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AGE GAPS: Why You Should Be Dating Younger Guys — Lessons From Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson!

Published on Mar 12, 2019 24,087 views

Guess what: you should be dating younger guys! Pete Davidson recently addressed the age gap in his relationship with Kate Beckinsale, and I'll give you 5 reasons why dating younger guys is the BEST...just as long as it isn't Pete Davidson!
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  • Hannah Thompson
    Hannah Thompson 1 week ago Love you shallon!! Just wondering, have you considered the mommy complex with the younger guys? You know they like you because they want to recreate or redo their relationship with their mother? Also, how about dating guys with less physical experience when you have just as little experience in the bedroom?? A penny for your thoughts x you're the
  • Rizza The Great
    Rizza The Great 1 week ago Younger guys are cute and fun but they usually don’t have their life together. And they don’t have money to do anything.
  • Zeostrophie
    Zeostrophie 1 week ago (edited) "Someone hotter with hair in the right places" lmaooooo 😂
  • Sandra O.
    Sandra O. 1 week ago Women should learn from Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. What I see more often then not younger men use older women as a fetish vs an actual marriage long term relationship. 🤷‍♀️
  • panicatdx
    panicatdx 1 week ago i'm 21 and my boyfriends 20 and people already think that's weird 😅 don't wanna imagine the gossip when you're e.g. 35 and he's 25
  • Kay Gee
    Kay Gee 1 week ago I dated younger men & it went poorly. My husband is 8 years older and perfect for me in every way. It could be because I'm a mother. Younger guys aren't experienced and mature enough for me. My mom married a younger man and he definitely wasn't ready to be a stepdad. Younger men might be hotter, but I don't find them as interesting. Again, it's probably because I'm a parent so no hate.
  • Ms. Nadia
    Ms. Nadia 1 week ago Also, younger men have less emotional baggage and fall in love quickly. They have more energy and are full of life.
  • dianasj
    dianasj 1 week ago Can you please do a video on Ciara going from Future to Russell? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🤗🤗
  • kate T
    kate T 1 week ago How on earth does Pete Davidson keep bagging these gorgeous ladies...?
  • Naomi
    Naomi 1 week ago How do you date a younger guy and not have it become like a parent child relationship?
  • Sam Scott
    Sam Scott 1 week ago (edited) I'm 43, he's 28, It's the best thing I've ever done, after dating men the same age, Or older... He has respect for me, treats me like a princess, unlike most men I've dated my own my own age don't seem to want to commit any more, and are just interested in young girls and one night stands, Ps, don't even mention the Sex with younger guys.. 😉😍 They respect older women with experience...
  • Emily H
    Emily H 1 week ago I disagree about older guys being uglier lol, if a guy is ugly he's ugly, but 30-45 is actually the peak of a male's looks, I also find salt and pepper hair sexy. Younger guys are also not secure financially and not as established which can be frustrating to deal with because I prefer someone on my own level.
  • Penny
    Penny 1 week ago Here’s to manifesting a younger guy into my life 🥂
  • joy and grace
    joy and grace 1 week ago I mean men have been doing this for years why not women. You do you boo 😘
  • Debbie Gross
    Debbie Gross 1 week ago My husband is a younger left-handed ginger Jew LOL it works for me too! 😂
  • katlala
    katlala 1 week ago If you date a way younger guy who is lesser financially established doesn’t that mean you have to paid for everything aka dates, trips? Kinda see it like your their mom instead of a girlfriend.
  • SayiaN ;p
    SayiaN ;p 1 week ago Shallon Do a video around the same age gap difference in reverse like Sofia Richie and Scott!!!!!! Great video
  • Irina Ermolaeva
    Irina Ermolaeva 1 week ago @ 13,00 Shallon sounds like real life Samantha Jones, “ Honey if i was ever worried about what people might talk about me, I wouldn’t leave me apartment”
  • Tayla Hartemink
    Tayla Hartemink 1 week ago It hurt my brain so bad every time you said “clicking tock” instead of “ticking clock” 😂😂😂 love your videos though x
  • Hunter Jarvis
    Hunter Jarvis 1 week ago You uploaded this literally as I was watching the Jlo video omgg