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  • theelecmangamer// new videos daily!
    theelecmangamer// new videos daily! 1 week ago (edited) 7 views, 10 likes... 🤔
  • xtreme blazer
    xtreme blazer 2 days ago Please do One Step Closer by LINKIN PARK
  • Game&Play
    Game&Play 1 week ago 1:44 😂 Also I would really like to meet you but I live in France ...
  • Norsk Gamer
    Norsk Gamer 1 week ago Game&Play same her but I live in Norway.
  • Itz Stijn
    Itz Stijn 1 week ago I live in Dutch
  • Tommy Drums
    Tommy Drums 1 week ago Same i live in france
  • Game&Play
    Game&Play 1 week ago @Tommy Drums t'habites ou exactement ?
  • Tommy Drums
    Tommy Drums 1 week ago @Game&Play dijon
  • T-LION
    T-LION 1 week ago @Itz Stijn ehh ik ook man lekker
  • T-LION
    T-LION 1 week ago @Itz Stijn woon je toevallig in de achterhoek
  • fish fry
    fish fry 1 week ago Being really early and not knowing what to say be like. 😐
  • William Winspear
    William Winspear 3 days ago Could you please do a drum cover for "100 Bad Days" by AJR? That would be insane
  • Tanner Richardson
    Tanner Richardson 1 day ago I'm thinking about making a drum channal
  • Matt Gridley
    Matt Gridley 2 days ago You should play resistance by protiac
  • Karri Crosson
    Karri Crosson 5 days ago thanks so much you enspirer me to drum thank you so much you the best drummer was really scard to drum i also didnt like playing the drums and now i love playing drums
  • Shail Kushwaha
    Shail Kushwaha 3 days ago Its good but can you please show your BURN drum cover please
  • Andreu Mateu
    Andreu Mateu 1 week ago where are you? whic city?..How much you charge for skype lessons?
  • Top 5 everything
    Top 5 everything 5 days ago I love you Casey Cooper you was my favourite drummer before I started playing drums you are the reason I started playing drums it's been like 8 years now
  • Hedrix Clude Villados
    Hedrix Clude Villados 1 day ago Hi casey cooper!
  • Rowan Whittle
    Rowan Whittle 1 week ago I'll never understand how nice and awesome videos like this end up with some dislikes
  • Drummer Carson
    Drummer Carson 1 week ago COOP3RDRUMM3R you are so awesome.
  • Gary C.
    Gary C. 1 week ago Nice studio. Really nice kit . Like your set up man
  • Tanner Richardson
    Tanner Richardson 1 day ago What apps can u use to put music into drum vids or cameras to use or mics to use to buff the sound?
  • Josmar Ruiz-Vasquez
    Josmar Ruiz-Vasquez 6 days ago you guys should check out @ BLSD Pictures. they have more videos coming soon.
  • TheDp1965
    TheDp1965 1 week ago Two Words ...... Moon Gel. Cheers.
  • TmrHD
    TmrHD 1 week ago (edited) How the hell do you time your drums to sound good/make a weird ringing sound?
  • DragonGamer28
    DragonGamer28 1 week ago WHO DISLIKED THIS