You Are Programmed To Be Poor.
►OUR CLOTHING BRAND!" /> You Are Programmed To Be Poor.
►OUR CLOTHING BRAND!" /> You Are Programmed To Be Poor.

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THEY WANT YOU TO BE POOR - An Eye Opening Interview

Published on Mar 5, 2019 5,396,145 views

"The School System is Teaching People To Be Poor" ROBERT KIYOSAKI
You Are Programmed To Be Poor.
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  • Night Hiker
    Night Hiker 3 months ago You go to public school for 12 years to be able to fill out a job application, that's all.
  • Andrew Bayan
    Andrew Bayan 1 day ago Then we walk out side and 100 percent of life is risk free.
  • unitewithchrist
    unitewithchrist 5 days ago @Olga Kim You make some interesting points that were echoed by my grandfather when I was young. He worked a blue collar job his whole life and said "Son I am the richest person in the world" I inquired; Hows that? He said "I have friends and family all around me who love and care for each other. There are different kinds of wealth."
  • Sagemaster Grasie
    Sagemaster Grasie 5 days ago You right, you right. Dang that's a mind blown statement. Glad you woke and stay woke.
  • Amanda Williams
    Amanda Williams 1 week ago So fucking true
  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 1 week ago @Joshua Bartlett I didn't say living with your parents means you don't contribute. The people who don't contribute are leeching off someone, sometimes that's parents or grandparents or a naive spouse.
  • Wayne Brehaut
    Wayne Brehaut 1 week ago @Jacob Johnson Then disregard the silly fuck! The best antidote to such A**holes is to completely disregard them.
  • Joshua Bartlett
    Joshua Bartlett 1 week ago @Dude Sensitive Ass Youd be surprised what you can do in 5 hours to be honest. Play a game for 1 hour, excersise for 1 hour, spend time with your family for 2 hours and maybe read or write with the last 1 hour and boom 5 hours is up and now bedtime. It's called priorities and setting them appropriately. Plus most people have 48 hrs on weekends or time off during the week to do things. Dont underestimate your own time.
  • Joshua Bartlett
    Joshua Bartlett 1 week ago @Jacob Johnson Why does living with parents mean you dont contribute? I live with my Dad and work full time, bought 2 cars (no loans, just cheaper reliable cars) , helping renovate (with my cash) the downstairs area where I stay at, have 700+ credit, pay for my own phone, pay rent, pay taxes, have a fiance, pay for my own food and clothes, pay my own way for pretty much everything and I'm 22. I'm not perfect but I definitely contribute my fair share to society, I just happen to live with my Dad. My Dad helps me out with life but I certainly carry my own weight and could leave if it was a must.
  • Poet Fisherman
    Poet Fisherman 1 week ago That's not all one gets though. One can also easy repeat a propagandized version of history. I learned more about economics and money from the Mises Institute website in 30 minutes of reading than I did on 12 years or forced propaganda prison.
  • Kelly Upshaw
    Kelly Upshaw 1 week ago I did well in school and college. It paid off in the beginning, but not at all now. I could make this same money as a high school drop out!
  • Kelly Upshaw
    Kelly Upshaw 1 week ago There are no jobs! None worth talking about anyway.
  • Kevin Arevalo
    Kevin Arevalo 1 week ago Kbear west if you have a plan for alternative education its ok if not then let him finish high school atleast
  • Dr Zilman
    Dr Zilman 1 week ago @Oreo Whity Yeah, but my 5 year old can read, he taught himself with only a minimum of coaching from us. If a kid wants to learn, they'll learn regardless, if they don't school is no good. There is a massive home ed community, the kids do all kinds of cool stuff,y daughter is learning Spanish at 7 years old and is massively into art and stories, my son is massively into space, science and computers. To be fair, their mum is super clever, and I'm pretty clever too, so that helps. No, school is a joke! It creates obedient consumers unable to think for themselves, people who are told who to vote for, what to buy, where to go on holiday, people who sit and watch pointless TV for hours every single night after they finish work. Have a nice day 🙋
  • Dr Zilman
    Dr Zilman 1 week ago @Kbear west My 2 have never been to school, and never will, cleverest kids we know, and everyone who meets them says the exact same thing! Both taught themselves to read with only a minimum amount of coaching from us. Have a nice day 🙋
  • cjallenroxs
    cjallenroxs 1 week ago (edited) My school has a program that teaches us about money but it was fucking useless. The teacher caddo parish sent couldn't keep us interested and she was boring. Nobody would answer her and she had to give us candy to keep our attention. She also barely came to my school. Everytime she came i would either go to an assembly or be with the band. She didn't work at my school. She had scheduled days to come and teach
  • Al Castill
    Al Castill 1 week ago A slave to the fabricated system.
  • ege
    ege 1 week ago Your life is worthless.
  • Joseph Agnello
    Joseph Agnello 2 weeks ago 4homemail DANGEROUS TO TELL THEM . . . . . . .LEARNING/OBTAINING KNOWLEDGE IS UNIMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!! The d### school system is unimportant/DANGEROUS!!!!!! THE. D### SCHOOL SYSTEM IS SET UP TO MAKE "ROBOTONS" of young "skullfulls full if mush"!!! . . . . .to FOLLOW ORDERS,TO SNITCH ON YOUR FELLIW CLASSMATES; TO BE A ROTTEN WEASEL !!!!!!!!!!!!! TO MAKE YOU. P L I A B L E to "serve" your "master/your boss's for the next 30 or so years !!!!!!!!!!! MY GOD,MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . to sit/stand/crunch in ANOTHER HERMETICALLY SEALED ENVIRONMENTS for eyes. . . . . . . . . to breath "carpet,floor wax,GREASE,reams of paper, ELECTRONICS--WIRES/HEAT; PEOPLE'S SMELLS OF BADDDDDD BREATH,SWEAT/PERFUME, FLATUENCE,UNCLEAN BODY O. D. O. R. S. ; FOR WHAT !!!!!??!??!???!?? To go back to your MIDDLE CLASS STREET to enter another. HERMETICALLY SEALED CONTAINER. IE. YOUR HOUSE !!!!! FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!! MY GOD,MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Donell Giorgio
    Donell Giorgio 2 weeks ago Night Hiker 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • Saiga Legacy
    Saiga Legacy 2 weeks ago Actually true and it’s sad! This world is sick. If you drop out of school tomorrow and apply for job, they seek for high school diploma and therefore can’t get a job! In other hand, school is total bulshit! So we are stuck in between and torn. Maybe best solution is to grab gun and start revolution
  • Wise Earnings and Learnings
  • Marcos Villalobos
    Marcos Villalobos 2 weeks ago @Bergo8888 yeah about that money it's not my problem thank God I have to spare and I was a drop out high schooler
  • julie ling
    julie ling 2 weeks ago Did go to school education did put me in a school. Whan thay did it was to late to do any thing than I was steating up to london whith family to be schooled in bedroom this county is great Britain
  • suleman ali
    suleman ali 2 weeks ago Kbear west this is sad
  • Casper10M
    Casper10M 2 weeks ago Its fucking crazy you go to school for 12 years graduate then add another 4 years and through out those 16 years if u socialize, Then your connection the guy you know for maybe a year or 2 will get you a job not your 16 years of knowledge
  • Bergo8888
    Bergo8888 2 weeks ago @Marcos Villalobos indeed you are if you high school drop out.
  • Marcos Villalobos
    Marcos Villalobos 2 weeks ago @Bergo8888 well I guess I'm one of those imbeciles with my 83k salary a year and not even a high school graduate
  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 2 weeks ago Kbear west ADD to his education, don’t take it away from him! Rich people DO get their education in schools!
  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 2 weeks ago I remember a teacher’s aide, frustrated with a student, said to us (while away from but “to” him!), “just learn enough to be able to fill out the welfare application!”
  • C
    C 2 weeks ago @Show down Exactly. If you idiots are so ungrateful for a job then hand it over to someone else.
  • Sandisiwe Molotsi
    Sandisiwe Molotsi 2 weeks ago Dude 😒😒😩
  • Meadow505
    Meadow505 2 weeks ago @Frank Reynolds Conspiracy theory nonsense. I went to a good university and was taught to think critically - that's all you need to recognise dogma.
  • Meadow505
    Meadow505 2 weeks ago I can fill out an application form and speak read and write in classical Greek. There's much more to life than making money. All the good stuff is free anyway.
  • Teresa Loureiro
    Teresa Loureiro 3 weeks ago u can use it to urself ...
  • jackie jackson
    jackie jackson 3 weeks ago Frank Reynolds RRAL TALK!
  • Ash Bajaj
    Ash Bajaj 3 weeks ago Antonio Montgomery well I’m from a 3rd world country and I wouldn’t kill for American education or any country’s education system it’s all fucked we are programmed by the system to be enslaved and forced to go to school so u can’t blame the kids that are brainwashed
  • Glive123
    Glive123 3 weeks ago No! You go to school to become a critical thinker.
  • Willie Lee
    Willie Lee 3 weeks ago (edited) You can become get surpassed any thing by going to school. Greatest lies I applied by going 12 years to waste.
  • Liam Alistarr
    Liam Alistarr 3 weeks ago @Kbear west wait what the fuck
  • Георги Христов
    Георги Христов 3 weeks ago @golu singh im telling to thouse that cry education this education that ... lets do hypothesys if none is educatet where we should be now :D ?
  • Swinger Club Lover
    Swinger Club Lover 3 weeks ago good man
  • golu singh
    golu singh 3 weeks ago why its bad, its ok somebody is doing a clerk job, first start thinking who told you to become rich or study hard to become something or start taking risk or become entrepreneur. its all passed to you by somebody and you believe its true for you too and this is one such video.
  • Георги Христов
    Георги Христов 3 weeks ago Yes exactly, most of the doctor engineers pilots accountants economists writers academics bankers are non educated people this is what most of u say here ?!?!?!??. If u are not a qualified for the job someone else is. Im against the system too. For 1 moment rethink what are u claim and try to stop laughing . Most of u here claiming that their parents made mistake by sending them to school high schools universities and academics. Sound retarded as hell .people without education have a lot to share to other when they dont know how to write or dont know how to express themselves or doenst know any languages or most of u are born with integrated language packs mathematics geography physics chemistry... most of u here sounds ridiculous. literalism = tunnel vision
  • Jackson Davis
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  • Edward Northam
    Edward Northam 3 weeks ago I don't watch video but I comment.
  • Nathnael
    Nathnael 4 weeks ago You makes hella life time friends in these 12 years though
  • Kim Parish
    Kim Parish 4 weeks ago @Grunchy What do you have to contribute? You seem to know what's false but what then is true?
  • 9 Lives And Counting
    9 Lives And Counting 4 weeks ago And most are functional illiterates who can not do that.
  • Turboman 2244
    Turboman 2244 1 month ago Jacob Johnson do something about it instead of complaining about it.
  • Turboman 2244
    Turboman 2244 1 month ago Kbear west have your 7 year old at least finish high school. It’s college you want to be worried about.
  • James P
    James P 1 month ago School did sod all for me, it wasn't until high school it's all b. S and only money is important. You could be the dumbest turd burglar on the planet but if you invent a product or service that is pure genius and everyone uses it, that's all it takes is 1 single brilliant idea that could help businesses or people in general to change the world and your bank balance lol if we had 16 years to develop ideas or learn a job as a kid then we'd all be rich but the elites don't want that they want us depending on business for a wage, slaving away subservient like a newborn sucking the corporate tit of mega_companies Most will live their entire life not questioning the current system of slave/master relationship in every job. I learned to hate the system from a young age. I will use the slavery coins I'm given to start my own businesses that's all I can think about doing
  • Crystal Grose
    Crystal Grose 1 month ago SO TRUE!!!!!
    CLUTCH_AND STICK 1 month ago Actually, I learned all the mathematic principles I needed to get a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. I even learned how to write some code in Chemistry Lab class but then again I went to high school in the 1980s
  • Alvin
    Alvin 1 month ago Exactly, the government wants you to be poor, not rich. That is exactly why I'm starting early at the age of 12 to figure out what I am going to do. I'm planning on doing some kind of business, I do not know what kind of business at the moment but I am hungry to figure out. At the moment I am trying to figure out how the stock market works, and how I can buy a stock and make money off it. And I am hoping that works out very well. I want to become successful, I am willing to learn self-discipline and work hard. At the moment I am failing right now, I am pretty much working at a 4th-grade and + level. Am I willing to work to become smarter? Yes, I am very worried about if I fail in the future how I will be a disappointment to my kids because if I can't afford things. the only reason why I'm doing this is so I can give my kids a better childhood than I am having, and for my future's sake.
  • יעל סילוני אטעיששכטא
    יעל סילוני אטעיששכטא 1 month ago @PhuryousOne But not if u are a migrant. That's not easy
  • djperryboy
    djperryboy 1 month ago You're getting teached how to calculate, read, write and much more. Before you also learned how to act proper. Which they totally don't care abput in todays school, That is why the world is the way it is today.
  • MrSayonara7777
    MrSayonara7777 1 month ago Exactly. The best slave is the one who chooses his own position in the plantation. The ones who do well on the surface (according to the standards of the plantation) are the ones who worship the BS system and who grew up conditioned by their parents to worship the BS system like zombies. Lo and Behold, their BS system is crumbling as we speak, for it has absolutely no solid foundations but greed wastefulness stupidity fakeries and injustice. Watch the video "The story of your enslavement" : Back to basics very soon.
  • kabelo tjankie
    kabelo tjankie 1 month ago @4homemail school is not important education is