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Motorcycle Travel Top 5 Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Published on Mar 12, 2019 7,931 views

Today I am talking about 5 lessons I learned the hard way about motorcycle travel. Making mistakes is a great sign that you are trying something new and doing something out of your current comfort zone. This is a good thing! Just don't make mistakes that might get you hurt, definitely do your research before heading off on an adventure.

Also I have a surprise guest today! Here is Amanda's Links:
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Hope you enjoy this video, thanks for watching!

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  • Edd Curr
    Edd Curr 1 week ago Bonus tip: carry a real map of the area you are in. Technology can fail you.
  • Christopher David Lawson of NEPA
    Christopher David Lawson of NEPA 1 week ago Definitely
  • Krobar Rides
    Krobar Rides 6 days ago Yeap. Went to ride the Dragon as a complete novice rider. Got lost in the Smokey mountains with no map and no cell service
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 4 days ago YES! I lived off my bike for 2 1/2 months and only used paper maps the whole time. It was pretty awesome to explore small towns without really knowing where I was going, it made me talk to more people to ask for directions and I met some awesome people that way.
  • mld
    mld 3 days ago im kinda old school but always carry paper maps and buy new ones for a new state or area as i enter
  • Nick Dentonscratch
    Nick Dentonscratch 1 week ago The hardest lesson for me was the limitations of riding at an advanced age. I'm in my 70's. Motels are now a better option than camping. Less gear to haul, wake up to hot coffee, out of the rain at night, AC in the summer heat. OK, I've gone soft, but I still love riding.
  • R. Krieger
    R. Krieger 1 week ago Nothing wrong with that at all! Be safe and have fun!
  • Xion Wong
    Xion Wong 1 week ago enjoy that ride is all it matters.
  • Mark Walls
    Mark Walls 6 days ago Love the blooper footage lol!
  • Carl Wehner
    Carl Wehner 5 days ago I do a verity of motels and camping. BTW I am 76 and switching from tents to hammocks.
  • CPU UK
    CPU UK 3 days ago You haven't gone soft, you've adapted, so you can keep going- bravo to you Sir
  • Mike P.
    Mike P. 1 week ago I carry a 5x7 tarp and two bungees. They are on the top of my bag. If a big storm rolls in, and no shelter, I pull over, throw the tarp over the bike, and attach to my wheels. I then crawl up under the tarp and sit on the bike. I can wait out the storm and take a nap.
  • M FOX
    M FOX 1 week ago (edited) I do the same ultralight siltarp size of Two fists in my side bag and I change under it or under a tree.
  • Rand Layman
    Rand Layman 1 week ago What I learned the hard way, That I'm better suited to traveling alone as I tend to feel responsible for everyone else above myself. This takes away from the trip my enjoyment, ride safe ride far, Rand
  • Richard Mourdock
    Richard Mourdock 1 week ago Very well stated
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 4 days ago I feel the same way!! :)
  • Ian Grimshaw
    Ian Grimshaw 1 week ago Good tips. Mine are; if you do any work on your bike, don't assume everything is okay before the long trip. Take an afternoon to just ride around your neighborhood (put some miles in) to check everything is good or needs fixing. Do basic servicing at home at least once with the tools you carry on the bike. If you can't do the job; replace the tool. Oh,(in response to your first tip) if you come to England or plan to tour Northern Europe then you sure as hell should NOT send you wet weather gear home if you get a few days sunny and dry. Absolutely hosing it down at the moment, aren't I lucky I'm an all-year-around biker?
  • Anil Damodaran
    Anil Damodaran 1 week ago Love the bloopers at the end! :)
  • Adventure Tuga Rider
    Adventure Tuga Rider 1 week ago What a learned on the hard way? NEVER get too adventurous offroad on solo trips!! If something happens, you don't have anyone to help you.
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 4 days ago I think I learned that one the hard way as well XD I rode 40 miles out of the woods with a broken wrist. That's why I have an InReach now lmao
  • Vital Waters
    Vital Waters 1 week ago Hi Tim and Amanda I loved the out-takes LOL. You never think about all the multiple takes to put a vlog together from this side of the screen. Thanks for the morning chuckle.
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 4 days ago Hi Vital Waters!! Thanks so much :D glad we could add a bright spot to your morning lol
  • Daniel Viñals
    Daniel Viñals 1 week ago These tips are so true, I think I pass for every of those situations at least one time in my life, whatever me or with a person I was riding. BTW very nice having a guest with you Tim. Would be nice have videos with you having talk sessions with guest about all the topics you talk in your previous videos :)
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 4 days ago I agree ;) That would be nice lol
  • Doug Frazelle
    Doug Frazelle 1 week ago How awesome! My two favorite YouTubers on the same video! Absolutely loved the “behind the scenes” montage.
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 4 days ago Aw!! Thank you Doug!!
  • Ivan Gillett
    Ivan Gillett 1 week ago Good advice keep helping people around the world about motorcycle adventure
  • Donald Kline Photography
    Donald Kline Photography 1 week ago Mileage funny thing, I used to plan 500-600 mile days and realized I was passing up a lot interesting things because "I needed to stay on schedule" Now I plan 300 mile days, I have more fun and I'm more rested taking the pressure off was a great learning experience and being a photographer I love that I can spend more time looking and exploring. Sometimes I have no mileage goals I just go, if I do 100-200 or 500 miles its all good. My biggest mistake not listening to that voice of reason in your head, if it says take Uber-Lyft to work or somewhere, do it .
  • Norsefalconer
    Norsefalconer 1 week ago Welcome to the FTA family, Amanda! I don't have to worry as much about my clutch burning out, my NC-X DCT has a spare built in. 🤔🤣🤣🤣 Enjoy Phoenix, hope you're back on the road soon!
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 4 days ago Thanks Norsefalconer! haha I wish I had a spare! XD Would have saved me a LOT of money! Thankfully back safe in my own bed in Portland, but enjoyed getting to hang out with Tim for a few days!
  • Norsefalconer
    Norsefalconer 4 days ago (edited) @As the Magpie Flies Yeah, maybe a lot of money in the short term. I'm sure not looking fwd to the time mine need replaced, lol. I know many of us are bit envious of your time with Tim, but glad you had it nonetheless. Happy to hear you made it home ok. Safe travels, my friend. Btw, a good friend of mine lives in Sheridan (OR). If you ever head that way, let me know. Maybe you can stop in (she's a bank teller) and tell her (see what I did there?) "Hey" from me 😉.
  • Paul Whelan
    Paul Whelan 1 week ago Let's face it, I just don't camp. But in the early afternoon on a road trip, when I have a good idea how far/how long I will be going that day, I call ahead for a reservation, it keeps you from getting shut out by the softball tournament, etc. Pro Tip: Find your way to the Interstates, that's where the hotels are. Put the layers on before you leave. It sucks to get a mile away from your cozy room to stop and dig out that extra stuff. Get good riding gear up front. All weather, waterproof, armored. If I added up the costs of the 'gradually more expensive' stuff I bought learning this, I could have paid for KLIM gear a couple of times. Also, if you are wearing it, you don't have to store it. Saving weight: I saved a bunch by just not having camping gear, but I was happy to have it in Alaska, even if I didn't use it. Practically speaking, target the clothes you are carrying. More than 3 days, you've got too much. Again, from the hotel perspective: Pack your bike so that stuff you don't need in the room stays locked on the bike.
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 4 days ago These are all excellent tips!! I have learned a few of these the hard way as well lol
  • Young gun995
    Young gun995 1 week ago Trip specific but if you're going to have a 200 mile stretch with no gas stations carry a rotopax....or two....
  • Brandon Harris
    Brandon Harris 4 days ago Cool seeing you doing a video together. Enjoy watching both of your channels.
  • Coach Ron Barbani
    Coach Ron Barbani 1 week ago Hey! My two favorite YouTube’ers!! Wow, that was cool. Good to see Amanda! Now that was a lot of editing, I’m assuming that’s a normal amount of editing for a 15 minute video? I have a lot to learn for Moto vlogging! Great video guys! I sincerely appreciate it.
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 4 days ago Aw!! You're my favorite Coach Ron!
  • Big Rig Rich Jumper
    Big Rig Rich Jumper 1 week ago Until you try and do these things, you have no idea how hard it is to do.
  • mike wear
    mike wear 1 week ago Always hoped you two would meet up, great job !👍
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 4 days ago Ya!! I was stoked I got to hang out a little with Tim while my bike was in the shop :) Thanks Mike!
  • Dieselman40
    Dieselman40 1 week ago Awesome video but you forgot about making sure that your maintenance is done before you go out on your adventure 😝 Was doing normal commuting and then took off and had several small issues that would have been avoided....