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Motorcycle Travel Top 5 Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Published on Mar 12, 2019 14,106 views

Today I am talking about 5 lessons I learned the hard way about motorcycle travel. Making mistakes is a great sign that you are trying something new and doing something out of your current comfort zone. This is a good thing! Just don't make mistakes that might get you hurt, definitely do your research before heading off on an adventure.

Also I have a surprise guest today! Here is Amanda's Links:
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Hope you enjoy this video, thanks for watching!

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  • Edd Curry
    Edd Curry 2 months ago Bonus tip: carry a real map of the area you are in. Technology can fail you.
  • Christopher David Lawson of NEPA
    Christopher David Lawson of NEPA 2 months ago Definitely
  • Krobar Rides
    Krobar Rides 2 months ago Yeap. Went to ride the Dragon as a complete novice rider. Got lost in the Smokey mountains with no map and no cell service
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 2 months ago YES! I lived off my bike for 2 1/2 months and only used paper maps the whole time. It was pretty awesome to explore small towns without really knowing where I was going, it made me talk to more people to ask for directions and I met some awesome people that way.
  • mld
    mld 2 months ago im kinda old school but always carry paper maps and buy new ones for a new state or area as i enter
  • V Star 1300 Adventures
    V Star 1300 Adventures 1 week ago I've been on deployment and seen atmospheric conditions that rendered a fully functional, and powered GPS unit fail. Sand doesn't allow for GPS signal to be received so a sandstorm in the desert can stop you cold if you are only carrying tech, and not paper. You have to be knowledgeable in terrain association and terrain appreciation. Having a good sense of direction helps too. I have a friend that even with GPS can't navigate, so I offer him that service when we ride together.
  • Adventure Tuga Rider
    Adventure Tuga Rider 2 months ago What a learned on the hard way? NEVER get too adventurous offroad on solo trips!! If something happens, you don't have anyone to help you.
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 2 months ago I think I learned that one the hard way as well XD I rode 40 miles out of the woods with a broken wrist. That's why I have an InReach now lmao
  • Ian Grimshaw
    Ian Grimshaw 2 months ago Good tips. Mine are; if you do any work on your bike, don't assume everything is okay before the long trip. Take an afternoon to just ride around your neighborhood (put some miles in) to check everything is good or needs fixing. Do basic servicing at home at least once with the tools you carry on the bike. If you can't do the job; replace the tool. Oh,(in response to your first tip) if you come to England or plan to tour Northern Europe then you sure as hell should NOT send you wet weather gear home if you get a few days sunny and dry. Absolutely hosing it down at the moment, aren't I lucky I'm an all-year-around biker?
  • Beaverpuncher
    Beaverpuncher 2 months ago Don't leave your hard bag keys on the counter. It sucks immensely!
  • egjr0765
    egjr0765 2 months ago Wow, two of my favorite folks on YouTube, you and AsThe Magpie Flies. Great video and you two collaborate well together. God Bless and safe journeys. The Woodlands, Texas
  • Mike P.
    Mike P. 2 months ago I carry a 5x7 tarp and two bungees. They are on the top of my bag. If a big storm rolls in, and no shelter, I pull over, throw the tarp over the bike, and attach to my wheels. I then crawl up under the tarp and sit on the bike. I can wait out the storm and take a nap.
  • M FX
    M FX 2 months ago (edited) I do the same ultralight siltarp size of Two fists in my side bag and I change under it or under a tree.
  • Doug Frazelle
    Doug Frazelle 2 months ago How awesome! My two favorite YouTubers on the same video! Absolutely loved the “behind the scenes” montage.
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 2 months ago Aw!! Thank you Doug!!
  • For the Love of Knobs
    For the Love of Knobs 2 months ago Have a plan but be flexible. Talk to locals along the way. Some of the best parts of my adventures were ones that were completely unplanned, unscripted, and/or tips from a local.
  • Donald Kline Photography
    Donald Kline Photography 2 months ago Mileage funny thing, I used to plan 500-600 mile days and realized I was passing up a lot interesting things because "I needed to stay on schedule" Now I plan 300 mile days, I have more fun and I'm more rested taking the pressure off was a great learning experience and being a photographer I love that I can spend more time looking and exploring. Sometimes I have no mileage goals I just go, if I do 100-200 or 500 miles its all good. My biggest mistake not listening to that voice of reason in your head, if it says take Uber-Lyft to work or somewhere, do it .
  • A_blue_1
    A_blue_1 2 months ago Always bring 1 extra meal of food - for that unforseen: empty tank, crash, weather "fit" ....or just THAT awesome vista :)
  • Young gun995
    Young gun995 2 months ago Trip specific but if you're going to have a 200 mile stretch with no gas stations carry a rotopax....or two....
  • Anil Damodaran
    Anil Damodaran 2 months ago Love the bloopers at the end! :)
  • Dieselman40
    Dieselman40 2 months ago Awesome video but you forgot about making sure that your maintenance is done before you go out on your adventure 😝 Was doing normal commuting and then took off and had several small issues that would have been avoided....
  • Adventures With Nimby
    Adventures With Nimby 2 months ago Daww ❤ Amanda, cool to see you guys together. Great tips, and agree with ride your own ride and dont rush. Oh and sunsets are a soft spot, for me nature's good night hug. So many trips I wish I took more photos and video... and I have almost 0 selfies.. Thanks Tim and Amanda!
  • Big Rig Rich Jumper
    Big Rig Rich Jumper 2 months ago Until you try and do these things, you have no idea how hard it is to do.
  • Moto Motion
    Moto Motion 2 months ago (edited) Always have a battery start kit, it's the size of a portable usb hard drive, it's priceless. Very nice video Tim, I liked it a lot, great tips on an enjoyable format, cheers!
  • Bike Ryder
    Bike Ryder 2 months ago I'm looking at getting one of those. Great for charging your electronics at the campsite.
  • Moto Motion
    Moto Motion 2 months ago @Bike Ryder It is indeed, cheers! Ride safe.
  • Old Guy on a Bike
    Old Guy on a Bike 2 months ago That was fun. Totally agree on finding a place to stay well before dark and taking some time to smell some of the roses. Back up all your video... and then back up the back-up external drive. If you think you have hit the worst weather ever, you're wrong, there will be another day that will make this one look good. Ride safe... "Ride Your Own Ride" has been my mantra for years. Eat and HYDRATE!
  • Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell 2 months ago Tim, Great guest format with Amanda. Lesson learned the HARD way: If you're dating someone who hates bikes, just move on. The results of convincing her to take a ride with you won't make anyone involved happy. Again, just move on. There are a lot of tomatoes in the refrigerator, and the choice ones will want to ride with you! Thank-You, Mike
  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 2 months ago Yay! Thanks Mike!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
  • Glen Yeomans
    Glen Yeomans 2 months ago I totally get the mistake about setting up camp too late. My mistake relates to that ... eating at service stations (gas stations) for dinner rather than doing it at the campsite which is much better even if it is only boil in a bag dinner. One trick I do for photos is - often there is dad taking photo of family so I offer to take their photo which generally starts a conversation and mostly (not all the time) they will take a photo of me on my camera.
  • Bradley Alexander
    Bradley Alexander 2 months ago All great tips. I’ll throw this one a fellow rider out if you can. Ya never know.......