippersnapper my long dick out
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    D.M.S. 4 months ago My gut says “The hell am I suppose to know?“
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    BMan2Cool4U 5 months ago Uhhhhh no... I've asked many girls and this never works for me.
  • Rayaan ريان Watchu want lil' hoe ?
    Rayaan ريان Watchu want lil' hoe ? 6 months ago ZuluHan Yeah true, before knowing all those masses of signs that confirmed my feelings, I'd always look at how I feel things, how I feel the emotions and the vibrations of the girl lookin' at me, starin' at me, smilin' at me. Why did that girl looked DOWN especially after 4 seconds of stare-off ? Always believed my gut and those videos are confirmations. Now I gotta take advantage of all the opportunities I'll have to talk or walk up to them or just showing them they interest me by the use of a smile (because with some girls, I accidentely always look away after 1 second of eye-contact if I'm not ready 😂😂). But too many girls, I gotta do a top priority list of let's 4 girls.. I've noticed that the ones that attract me the most are also the girls I attract the most and that give me the largest numbers of signs (Some Law of Attraction stuff).
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    WingedArchon 6 months ago Hell, I hope not... That would be boatshill for me
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    иван иван 1 year ago KATE, you pupils are very small. Does that mean you are not into me?
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    Ray2311us 21 hours ago Joseph cordero It’s because you believe it thus they believe it.
    MGTOW BOND 2 weeks ago @Kate Spring Kate, seriously? So honestly answer me this. You got 2 single people. 1, a 26 year old pretty blonde chick 2, a 26 year old handsome man Both are shy, both dont approach. Whos going to get approached first? Him or her? I think ur endgame is to brain wash men to approach you. Be honest..u give out these pointers just so u make sure u never feel rejected by getting men to see High school signals so they get all the emotional stress by being the doo-ers. Seriously u chicks will never evolve pass ur dam fear of rejection. Bros, stop chasing and approaching women here in the states! 2019 and yet again men still getting molded by women. 1 sign hes into u... Ur good looking, just say hi to me and ur good..
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    NotoriousBeann 1 month ago It’s sounds like a confidence issue you got going for you.
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    me and me 1 month ago You should go gay then.
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    dog person 1 month ago @Anibal Osbaldo sucks to be you that's what you mean you uncompassionate sack of fucking shit
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    dog person 1 month ago @Kate Springhow about don't listen to a fucking woman and say instead if maybe and giving him mixed signals like you damn woman do say you have to start the conversation
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    Nick Woodruff 1 month ago @Kate Spring Women are mercenary, you have to concede that.
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    Carlos Santiago Almeida 4 months ago @Kate Spring do these clues apply to married women as well?
  • Anibal Osbaldo
    Anibal Osbaldo 4 months ago Sucks to you.
  • Charles Lozada
    Charles Lozada 5 months ago ha, ha, ha! Poor Joe. When I was younger, finances were tight, all I could afford was a Dodge Colt. I am fairly attractive, I dress well, I am well groomed and I keep myself in shape. I didn't catch too many chicks' looking at me, THEN I bought a 300zx, And I saw them "notice" me. I was so dumb, cars are chick magnets. I've heard that money is the greatest aphrodisiac in the world, it sure is. So, even if you are NOT rich. look the part, it'll at least open doors.
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    Jack Crouch 6 months ago Women are all bitches!!!
  • Superduty4me
    Superduty4me 9 months ago Smile more and look approachable, no resting bitch face
  • Kate Spring
    Kate Spring 1 year ago Maybe you just need to initiate more Joseph :-)
  • Hoss Phoenix
    Hoss Phoenix 1 year ago She also mostly is calculating the resources that will be available to her.
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  • As seen on black & white TV
    As seen on black & white TV 4 months ago You are Largely correct on that observation.And based on those oh-so predictable patterns of interaction,I checked out of the bullshit over 20 years ago.Recently I ran into some women in a restaurant and they were displaying those same old routines.People have to face the reality that it is all a pattern in our genetic blueprint,as old as time.They always are after the male who shows both healthy physical and aggressive 'forward' resourcing presence.And they consider the 'financially stable' attributes as well.A woman I've known for a long time has been in some failed turns at relationships,always her basically having made the call on the moves, and the guys were just plain poor winners,in spite of their big resources. Gotta follow your gut feeling these days in spite of what people say-it really is a minefield out there.Glad I went basically MGTOW,yet still get to exercise MY choices with the Fair(ha) sex when I feel like it!
    ARTWAS 6 months ago as any women who ever lived
  • nix ale
    nix ale 1 year ago I don't feel lucky if a woman contacts me first. Lets get real here, most of these girls are lucky to even be in my presense. I have worked hard all my life, have made sacrificies all my life to build a business I can be proud of. What have most of these women done other than spend time looking pretty so that they can attract guys. I focus on growing everyday in all areas of my life and I should consider myself lucky if a woman contacts me first?. Give me a break.
  • sancho closet
    sancho closet 2 weeks ago The cockyness is strong on this one
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    kev ow 3 weeks ago This dude is definitely dork that is mad that he doesnt get chicks. Total defensive answer of someone who gets rejected a lot.
  • im1who84u
    im1who84u 3 weeks ago @nix ale I am 65 now and even back in my teens... if a girl played hard to get......... I played easy to loose.... Most of the time they came back chasing me and then played by my rules if they wanted to stay.
  • Mike
    Mike 4 weeks ago Women rarely contact you least in my opinion. They also rarely ask men to do things.
  • St. Macarius
    St. Macarius 2 months ago Thank you! Finally someone said it. I work too hard at my career and fitness to even care what some dumb hoe thinks. Rather enjoy MY time and MONEY than spend both on a thankless feminist!
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    Angel 3 months ago @Ocean Hedonist lol no, but that was a good one. Cheers!
  • Ocean Hedonist
    Ocean Hedonist 3 months ago @Angel - Do you feel a lot of men?
  • norah Hassan
    norah Hassan 4 months ago nix ale Maybe if you were more humble and weren’t an asshole you would’ve found the girl that makes you feel lucky if she contacted you first.
  • Syed Nadeem
    Syed Nadeem 4 months ago Damn straight nix, focus on yourself.
  • Charles Lozada
    Charles Lozada 5 months ago @Bugumir Dat's right, All human beings are on a short journey called life. We need one another, we shouldn't use one another for self-gratification.
  • Charles Lozada
    Charles Lozada 5 months ago @nix ale Sometimes a girl IS worth going after. I fell in "love with this chick one time, she didn't go head over heels for me in the beginning, we became friends, eventually we turned out to REALLY liking each others company. I've been with her for 28 yrs! I have been divorced twice.
  • Charles Lozada
    Charles Lozada 5 months ago @Ken Doug Ya got that wrong Ken. Men are always fighting wars and getting killed off doing their manly duty defending their country.
  • Charles Lozada
    Charles Lozada 5 months ago @Cesar Cano Envy no one. You don't know what makes people tick, and what they are all about. Yeah, guys and girls go online and become know it alls, they make you think they have it made. Not every chick is going to be into you, there are some wonderful chicks out there, not just to bed down with, but will make excellent companions. We need one another. I LOVE female companionship, guy companionship? I think it's all about bragging and talking sports. I guess I think that way because I had 2 wonderful sisters and a give it all Mom. My dad? so, so, just a regular guy.
  • SheepAmongGoats
    SheepAmongGoats 5 months ago At least you're not proud lol. Pride will kill a relationship eventually. You're better off by yourself
  • iKayBee
    iKayBee 6 months ago @Ken Doug This is wow!!!
  • Brug
    Brug 6 months ago He don't give an f about nothin!
  • Michael Piasecki
    Michael Piasecki 7 months ago This video was not meant for you sir.
  • matt stadtler
    matt stadtler 7 months ago Nix Ale clearly you are too busy to chase any woman. I'll bet you're so busy you only have time for hookers , not pursuing a relationship.
  • Penelope416
    Penelope416 8 months ago Sounds like you haven't seen Dan Bacon's videos.
  • God hand Mishima
    God hand Mishima 8 months ago This is truth. Im not chasing anything unless its mutual. Some women just like to play games and get a kick out of the attention. Well said and besides if a woman likes you she will reach out anyway. I dont mind iniating contact sometimes but i wont always be the first one to do it. Not worth my time
  • markj6700
    markj6700 9 months ago Maybe you're in the wrong room. Try associating with successful women.
  • Headles Norseman
    Headles Norseman 10 months ago Yet your watching this video 🤔
  • ween tuguy
  • Robert F.
    Robert F. 10 months ago Only if you want to get laid. And from the sounds of you you need to get laid.
  • paul stacks
    paul stacks 11 months ago nix ale Sure bro.. I'm sure you have a business and get all the girls you want in the world. I believe everything anyone says on the internet
  • shootingmen
    shootingmen 11 months ago Neil , dumb ass, successful people dont type over the keyboard.
  • shootingmen
    shootingmen 11 months ago Yea, pretty confident over the keyboard.
  • EricDutemple
    EricDutemple 1 year ago nix ale i feel the same.
  • iiMlgSanic Fifa
    iiMlgSanic Fifa 1 year ago i like ur mindset. dont change
  • Mr. E
    Mr. E 1 year ago (edited) Fuckin A right man!! Mgtow!!!!!! Lmmfao @ all the white knight beta males that are poppin outta the woodwork..
  • Phoenix Anonymous
    Phoenix Anonymous 1 year ago Generalizations are, in general, asinine. 90% of the women YOU have encountered may be poor at real conversation, but that does not translate into the entire population. You are basing your opinion on what? Possibly 1000 people max? There are MILLIONS in your area alone! And media does not portray the world accurately. So, with that negative outlook, stupidity is what you are attracting.
  • First Last
    First Last 1 year ago Said the involuntarily celibate male hahah
  • kuna wren
    kuna wren 1 year ago So many triggered beta male cucks in this comment thread. Keep up the good work Nix Ale.
  • Laza Amafirin
    Laza Amafirin 1 year ago Someone took the redpill ;)
  • jimmyjones05
    jimmyjones05 1 year ago Why are people hating on this comment? Its 100% true. What's more narcissistic, a guy with actual confidence he gained thru years of hard work, or women acting like they have a shortcut in life because they have a vagina and decent looks? Women (not all but many) confuse confidence with narcissism because they're projecting their own shit onto guys.
  • Michael H
    Michael H 1 year ago nix ale Right what kind of bullshit feminist comment is that? Bitches need to work for me not the other way around that's they way to have women chase and you to choose period
  • Number Eight
    Number Eight 1 year ago (edited) nix ale - I'm the same, 90% of women are poor at REAL conversation. Then if you rule out whores, low intelligence, low empathy, average looks and so forth you really are left looking for a unicorn at the knackers yard. And yes, if you're a competitive guy getting better at ALL facets in your life you really can see your peers falling behind, few people 'evolve' in a self taught way. Ps: I am chasing a unicorn at the moment, she's not my complete package but she's rapidly self evolving and motivated.....rare indeed.
  • Angel
    Angel 1 year ago nix ale, I feel you, man...
    PIECE KEEPER 1 year ago Nix ale, your boyfriend must be proud.
  • Natural all natural White pistachio nut
    Natural all natural White pistachio nut 1 year ago nix ale I feel like first off you should consider hanging yourself as clearly you hate your life
  • Guess Who This Is
    Guess Who This Is 1 year ago who are you trying to impress with this verbal diarrhea of a twelve year old
  • Ian M
    Ian M 1 year ago well you don't sound narcisstic at all
  • Wahyu Prasetyo
    Wahyu Prasetyo 1 year ago nix ale wow you are a catch
  • MusicMan
    MusicMan 1 year ago clap clap clap
  • sean tellier
    sean tellier 1 year ago Well said young man.😁👌 keep growing
  • Ken Doug
    Ken Doug 1 year ago Its supply and demand guys. There’s so many supply of men out there. Its up to you if you wanna be a supply or a demand
  • Bugumir
    Bugumir 1 year ago You are perhaps right, sir. But remember: when it comes to attraction you are not a successful, albeit arrogant, businessman and she is not a beautiful floosy, who's not worth your time. You're just a guy. And she's just a girl.
  • Cesar Cano
    Cesar Cano 1 year ago nix ale I enjoy the thrill of the hunt more than anything tbh. Nix it seems you know exactly what you want, I envy you for that. Good luck
  • nix ale
    nix ale 1 year ago (edited) I should feel lucky if a girl decides to contact me, or spend time with me or go on a date with me and I should pursue her. This is all BS. About 90% of these girls don't even know how to have a conversation. Their idea of a conversation is talking about themselves. They use their looks and bodies to attract guys but they don't spend time growing, developing their personalities. When I meet a girl I try to assess if she is even worthy of my time as my time is my most valuable assest. All this hollywood nonsense of the guy pursuing the girl and giving her flowers is just BS. Yes there are high quality women out there and we meet as equal partners on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. If a girl plays hard to get I just loose interest.
  • Neil Maheshwari
    Neil Maheshwari 1 year ago duffi999999 He's confident and doesn't give a fuck what people think of him. That alone makes him more attractive to women.
  • President Long Boi
    President Long Boi 1 hour ago Last time the girls was like “sir you can’t sleep here this is an Arby’s bathroom” I could tell she was into me
  • иван иван
    иван иван 1 year ago labito))) hello from russia. LIBIDO!
  • jrocker152
    jrocker152 9 months ago This Ivan Ivan dude is right about that spelling, if you weren’t Canadian; land of freedom to spell anything however generally gets the message across! I used to work for a Canadian, as a nephew of an old DuPont secretary. She was so rigorous about spelling, that this issue naturally came up. Thanks for your videos. I have gone from the frying pan to drowning in the sink; I now don’t want to hurt the feelings of women whose interest I have garnered. Thoughts on doing a video on how to break disinterest in a woman to her in a way that is not discouraging, but clear? Last thing I want to do is go around crushing self esteem...
  • Kate Spring
    Kate Spring 1 year ago Hello back from Canada! :-)
  • Hendrik S
    Hendrik S 1 year ago BASED ZEUS!!! He’s everywhere …
  • Sports Hub
    Sports Hub 4 months ago Ya exactly
  • R. Mercado
    R. Mercado 5 hours ago Why resting from the weeks interesting challenges, I came across a video on YT, titled, "5 secrets physiological ways to tell a girl is into you." I though how interesting it would be to sit back and listen. I was moved by your presentation, you affect and countenance were truly strikingly beautiful, well mannered, eloquent, and refined. Bottomline, I liked it very much! Stay well Kate! Semper Fi Reference Spring, Kate, (2018), "5 Secret Physiological Ways To Tell A Girl Is Into You."
  • BostonBruinsOWN
    BostonBruinsOWN 1 year ago I got nothing from the girl I’m confused by on this list. Oh well I figured she wasn’t into me lol
  • marco peranteau6
    marco peranteau6 1 day ago Good information thank you so much I think I need to change my photos I think it's not a good quality shot lol.are your toes pointing toward me take a look lol jk
  • GG Bro
    GG Bro 1 year ago When I think back to the girl I recently was talking to, almost all the things on the list could be checked...after a fb stalk she happens to have a boyfriend, fml lol
  • As seen on black & white TV
    As seen on black & white TV 4 months ago Potential monkey branching...good that you caught that that one,man.They always have a backup plan,almost every time.Had a similar occurrence very recently-the person in question turned out to have a couple of other men she was 'stringing' along...borderline boyfriend,friend with benefits,all discreetly arranged behind a faux schedule of work and such and such B.S.Fortunately my life is at the point where I can just walk on such situations when I figure out what is really going on.I just won't waste my time on most women these days as they are generally more problematic than it's worth.And the older you get, you'll grasp the greater appreciation for your personal space and time.Fact.
  • tim walsh
    tim walsh 5 months ago Hint : they all have boyfriends
  • Incognito2803
    Incognito2803 6 months ago Just because she has a boyfriend doesn't mean she's unavailable...
  • Explore17
    Explore17 6 months ago If she has a boyfriend: STAY AWAY FROM HER! If she dumps him because she thinks you're better than him, guess who is she dumping next when she finds someone better?!
  • Teclote
    Teclote 7 months ago @Yellow Spy All women have boyfriends, so to speak. You have to take her from somebody. Fact of life.
  • archangele1
    archangele1 1 year ago I have dated a couple women who were attached. The thing here was that in those cases, the boy friend was really not what they wanted. They were just in a relationship of convenience. This is not uncommon. I rarely meet women who do not have a boy friend, or, in some cases, a husband. In all cases, though, the relationship they are in is not working. The reason they stay is that they like the security of a relationship, even if it is not that good. But, given a viable alternative, they are willing to toss their present relationship. So, don't discount any woman just because she happens to have a boy friend. Still, there are the flirts who will mess around with you just to reinforce their attractiveness and nothing else. Those kind can be a royal pain.
  • Yellow Spy
    Yellow Spy 1 year ago You are not the only one, i get mixed signals from a engaged girl and is weird. But more of the girls have boyfriends. For me, for example, i don't care she has a boyfriend cause she can change her mind and dump him (i mean we are in 2018, nothing is set in stone), but i will never try to interest in married or engaged girls.
  • GG Bro
    GG Bro 1 year ago CHOCO FILIPINO 88 I know right!The struggle is real. Its even worse when you can feel it in your bones that the girl is interested and you get feelings for this unavailabe girl..I know the bro code but I never felt so emotional attached and it took months to get her out of my mind. Its hard to see other girls when you are tunnel visioned on this 1 unavailable girl you have feelings for. But I know we all deserve better than that and find a girl who is available and truly love you✌🏽💪🏽😎
  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 1 year ago It's funny how accurate this is. It's strange, but I can still kind of remember or sense conversations and interactions with women from years ago that I was trying to meet and date, where looking back, I don't remember seeing any of these positive body language markers; and sure enough, we never ended up dating or getting past a first date. And that small minority of women that did like me,...pretty much all these markers were there. Amazing. And I'm not sure how I can remember this....but I can; particularly the part about laughing with me and looking at me while she's doing it, and several of these other points. I'm not sure how the brain registers and remembers these things.. Btw Kate, your clear and concise style of delivery for this information really helps!
  • John Spear
    John Spear 11 months ago This really helps, Kate. I want to meet YOU soon and we can get to know each other a little more.
  • John Spear
    John Spear 11 months ago This is not helping me😔
  • Dacia Sandero guys
    Dacia Sandero guys 1 year ago We are in the same boat mate. Since I realized my worth, I find it very easy to get a woman (I mean, they approach me)
  • Kate Spring
    Kate Spring 1 year ago Yes, the signs are there if you know what to look for Anthony. Thanks for letting us into your experience ;)
  • Lilliam Pumpernickle
    Lilliam Pumpernickle 10 months ago Pretty hard to see if her eyes dilate if they're a very dark brown 😕
  • Orkhan Eyvazli
    Orkhan Eyvazli 1 month ago You can ask it. Did your eyes dilate?😄😄😄
  • Joey P
    Joey P 2 months ago Chanelle Ed azns too
  • Joey P
    Joey P 2 months ago Niggaz
  • Chanelle Ed
    Chanelle Ed 4 months ago Antony Piniepedus umm…not only black people have dark brown eyes boo
  • Antony Piniepedus
    Antony Piniepedus 4 months ago Don't date niggas!
  • Kate Spring
    Kate Spring 10 months ago Tough luck there Lilliam 😕
  • Nicolas Balint
    Nicolas Balint 2 days ago Russian women never smile. Like a 🧟‍♀️.
  • Don Arney
    Don Arney 17 hours ago It’s “Libido”, not “Labito”.