Fails videos Negotiation Guru Alan McCarthy shares top 10 tips that Fortune 100 companies such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft use.
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    BEN HEWES 4 years ago This guy is for real ! I LOVED this video !
  • mikedmiller1
    mikedmiller1 5 years ago This video was very helpful. I feel a little smarter. It made sense. Thank you sir.
  • tqrecords
    tqrecords 5 years ago I reckoned this viddy was gonna be prime because you look like a wise fellar
  • Duncan P
    Duncan P 5 years ago straight to the point, brief with good examples. just what i needed to know ;)
  • 三沢京助
    三沢京助 1 year ago Accepting the first offer sometimes leads to a strong and long term partnership, if you know he or she is giving you a reasonable and trustworthy offer. If your conterpart begins to see you as a tough negotiater, the relatioship is becoming rather one time deal, or perhaps harsh and unpleasant which eventually becomes a kind of zero-sum relationship. So, it all depends on the situation as I feel.
  • yin taichi
    yin taichi 4 years ago Very  very   good presentation , Maestro !     Oh, and    I'm going to start  working " mightn't "    into every conversation.
  • Sven K
    Sven K 1 year ago "Never give something for free." In the end of the video: download free ebook. rofl
  • Mar Villaflores
    Mar Villaflores 5 years ago Hi! your video is educational. thanks for the video
  • Anthony Logorz
    Anthony Logorz 2 years ago Conor Mcgregor of negotiations.
  • The Swayr
    The Swayr 1 year ago Very practical advice, great video here! :)
  • Mike Blake
    Mike Blake 5 years ago Smart. Thanks.
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    minlikestosk8 5 years ago Smart man
  • Charles Placido Wani Lako
    Charles Placido Wani Lako 5 years ago I like CIPS professional knowledge
  • Ryan
    Ryan 5 years ago So they finally caught the lepercon at the end of the rainbow. And forcing him to give his secrets up.
  • Niran
    Niran 5 years ago Love this
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    Ducathy Lam 5 years ago Fantastic tips. Great thansk!
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    Mocca 5 years ago Thank You, that was perfec!
  • Eduard Norton
    Eduard Norton 5 years ago Such a great tips Alan! thank you very much!
  • Bluden
    Bluden 5 years ago Really enjoyed this, the salami was one that I wouldn't have been looking for too consciously previously. Think I stand in pretty good shape on all of the others in most of my negotiations
  • mark rohde
    mark rohde 6 years ago Rule #8 completely changed the way I approach 90 percent of arguments. Thank you.