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5 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

Published on Feb 12, 2019 1,269,158 views

This video will share with you five things you should never say in a job interview. You must be careful in a job interview to make sure you know what to say and what to avoid saying. Most people screw up their interviews by blurting out things they never should say and ruin their chances for moving farther in the interview process.

1. Don't talk bad about your company. Don’t talk bad about the people. Don't say that you didn't like working there; no matter how it comes up.
I mean, maybe you hated working there, maybe you hated your boss, but when they ask you questions, “Did you like working there? Did you like your boss?” The answer is, “Yes, I did. I liked working for my boss. I liked the people. I liked the company. I liked the culture. I liked everything about them. It's a shame that I have to leave. I'm sorry I have to leave, but I'm looking for greener pastures, greater opportunity. I'm looking for more responsibility.”
Say any of that except that you didn't like working there, you didn't like what they did or anything like that. Because if you didn't like working there or you didn't like your boss, it'll be in no time flat that you'll be saying the same things about them when they hire you; you'll find reasons not to like them, you'll find reasons not to like your boss.
That's just the way it goes; people who don't like where they worked at, it doesn't take them long to not like the new place. That's just the way it goes; that's human nature.
So, you don't want to communicate that to them in the interview; no matter how it comes out, even if they ask you, “How do you like that company?” “Well, you know, I don't really like working there anymore.”
No, you like working there and you like the people. Because otherwise, you'll get labeled as cancer. You get labeled as cancerous when you're the type of person that goes around, talking smack about all the people or the company, the policies, the things that you don't like. And companies get rid of people like that.
Now, I know that's not you. You know why? I know that's not you because you're here watching me today and you're trying to better yourself. And people who are trying to better themselves, they're not the cancerous type of people.
I mean, sure, there might be something about their company that they didn't like and it could be very genuine reason that they didn't like certain things. Just don't say that in the interview; do not mention that in any way, shape or form.
Okay. So, the next one here; number 2.
2. A lot of candidates go in and they're so desperate to work at a job they'll say, “I'll do anything. It doesn't matter what it is; I'll do anything.”
Now, these are usually people who are not employed right now (maybe they've been out of work for six to nine months, maybe even two years) and they are desperate for a job and they will do anything.
But if you go into a job interview and say, “You know what? I don't care what it is; I'll do it. I'll do anything. Just give it to me.” So, when you do this, you end up showing a certain level of desperation that just doesn't come out very well.

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    Bourne Accident 3 months ago #6 - Don't tell them you watched this video.
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    Jamell Holmes 1 week ago #247 Don't add another comment with a number.
  • TEverettReynolds
    TEverettReynolds 1 week ago Quite the opposite. As a hiring manager myself, I would be impressed if a candidate explained to me, that in preparation for their interview, they reviewed "how to interview" type videos... most candidates don't even go that far...
  • Mike Manners
    Mike Manners 3 weeks ago So Lying, deception, fraud, and misrepresentation is the underlying basis of American Culture and Economy. Great System.
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    CDgonePotatoes 3 months ago (edited) It's kinda like PornHub, everyone knows everyone goes there, nobody is willing to speak up so they don't expose themselves as well.
  • Lada Bern
    Lada Bern 3 months ago Just be natural. Good if you get the job, good if you don’t. Unless you really want it.
  • Eye Heart Sushi
    Eye Heart Sushi 3 months ago Bullet proof Good luck!!
  • UniworldCityGGaon
    UniworldCityGGaon 3 months ago Save time...his points are as follows # 1. Don't diss your current company and lie about how much you love it #2. Don't show you are desperate and say you will do "anything"...tell them what YOU will be doing instead...yep..say me be da CEO beaachhh! #3. Tell em How you have done things #4. Never admit you dont know...evade the question and filibuster all competancy questions #5. ..... i ran outta patience with this and unsubscribed !!!!
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    Kyle Blank 3 months ago (edited) #10 when you hire me I need you to sign my sex offender papers so I can work here!
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    dc4457 3 months ago @rvarnum you can say either one, just don't write that way
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    John Doe 3 months ago Don't tell them your honest.
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  • Leonard Milcin
    Leonard Milcin 3 months ago (edited) There is nothing shameful about trying to figure out how to solve your problems. Everybody has them. It is how you are dealing with them that is important. Certainly, trying to solve an embarrassing problem (like making a mistake during interview, consistently) shows you are mature enough to try to spot and solve some other problems. The worst type of employee is one that thinks he/she is better than everybody else, doesn't have to improve and assumes it is everybody else's responsibility to learn to cope with him/her.
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    Microphunktv 3 months ago #9 - Don't go to job interviews , create your own job :)
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    Mohammed Lakka 2 weeks ago Interviewer: Whats your biggest flaw? Me: I dont talk about my flaws. Interviewer: Can you mention just 1? Me: yes, I already wanna kill you and I just spoke 15 minutes with you.
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    Harsh Raj Always free 3 months ago Interview is a lying standoff The better u are at lying ,the better ur chances
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    Violet Haye 1 week ago I mean if you're qualified tell the truth. But sometimes you just gotta bullshit your way in and prove yourself later on
  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 1 month ago Exactly
  • Asa Olsen
    Asa Olsen 1 month ago @Steve Judah "There is a VERY fine line between diplomacy and dishonesty"
  • Sam Cha
    Sam Cha 1 month ago (edited) The truth will set everyone free. If you’re desperate to get a job, then tell them what they want to hear but don’t expect to be very happy with your job. But if you are a negative and not so hard working person, then no one will want to hire you, except maybe a reality tv show. It’s a delicate balance between being a good employee and changing yourself into a better person for your company but not stifling your dreams.
  • Steven Rhodes
    Steven Rhodes 1 month ago @Steve Judah "tactfully" being the operative wors, for sure
  • Bill Jack
    Bill Jack 1 month ago Harsh Raj Always free - lol but true And, most of interviewers nowadays were clueless and specially the managers as they were in that position coz of what they were not truly deserved but u know why.
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    Dawn Cerice Hare Fischer 2 months ago Sad .. can't we as people do what's right and be professional without having to be told?! Ugh
    ENAT TV 2 months ago I think I agree with you, the more you try to speak the truth, the lesser your chance and easily ignored by the panels. I think they mostly love people who flatter. Oooo gosh it sometimes really ..........
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    Neuro Mancer 2 months ago the process selects for the most charming liar no wonder psychopaths rise to the top
  • T G
    T G 2 months ago @mendysmob That's the truth!
  • mendysmob
    mendysmob 2 months ago Until you get hired and actually have to perform and can't get the job done!
  • T G
    T G 3 months ago @Steve Judah Suuure
  • Steve Judah
    Steve Judah 3 months ago I've always told the truth, tactfully. I've always landed the job.
  • Jeff Fuehr
    Jeff Fuehr 3 months ago (edited) when are job interviewers gonna realize that their favorite candidates are the best bullshitters
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    Hiccum Blurpaedius 1 week ago @Michael Mathes We need war to kill the US government and the great Jew ghost
  • Michael Mathes
    Michael Mathes 1 week ago @Pete Moss But being fake is not a good thing.
  • Pete Moss
    Pete Moss 3 weeks ago I’m in HR and confidence will always reflect positively and leave a lasting impression. I understand your point. I also agree. Have you heard the saying “ fake it to you make it”? Same is true in business.
  • maciejl20
    maciejl20 1 month ago (edited) @Clancy i'm affraid this is a lot more complicated i mean when someone is born lier he will act as he is honest and this interviewer-idiot will never find out who he talk to and that's the problem here
  • Clancy
    Clancy 1 month ago Well, if your a used car salesman, or a lawyer, or in politics, i guess that exactly how you find the right candidates!
  • maciejl20
    maciejl20 1 month ago probably never, those interviewers are mostly morons
  • BrianaLynn7
    BrianaLynn7 3 months ago I've said negative things about old jobs in an interview. But its just phrased in a positive way and how it helped me grow or learn something about myself
  • Myles Anderson
    Myles Anderson 1 month ago Be very careful here. Managers can't handle being told about themselves or others who are JUST like them in ideology.
  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok 2 months ago Same. I told them that my last boss was incompetent and the sole reason why the company went bankrupt. I gave them 3 concrete examples of what he could have done to change that and I got hired. The lesson is not to avoid talking trash. It's to not talk trash without backing up your arguments with facts.
  • CDgonePotatoes
    CDgonePotatoes 3 months ago I guess you could say the work was kind of stagnant and you wanted to grow in a way that your old workplace wasn't able to allow "but here..."
  • Marcus R
    Marcus R 3 months ago Lmao " you have to hold tight to your values" Now just say these 5 lies 👌
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    The real deal 4 weeks ago That's funny as hell. But notice he never said to lie. He said to pivot to something you actually know.
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    Friday Alibi 1 month ago Exactly, cognitive dissonance in full effect
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    Europa Point n' music 3 months ago lm 16 and getting my first job... And lm nervous about this, wish me luck 😅
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    Hiccum Blurpaedius 1 week ago @Alex We need more workplace shootings. There should be rewards for killing the religious police.
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    Idontfeellikethinkingofausername 1 week ago Capricorn Yannie's ✋
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    El Desgraciado 1 month ago Good for you, young man. This is your first step into not being a dirty hippie POS!
  • Alex
    Alex 1 month ago @Holding my Tongue well I'm only 17, I got a job in a identication company (I'm not sure that it's called like this in english) we have to check the identity of our clients
  • Holding my Tongue
    Holding my Tongue 1 month ago Alex [name: Doubting Tomasita] Thats great Alex what job did you get? Btw, it better not start w a “B” and end w a “W” <w a switch in my 🖐🏼 >
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    Alex 1 month ago I got it
  • Alex
    Alex 1 month ago I have mine in 20 minutes
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    Howard Treesong 1 month ago Good luck!
  • Sarel Ito
    Sarel Ito 1 month ago If you're real, and willing to learn, you'll be okay.
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    Capricorn Yannie's 1 month ago @Dee Ca. I got the job! Yesterday was my first day.
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    Dee Ca. 1 month ago How did it go?
  • Capricorn Yannie's
    Capricorn Yannie's 1 month ago I wish the best for you. 😊
  • 6sheds
    6sheds 1 month ago Why be nervous. You have no experience, no skills, no understanding of the workplace. You can only offer to learn. Best of all, you can choose not to take just any job and try instead for a better position because you want to get on and not be stuck in a dud position. Milk this opportunity.
  • vottoduder
    vottoduder 3 months ago And this is why sociopaths get the best jobs. Never tell the truth, never be honest, companies do not want honest people, they want sociopaths that will do or say anything to get to the top. Pre-program your brain to say what they want to hear, regardless of what you think is right or what your virtues are. Trust is the number one virtue of any relationship, and you can not trust anyone that is not willing to be honest. If you are not a surface thinker, then this video should be a big eye opener on the reality of the business world.
  • shellshocker rootripper
    shellshocker rootripper 2 weeks ago Philip Lane @trump
  • jorgitomarquez
    jorgitomarquez 2 weeks ago Said the feminist
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    JA040283 3 weeks ago Good point about the sociopath behaviour - it resonates with quality of the system....maybe that should be the intro to the video!
  • Myles Anderson
    Myles Anderson 1 month ago I never truly lied but may have exxagerated some things but well it happens.
  • Sabrina Paul
    Sabrina Paul 1 month ago 100 !!!!!
  • Clancy
    Clancy 1 month ago For a second there, i thought you were talking about dating women!.... "Pre-program your brain to say what they want to hear, regardless of what you think is right or what your virtues are." ABSOLUTELY!
  • Edward Manning
    Edward Manning 1 month ago frank odonnell thanks
  • Sarel Ito
    Sarel Ito 1 month ago But that also depends on dumb interviewers who prefer lies to truth...
  • vottoduder
    vottoduder 1 month ago @frank odonnell Well, those are nice words to say, but I put my stock in actions. Dont tell me you can do the job, show me that you can.
  • frank odonnell
  • vottoduder
    vottoduder 1 month ago @Bill Jack Which is what the majority of people in business seem to think. My personal preference is just being brutally honest and transparent. But that doesnt always work in my favor, and usually works against me, but I dont really care if it does or not, I just want to be honest. But it seems if you want to prosper and climb the ladder of success, then you have to deceive and manipulate by being dishonest.
  • Bill Jack
    Bill Jack 1 month ago vottoduder - true , never be true . Just lie is what this world needs
  • vottoduder
    vottoduder 1 month ago @Z T Actually, I dont think I care anymore. Death will come soon enough to everyone and we wont have to worry about it anymore. Thats my daily dose of nihilism.
  • Z T
    Z T 1 month ago @vottoduder This is the beginning of the end of society. How long before this workplace rule of 'screw everyone else' travels to the rest of people's lives?
  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five 1 month ago You can't really be honest at most jobs though. Honesty often involves unpleasant news and that makes the boss look bad. A fine line must be walked between truth and bullshit. It's absolutely a difficult skill to master.
  • Saberian Dream
    Saberian Dream 2 months ago What they want is mindless slaves, plain and simple.
  • Angela Thompson
    Angela Thompson 2 months ago Companies are full of BS too! I can't tell you how many times I've been lied to or mislead in an interview and after being on the job.
  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 months ago This is very true. Every job I have worked at has been the same. Employees who lie cheat and steal are the ones who move up the fastest and stay with the company the longest. Honest hardworking employees are forced out because they don’t conform to a toxic culture.
  • vottoduder
    vottoduder 3 months ago @Bob Bobbertson Right. There is no future in being honest. You have made your point and I agree with it.
  • Bob Bobbertson
    Bob Bobbertson 3 months ago @vottoduder Don’t call it a grave: It's the future you choose.
  • vottoduder
    vottoduder 3 months ago @Bob Bobbertson Good point, I agree. The culture has definitely changed in every aspect of society since then. There is no reason to be honest with people anymore, plus there is no benefit or reward for being honest. There is more reward for being deceptive, and manipulative. The only people that you really need to trust are the people closest to you, screw everyone else.
  • Bob Bobbertson
    Bob Bobbertson 3 months ago Firms offer no loyalty to employees, why should employees be honest and loyal to them? This isn't 60 years ago.
  • Philip Lane
    Philip Lane 3 months ago Absolutely! You can even become president.
  • Weinstein Cosby
    Weinstein Cosby 3 months ago Don't go to a job interview, create your own business
  • th3azscorpio
    th3azscorpio 3 weeks ago @Ronald Or it could mean that I am prioritizing my own needs, and taking time to myself to focus on my own goals. The places where I worked in the past, were always hiring. My personal needs and desires come first. Coworkers second. Plus, I don't care about my coworkers like that; and really couldn't afford to... They come, they go. They get hired, they quit. Plus the character of some of them is off-putting to say the least. I view coworkers as just that. I don't do the whole "we're a family", bullshit.
  • Ronald
    Ronald 3 weeks ago @r2dxhate (and you get an inheritance tax) Only after 5.4 million dollars. The first 5.4 million dollars is not taxed. Everything over 5.4 million dollars is taxed at 40% Or at least it was. I think Trump reduced the estate tax in one of his tax cuts.
  • Ronald
    Ronald 3 weeks ago @th3azscorpio Whether you care or not, you are placing a burden on your coworkers by not working when you are scheduled to work. Not caring just makes you a bad person.
  • th3azscorpio
    th3azscorpio 3 weeks ago @Ronald I'm referring to my coworkers, in response to your statement of "coworkers having to pick up the slack."
  • Ronald
    Ronald 3 weeks ago @th3azscorpioThat/s none of my concern) What is none of your concern? (That's why they work there.) Where is there? And whose work are you referring to?
  • th3azscorpio
    th3azscorpio 3 weeks ago @Ronald That's none of my concern. That's why they work there, quite frankly.
  • th3azscorpio
    th3azscorpio 3 weeks ago Currently working on that... Almost there! 😁
  • Zexy Wanderer
    Zexy Wanderer 1 month ago Best comment, worst name.😭☺
  • Zexy Wanderer
    Zexy Wanderer 1 month ago @Kent Freeland Yes!🙌🍀
  • Mohammed Yousuf
    Mohammed Yousuf 2 months ago @r2dxhate but i don't have any funds to start any business... everything has pros and cons... business is risky...
  • r2dxhate
    r2dxhate 2 months ago @Mohammed Yousuf There have been people on Shark Tank that have lost plenty more. Don't Let it trample your faith. At the same time though, you got to know when to hold them and when to fold them and walk away.
  • r2dxhate
    r2dxhate 2 months ago @AshW " 90% of new businesses fail in the first year" well if you're only getting a 10K business loan, compared to a 90k college education, then you get nine lives like a cat, to keep trying business ideas.
  • Simple Dreaming. Soñando Fácil. TTYL
    Simple Dreaming. Soñando Fácil. TTYL 2 months ago 👍🏼