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15 Things You Didn't Know The Purpose Of!

Published on May 18, 2018 22,414,857 views

Top things you didn’t know the purpose of! These are the everyday items and things you didn’t know the use for!

#14. “Pen Cap”-- You have definitely noticed the tiny hole in the top of a cap and may have used it to try and make a whistle or pretended it was a tiny spyglass. Most people believe this hole has something to do with preventing a pen from drying-out but this is not the case. The hole in the pen cap actually serves as a safety feature. In the event that a small child swallows one, the hole allows air to pass through and reduces the risk of suffocation.

#13. “Measuring Tape Tools”-- The modern measuring tape machine is a handy invention that most construction workers and contractors can’t live without, but even some of the most skilled workers might not know it has two incredible yet simple features. First there is the serrated edge on the metal end of the tape. This was put into the design so that if you desired you could put a minor scratch or indentation into the surface you are measuring, in order to give you a marker to make further measurements or designs off of. The other feature is right next to the serrated edge. You may have noticed the small hole that is commonly located in the metal tip. So what’s the purpose of this? Well this is so that if you are measuring something from a point where a nail or screw is you can hook the tape onto the nail and hold the tape in place.

#12. “The Quarter’s Edge”-- You probably have spied the hundreds of tiny grooves that mark the outside edge of a quarter but not thought twice about it having a purpose. But these tiny ridges actually once served an important function and no it’s not just so magician’s can get a better grip during coin tricks. Up until recently, historically speaking, the cost of the metals in a coin reflected the coins value so many people took to shaving the edges off of the coins and then used the rest of the coin to purchase items as if the coin still had full value. They would then save up their shavings and melted them together to create new coins or just sell the chunks. In order to combat this, coin minters started putting these ridges on their coins so that retailers could tell whether the coins had been shaved. This practice, though not necessary today, is carried on for the sake of tradition and aesthetic. So why don’t nickels have them? Because no one cares about nickels.

  • Sensat
    Sensat 1 year ago These videos are like adding words to an essay to make it longer
  • Teenis Teenis
    Teenis Teenis 2 weeks ago It is just to make the video 10:00 minutes so they make more money... taking the easy way out rather than make higher quality content.
  • Richard Puckett
    Richard Puckett 2 weeks ago Not just any essay but a really bad essay.
  • Shaiyino Mendoza
    Shaiyino Mendoza 10 months ago We all know what they got on their college essay 😂
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    Bridge Tiessa 1 year ago landon delrie hahaha!!
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    andreas brown 1 year ago landon delrie maijajakkwa😘🙂👏🏽🙃☺️☺️☺️😉😉😍😉💦🙃🙃A⭐️☺️⭐️😘😩
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    Hruk Uive 1 year ago Just gotta get it last 10 minutes mate
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    Marilyn Monday 1 year ago 😂😂😂 yessss
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    AlwaysLearning 1 year ago Oh this comment satisfies my cynicism deep down :)
  • T. S.
  • Alice Maleksatian
    Alice Maleksatian 3 days ago No YOU’RE the idiot also who tf makes a question like that “there’s a hole in the lid of my chili...” bitch its used for the goddamn maintenance
  • Sarah Berkner
    Sarah Berkner 4 days ago They do that 1. To save aluminum and 2. Because there's no reason to make two types of aluminum tabs- same reason there is Braille on drive-thru ATMs.
  • OctoFlower Amira & Leafy
    OctoFlower Amira & Leafy 5 days ago @Micah Eller me too
    THEREAL- BRAFFKING. 1 week ago @John Coops wat u on about
  • HearthCricket
    HearthCricket 1 week ago batbat4 where’s your source for this? I believe the straw one as I heard that years ago & looked it up. I’d be interested in seeing where you read or saw this.
  • Don't worry about it
    Don't worry about it 1 week ago This is the best comment
  • mouldy model
    mouldy model 1 week ago @batbat4 its desine is a finger holder for getting leverage when pulling it back ...straw ideas a second thought
  • mouldy model
    mouldy model 1 week ago That to tie string threw an wear it on camping trips
    DESCARADOS 1 week ago Good point
  • HighStreet Killers
    HighStreet Killers 1 week ago No, it's for strength and to use less material. This video is made by an idiot that believes stupid life hacks
  • Nancy Montgomery
    Nancy Montgomery 1 week ago Simplest explanation is that the manufacturer saves money by using less metal.
  • Skeppy the ok
    Skeppy the ok 2 weeks ago Soft drinks only
  • Mandi Cal81
    Mandi Cal81 2 weeks ago @DobermansRock 😂😂😂😂
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    lps feirce Lucythedashound 2 weeks ago @Mandi Cal81 ikr
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    lps feirce Lucythedashound 2 weeks ago @catherine burton wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh
  • lps feirce Lucythedashound
    lps feirce Lucythedashound 2 weeks ago @catherine burton woosh
  • dave palmer
    dave palmer 2 weeks ago This was made up as a "hack" not product design. And it works poorly.
  • Rekeisha Thomas
    Rekeisha Thomas 3 weeks ago Lolol
  • Samih Alkhatib
    Samih Alkhatib 3 weeks ago vanquished voltaic money
  • Samih Alkhatib
    Samih Alkhatib 3 weeks ago M N you don't know its normal for chili being in a can?
  • Arianna Lenaè
    Arianna Lenaè 3 weeks ago 😂
  • Odonata Lover
    Odonata Lover 3 weeks ago @catherine burton Don't you mean "you're"? Who's the idiot!
  • Aleksandra Kamp
    Aleksandra Kamp 3 weeks ago maybe, I dunno, it has to be for something :)
  • spookym123
    spookym123 1 month ago @catherine burton "You're" an idiot, also!!!!!!
  • C Brower
    C Brower 1 month ago @catherine burton If YOU ARE calling someone an might want to learn how to use contractions! You're an idiot if you don't know how!
  • John Coops
    John Coops 1 month ago @Mandi Cal81 - My care factor < 0
  • Mandi Cal81
    Mandi Cal81 1 month ago @John Coops BTW oops By the fuckin way.... Aint nobody got time for that! How's that for grammar!?!?
  • Mandi Cal81
    Mandi Cal81 1 month ago @John Coops it's people like you that never cease to amaze me and quite frankly make me quite irritated. looking for an argument says alot about the person YOU ARE. HOPE YOU GOT THE JUST ASSHOLIO.
  • Mandi Cal81
    Mandi Cal81 1 month ago @John Coops what a sad asshole you are.
  • Mandi Cal81
    Mandi Cal81 1 month ago @Dana Martinez well said!!! Geez I can't believe how many people are more concerned about the grammar. Sad.
  • Nusi
    Nusi 1 month ago T. S. Duh you drink chilli through the can
  • John Coops
    John Coops 1 month ago @Dana Martinez- NOBODY GIVES A FUCK about your stupid "texting" bullshit stories. This is Youtube, not SMS messages. You are writing comments that need to be read and understood by many people, not just somebody who you know. Hence, the idea of commenting is so that you can contribute AND to be understood.
  • John Smithington
    John Smithington 1 month ago And caps mean yelling, so you're the essentially yelling a nonsensical argument, that is in itself confused. No one (in the first world) has had limits on SMS for a long time, and there is no character limit here, so adapting that method on a comment doesn't make sense anyway. On top of that, wouldn't it have been 'UR', in that context?
  • John Smithington
    John Smithington 1 month ago The thought of this is nauseous. It makes us nauseated.
  • Jboycs
    Jboycs 1 month ago He's right, all cans have a hole, not one person has ever used it for a straw, the video maker has been trolled..
  • Dana Martinez
    Dana Martinez 1 month ago @Aimee F.y.i- nowadays when YOU ( U ) TEXT IT IS USUALLY WRITTEN IN WORDS MUCH SHORTER..TO EXPRESS THE SAME THING FOR EXAMPLE: U, Thru instead of through, C instead of writing See, 2 instead of To or Too, SMH not shaking my head, So I say this 2 say that the guy U corrected was just writing in texting terms.
  • Leslie Tollefson
    Leslie Tollefson 1 month ago T. S. - you mean you're not using a straw with your chili now? Youre totally missing out, dude.
  • diamon' skalien
    diamon' skalien 1 month ago Y E s
  • Olga Herrejon
    Olga Herrejon 1 month ago You are too funny, I just spit out my coffee!
  • Jimmie H
    Jimmie H 1 month ago Yes. Yes it is.
  • von mecca
    von mecca 1 month ago You are
  • DobermansRock
    DobermansRock 1 month ago I just tried this it doesn't work so well.
  • DobermansRock
    DobermansRock 1 month ago The hole in the tab is actually a convienient way to rip off the charities that collect the aluminum for scrap money.
  • DobermansRock
    DobermansRock 1 month ago you're
  • Vincent Bolt
    Vincent Bolt 2 months ago No, just pop and gravy.
  • vanquished voltaic
    vanquished voltaic 2 months ago Wait what no one does that dude I love to slurp up my canned spaghetti o's with a straw but actually the tab hole was designs so it doesnt bend when you pull the tab and also to save mony 💎💸💸💸🔖💴💵💶💷💳💳💊
  • Rejected Water
    Rejected Water 2 months ago @Chopped Suey Yup seems legit
  • momokinz19
    momokinz19 2 months ago catherine burton you’re an idiot! Number 1: “you’re” not “your” (grammar) Number 2: ITS A JOKE!
  • Sharon Howard
    Sharon Howard 2 months ago @Alexi Smith 😂🤣
  • M N
    M N 3 months ago Chili from a can??? Gross
  • savage beast
    savage beast 3 months ago I'm dead😂
  • batbat4
    batbat4 3 months ago The hole in the tab was not made for a straw. It was made so the tab wouldn't bend when used.
  • Mike D
    Mike D 3 months ago @Aimee I see say the blind man
  • Aimee
    Aimee 3 months ago @mike arriaga *you **you ***through
  • Aimee
    Aimee 3 months ago @Mike D "grammar
  • mike arriaga
    mike arriaga 3 months ago For you ya, if u eat chili out of a can, u probably also have to eat thru a straw! Lol.
  • Mike D
    Mike D 3 months ago @catherine burton you're*** #triggered #grammer nazi
  • Kelly Corless
    Kelly Corless 3 months ago i laughed way too hard at this
  • Window Licker
    Window Licker 4 months ago You must give some good ass head than.....
  • The Night Flower
    The Night Flower 4 months ago (edited) Ben Adams I think it’s simply that the cans are made on the same machines and then just used for different things. It’s much easier and cheaper to just use the same metal dies and presses and have a standard shape than to have separate cutters etc for different types of lids and ring-pulls.
  • Ben Adams
    Ben Adams 5 months ago First, *you're. Secondly, I think it's a legit question because the hole being for a straw is fine, but other types of cans have the exact same type of tab.
  • catherine burton
    catherine burton 5 months ago your an idiot!!!!!!
  • The Night Flower
    The Night Flower 5 months ago Yes. Pussy. lol
  • Alexi Smith
    Alexi Smith 5 months ago 😂😂
  • Micah Eller
    Micah Eller 5 months ago The thought of this scenario makes me nauseous
  • Frank Mccluskey
    Frank Mccluskey 2 weeks ago Tiny pocket is for your drugs obviously
  • Mandi Cal81
    Mandi Cal81 5 hours ago Frank Mccluskey exactly
  • C J Bowen
    C J Bowen 5 days ago tiny vibrator
  • OctoFlower Amira & Leafy
    OctoFlower Amira & Leafy 5 days ago If I find those goddamed skittles candies in your pockets I'm going to call 91q
  • Flash Fire
    Flash Fire 1 week ago Frank Mccluskey so is the underwear pocket. Lol.
  • Mia Deane
    Mia Deane 1 week ago Coochie coke?!?
  • Stacie Green
    Stacie Green 1 week ago LMFAO!!!!
  • Moses Lingle
    Moses Lingle 2 weeks ago eyes get wide you can put your weed in it roflmao
  • Amanda Weaver
    Amanda Weaver 4 months ago Because mice are trained to stop at the hilarious
  • Amanda Weaver
    Amanda Weaver 1 month ago @jim james probably lol
  • jim james
    jim james 1 month ago Make the margins out of hot chilli.
  • Sandesh Bhalke
    Sandesh Bhalke 1 month ago hey if they can cook food why stop their training there?
  • LighTraveler
    LighTraveler 4 months ago What hygiene product does the gusset help hold in place? Tampon?😂 and why would you put a pad inside there? Isn't the point of the pad NOT to get underwear wet🤔
  • sailaab
    sailaab 1 day ago thinitsDanielle :) haha, that tickled me. those desiccants are usually silica gel packs you can search the net for those terms if you want as an always curious person, and back in India internet only hit retail use in 1995.. do in early days I assumed that diapers and sanitary pads too had the same thing. it's different but both diapers and menstrual pads had/have similar basic material though now in the 21st century, new compounds are added that converts liquid.. into viscous gel and RETAINS it in the inside layers without the baby or lady having to feel wetness
  • 🕉 Velvet 🕉
    🕉 Velvet 🕉 1 week ago Donna Slattery WOW, your comment took me right back to those times when I was a little girl...ugh so gross lol
    DESCARADOS 1 week ago You're supposed to fold a dryer sheet and slide it in the pocket! I recommend lavender
  • Tootsieamanda
    Tootsieamanda 2 weeks ago @SEAN'S WORLD 😂😂😂
  • Rekeisha Thomas
    Rekeisha Thomas 3 weeks ago Drake ICN 🧐
    SEAN'S WORLD 3 weeks ago @Monitor 028-MendicantSpire So the gusset is for the squirters . You learn something new everyday. lol.
  • Ottawajames
    Ottawajames 3 weeks ago storage. Ever been out somewhere and been caught without a pad or tampon?
  • Blacktop Ernie And The 5 Jimbo Fishers
    Blacktop Ernie And The 5 Jimbo Fishers 3 weeks ago Tuna can
  • Christopher Rosenbalm
    Christopher Rosenbalm 3 weeks ago nothing better than a good juiced up gusset!!
  • betty swollocks
    betty swollocks 3 weeks ago Nah it's for holding the battery pack for the strap on
  • Gary Colangelo
  • El Rojo Grande
    El Rojo Grande 3 weeks ago (edited) He meant it provides a surface more suitable for the adhesive on pads to stick too. When gluing a really smooth surface you rough it up so that the bond formed is stronger. Same principle with really smooth fabrics and pads. It provides a rough surface that helps prevent movement and detachment. Its also a stronger fabric that wont be damaged by the repeated removal like more delicate fabrics would over time. Thats why it doesn't matter if both sides are stitched or not. Its simply a cosmetic difference cheaper brands dont care about because it still fills the same role just fine.
  • R'hyll-Ann Ffiain
    R'hyll-Ann Ffiain 4 weeks ago A long time ago, my mother told me something about putting something in that pocket, but for freshness. A perfumed or powdered cloth, perhaps? Something that might irritate if it's directly on the skin? It was literally in the 60s when she told me this. I'm having trouble remembering the details, but it was ultimately for freshness.
  • Misty Lee
    Misty Lee 4 weeks ago So we’ve established nobody’s putting hygiene products up in there, right?! Lol
  • Monitor 028-MendicantSpire
    Monitor 028-MendicantSpire 1 month ago @Marie Fara Justine Straightforward Answer: It's extra protection as when a girl gets aroused their girl parts make lubrication fluid, which in some people can be big amounts.
  • R'hyll-Ann Ffiain
    R'hyll-Ann Ffiain 1 month ago @John Coops Absolutely. Laughing at your prostate right now! {Joke, dear.} buh bye
  • John Coops
    John Coops 1 month ago @R'hyll-Ann Ffiain - in your life, do you ever smile or laugh? For example, like laughing at a joke?
  • R'hyll-Ann Ffiain
    R'hyll-Ann Ffiain 1 month ago Men have slots too, in the back. You think you'd like that? Specifically designed to accommodate a seam, as you say. Oh wait, you have a prostate, you probably would like something hard and rough jammed up there. (Nothing to do with being gay, it's about the prostate.) So yeah. Men should wear hard uncomfortable seams up their ass cracks cuz's there, right? As nature intended...? Let's alert the men's fashion industry. Might make millions.
  • John Coops
    John Coops 1 month ago @Steph Young - Of course the gusset isn't "so we don't have a seam down the middle of our delicate lady parts". There is a SLOT right down the center of the lady parts, specifically designed to accommodate a seam.
  • Olga Herrejon
    Olga Herrejon 1 month ago I think it had to do with hygiene in 1920's, how did any women before then stay fresh? I'm so glad to be living now. We don't need the gusset!
  • Donna Slattery
    Donna Slattery 1 month ago Its to catch all the sand while you are swimming at the beach so when you exit the water it looks like have a big poo in your cosie.
  • President Thanos
    President Thanos 1 month ago LighTraveler POOP SACK
  • Rahil Arora
    Rahil Arora 1 month ago LighTraveler I’m not sure myself?!
  • Drake ICN
    Drake ICN 1 month ago Bullet vibrators.
  • Danielle Girace
    Danielle Girace 2 months ago Funny thing is the thumbnail for this video shows a pair of panties with what I thought was one of those beaded bags you find in new sneakers; you know to absorb moisture). Thought that was pretty funny. I'm guessing they are insinuating that it can be tucked inside there. Lol
  • Steph Young
    Steph Young 2 months ago Nah, the gusset is so we don't have a seam down the middle of our delicate lady parts.
  • fuqoff aye?
    fuqoff aye? 2 months ago Something to do with beaver juices filled with gleeful bacteria and the accompanying smell which is implied.
  • Fiona Cahill
    Fiona Cahill 2 months ago It's not to hold hygiene products ( My family were clothing manufacturers) what rubbish! 😁... it's just extra material sewn in the gusset area , because obviously it is a delicate place where we need more strength, absorbency and softer fabric . It needs to be easy to wash though for hygiene purposes considering its position , for this reason it is often left open , pocketed for more easy rinsing of a more frequently, less expensive underwear , that may be worn more regularly and therefore washed in bulk in a machine. We usually take better care of our more expensive lingerie eh girls! 😘 I personally hand wash my good stuff. .
  • Marie Fara Justine
    Marie Fara Justine 2 months ago (edited) Gussets extra protection against moisture like sweating that area i am guessing. But I know It's usually loose at one end so it will be washed thoroughly underneath in your washing machine.
  • Freya Aldrnari
    Freya Aldrnari 2 months ago I just don't see a gusset serving any functional purpose. 🤔.
  • Izzy Belisle
    Izzy Belisle 3 months ago If you're in a tough spot, you can use it to tuck the ends of a pad or the ends of a piece of toilet paper I guess 🤔
  • milla mantell
    milla mantell 10 months ago If the soda can thing is true.. then why is the same tab used for things like dog food and tuna? Who's sipping that?
  • Routanne the Gamer
    Routanne the Gamer 6 hours ago Pretty sure the Pop Can tab is more a case of that's just how it was designed, and it happens that it holds a straw in place, rather than it being designed specifically to hold a straw in place.
  • DaBoise
    DaBoise 1 day ago @sdffdvgbgf dsafdzfgghf I love your reply.
  • sdffdvgbgf dsafdzfgghf
    sdffdvgbgf dsafdzfgghf 3 days ago um.. to open it?
  • DaBoise
    DaBoise 4 days ago Well shit! My dog's been doing that for years. I'd just pop the can open, throw in a straw, and then I wouldn't have to take care of it. Plus, there's no bowls to clean!
  • Special Davidson
    Special Davidson 4 days ago Simon
  • Mohamed Sayid
    Mohamed Sayid 4 days ago the oval wrapped hole was made to strengthen the cutter handle so that it would not bend while using it.
  • Yohan L.naraidoo
    Yohan L.naraidoo 5 days ago Because they can't be bothered to make a whole new machine which would cost 100s of thousands in dollars to make and buy to can things
  • OctoFlower Amira & Leafy
    OctoFlower Amira & Leafy 5 days ago Excuse me but I actually like tuna
  • Ron Star
    Ron Star 2 weeks ago I drink my beer through a straw all of the time.
  • PurpleKU77
    PurpleKU77 2 weeks ago Arf woof!!
  • RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles
    RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles 2 weeks ago @Kioku maybe they save so much metal by making holes on the tabs
  • geoffrey
    geoffrey 2 weeks ago @Kioku I was just about to say about saving metal too.. 🍀
  • William Branham
    William Branham 2 weeks ago Milla: my observations and thoughts. I checked a beer can and a soda can. The tabs looked identical in every way. I checked a sardine can and the tab is much larger in all dimensions.. The hole is larger than the soda/beer can. I think the tabs are made by one of a few manufacturers for specific purposes. I think the hole is there to reduce the amount of aluminum, to make it easy to hold onto the tab. and to stiffen the tab so it won't bend under force. If someone has a problem pulling the tab, a hand held tool could be used and placed in the hole, then lifted. Perhaps an old style beer can punch with the triangular end could be placed under the tab and lifted as a fulcrum. Who knows if the hole is for a straw? I think a lot of engineering design went into the tab. As far as the sardine can is concerned, the tab hole is much larger but not large enough to suck a sardine through a straw.
  • Cinnigen5
    Cinnigen5 2 weeks ago milla mantell me
  • Joanne Chew
    Joanne Chew 2 weeks ago ❓❓🧐
  • Barry A.
    Barry A. 3 weeks ago Now I have a migraine trying to figure that out...
  • William Branham
    William Branham 1 month ago It's more efficient to make one type of tab and less aluminum is used. Corporations try to save money whenever they can. That little hole doesn't save much but multiply by billions made every year.
  • Sandesh Bhalke
    Sandesh Bhalke 1 month ago The government, man. The government is secretly eating our dog food
  • Hinami Yoshimura
    Hinami Yoshimura 1 month ago That's for actually grip purpose because those are even more hard to open smart bitch.
  • Kimberley
    Kimberley 2 months ago So tickled!
  • Paul Hotston
    Paul Hotston 2 months ago The hole in the ring pull on a food can is so you can put your finger through to pull, without it you would not be able to pull the top off. The hole on a drinks can is not needed to open the can and it would not save on on the cost of the metal used as the hole would be punch out and the scrap value would be less than the cost of storage and collection for recycling. And to prove that the hole is for a straw coca cola has it on their website.
  • manamal769
    manamal769 2 months ago milla mantell LMFAOOOOOO good question !!!
  • Loretta Scott
    Loretta Scott 2 months ago @Jordan Delgado lol 😂 definitely
  • Dayveon Lane
    Dayveon Lane 3 months ago milla mantell ¡ # Z's
  • Po Wong
    Po Wong 3 months ago Cost effect. Usually they r from same manufacturers — same design, mass production, then cost would be reduced. Also, with the hole design, material is needed less.
  • Richard Rogers
    Richard Rogers 3 months ago Because it would cost more money to create different tabs for different things. So they just have the one design. Make sense now?
  • anotherkat4u
    anotherkat4u 10 months ago or tennis balls ,,,,=^oo^=,,,, i love u milla ~(^..)
  • Kim Sechrist
    Kim Sechrist 10 months ago It's true, but was probably just copied cause manufacturers didn't know. It just looks like (and actually is, really) a handy grip.
  • Dennis
    Dennis 10 months ago Cuz in reality its used to save material. Just like the asian food container isnt meant to be unfolded (which would get rly messy btw) but actually it can be unfolded into a flat piece of cardboard, because this is how they were produced... Ever gotten a package? Yes they unfold too, so u can save space and because thats how they were produced, not so u can mail flat boxes to your family -_-
  • Ambttethv
    Ambttethv 10 months ago Some old news with a generic narration. Makes me sick.
  • Karolyn Herrera
    Karolyn Herrera 10 months ago (edited) natalie's wonders....why are you commenting if you didn't even watch the video? lol
  • Mega Feehily
    Mega Feehily 10 months ago That hole real purpose is for our finger to pull it so we can open the can
  • trevor Johnson
    trevor Johnson 10 months ago milla mantell u are cute and a genius. Helluva thought
  • Leah Hanson
    Leah Hanson 10 months ago milla mantell I think it is for a grip so you can put your finger through it while pulling
  • Janel Bly
    Janel Bly 10 months ago Good point! Really good point... I wonder 🤔 💭
  • Fletcher901
    Fletcher901 10 months ago Fancy dogs.
  • Lamarrie Alexander- Currie - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104)
    Lamarrie Alexander- Currie - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104) 10 months ago Dogs!jeez people!
  • Crab Gal
    Crab Gal 10 months ago Ease of opening
  • vwbora26
    vwbora26 10 months ago It is really for grip and save some metal in fabrication process
  • Stephanie Emmiline
    Stephanie Emmiline 10 months ago +Faraday Sage people with nickle allergies
  • TheVicdub
    TheVicdub 10 months ago It of course is untrue!! That hole is for finger grip.
  • TheVicdub
    TheVicdub 10 months ago :-D :-D ROFL
  • milla mantell
    milla mantell 10 months ago @David Kaluzny dude I didnt even realize that thas crazy
  • David Kaluzny
    David Kaluzny 10 months ago also, there is no hole in the tab of an energy drink can
  • Vincent Heartland
    Vincent Heartland 10 months ago It's because the tabs are made that way simply to save metal, however even if there were an intended purpose for the hole, they'd still be made from a standard factory model and would retain the hole even on tuna cans.
  • Luizfigobr
    Luizfigobr 10 months ago because isso cheaper for manufacturers to use the same machinery
  • Melanie Pinzon
    Melanie Pinzon 10 months ago Have you not been giving your dog a straw? Shame on you!
  • Layla Stacknik
    Layla Stacknik 10 months ago This comment got me dead HAHAHA
  • Jester
    Jester 10 months ago I thought it was to cut down cost on the metal since the tabs have a higher concentration. That's why a lot of recycling places won't accept pop cans if the tabs are removed.
  • gyggy123456
    gyggy123456 10 months ago Faraday Sage me people do.
  • Ктшник :D
    Ктшник :D 10 months ago Dog uses a straw maybe.
  • katrice howard
    katrice howard 10 months ago Faraday Sage I do lol. Sometimes. When growing up I was taught it was unsanitary to place your lips on the metal. I guess it was a common thought when canned sodas were invented, people don’t think about that kind of stuff now. Also, it’s more classy, like the same idea of pouring the beer into a glass at a restaurant and using a straw versus putting your lips on a restaurant glass.
  • Bts Cypher4
    Bts Cypher4 10 months ago you dont drink tuna? wow, thats weird
  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams 10 months ago Roasted em
  • Gee Lahrie
    Gee Lahrie 10 months ago milla mantell well...damn. good point.
  • Pew Pew Parts
    Pew Pew Parts 10 months ago Video is wrong. Hole was to add rigidity to the tab so it doesn’t break.
  • zi lin
    zi lin 10 months ago .
  • Laurens Romeijn
    Laurens Romeijn 10 months ago (edited) ofc. its not true ... Ive checked out multiple patents on Beverage tabs... NONE of them are talking about straws or whatever (one of the first types had the fabricator name in it) Redbull does the same
  • Axx Kxx
    Axx Kxx 10 months ago The hole punched out in the soda can tab is to save meta,l to save money.
  • Mike n Ikes
    Mike n Ikes 10 months ago To pull the top off easier
  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter 10 months ago The soda can tab is multi-purpose; dog food and tuna cans didn't always have easy-open tabs (soda cans were first).
  • tecnoklaus
    tecnoklaus 10 months ago milla mantell Exactly, It’s not for straws. This is just to fill the video. It just creates better grip.
  • Jesse Dover
    Jesse Dover 10 months ago Do you really need something to hold a straw in a tiny can hole???? That hole is made to strengthen the aluminum, so the tab doesn't bend when you pull it up. They curve the aluminum around itself like a tube to make it stronger. (The I-beam effect)💪🏼
  • fightmaster06
    fightmaster06 10 months ago @Iceberg86300 the only correct answer. 'thank you meme'
  • The White Waffle
    The White Waffle 10 months ago The tab is designed this way for the same reason a crease in a piece of paper makes a better fan. Folding the metal around like that makes the tab stronger so it won't bend as easy when you pry up on it. It also has the added benefit of using less metal.
  • Ernesto Melgar
    Ernesto Melgar 10 months ago Slide your finger in the hole to open it easier
  • MrSammykilla
    MrSammykilla 10 months ago What you don’t like tuna juice?
  • Gamers In Hell
    Gamers In Hell 10 months ago you don't sip your tuna?
  • Xavier Mendez
    Xavier Mendez 10 months ago Lol
  • João Pedro Tavares da Fonseca Lima
    João Pedro Tavares da Fonseca Lima 10 months ago milla mantell it's probably not meant for straws. It just have that design for some other reason but then people realised it is possible to put a straw in there
  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 10 months ago (edited) Not only that but when the straw is in the can it stands up just fine on its own without the tab. I think the hole in the tab not only adds grip but saves on material cost... think about how much material is saved when millions upon millions of cans are produced. Has nothing to do with being a straw holder, but if the shoe fits wear it.
  • Dakota Ferguson
    Dakota Ferguson 10 months ago @wdmc2012 then insert straw
  • Dakota Ferguson
    Dakota Ferguson 10 months ago @Kioku well you gotta think the shape and structure of the tab is way stronger with the edges rolled in the way that they are I'm sure if it were just a flat piece of metal it would bend way before it opened the can
  • beth
    beth 10 months ago @BonnieBlue2A the tabs on animal food and tuna should be illegal if not made right. Lots of em break off be4 u get the can open. Nearly cut my finger in half as a kid cuz of a faulty cat food can tab.
  • Omar Ramadan
    Omar Ramadan 10 months ago so you can open it with your finger instead of searching for your can opener each time your cat meows and eventually dies of hunger
  • BonnieBlue2A
    BonnieBlue2A 10 months ago Faraday Sage women wearing lipstick do.
  • BonnieBlue2A
    BonnieBlue2A 10 months ago milla mantell Will Commiefornia make those tabs illegal now that they are attempting to ban plastic straws?
  • Kayla Wetherholt
    Kayla Wetherholt 10 months ago Animals nigga
  • Keith Lebrun
    Keith Lebrun 10 months ago Hey - they juicy bit at the bottom is best part. Don't wanna miss that.
  • Jordan Delgado
    Jordan Delgado 10 months ago we need you in the white house
  • wdmc2012
    wdmc2012 10 months ago So you can pull the lid off. For a soda can, you just lift the tab, and the can is open. With tuna or pet food, you lift the tab, stick your finger in that loop, and pull the whole top off.
  • Yum 'n' Yuck
    Yum 'n' Yuck 10 months ago It is true
  • Katie Duchene
    Katie Duchene 10 months ago You open those cans different those open the whole lid 😂
  • milla mantell
    milla mantell 10 months ago @acme420 oh shit you're right, I didnt even think of that
  • therandomite
    therandomite 10 months ago It has nothing to do with straws and everything to do with the strength of the ringpull. The ringpull hole is a result of folding the aluminimum over itself to give it enough strenght not to bend when using it to open a can
  • MonkeyJedi99
    MonkeyJedi99 10 months ago It's really for strengthening the tab while reducing the amount of material.
  • PinkTime 18
    PinkTime 18 10 months ago That's for consistency
  • Jay Kune
    Jay Kune 10 months ago milla mantell Homeless people
  • Kill This Love
    Kill This Love 10 months ago Because it isn't meant as a straw loop thingy, it may seem stupid and obvious, but the hole was meant to use less metal, if you put a hole in the lid, you can use less metal which cheaper in production, it's not meant for us but for the company
  • Gary Casper
    Gary Casper 10 months ago Don't be a hater... just cuz you couldn't figure out the obvious uses of these common everyday items..
  • SSNTrollFace ツ
    SSNTrollFace ツ 10 months ago Avz1 ok brother
  • Avz1
    Avz1 10 months ago @SSNTrollFace ツ I do every day brother.
  • Avz1
    Avz1 10 months ago So dogs can enjoy their food with a straw, of course. As for tuna, same thing. To sip it. Case closed. lol
  • Rido Vercascade
    Rido Vercascade 10 months ago milla mantell because soda is more used, so fabrics have a over dosis of production and now it is cheaper. Why shall they make special new tab for dog food😂
  • acme420
    acme420 10 months ago Get this... Back in the old days when you opened a pop can... The tab and the lip part came off as one piece... Straw my ass.
  • Nicole M
    Nicole M 10 months ago @Faraday Sage people with disabilities 😐😡
  • Nicole M
    Nicole M 10 months ago @Ono Notu people with disabilities 😐
  • James Bunting
    James Bunting 10 months ago @Faraday Sage i do, makes out more bubbly :)
  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 10 months ago milla mantell me
  • Sofa Faso
    Sofa Faso 10 months ago gretchen eddy Well duh the suppliers. Almost all food cans are made of steel, but like aluminum's unique properties make it ideal for holding carbonated beverages. Businesses from sodas and dog food can get their shit from the same suppliers. Don’t make me start how these suppliers get their raw materials
  • gretchen eddy
    gretchen eddy 10 months ago @Sofa Faso so the same company that makes soda tabs makes dog food tabs... That's nice to know. Makes sense really.
  • Roberta Strunk
    Roberta Strunk 10 months ago eiir
  • Sofa Faso
    Sofa Faso 10 months ago Kioku true. And all these cans now can be from the same manufacturer, the same company under the same factory regardless if it’s for tuna, dog food or sodas.
  • doll facee
    doll facee 10 months ago I’ve never seen that tab on a can of tuna - interesting .
  • Iceberg86300
    Iceberg86300 10 months ago It's actually done for 3 reasons: folding the edge over gets rid of the razor sharp edge, folding the edge over crates strength, and punching the hole provides for tooling to fold over the inner edge, basically providing twice the strength. Oh, and there is a material savings that can be recycled. So 4 reasons.
  • Mom The Ebayer
    Mom The Ebayer 10 months ago (edited) It’s probably a default feature for all cans goods since it’s become common.
  • Faraday Sage
    Faraday Sage 10 months ago Who uses a straw for canned or bottled drinks? Nobody.
  • Jennifer Thomas
    Jennifer Thomas 10 months ago Ya
  • Ono Notu
    Ono Notu 10 months ago who drinks sodas using a straw? I thought the hole in the tab was for you to pry with your fingernail.
  • margaret o leary
    margaret o leary 10 months ago thats true.. 0thers came up with different uses for them like here on utube hacks for everything now
  • nevah67 plays aj
    nevah67 plays aj 10 months ago He is right that's y it was made but outher people stole the idea from the person who made it and did not know what it was for
  • koala s
    koala s 10 months ago milla mantell oh yah, and what would be the point anyways, so your straw will be 1/5 closer to ur face
  • Alex Red
    Alex Red 10 months ago milla mantell it's for easier grip to use to open the can because for those you pull back the whole lid not just punch a hole
  • Catherine Lucente
    Catherine Lucente 10 months ago It’s true that these tabs do hold straws in place. I’m sure machinists patented one design—and it is now used for all tabs on all cans. (Why have 2 designs?) Not to mention, that hole makes it easier to maneuver the tab, to open a can. FWIW, the golden rule of design is: Form Follows Function. ;-)
  • MoveWild w/Micah
    MoveWild w/Micah 10 months ago Good call... ur right.
  • Kioku
    Kioku 10 months ago I think over time making tabs that way just became the common thing to do, and I guess it saves a little metal.
  • boomerangfreak
    boomerangfreak 10 months ago @SSNTrollFace ツ nah, tuna is gross. Dog food on the other hand.
  • SSNTrollFace ツ
    SSNTrollFace ツ 10 months ago boomerangfreak you put a straw on your tuna can?
  • boomerangfreak
    boomerangfreak 10 months ago Oh, doesn't everyone?
  • Frigid
    Frigid 3 months ago The comments are the only good thing about this video.
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    mfbir1able 4 days ago Ron Star 🤣
  • mfbir1able
    mfbir1able 4 days ago For the most part...I agree! But I do "loves me some gramma 😉" battles! My favorites are when the "corrector" is just is DEAD WRONG and then 99 people jump in fixing everyone's 💩! It goes from a more likely than not misused "your" to any and every common (plus) grammatical faux pas, typo, and auto -correct you could wish for! From my seat on the sidelines, I often "lol" or verbally groan at comments! I try to remain a neutral party, but once in a while, I can't help myself...after the 127 comment, I might be forced to 👍 or 👎 something!
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    OctoFlower Amira & Leafy 5 days ago True
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    manuchimso uche 1 week ago stupid bitch
  • Ron Star
    Ron Star 2 weeks ago I laced up my Converse sneakers like they said, through the holes in the side, and fell down the damn stairs. But it was a GOOD fall down the stairs.
  • Anthony Whitehead
    Anthony Whitehead 2 weeks ago More accurate too
  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman 1 month ago Frigid - the comments cover all the flaws I noticed in the vid.
  • Ron Star
    Ron Star 2 weeks ago I NEVER saw so many things I didn't know the purpose for, explained and NEVER SHOWN IN USE in the VIDEO!!!!!! Real crap video.
  • Sarah Berkner
    Sarah Berkner 4 days ago I'm just scrolling down the comment section saying, "Try it yourself."
  • Rebecca Fanson
    Rebecca Fanson 1 week ago I would be much more impressed with this if you actually showed us these things as you tried to tell us about them. Actually hang a bag on the cart and show me what you're talkin about ect
  • Sarah Berkner
    Sarah Berkner 2 days ago @adamaj I think I saw 30 people who left the same exact comment. Trust me, you're not alone.
  • adamaj
    adamaj 3 days ago Agreed! I came to see if anyone else commented on this. It's infuriating when someone is supposed to be showing us the use of something and they don't SHOW us the damn use. What's worse, none of the images they use in the video properly even show us the loops. I'm sitting there with the video paused going wtf is he even talking about. So I did a search. Here's a good explanation with pictures showing their use.
  • Sarah Berkner
    Sarah Berkner 4 days ago How about just try it yourself? After all, that is the point of the video. I promise nothing bad will happen to you if it doesn't work.
  • OctoFlower Amira & Leafy
    OctoFlower Amira & Leafy 5 days ago Dont worry at walmart my grandma puts her purse on those
  • Christopheles Doomniscient
    Christopheles Doomniscient 6 days ago Rebecca Fanson My complaint as well.
  • billy zane
    billy zane 1 week ago Yeah like we couldn't even get a picture of the Converse shoes laced up that way ?
  • dege13
    dege13 1 month ago You should have made clips that demonstrated these things, like opening up the ketchup cup.
  • HighStreet Killers
    HighStreet Killers 1 week ago Ketchup cup is just made like that for strength. Pulling it open is just another dumb life hack
  • PurpleKU77
    PurpleKU77 2 weeks ago Just pull the folds apart, going around the cup. Ain't rocket science
  • Mason Davis
    Mason Davis 2 weeks ago @Dirk Bastardrelief lol
  • RayofLight General
    RayofLight General 3 weeks ago And the shopping cart/trolly, I have no idea what he was talking about
  • Arianna Lenaè
    Arianna Lenaè 3 weeks ago Smart...
  • Aleksandra Kamp
    Aleksandra Kamp 3 weeks ago I totally agree
  • Brian Baker
    Brian Baker 1 month ago @R'hyll-Ann Ffiain ☆○88/jkkq
  • R'hyll-Ann Ffiain
    R'hyll-Ann Ffiain 1 month ago Long before that type of cup was used for ketchup (long before fast food chains, actually), we'd get Italian Ices in cups like that and yup: You unfold them and drink whatever was left in the cup. Authentic pizzerias in Jersey and NYC, sportsfans!
  • Dirk Bastardrelief
    Dirk Bastardrelief 1 month ago That would require using a camera instead of stock footage. Which is more work. Like sewing a panty gusset closed.
  • Karis Yuen
    Karis Yuen 10 months ago Woman: Let's make a video together. Man: Ok. Woman: I'll just say the numbers and you can do the rest of the video.
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    Fiend Herald 1 week ago @gretchen eddy not anymore, feminist support male genocide
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    Ron Star 2 weeks ago Number ELEVEN.
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    Linday Mohegan 2 weeks ago I noticed that too, thought it was strange. Xoxo
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    its CoE u see 2 weeks ago @That Guy good job u served ur purpose in this thread...i care just as much as that guy dose
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    Dorothyann Bendekovits 1 month ago All these comments and nothing to do with the video.
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    Traffixcone 1 month ago Thats OCD
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    Internet Tough Goy 5 months ago That Guy FUCKING GODAMN PUSSY CANT TAKE A JOKE zzz thanks for fucking up the original comment. Liberal sensitive pos
  • Internet Tough Goy
    Internet Tough Goy 5 months ago mica davis first off Huh? Second. All of you commenting vomenting “feminism “ are missing the joke. Really should smoke some weed
  • mica davis
    mica davis 5 months ago I thought feminism was about not letting men do anything for women. Before the feminist movement women seemed to be content to let men hold open doors for them, help them across puddles, and represent their families in the election process. Lol, could it be said that women didn't so much gain the right to vote as men gained the right to vote against their wives?
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    Carol O 7 months ago Lol
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    Internet Tough Goy 8 months ago Karis Yuen LMAO 😂
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    Özlem Güler 8 months ago Hilarious!!!
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    Del Stanley 10 months ago Maybe he liked that idea as long as she promised to give him some of her number one ranked underwear.
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    Yooo it’s chenny 10 months ago Karis Yuen XD
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    yeet 10 months ago That Guy how is that being a feminist. it’s legit pointing out very obvious things in the video
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  • OfficialPixel - CSGO Content
    OfficialPixel - CSGO Content 10 months ago You forgot the part where the woman says she did most of the work and that she deserves to be treated better.
  • DoNot Enter
    DoNot Enter 10 months ago (edited) LOL can you deny that it is a sensitive topic? read more comment under hers if youre bored enough. tbh Im pretty feminist myself and you wanna be more judgemental?
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    Maya Hawthorne 10 months ago Even if she is a feminist, so what lol. You said it like it was a bad thing.
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    elizabeth grace 10 months ago Karis Yuen 1000 like and 30 comment!
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    DoNot Enter 10 months ago Hows this comment feminist… why ppl so sensitive these days.
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    A. Neufeld 10 months ago @James Bunting In some countries they definitely still need feminism
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    Karis Yuen 10 months ago @subtenko uhhhhh sorry?
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    subtenko 10 months ago next time dont explain it was a joke. You just ruined it and you look like a idiot now along with the other idiot :(
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    GliTcH SKully 10 months ago @That Guy Dumbass
  • GliTcH SKully
    GliTcH SKully 10 months ago @That Guy How is that being a feminist??
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    Trey Cee 10 months ago onyourleftbooob I would like to see how the script looked like for the woman haha
  • onyourleftbooob
    onyourleftbooob 10 months ago You do realize that the people talking in the video were just given a script lmao
  • Astronomical Cherry
    Astronomical Cherry 10 months ago gretchen eddy support womens right + women are strong (modern day feminists are crap.) i support equal rights nit feminism OR mennism
  • Astronomical Cherry
    Astronomical Cherry 10 months ago That Guy the comment would be offensive to women not men dumbass. the word is sexist .-.
  • James Bunting
    James Bunting 10 months ago @gretchen eddy women already have rights, feminists today are bored and just trying to find oppression where none exists, like the bs "wage gap" and "pink tax". It was useful back in the day when women were truly oppressed.
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    That Guy 10 months ago Karis Yuen oh. Rip. Sry lmao.
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    Nicole Miles 10 months ago @That Guy it was a joke.
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    gretchen eddy 10 months ago Doesn't feminist mean you support woman's rights? What's wrong with that?
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    99,999,999 views 10 months ago Lmaoooo i didnt notice that
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    Karis Yuen 10 months ago @That Guy I wasn't trying to imply anything. It was just a joke. I'm sorry though if my phrasing was the worst thing on Earth.
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    That Guy 10 months ago Karis Yuen feminist.
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    maegan 4 months ago After watching this I still can’t find the purpose of this video
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    Don't worry about it 1 week ago @jaden.the. gamer lol, then you're fucking dull. You'll fill your head with false facts.
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    jaden.the. gamer 3 months ago So what it's interesting
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    Get to Da Choppa 3 months ago Yeah, useless information, put here so they can get paid.
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    Haylie Witham 4 weeks ago In 20 years they will probably be like “did you know that tide pods were actually created for your washing machine?”
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    Shoto Todoroki 3 weeks ago WAIT IT IS
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    Denise Mosher 3 weeks ago (edited) 😂👌 They literally keep eating them like, WAT
  • R M
    R M 2 months ago Poorly researched. Half of these are true the other half are either completely false or unintentional benefits
  • Sarah Berkner
    Sarah Berkner 4 days ago Well 15 doesn't split evenly in half so are 7 or 8 of them true? And were you going to enlighten us and tell us which ones? :)
  • fododude
    fododude 1 week ago This is one truth.
  • Rika Goede
    Rika Goede 1 month ago The coin edges are also for blind people to feel what the value is In SA the edges have different patterns
  • Kyle Spafford
    Kyle Spafford 4 days ago @John Minagro also i didnt mean to saound like a dick when i said i know almost everything about numismatism. im just saying that i know alot about it.
  • Kyle Spafford
    Kyle Spafford 4 days ago @John Minagro the US did make gold coins for international transactions but wernt ment to be used as currnecy but commercial businesses allowed them because people didnt know they were made of gold. so no, they werent intended to be used as a national currency, therefore it wasnt used as a currency. say that a pawn shop used other items to pay for an item. that doesnt mean items can be used as a currency
  • Kyle Spafford
    Kyle Spafford 4 days ago @John Minagro damn chill out bro. i have proof coins that are worn. gold coins were never used as US currency. i have coins from before 1933 bro. look it up and get some knowledge on the topic before you start talking shit about other peoples "false" statements
  • John Minagro
    John Minagro 4 days ago @Kyle Spafford / Congratulations. And I know almost everything about almost everything. I'm a know-it-all.
  • John Minagro
    John Minagro 4 days ago @Kyle Spafford / Well I'm totally baffled by your comment. How can you say "gold coins were never used as currency in the united states"? Of course they were. But in 1933 that all changed and gold coins were no longer made or circulated as currency. I've seen gold coins that were quite warn, just like the old silver coins we've all seen. How did those gold coins get so warn? Did collectors carry them in the pockets and rub them to prove they were stupid?
  • Kyle Spafford
    Kyle Spafford 1 week ago @John Minagro i know almost everything about coins im a numismatist
  • Kyle Spafford
    Kyle Spafford 1 week ago @John Minagro gold coins were never used as currency in the united states and are still made today for collectors
  • John Minagro
    John Minagro 1 week ago @Kyle Spafford / You're right about them shaving silver, I'm sure that was done. But you don't mean to say that all the gold coins made in the US were only made for collectors do you? Until 1933 gold coins circulated as actual currency in the US. Why did they stop making gold coins in the US? The gold was worth more than the printed value of the currency. However, they started minting gold coins again in 1986 and Have made them pretty much ever since, but these are NOT considered currency and are indeed made for collectors and more often for investors.
  • Kyle Spafford
    Kyle Spafford 1 week ago also i just realized that said south africa. they were ttalking about the US ones
  • Kyle Spafford
    Kyle Spafford 1 week ago @Catubrannos yea i forgot to mention silver so ill follow you up more. half dolloars in 1964 and before were made of 90% silver. half dollars from 1965 to 1970 were made of 40% silver. quarters and dimes were made of 90% silver up to 1964. dollar coins were also the same as quarters and dimes i think. silver is worth a lot of money and today a silver quarter is about 15$
  • Kyle Spafford
    Kyle Spafford 1 week ago @John Minagro back then there were a lot more poor people so they shaved the sides off the coins to make money at scrap yard and castings. also gold coins can't be used as currency they are only made for collectors
  • John Minagro
    John Minagro 1 week ago @Kyle Spafford / While that's true, it's only true for GOLD coins.
  • Bill Beliakoff
    Bill Beliakoff 2 weeks ago I had an aunt that was blind. She knew the value of coins by the size of the coin s.
  • I am not funny
    I am not funny 2 weeks ago @pulakification what would you prefer? Blind folk? Its people like you who take offense to anything and think you're right to feel that way because you're emotions justify it, that are the problem in this country.
  • Catubrannos
    Catubrannos 3 weeks ago @I am not funny Coins are different sizes because traditionally their value was the actual value of the metal in them. So a silver quarter dollar had a quarter of the silver as a silver dollar. Therefore it was a quarter of the size. How do blind people cope with paying by card though? Seems it would be easy to rip them off if the shop person was dishonest.
  • Catubrannos
    Catubrannos 3 weeks ago That's a modern benefit, but coin shaving was common including more blatant clipping. Back when coins were made of silver and gold and scales weren't so common. He forgot to mention that this is called a milled edge.
  • krrrruptidsoless
    krrrruptidsoless 3 weeks ago I've heard that also. They are there to identify when you reach in your pocket you know what coin it is. Literally how many people would have been scraping coin edges to save the metal. But I think my grandfather told me about that back in the 60s. I think he said he heard about it.
  • pulakification
    pulakification 3 weeks ago Blind ‘people’? Learn some manners will ya?
  • I am not funny
    I am not funny 1 month ago Isn't that why coins are different sizes though?
  • Borivoje Travica
    Borivoje Travica 1 month ago This from time when is gold used instead paper. When you see this video you think that is invented in usa 50 years ago. Way not mentioned 2500 years old gold, brass coins in Roman empire
  • Kyle Spafford
    Kyle Spafford 1 month ago no its actually because people shaved the sides and casted it to make profit
  • N Corkren
    N Corkren 10 months ago describes super useful hanging loops on a shopping cart doesn’t show any hanging loops
  • David Osborne
    David Osborne 3 weeks ago EXACTLY!!! This triggered me so bad!! I still don’t know wtf he is talking about. I’ve never seen any damn loops or hooks on a shopping cart.
  • Suddenly Gaming
    Suddenly Gaming 4 weeks ago N Corkren p
  • Thomas Unterholzner
    Thomas Unterholzner 4 weeks ago @John Crowe they look nice
  • R'hyll-Ann Ffiain
    R'hyll-Ann Ffiain 1 month ago I remember my Mom hanging items from those loops when I was little...(60s/70s). I don't think carts even have those loops anymore.
  • Bee B
    Bee B 1 month ago I thought I was the only one who didn't see any loops haha.
  • Leslie Tollefson
    Leslie Tollefson 1 month ago I literally learned about those hooks a few months ago at Wegmans and almost knocked myself out smacking my forehead. Freaking genius!!
  • Tracey Lee
    Tracey Lee 1 month ago Olivia Shannon i wanted to see that too cuz i love my converse 😫 grrr