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How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich | Tom Ferry

Published on Sep 7, 2017 7,955,006 views

It's not about how much money you earn. It's what you do with the money that matters.

In this video, I'm going to show you a business strategy on how to manage your money. I'm not gonna tell you what to invest in. That's not my role. Here are the best ideas of what the best professionals do to manage their money.

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  • Edward Pritchard
    Edward Pritchard 5 months ago (edited) I'll save you 20 minutes 50% Home 25% Savings 25% Invest
  • MasterSquish
    MasterSquish 1 week ago Seems like you're lazy and your teaching people to be like you.
  • Jay Beat
    Jay Beat 1 week ago Edward Pritchard : Thanks
  • Victor Monagas
    Victor Monagas 1 week ago Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about credit check score try Magonsi Credit Magic Expert (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.
  • Mark Zuelch
    Mark Zuelch 1 week ago Ms. Mendonza I really don't think News10 knew when they decided not to renew contracts what they were doing. They not only lost a thinking and sherwd journalist, but also a pleasant and personalable young lady who never flinched from the content of a story, no matter how difficult or unpleasant it might be. You are missed more than you know and hope you find a situation where you are appreciated. You deserve it. Mark in Sacramento
  • Amir Nada
    Amir Nada 1 week ago Claim $1000 USD every week trading commodities using crypto currency which involves buying/selling of any currency such as USD EUR and so on through bitcoin, lite coin due to high liquidity of the market over $4trillion is traded per day making it possible for a trader to be making great profits in a single trade. Type info and I’ll send all the info WhatsApp:+1 (206) 629-2636
  • danil mronz
    danil mronz 1 week ago Thanks bro I was lost
  • Mark is Living Deliberately
    Mark is Living Deliberately 1 week ago 90 Veteran Studios you’re wanting a 500% return on investment? It better be in a business and not the market or real estate because you’re not gonna get 500% on many things in life except a business.
  • Larry Larry
    Larry Larry 2 weeks ago Thanks lol
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 3 weeks ago @Mandhan Academy Kid: >breaks bricks for $2/day to feed family< Edward Pritchett: "How much are you investing, bro?" You: ✌️ Idiot!
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 3 weeks ago @Ang D The word "prostitution" is needlessly pejorative WRT sex workers, but I'd say it's apt in your comment. Solidarity, comrade.
  • Mandhan Academy
    Mandhan Academy 3 weeks ago ✌️
  • Ang D
    Ang D 3 weeks ago Ivar Losna Being in a relationship for financial reasons? Too close to prostitution for me.
  • untitled unknown
    untitled unknown 3 weeks ago @90 Veteran Studios how it go
  • Typhooni
    Typhooni 3 weeks ago Lol thanks, I should start doing those talks lol. 20 minutes for a few seconds of information, that is how you make money, guaranteed.
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 1 month ago @k hanna You can't do basic math, and you like videos about the "LGBT agenda". Figures, idiot.
  • k hanna
    k hanna 1 month ago thank you!!
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 1 month ago @Vivienne V I guess you didn't know basic math before this comment? Hmph.
  • Vivienne V
    Vivienne V 1 month ago Edward Pritchard thanks bro
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 1 month ago @JD Squared Your reply is literally nothing but ad hominem, whereas I have made several substantive points, which idiots like you skate around because it's easier to just bash the unpopular (in this thread) guy. You are a fucking idiot. That is not ad hominem, it's just a fact.
  • JD Squared
    JD Squared 1 month ago @Paesan Control Centre You love your Ad Hominem.
  • Judith vella
    Judith vella 1 month ago Hello
  • Dave Sobani
    Dave Sobani 1 month ago All fine and good, but making a buisness account first requires to actually have a buisnes plan and market viability analysis atleast in my country. Iff you just make a buisness account, then the (our version) irs is at your door the next month. I'm guessing this might work in the states were deb en income is pretty fast and loose but were i live the irs just does what ever the hell it wants. So starting a buisness without atleast having 30 k euro's in your own money, man its just to dangerous.
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 1 month ago @sujaya kv The OP is an idiot who's never wanted for money in his fucking life, so feels qualified to opine on it without revealing the true secret to wealth: Be born rich!
  • Ivar Losna
    Ivar Losna 1 month ago ​@Paesan Control Centre If you're single, want a proper apartment and only work 8-16(9-5 in American terms), sure you'd have to spend up to 50% on shelter (if renting). If you can work more and manage living in a small studio (bought) together with your girlfriend/wife (who also work a lot) you can get away with spending 15% on paying mortgage, and that's with a less than average wage after taxes. That leaves 25% for food, transport and other necessities. Could potentially invest 60%. Of course, life would be really boring so leave 10% as a travel budget and invest 50%.
  • D E Gonzo
    D E Gonzo 1 month ago Thank you Sir
  • Bla Blu
    Bla Blu 1 month ago Honestly this is scam expert know it that why somepeople who knew it leave him, he got no idea
  • sujaya kv
    sujaya kv 1 month ago But what about daily expenses
  • Nick Blackburn
    Nick Blackburn 1 month ago Agreed
  • Zeal Mae
    Zeal Mae 1 month ago Thanks
  • Danny C
    Danny C 1 month ago Thank you!!!! Just read your comment and then saved myself the time. You're a hero! 😄
    XxIBOYBOSSxX 2 months ago Edward Pritchard I feel bad for those who watched this full video and only wanted these points. But the video is worth watching.
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 2 months ago (edited) @Rasmus Engstroem How much fucking leverage do you think the average McWorker has to "negotiate for a raise"? And if your only answer to that is "get a better job", then you're stupid, because someone will always need to fill those shitty jobs. IOW, you are now stating unequivocally that every worker is in a job that doesn't pay enough to live deserves poverty and that you're happy to let them twist in the wind while you soak up the benefits of social democracy in your own country (paid for by old-timey imperialism, thank you very much). Seriously, kid, you're fucking stupid. I implore you to reply. You definitely need more correction.
  • Rasmus Engstroem
    Rasmus Engstroem 2 months ago @Paesan Control Centre If you're only making 85% of your income and have NO money left for savings or investing, you need to get a better job or negotiate for a raise.
  • Il Mio Gatto
    Il Mio Gatto 2 months ago Thanks, the video has a lot of blah blah blah
  • a11312
    a11312 2 months ago 90 Veteran Studios I started a little over 2 years ago with $100. Now I’m at about 15k. I put 25% of my income in savings, 25% in investing, and 50% for spending. Do this and you’ll be just fine
  • TheCanti
    TheCanti 2 months ago If you can't be bothered to sit still and watch for 20 minutes you're not going to make it.
  • sumerbc
    sumerbc 3 months ago (edited) no. 28% house. Don't be greedy
  • gerra 011
    gerra 011 3 months ago @Paesan Control Centre maybe if you changed the way you think and stop name calling, things would change for you. Why are you watching these type of videos if you are not willing to learn anything from it?
  • Edward Pritchard
    Edward Pritchard 3 months ago Traditional European Thank you for proving my point :)
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 3 months ago (edited) @Edward Pritchard Here's a question, fuckstick: What's 25% of $150 in the hole? And how much can I expect to earn on that? Thick as pig shit, you are.
  • Crusard Modding
    Crusard Modding 3 months ago Thank you!
  • Edward Pritchard
    Edward Pritchard 3 months ago Commenters have questions that may never be answered Traditional European has answers that can never be Questioned @Paesan Control Centre
  • David Hochstetler
    David Hochstetler 3 months ago Traditional European no I am assuming people think they make less than they can to survive, but spend way more than they actually have to. As the beginning of this video said, big car watch all that. In this economy anybody who doesn’t actually make a wage that can be lived off of doesn’t try or spends way too much simple as that. Bad things do happen to people, and that’s what the government programs are for.
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 3 months ago (edited) @David Hochstetler You are wrong. You assume all people have, or can have (but choose not to), an income higher than subsistence level. Thank me, idiot.
  • David Hochstetler
    David Hochstetler 3 months ago Traditional European very insightful. If you’re income is 35,000, spend 30,000. It’s that simple. If you make 150,000, spend 120,000. Yes you will accrue wealth faster making more, but it’s possible with almost all income just live below your means. Tell me where I’m wrong please.
  • David Hochstetler
    David Hochstetler 3 months ago Traditional European if you stay out of debt and work hard and not get complacent in where you are in your earnings, it really isn’t that hard. If you get in debt right out of the gate, it is much much harder.
  • Cunning Linguist
    Cunning Linguist 3 months ago @Paesan Control Centre I usually rely on the dictionary definitions. In which case, I don't need your approval. You're super shook about these internet comments, makes me think you're a leftist. But that's just an assumption! LOL
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 3 months ago (edited) @Cunning Linguist I love how your entire comment is predicated on your own personal definition of "accurate" and "inaccurate", as if we've come to a consensus. Beat it, geek.
  • Cunning Linguist
    Cunning Linguist 3 months ago @The Nameless One Well, it was meant to illustrate the person's mentality and I'm pretty sure I nailed it. The fact that you understood that but then attributed it to me instead is quite astonishing, and sad.
  • Cunning Linguist
    Cunning Linguist 3 months ago @Paesan Control Centre Do you know what a strawman argument is? Also, I find it ironic that you point out my assumptions (though they are accurate) while making your own (which are inaccurate). Really nice work, dingdong.
  • The Nameless One
    The Nameless One 3 months ago @Cunning Linguist Sure, but can you be more mature about it? The only one I pictured crying like a spoiled toddler was you because you were the only one typing as if crying like an idiot.
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 4 months ago @Cunning Linguist Nice straw man, loser. Imagine if you actually had the guts to address things I said, instead of trash you made up in your own meth-addled head...
  • Cunning Linguist
    Cunning Linguist 4 months ago @Paesan Control Centre Wah wah, my life is hard so I stopped trying, WAH WAH. Successful people giving advice to me are always wrong, WAH WAH. If it's hard, it's not worth it, WAH WAHHH... Typical. Don't be a sterotype.
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 4 months ago (edited) ​@Edward Pritchard "See you in retirement" Fuckin' A, goof. I'll be leading the charge of pitchforks and torches on your McMansion, just as FDR predicted would happen to his cronies in the Hamptons. See ya then, porky! ;-)
  • Edward Pritchard
    Edward Pritchard 4 months ago Hope it all works out for you :)@90 Veteran Studios
  • Edward Pritchard
    Edward Pritchard 4 months ago See you in retirement @Paesan Control Centre
  • Edward Pritchard
    Edward Pritchard 4 months ago @Balfour Wheatley You can invest in to stocks, or a little business that you always wanted. Maybe on some equipment to start a YouTube channel for a gaming channel. You chose my friend. The world is your oyster.
  • Edward Pritchard
    Edward Pritchard 4 months ago @Prog Fr Food comes under "home". Some people vary on what they spend on Rent, food and bills. Its getting them all balanced that you only spend 50% of your pay on that stuff. How much did you bring in this week? 50% is yours in your wallet. Pay rent, food and bills. Any leftovers? Rest of the money is for fun 50% is for saving and investing
  • 90 Veteran Studios
    90 Veteran Studios 4 months ago @Paesan Control Centre I was able to invest $1000 in 30 days.. and that at the end of the year I want to have $5000 invested and working for me. Now as far as dividends go. That is another story. I 'm trying to have at least $100 a month by the end of 2020.
  • 90 Veteran Studios
    90 Veteran Studios 4 months ago @Balfour Wheatley just diverse stocks and crypto. .. I'm putting a lot of money in as well so that when I have those hundreds or thousands of each share. then it'll just grow itself lol
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 4 months ago @Prog Fr I presume the thoughtless cunt included all the home expenses in that 50%, because he's surely enough of a rich dupe to think average working people can spend just 25% (or possibly 33%) on shelter.
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 4 months ago @90 Veteran Studios What the fuck does that even mean? LOL
  • Prog Fr
    Prog Fr 4 months ago There is also a thing called food...
  • Balfour Wheatley
    Balfour Wheatley 4 months ago what are you investing in?
  • 90 Veteran Studios
    90 Veteran Studios 4 months ago I just broke $1,000 on investing in 30 days. Hopefully I'll be at $5,000 by the end of the year.
  • Tomii Banks
    Tomii Banks 4 months ago Thank you! You're the real MVP
  • Paesan Control Centre
    Paesan Control Centre 4 months ago I'll save you another stupid comment 100% Expenses 85% Income as a percentage of expenses 0% "Invest"
  • Jonah Reyes
    Jonah Reyes 3 hours ago I was a huge spender until I really decided to change..It takes time. this post helped me, I followed every step. stay patient and you'll see sudden left over money lol!
  • jakub maniszewski
    jakub maniszewski 2 hours ago true
  • daisy8luke
    daisy8luke 6 months ago Seems to me like the best way to get rich and make lots of money is to put on seminars telling people how to get rich and make lots of money. And if that doesn't pan out you can always write a book on some new weight loss miracle.
  • Amir Nada
    Amir Nada 1 week ago Claim $1000 USD every week trading commodities using crypto currency which involves buying/selling of any currency such as USD EUR and so on through bitcoin, lite coin due to high liquidity of the market over $4trillion is traded per day making it possible for a trader to be making great profits in a single trade. Type info and I’ll send all the info WhatsApp:+1 (206) 629-2636
  • Mark is Living Deliberately
    Mark is Living Deliberately 1 week ago Actually even that is pretty hard to do. It’s a lot easier to invest slowly than to out on seminars. Only a handful do that, almost everyone can max out a 401k if you make 40k or more. But there is always money in teaching people how to make money, no doubt.
  • Matthew Dowd
    Matthew Dowd 3 weeks ago mattja52 Hey
  • NFL YoungBoy
    NFL YoungBoy 3 weeks ago daisy8luke 1 meal a day works for me
  • mattja52
    mattja52 3 weeks ago daisyBluke, tell the truth!
  • k hanna
    k hanna 1 month ago don't forget anti-aging!
  • Robert Stamm
    Robert Stamm 1 month ago exactly! and make sure you fit into the stereotypical "tony robbins" like inspirational speaker. who do these people think they are? bunch of narcissists.
  • Dara Watkins
    Dara Watkins 1 month ago Good one Daisy
  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson 1 month ago daisy8luke 😭🤣very true
  • Will Breadner
    Will Breadner 1 month ago Same principle psychological ideas Are out in magazines as self help, out the books....never giving you the whole story, has you returning!!🤔
  • Envinite
    Envinite 2 months ago Well paid educations like seminar or books, IS a form of business. You do know that besides the check they got off the seminar, they still need to rent the venue and equipment, pay the staffs, prepare snacks, marketing stuffs etc. What, you expect people to put all that effort for free or have someone cover all the expense? Easily being petty with someone getting money for the effort they spent proves that you are a broke ass nigga. Besides, you're not even forced to go there and you can even watch it FREE on youtube.
  • andrew kibet
    andrew kibet 2 months ago daisy8luke true,all these are bullshit
  • Maestro
    Maestro 2 months ago Boom ding ding ding we got a winner.
  • Esyy
    Esyy 2 months ago "You can mine for gold or you can sell pickaxes"
  • hubbi hayii
    hubbi hayii 2 months ago Exactly
  • Grim Mafia
    Grim Mafia 3 months ago at work dying loooooool
  • mannie's Art And Fitness Channel
    mannie's Art And Fitness Channel 3 months ago @Random Guy how much do you get paid, off of adsense?
  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 3 months ago @mannie's Art And Fitness Channel imagine the amount of money from AdSense ( if u have any ads) from 10m visitors
  • Arif Aziz
    Arif Aziz 3 months ago Then your expertise is by helping others to get rich. And at the same time, you will get rich by teaching other on how to get rich.
  • RiCbob 13
    RiCbob 13 3 months ago What are you waiting for ?
  • mannie's Art And Fitness Channel
    mannie's Art And Fitness Channel 3 months ago @P D yep!
  • P D
    P D 3 months ago @mannie's Art And Fitness Channel yeah try to sell books to kids who don't have any money or even know how to read anything that isn't a YT tutorial.
  • hersheythebody
    hersheythebody 4 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Prog Fr
    Prog Fr 4 months ago @adamgm84 imagine how will you fking have 10,000,000 people on your fking web site. if you have imagine that, then yeah good plan.
  • mannie's Art And Fitness Channel
    mannie's Art And Fitness Channel 4 months ago Daisy8luke "The best way to get rich have a following of 1 million on social media, then write alot of books and sell them to your followers."
  • KingEd Jones
    KingEd Jones 5 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 facts
  • Сергій Тіток
    Сергій Тіток 5 months ago At the end of the week, US stock indices showed a negative trend. Apple Inc. (AAPL), which caused a decrease in the quotations of most…
  • zacka161
    zacka161 5 months ago adamgm84 you are right. But it completely becomes less about helping or passing on information and more about duping people to spend money on a bullshit system so you become wealthy. It’s really fucked up.
  • adamgm84
    adamgm84 5 months ago You are correct in that the best way to make lots of money is to sell a product or service. You have access to the global village. Use the internet to your advantage. Imagine if 1 in a 1000 people that saw your website bought something. Imagine 10,000,000 people visited your website.
  • William Colchester
    William Colchester 2 months ago Hey bro like you said. I opened a company . Now Kindly upload next video how to file bankruptcy
  • Andrew Luttmann
    Andrew Luttmann 1 week ago Lmao
    SCORES FOCUS 2 weeks ago You crazy 😂
  • Jesie AMaya
    Jesie AMaya 4 weeks ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    FACEBOOK 1 month ago William Colchester 😂😂
  • Freakin Kat
    Freakin Kat 1 month ago I dont know what the hell I was gonna say so... waffles
  • Stephen Pallares
    Stephen Pallares 1 month ago 😂
  • tatenda makwasha
    tatenda makwasha 1 month ago Hahaha
  • Kedyville Gordon
    Kedyville Gordon 1 month ago Lol funny
  • Tshepo Shai
    Tshepo Shai 2 months ago lol
  • kenza frederick
    kenza frederick 2 months ago 😂
  • Fuadarino
    Fuadarino 3 months ago Best Rule for Spending: "If you can't buy it Twice, you can't afford it"
  • thieu The
    thieu The 3 days ago I have serious matters before until I found a solution and that is the program which permitted me to make income over 154 USD every day. Several other sites didn`t work to help me get a lot of achievements besides the fact that getting their survey jobs can guarantee huge income. Only this website has reached my satisfaction. Google 4NetJobs. Com to be aware what this plan has in store for you. This is a thing you will definitely like..?
  • Philipp Rollbühler
    Philipp Rollbühler 6 days ago Biggest bullshit quote ever
  • The tale of the Japanese Niglit
    The tale of the Japanese Niglit 1 week ago nii aryeetey im keeping this
    CEIA BOSS 1 week ago You are a genious
  • denny ivan
    denny ivan 2 weeks ago you're the real mvp
  • Minecraft_Gamer_Kid 69
    Minecraft_Gamer_Kid 69 2 weeks ago Thanks man I saved so much money after I stopped paying my rent.
  • nii aryeetey
    nii aryeetey 2 weeks ago Fuadarino jay z
  • duwhall
    duwhall 5 months ago This video was on my recommended pane. Watched the entire thing, but I didn't learn until several minutes in that this was directed toward real estate agents. It would've been nice to have something in the title about that.
  • Charlie O'Hearn
    Charlie O'Hearn 2 weeks ago Everything he said was applicable to anyone and everyone. Don't dismiss it because you're not a real estate agent.
  • Jen L
    Jen L 1 month ago I know. I realized it earlier on though. You can still apply it to life though minus the owning of a business. Just look at the personal account information part.
  • MariaS
    MariaS 1 month ago Thanks, I went bother finishing this 👍
  • Anthony Dwyer
    Anthony Dwyer 2 months ago same thing happened to me. at least u didn't suffer alone bro
  • Bri Jamshidi
    Bri Jamshidi 4 months ago Its really geared towards anyone who uses a w9 and is an independent contractor
  • Taheerah Rochelle
    Taheerah Rochelle 4 months ago It's for any business owner, entrepreneurs, any freelancers, any work for yourself. Even if you don't have a business you can still follow this info the only thing is you don't have a business expense; that's better for you. Come on guys you gotta think outside of the box. No one is gonna hold your hand ( well that not totally true; you can get a life coach to keep you on track). The commenter darkness light...something like that....gave you some good info on your comment. Just DO NOT put it off.
  • nipponese
    nipponese 4 months ago It can apply to anyone who does independent contract work, or can get their employer to pay them as an LLC.
  • Paul Pietras
    Paul Pietras 4 months ago Darkened Light cmon you guys don’t be dumb this has nothing to do with being a real estate agent.. any checks you get from work are already taxed, so you just gotta split them up accordingly like retirement accounts 401ks etc and budget yourself
  • Edward Astill
    Edward Astill 4 months ago Oh fuck
  • Christian Bohm
    Christian Bohm 5 months ago So the magic trick is: Don't spend everything you get and save money. Wow, mind blown. Who would have thought?
  • dasein
    dasein 1 week ago @Christian Bohm LOL. Does he at least give us good advice on where to invest?
  • Elvir Fale
    Elvir Fale 3 weeks ago Christian Bohm lmao
  • Ayson Baxter
    Ayson Baxter 1 month ago No, you must also do smart taxes and investments.
  • Taqeem Hilton
    Taqeem Hilton 1 month ago Or change the way you think and get out of the rat race within the matrix.
  • Jen L
    Jen L 1 month ago I know, right!? I'm good at the savings part, not so much on the investment. 😬😋 But I have no debts minus a mortgage and money in the bank. I grew up poor and is more like that guys mom.
  • Joe Curran
    Joe Curran 1 month ago A lot of people don't do that to be fair.
  • Memori
    Memori 3 months ago this sentence is better than the whole video (lol americans that they have to pay taxes, fucked up country), if you let that money sit in your bank acc (10k$) for 10 years you will get nothing but fi you invest them then you can make something out of it, smart advice
  • RiCbob 13
    RiCbob 13 3 months ago Life changing ... feel bad for people that paid to go see this guy ... lol
  • Siegfried3203
    Siegfried3203 3 months ago Christian Bohm maybe he was trying to say “yay” ... just saying but I get it
  • One Rebis
    One Rebis 3 months ago @Christian Bohm I think it's clear that people need reinforcement and don't start actively learning when someone immediately speaks. The anology is 18 minutes which is a decent length to reinforce meaning, while giving anecdotes and engaging the audience. I don't think you would be financially better if I simply told you to save, if I repeat the meaning behind analogies of success stories then maybe you'll be keen to listen.
  • luxxn
    luxxn 3 months ago (edited) @Christian Bohm "I" totally agree! His is absolutely right, but I was really disappointed when the video finished because of the way he praised his strategy earlier. The biggest take away for me is that he is good at selling his knowledge and that a speaker in Europe would never appear like him with this little informational content
  • Nikki Tate
    Nikki Tate 4 months ago Clearly you haven't been paying attention. He isn't teaching you to save money (except with the cash accts) is teaching you to invest money. If you think saving and investing money is the same thing, you should research a bit more. No financially savvy person believes investing money is the same as saving it. One increases in value, one decreases in value. Anyone can save money, but that doesn't really get you anywhere.
  • Praniv
    Praniv 4 months ago Christian Bohm it’s simple yet most of any population don’t do it
  • kane robertson
    kane robertson 4 months ago The part about putting your money straight into a business account is actually really smart and really under looked.
  • Tiffany Mitchell
    Tiffany Mitchell 4 months ago Just be thankful you don't need the charts and the extra push. You literally just came to the comments to say, I was blessed to already know this. Others don't. That is part of the reason why the finance industry is so big
  • Dan Jxxx
    Dan Jxxx 4 months ago I !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Christian Bohm
    Christian Bohm 4 months ago (edited) @Taheerah Rochelle Yeah, still boils down to what I said. And btw i didn't say its wrong. I said its bloody obvious and not a "business strategy". The people sitting there paid money for getting common sense packed in stupid stories about his parents.
  • Taheerah Rochelle
    Taheerah Rochelle 4 months ago Did you not pay attention to the charts? Yea, you can save money under you mattress but you will still be broke. He said, put money aside for your taxes that you will have to pay, put aside money for your business expenses, which you may not have, good for you. He said put aside money for your INVESTMENT account (not savings). Then split that money towards your home expenses, retirement, long term market funds, kids collage fund (not account), a cash account for INVESTMENT in real estate, and a cash account for future [planned] fun. You making it as simple as don't spend everything you get and save money is why you are or will be in debt or poor for ever. Your children will pick up your money management ideas and they will be poor as well. I mean, why watch the video meant to help you and don't take detail notes so you can be financially free?
  • jellovendigar
    jellovendigar 4 months ago No there’s more to it. This approach forces you to set your fun budget “after” you deliberately thought about all the longer term necessities like tax, retirement and kids’ college. Most people earning more than a certain amount (more than basic monthly expenses) would be suspectitible to frivilous fun expenses like fancy homes and cars. (The joneses effect)
  • Patrick TV Gh
    Patrick TV Gh 5 months ago Yes mate. Simple strategy. I have used strategy in starting my own channel
  • DritonOW
    DritonOW 5 months ago Save money to invest and not to let it sleep on your account, but I also have to say let it sleep is still better than spending all the money from your account
  • Freddy Mendez
    Freddy Mendez 5 months ago People love to spend money.
  • Lu Mon
    Lu Mon 5 months ago @Christian Bohm "I" !!! Well, you are right.
  • Christian Bohm
    Christian Bohm 5 months ago (edited) @Lu Mon I agree. The point was more towards making a big show with long stories and clever looking charts and asking for a lot of money for something you could write in one sentence. If you cut away all the fluff there isn't much knowledge here. And then calling it a "business strategy" - feels like a scam to me. Because it is. Who agrees with me, say "I"!!!
  • Lu Mon
    Lu Mon 5 months ago Many people don't know that
  • onee
    onee 5 months ago (edited) Rich vs. Poor The most important difference is. Rich: Invest Poor: Consume New York City currently has apartments worth millions of dollars. No one can live in them, except the rich. But even they don't live in them. So, you wanna know why they purchase them? Because they expect the values of those houses to increase within a couple of years when they sell them. While your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S9 or whatever will for sure lose its value within the next couple of years, if you want to sell it.
  • Heiße Schokolade
    Heiße Schokolade 8 hours ago I punched the thumbs up button.