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14 Powerful Psychology Tricks That Actually Work

Published on Dec 30, 2018 810,887 views

Today we explore some psychology tricks that actually work. These techniques for persuasion can be used any time! Also, these psychology tricks work on anyone and everyone! Use them wisely.

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Thanks to the rest of the TopThink team who worked on this video, including Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (Voice), and Plamen (Animation).

  • Dan Marco
    Dan Marco 4 months ago "Try getting out of bed after the first alarm and you won't oversleep" wow thanks!
  • Kurt Schirmer
    Kurt Schirmer 1 month ago I tried getting out of bed when the alarm went off AND IT WORKED!!!! I can't believe that I finally found the solution to getting out of bed!! I never thought of that before. The guy who made this video is pure genius!
  • Tabitha Freeman
    Tabitha Freeman 2 months ago Ikr. That’s the problem. I CAN’T get out of bed, I can’t convince myself to stand. I’m just not a morning person. I literally have to force myself out of bed and take a caffeine pill, then lay back down for twenty minutes, by the time the snooze goes off, I can start moving around bc the caffeine has started taking effect.
  • Stinky Cheese
    Stinky Cheese 2 months ago Heh, my strategy is a bit different. I know I'm going to hit the 10 minute snooze once, and need the 10 minutes to come back to reality anyway, so I just set the alarm 10 minutes before I need to get up. I just wish I had a fancier alarm clock that would give me a gentle alarm the first time, then on the second one after the 10 minute snooze, the alarm clock teleported itself to the other side of the room and blared out a much louder alarm. I can just use two different alarm clocks for that, the louder one set to a later alarm than the first, but so far it has seldom been necessary... I'm too desperate to get some coffee in the morning.
  • Trinity Bonita
    Trinity Bonita 2 months ago Dan Marco lol
  • Bee B
    Bee B 3 months ago Dan Marco 😂
  • ImBadAtGame
    ImBadAtGame 3 months ago I do that... To snooze the alarm and climb back in bed... 6 times
  • Maria  Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 3 months ago 🤣😂
  • Infinite Curve
    Infinite Curve 3 months ago There is a scientific reason why you should never hit the snooze button. If you DON'T hit snooze, and you wake up and get yourself out of bed, the REM cycle ends. Hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, though, and you throw yourself right back into the REM cycle. This ruins your entire day as you will feel foggy and agitated. Add that to a 9-5 job. UGH.
  • Health, Weight & Real Talk
    Health, Weight & Real Talk 3 months ago Dan Marco 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Vadegu
    Vadegu 3 months ago @ShredMentor Just go fucking Conan mode and throw that blanket straight to the corner of your room and yell "The sexy beast is awoken because sleep is for the weak". You'll be shredding at work/school.
  • Taffin Le
    Taffin Le 3 months ago Ju.
  • ShredMentor
    ShredMentor 4 months ago "Feeling warm and comfortable under the blanket? Just need a little more sleep? Simple - ruin it! Get up anyway."
  • Indira Sweetie
    Indira Sweetie 4 months ago Only genius know that.
  • Tom B
  • Grant Lambe
    Grant Lambe 4 months ago Sounds obvious.
  • Banshee579
    Banshee579 4 months ago "You know, my uncle died last week...." "Yes, it´s bad when that happens." nods "Can you pass me the ketchup?" New friend!
  • Elena707
    Elena707 3 months ago Omg lol...
  • 17joren
    17joren 3 months ago J.R. W. You’re right, it’s hilarious!
  • Raeanna Hewison
    Raeanna Hewison 3 months ago Simple effective techniques
  • Ozoh Je'
    Ozoh Je' 3 months ago you forgot to lean forward :)
  • Patrick Ambrose
    Patrick Ambrose 3 months ago @Don Thompson We must 'ketchup' again!
  • Don Thompson
    Don Thompson 3 months ago (edited) It sucks when uncle's die, hey I gotta run, but let's catch up at his funeral, or when your next relative kicks the bucket.
  • existe_mas
    existe_mas 3 months ago blahaaahb dhdnejdj hwd Keon’s kkkss sd
  • J.R. W.
    J.R. W. 4 months ago Banshee579 not funny 😐
  • Darryl B
    Darryl B 4 months ago Banshee579 😂😂🤣
  • EvilTwin-niwTlivE
    EvilTwin-niwTlivE 4 months ago Ketchup is red, like your dead uncles coagulating blood. I have to run, but we should visit your uhcle before he's 6ft out of reach.