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Lessons 2019 Can Learn from American Nationalist & Democrat JFK

Published on Apr 15, 2019 16,864 views


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  • Collected Reader
    Collected Reader 1 week ago JFK was a nationalist. Soon they will come after his history too.
  • Diomi
    Diomi 6 days ago This needs to be emphatically repeated as a reminder.
  • Smirky Whitemale
    Smirky Whitemale 6 days ago What a terrible terrible racist, hey? Awful man that JFK. 🤡🤡
  • Encore Baby
    Encore Baby 3 days ago JFK was working with the ADL (international Jewish organization). They had him write a book called "A Nation of Immigrants" to support the efforts of Jewish congressman Emmanuel Celler who had been fighting to diversify/globalize immigration since the 1920s.
  • SpadeGhostVampire7777
    SpadeGhostVampire7777 2 days ago I hope not.
  • Gene Hakman
    Gene Hakman 1 day ago How are you not even going to include a link to this video's creator, Black Pigeon Speaks? What a piece of shit u r
  • Josué Veguilla
    Josué Veguilla 1 week ago ONCE AGAIN, "Hate Speech" doesn't EXIST, SJWTube/NPCTube. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!
  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp 1 week ago "Hate speech" = the Leftist version of blaspheme.
  • thunberbolt two
    thunberbolt two 1 week ago Hate speech is speech that those in charge hate.Want to cense out of existance.
  • Phoenix Swooping
    Phoenix Swooping 1 week ago @Derp Derp Political blasphemy, well said.
  • google sucks
    google sucks 1 week ago (edited) During the election, I stood firmly in the 'ANYONE BUT HILLARY' camp! 2:30
  • renegadebiker24
    renegadebiker24 1 week ago Google Sucks, Arkansas, during the 2016 election voted for Trump over 60 percent. Let that sink in. It must say something, when Bill and Hillary Clinton are hated in the state of Arkansas, and I think it speaks volumes. Just look at the crimes of both Hillary and Bill Clinton, and what they did to sour the majority of the Arkansas voters. I am glad that Classiarius mentioned the state of Arkansas in this video.
  • Smirky Whitemale
    Smirky Whitemale 6 days ago Anyone who didnt is gloriously ignorant or dreadfully sadistic.
  • Josué Veguilla
    Josué Veguilla 1 week ago ALSO, R.I.P. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Sr. (JFK). You're missed terribly.
  • Gregg L. Van DeVeer
    Gregg L. Van DeVeer 1 week ago Do you remember that beautiful Latin requiem high mass?
  • Michael Bierlein
    Michael Bierlein 1 week ago Watch Europa-The Last Battle at No Time For Silence. WE HAVE BEEN LIED TOO
  • Aran S
    Aran S 1 week ago It's a tad confusing why populist is thrown out like it's some kind of slur...isn't a political party being popular a good thing?
  • Gulf City Librarian
    Gulf City Librarian 1 week ago Right? It almost seems like some kind of slip up by its opposition to show that the establishment elites fear the opinion of the population
  • Romeo Tango
    Romeo Tango 1 week ago Because (((they))) will never be the majority to dictate politics in an honest manner
  • Smirky Whitemale
    Smirky Whitemale 6 days ago Its almost as if Democracy is literally based on a foundation of popular opinion.
  • Romeo Tango
    Romeo Tango 5 days ago Smirky Whitemale if you’re a goy. If you’re (((chosen))) it’s weaponized idiocy and corruption
  • Biggest 23
    Biggest 23 3 days ago Narcissistic western "intellectuals" & the [censored], that have been feeding their insatiable egos with the fantasy that their collective opinions are the guiding lights in western civilisation, are appalled by the idea that a voting bloc can exist, that guides itself, using its own experiences with reality to decide what course their nation should take. Populism is a rejection of their wants & narratives and that's what boils their piss with rage. Making their piss boil with impotent fury, is also generally a good indicator that we're on the right path.
  • the Russians
    the Russians 1 week ago If been assured by my Canadian prim minister that it's actually our differences that bring us together 😉
  • Costa del Artlepool
    Costa del Artlepool 1 week ago Division is our strength when you really think about it, and by "think" I mean absorb your MSM propaganda like a good sheep.
  • Celtic Fury
    Celtic Fury 1 week ago "Prim minister"...please tell me you did that intentionally, it's the PERFECT title to describe Queen Justina the Intersectionally Absurd!
  • silent voice in the dark
    silent voice in the dark 1 week ago He is due for sex change, unless his uber liberal display is an act to accumulate wealth
  • Ddewin Aether
    Ddewin Aether 1 week ago Strong fences make good neighbors. In regards of free speech, I would encourage everyone to read “Democracy in America” in regards of it. It is an interesting opinion.
  • Pub Thumpin
    Pub Thumpin 1 week ago Ddewin Aether whats the summer or overarching lesson of it? I’m already about 7 books behind on my reading list and hesitate to add another.
  • Ddewin Aether
    Ddewin Aether 1 week ago In regards of free speech. (It is a large book). Alexis made the observation over how Americans treat free speech. In this observation he regards how people can expect to have different opinions for foreigners or people out of state. But people expect to have a “hive minds among each other”.(i’m abbreviating). It is as if that people expect free speech was assumed to have lead a people to the same idea, but they are shocked when it doesn’t. And the shocked people think the other people are wrong and stupid.(again abbreviating)
  • Claudette Marshall
    Claudette Marshall 1 week ago JFK was an American hero, I learned that from the Russians.
  • Smirky Whitemale
    Smirky Whitemale 6 days ago DAS RUS!!!
  • selohcin
    selohcin 5 days ago Wait, what? Did a group of Russians have you over for dinner and tell you about it? How on earth did you learn that from the Russians?
  • Claudette Marshall
    Claudette Marshall 4 days ago @selohcin
  • AndersonWave17
    AndersonWave17 1 week ago "Hate speech" is free speech. Hate speech is simply a propaganized term used at the user's will, not at genuinely evil sentiments. (Which could be defeated in free speech absolutist america anyway if great minds with reason existed)
  • John the herbalist G
    John the herbalist G 1 week ago Trump and Sanders are, in a way, opposite, but they both offered to upend the establishment. We picked our rebellion, or perhaps Hillary picked it for us. I'm ok with the decision, as long as we can address Our Israeli Masters later. I'm disappointed in Trump on that front
  • Jos Hair
    Jos Hair 1 week ago a another good video ...thx.
  • matador5135
    matador5135 1 week ago The last Democrat that cared for America. If he was alive today, he'd wish to have died instead of seeing the Democratic party become a gang of Marxist nutbags.
  • ackgeezer
    ackgeezer 1 week ago matador5135 He would be a republican today.
    T.D. PHILLIPS 1 week ago We have nothing to fear from the Marshmellow Left, but the fear that they are our future...
  • Thomas Moss
    Thomas Moss 1 week ago East Coast, West Coast as opposed to Middle America. I think that is an accurate visualization. I believe another accurate way to look at it is Rural Vs Big City. A quick glance at an electoral map of 2016 may be representative of this fact. At the same time California is looking more and more like a failing state even though they have had all the advantages of location. So when the splintering of failed policies hit it will be interesting to observe the brakes. Will the big cities failures on the East or West Coast take out the rural areas with them leaving only middle America. Or will the destruction manly effect the Big Cities with a lesser percentage impact on the more rural communities. Basically our Republic way of government is saving us, and still the extreme left is talking about illegals being citizens, going to a popular vote election system, allowing 16 years old to vote, stacking the Supreme Court, etc. These are such genius ways to destroy our country and this is why I'm convinced we have fallen victim to subversion. So I guess we could also say the subverted vs non subverted.
  • bigbike
    bigbike 1 week ago The globalist has to destroy the wealth of the usa , thats what you see happening . Instead of raising the rest up , they want to destroy the power of one so its on an equal footing for a one world government .
  • Sojourner Four
    Sojourner Four 6 days ago Not necessarily rural per se, but definitely big city vs everyone else.
  • Thomas Moss
    Thomas Moss 6 days ago @Sojourner Four Dichotomies are never completely correct, but always effective at relaying a point.
  • Republic Can
    Republic Can 1 day ago JFK may have been quoting President Warren Harding 2916 speach. It was a comon 💡 idea.
  • Dale Jones
    Dale Jones 1 week ago Kennedy was president in the early 1960's not the late 1960's.
  • deadwood
    deadwood 1 week ago He never said that. He said "PRIOR to the cultural revolution of the late 1960s, when Kennedy was President....". - not a particularly great sentence structure.
  • John Kevin
    John Kevin 1 week ago Prior to the immigration act of 1965 which destroyed this country
  • mikedabucify
    mikedabucify 1 week ago (edited) 🎪🎶📣🌼💦📣🎶🎪 🤡🌎 🏎️⌛
  • Ggdivhjkjl
    Ggdivhjkjl 1 week ago Is this some kind of secret coded message?
  • Honda NSX
    Honda NSX 1 week ago Why gas the bikes when you can gas the shoes? pumped up kicks now.
  • mikedabucify
    mikedabucify 1 week ago (edited) @Honda NSX ⛽🚲 4️⃣ 🌎☮️ 🏎️⌛
  • mikedabucify
    mikedabucify 1 week ago @Honda NSX think about it 🤔 if it was a secret, would I tell you?
  • Honda NSX
    Honda NSX 1 week ago @mikedabucify I mean yea world peace is inevitable with them out of the way.
  • Honda NSX
    Honda NSX 1 week ago @mikedabucify Well I'll have to get back to you, If you'll excuse me I need to go download pirated music.
  • mikedabucify
    mikedabucify 1 week ago (edited) @Honda NSX I recommend, Entrance of the Gladiators op. 68 by Julius Fucik aka Julius A Fuck It 📣📣
  • Honda NSX
    Honda NSX 1 week ago @mikedabucify Perfect for the Clown World.
  • mikedabucify
    mikedabucify 1 week ago @Honda NSX 4️⃣🤡👶👶
  • WHamdi 1996
    WHamdi 1996 1 week ago Facts trigger you? Whites are not indigenous to America. Deal with it!
  • chrisnivo
    chrisnivo 1 week ago I find it interesting that JFK's speech where he asked "as not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your government", isn't looked at closer. The entire idea of the US as a nation and the constitution are all born around the idea that the State is the servant of the people. This quote actually flipped that onto its head. Though I do believe JFK was a country loving Democrat, his speech may have been responsible for changing the way people look at their relationship to the state. Now extremists attempt to use the state against their own people. Is this idea what accidentally allows this to take root, who knows?
  • I say Oriental.
    I say Oriental. 1 week ago (edited) He said "but what you can do for your country" not "for your government."  It sounds like he's talking about people not expecting help from the state and instead people figuring out how to help their countrymen without using the government to redistribute wealth.  He may also be talking about Americans helping to make their country look good on the international stage.  I don't know what he said in the rest of the speech.
  • Alan Zibelman
    Alan Zibelman 1 week ago "When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe." - Jefferson