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In this Invitation a holy and hidden knowledge is revealed to be a part of nearly every ancient structure on earth. Within every stone creation around the world there is also an ominous message and it is given to all who walk upon this earth, Sadly, this message is lost on our greatest scientists and our best archaeologists, and the reason why is because of our personal view of religion. In our world religion dictates whether a discovery is true, worthy, or the work of the devil. This Invitation to enlightenment is unlike any other you have ever seen and it is full of hidden knowledge and also the holiest knowledge on earth. This is the age of reason and the age of enlightenment and this is Invitation Number 7.

    DAMON T. BERRY FILMMAKER 8 months ago US GOVT HAS DEEMED THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE FOREVER TIME TO BE A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY. The wildly successful documentary series, "The Knowledge Of The Forever Time," has been deemed a threat to US National Interests. The series which reveals ancient knowledge also reveals information and understanding that has never been heard before. Many of the films detail a step by step instruction that will lead to alien contact and dialog. While other episodes reveal ancient Stargate technology that allows man to travel deep into the cosmos with unbelievable ease. Series Creator Damon T. Berry has recently had his home looted while at the same time being under 24 hour surveillance. The US Government has seized all documents, scripts and master copies of the films. They have taken over his bank accounts, blocked all email accounts, phones, and have seized all assets from all bank safe deposit boxes. He is currently under 24 hour house arrest and no longer allowed to create another episode or move freely around the world. This type of action is unprecedented is a democracy and it highlights our ever changing country and it also portends a dark and terrifying future.
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    Bubba Bong 3 days ago Nothing to see hear but another false profit.
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    I'm the new guy 1 week ago @Johnny Ginseng yes I watched Lileth and blowed me away.Hes saying she a good one ,right out of here.
  • April Newton
    April Newton 1 week ago Proverbs 5:1-7 KJV My son, attend unto my wisdom, and bow thine ear to my understanding: [2] That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge. [3] For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: [4] But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a twoedged sword. [5] Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell. [6] Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them . [7] Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth.
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    Marceline Ingot 1 week ago And yet, tbe videos are still on Youtube
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    Mick W 1 week ago Some are not in control of their thoughts, therefore it's wise they don't all know thier ability to their full extent, there could be greater catastrophy
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    Rosymaydog 1 week ago Ometecuhtli oooo
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    Rosymaydog 1 week ago kkkkkkkkkkJohnny Ginseng
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    Rosymaydog 1 week ago Rhaegana 3 ...
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    Johnny Ginseng 2 weeks ago @Peter Carrillo your response.
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    Peter Carrillo 2 weeks ago @Johnny Ginseng please tell what what exactly are you thanking me for?
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    Johnny Ginseng 2 weeks ago @Peter Carrillo thank you sir.
  • Peter Carrillo
    Peter Carrillo 2 weeks ago @Johnny Ginseng you are not acting out of your own free but so that through your teachings our father will know your offerings of praise. Put aside your demonic egotistic characteristics and seek the truths of wisdom and knowledge for it brings you closer to God! We are not perfect and will commit sin but don't let it deter you from finding our father in everything for he is all things not just in the modern day bibl,e it has been written over and over again in multiple languages and through those individuals who possibly did NOT possess the consciousness. The pharasies and scribes have taken the knowledge and hidden them they will not enter nor will they allow you to do so. A blind man leads a blind and they will fall into the pit.....our king Jesus Christ taught us this yet most modern day Christian choose to ignore the wisdom. Be as wise as the SERPENT and as innocent as doves. Verily verily I tell you you must be born of the spirit or you will not enter....anyway good luck to You! May God bless you.
  • Peter Carrillo
    Peter Carrillo 2 weeks ago @Leliu Swann Satan operates through the law. The red planet approaches and the government chooses to keep it quite . Etc....
  • leonard saif
    leonard saif 2 weeks ago Show me your proof??? I know the bit about lucifer, but show me your facts about the rest, have a look at unacknoeledge documentary on Netflix.
  • leonard saif
    leonard saif 2 weeks ago US Government will get the whole world killed, it shouldn’t be a few billionaires deciding the fate of mankind their the reason we’re in this mess!! They have the technology hear and now to stop poverty illness everything but they would rather profit of death, wars taking family’s homes, just so they can gain from it and do what they want, like this guy has done amazing research showing us truth opening our minds, then government just takes it all and destroys his life like what the actual feck!!! We all deserve this knowledge it’s our rite, How far mankind has fallen we will all perish if we do not all come together as 1 and find a better future for EVERYONE rich middle class or poor together as 1 I just hope that whoever is out their they understand that rich people and government doing this do not speak for the rest of humanity we lost our way a long time ago we somehow need to restore the faith
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    Nick Peffley 2 weeks ago The owls are the messengers. The spaceflight is almost instantaneous. In the past, I use to be worshipped.
  • ET art by B Witten
    ET art by B Witten 3 weeks ago Sus my might be surprised. Look at the "Programmable Rock" video and "Atlantis the Final Straw".
    SURIAEL 3 weeks ago what a waste of time, this guy is worst than Von Daniken