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5 Real Life Lessons to be Learned from These Creepy Horror Movies...

Published on Apr 13, 2019 98,690 views

Learning From Horror Films!? Here are five life lessons you can learn from some of the creepiest films ever made...

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  • Why Meme?
    Why Meme? 1 week ago Another lesson you can learn from a horror movie: if you hear a creepy sound from a dark place, instead of approaching it.....RUN
  • Lucifer Fallen1
    Lucifer Fallen1 1 week ago And don't run upstairs to escape.
  • Slimy Senpai
    Slimy Senpai 1 week ago creepy noises be like: "you're running away from me? Instead of approaching me you're running away?!"
  • ?
    ? 1 week ago Lmao facts 💯
  • Gal axy
    Gal axy 1 week ago Yeah it sounds logical but for whatever reason when it happens in my house I go and check that out just like stupid people in horror movies
  • Lucifer Fallen1
    Lucifer Fallen1 1 week ago @Gal axy I send my dogs to investigate. 2 large German shepherds and 2 Irish wolfhounds and even Pinhead from hellraiser will run home crying for his mommy.
  • Gal axy
    Gal axy 1 week ago @Lucifer Fallen1 yeah I should probably get dogs too lol
  • handsom.chris
    handsom.chris 1 week ago I don't know why people do this instead of backing off
  • Gal axy
    Gal axy 1 week ago @handsom.chris well for me it's instinct when I hear something I check it out without even thinking
  • handsom.chris
    handsom.chris 1 week ago @Gal axyYes you are right, monsters, zombies, vampires and etc are scary but the scariest thing is darkness because you can't see anything in it and the mind plays tricks with us
  • Gal axy
    Gal axy 1 week ago @handsom.chris to be honest with u I don't even think about monsters zombies etc I don t believe in that I'm more like checking to see if there is an intruder as for ghosts that s a different story but it's better than someone who would harm me
  • handsom.chris
    handsom.chris 1 week ago @Gal axy By monsters I meant anything that is scary and you are right ghosts are a different story. Likely we will be looking for an intruder
  • Lucifer Fallen1
    Lucifer Fallen1 1 week ago @Gal axy mine provide endless hours of entertainment. Except when my wife's not home and they all try to pile on the bed with me. Even with a California king, there isn't nearly enough room.
  • Gal axy
    Gal axy 1 week ago @Lucifer Fallen1 ohh now you're making wanna get one even more
  • Nicholas Persaud
    Nicholas Persaud 1 week ago Your profile pic is seriously offensive. Alt-right symbols are EVIL!!!!
  • Lucifer Fallen1
    Lucifer Fallen1 1 week ago @Nicholas Persaud get over your self. There is so much more in this world you could be offended by.
  • Lucifer Fallen1
    Lucifer Fallen1 1 week ago @Gal axy be prepared to spend a small fortune. My boys shots and food and everything else cost more than I thought was possible. And then the chewing phase hit. My oldest (the shepards) ate an entire fucking couch one afternoon while I was at the store. They tore 3 doors apart once because they got trapped in the downstairs hall. Thank God they were easy to train before they destroyed anything else. The wolfhounds, they like to go play in the water and come home covered in mud. And omg, they once got ahold of a turkey we were making for Thanksgiving and oh so much poop. They were rotten babies. Well behaved and goofy now. But I have no regrets.
    WARPED MIND 1 week ago What have I learned from horror movies? -don’t split up -don’t look back -avoid sketchy people and places
  • Lucifer Fallen1
    Lucifer Fallen1 1 week ago Always wear trainers or shoes without heels. Never have sex
  • Carly Fox
    Carly Fox 1 week ago And dont run into the woods
  • Jacob Marshall
    Jacob Marshall 1 week ago I just try not to leave the house
  • Blakazawa
    Blakazawa 1 week ago Never say „i will be right back“ cause u won‘t
  • B L_17
    B L_17 1 week ago Yeah and dont go into dark creepy cellars because you heard a strange noise!
  • RonRon
    RonRon 1 week ago Yeah... Don't look back, because if you will, you won't die.
  • Uprise
    Uprise 1 week ago Actually wouldn't you want to always look back to check your surroundings and make sure you're not being followed?
    WARPED MIND 1 week ago Uprise i meant for when you are being chased I’d want to focus on running away rather than how close they are to me
  • Ekansteprac
    Ekansteprac 1 week ago I thought it was always travel with a hot chick and a black guy.
  • Zane Normonta
    Zane Normonta 1 week ago (edited) If you hear weird sounds in the house, do not start shouting "hello", "is anyone there?" . Turn on those freakin lights. Hate when they walk around in the dark to try to find something or someone.
  • Suzanne McCloud
    Suzanne McCloud 1 week ago Also: --don't go into a dark room, don't check to make sure they're dead, and most importantly, --don't have sex!
  • Suzanne McCloud
    Suzanne McCloud 1 week ago @Ekansteprac 👍🏻😂
  • Shed Man X
    Shed Man X 4 days ago All good advice here but you have missed the most important rule of all, “Never enter a room within TURNING ON THE LIGHT!👻👺😈
  • 82sarahg
    82sarahg 2 days ago Don't trip and fall while running away 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • I'm under your bed
    I'm under your bed 1 week ago In soviet Russia, its the horror movies that learn lesson from you!
  • Eden Mashraki
    Eden Mashraki 1 week ago Your pic is the creepiest shit ever
  • Arithmxtic
    Arithmxtic 1 week ago Dead joke
  • I'm under your bed
    I'm under your bed 1 week ago @Arithmxtic Don't care. Wanna do something about it?
  • yung saph
    yung saph 1 week ago Ur mum
  • sam moland
    sam moland 1 week ago In Russia, Sharks wear scuba tanks.....possessed comrades carry thermos of green pea soup....Boogyman hide under bed from the KGB....and, Kids hide in sewer from Clowns in KGB!!
  • h1mb
    h1mb 1 week ago youre a fucking comedian
  • Brian Dube
    Brian Dube 1 week ago 😂😂😂
  • Arithmxtic
    Arithmxtic 1 week ago (edited) @I'm under your bed your jokes are dead and so are the shit playlists on your channel
  • I'm under your bed
    I'm under your bed 1 week ago @Arithmxtic I'll pretend like that actually means something, coming from some random asshole.
  • Коди Уэстон
    Коди Уэстон 1 week ago Вы боитесь из фильмов? Я покажу тебе настоящий страх.
  • Storm Poison old
    Storm Poison old 1 week ago @Arithmxtic who cares? It's funny so go away.
  • You Can Heal
    You Can Heal 1 week ago @I'm under your bed lol
  • Nate Murdoch
    Nate Murdoch 1 week ago (edited) The biggest rule to follow in a horror film: Don't be black.
  • CEDL4072
    CEDL4072 1 week ago And it pays to be a virgin lol
  • Алфа Wolf
    Алфа Wolf 1 week ago Or an attractive girl
  • Lady In Red
    Lady In Red 1 week ago All valid points lol I agree with you all
  • #Hashtag
    #Hashtag 1 week ago And for heaven's sake DON'T open that door!
  • Gal axy
    Gal axy 1 week ago @CEDL4072 yeah in the movie Taken definitely helped her or let's just say postponed whatever was gonna happen to her untill she was saved. But it really doesn t help if u don t have someone like her father looking for u
  • Da ConqTech
    Da ConqTech 1 week ago Or blonde
  • EZY Music
    EZY Music 1 week ago If we are talking about bad/predictable movies then yes this is very true!
  • Avery Weber
    Avery Weber 1 week ago Never even seen a horror movie with a black character.
  • Kayenng Thao
    Kayenng Thao 1 week ago Rule number 1: don't split up. Rule number 2: don't trust strangers. Rule number 3: don't run towards creepy noise. Rule number 4: little kids laughing means you're screwed.
  • Daniel Chavez
    Daniel Chavez 1 week ago And avoid running upstairs unless ur in a damn basement/cellar.. like seriously tho, unless my Mossberg is up that staircase then how would that even be considered an option or seem like a good idea to anyone while trying to run for ther life.. Lol
  • Joelio Backpacker
    Joelio Backpacker 1 week ago 28 Days Later is perfection. Definitely one of my favorites.
  • dazzerstar
    dazzerstar 1 week ago Yes I agree
  • Lady In Red
    Lady In Red 1 week ago Yes I like 28 weeks later too!
  • Melodie
    Melodie 1 week ago Definitely!! The horror subgenre of zombies is my favorite, and 28 Days Later was a phenomenal take on it.
  • Aryan Divyanshu
    Aryan Divyanshu 1 week ago Yes! I loved it!
  • Jack Reacher
    Jack Reacher 1 week ago 28 days later is kinda how poor old France is looking these days.
  • _gorillaz freakinc._
    _gorillaz freakinc._ 3 days ago Joelio Backpacker - YES
  • Why Meme?
    Why Meme? 1 week ago Lesson number one: DO NOT WATCH THEM ALONE
  • Jw Nj
    Jw Nj 1 week ago Just keep repeating to yourself Its only a movie, its only a movie, its only a movie.
  • Dez S.
    Dez S. 1 week ago I could listen to your voice for days🤤
  • pay fone
    pay fone 6 days ago Do it
  • Invid of INP
    Invid of INP 1 week ago No matter how fast you run, the antagonist will always be right behind you by walking.
  • EinieN J
    EinieN J 1 week ago Or somehow appears right infront of You, so that You run in to them, no matter how fast and long You have been runing 😱
  • Ember Hydra
    Ember Hydra 1 week ago Is this a reference too Micheal Myers?
  • Invid of INP
    Invid of INP 1 week ago @Ember Hydra if specifics then yes.
  • _gorillaz freakinc._
    _gorillaz freakinc._ 3 days ago Invid of INP - Michael Myers in a nutshell
  • Billy The Kid
    Billy The Kid 1 week ago Don't forget to turn the volume back down before you leave folks ✌🏽
  • Lauren McPeak
    Lauren McPeak 1 week ago I can't deal with clowns no matter the reasoning or soothing narrator's voice...hell no !!!
  • Lady In Red
    Lady In Red 1 week ago Lauren McPeak me either lol
  • J M Gaming
    J M Gaming 1 week ago I thought i was the only one who thought IT was about facing your fears for some reason... like I thought the monster resembled your 'demons' or something but always thought I might have been thinking too much into it
  • Logan Paul Pogba
    Logan Paul Pogba 6 days ago Im not sure if that's what the book is about. Maybe it partly is. But overall reading it i thought "this must have been penned during Stephen Kings worst drug abuse stage" its bizzarre.
    SUPREME EMPEROR MITTENS 1 week ago That's 160 MILLION not thousand.
  • Chelsea Armstrong
    Chelsea Armstrong 1 week ago SUPREME EMPEROR MITTENS I thought it didn’t sound right
  • The Unicorn Diaries
    The Unicorn Diaries 1 week ago I was like 🤦‍♀️
  • Mike Sowder
    Mike Sowder 1 week ago The devil himself and our own insecurities are our greatest enemies.
  • ?
    ? 1 week ago That's true never trust the devil 💯
  • D2daK87
    D2daK87 1 day ago The devil will grant you your every desire... You must just promise him your eternal soul in return.
  • Mike Sowder
    Mike Sowder 1 day ago @D2daK87 I'd rather be miserable here for that one day I'll have paradise. I love camping, I am pleased with a tent, I'm flooded by the fact one day I can have a mansion in paradise that we can even fathom. I love you friend, I don't have to but I don't have to.
  • D2daK87
    D2daK87 1 day ago @Mike SowderI'm simply trolling. I'm not religious in any way shape or form. I don't believe in the devil neither do I believe in God. I don't judge anyone for their beliefs. You do you. I certainly hope one day you get what you desire should it be real. If I could choose anything to be real it would have to be reincarnation. Life is too precious for me to want to leave it. Although the cards dealt aren't always fair...
  • Mike Sowder
    Mike Sowder 1 day ago @D2daK87 that is ok, I do still love and care about you. I always pray for us.
  • Nikki Puchta
    Nikki Puchta 1 week ago This was great I love your Channel thank you ♥️
  • Faithless Humanity [Official Band]
    Faithless Humanity [Official Band] 1 week ago Dude..... Your Content is Freakin' Awesome, I can't say that enough!!!!!!!!!
  • Jw Nj
    Jw Nj 1 week ago Or just watch April Fools Day 1986.
  • Katzenkaiser4
    Katzenkaiser4 1 week ago I liked how you portrayed 28 days later here.
    AGNES 1 week ago Since I've never watched it - I surely will do soon!
  • EinieN J
    EinieN J 1 week ago @AGNES Very good movie 5/7 ☺️
  • Abnovelists
    Abnovelists 1 week ago Makes me appreciate the movie 10x more
  • Leonor Chiuz
    Leonor Chiuz 1 week ago (edited) Just woke up from a 10 minute nap and this came up, THIS IS A GOOD SATRUDAY YALL. Top5 here to save my Saturday from being a boredom ! Have a great day Top5, you deserve it!
  • Mo Alexander
    Mo Alexander 1 week ago Marry me??
  • Joseph Fuller
    Joseph Fuller 1 week ago @Mo Alexander What if she were a murdering sadist? She just says that she is bored because she currently has no one in her life to manipulate and abuse. Perhaps she is waiting for the insurance pay-out after the murder of her previous spouse... Bottom line, do not be haplessly suckered by a pretty face. Nothing on the internet is real, except the danger.