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AGE GAPS: Why You Should Be Dating Younger Guys — Lessons From Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson!

Published on Mar 12, 2019 33,403 views

Guess what: you should be dating younger guys! #PeteDavidson recently addressed the age gap in his relationship with #KateBeckinsale, and I'll give you 5 reasons why dating #youngerguys is the BEST...just as long as it isn't Pete Davidson!
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  • Hannah Thompson
    Hannah Thompson 2 months ago Love you shallon!! Just wondering, have you considered the mommy complex with the younger guys? You know they like you because they want to recreate or redo their relationship with their mother? Also, how about dating guys with less physical experience when you have just as little experience in the bedroom?? A penny for your thoughts x you're the
  • Shallon Lester
    Shallon Lester 2 months ago Hannah Thompson That’s a good question but honestly I never got a mom vibe in a bad way. All of them have had super strong bad ass moms, so dating me seemed familiar in a good way. And as for sex, less experience = more willingness to learn and experiment. Older guys are like NO THIS IS HOW I KISS, or won’t branch out and try stuff.
  • Sylvia Clinton
    Sylvia Clinton 2 months ago Shallon Lester I have a question, do I have to pay if I text you or call you
  • Velvet Rose
    Velvet Rose 1 month ago @Shallon Lester ι тoтally agree! yoυnger мen are мore wιllιng тo learn and eхperιмenт ❤️.
  • Rizza The Great
    Rizza The Great 2 months ago Younger guys are cute and fun but they usually don’t have their life together. And they don’t have money to do anything.
  • Morgan J
    Morgan J 2 months ago Rizza The Great Exactly, it’s a waste of time and a waste of the biological clock. They’re also more childish. They just have more growing to do.
  • Jen Mar
    Jen Mar 2 months ago Say it louder! The reason I am not really attracted to them. Plus younger men are immature.
  • Mon Harris
    Mon Harris 2 months ago Jen Mar you can find very immature men in their 50s and 60s. Age is not a signal of maturity
  • VirtualArmageddon
    VirtualArmageddon 2 months ago @Mon Harris There might be immature men in their 50s but they tend to be outliers. I'm 18 and I know pretty much 1 guy my age who is mature. Age isn't always an indicator for maturity but until your around 21-24 your brain isn't fully developed.
  • AH
    AH 2 months ago Hot take: men never mature.
  • ay
    ay 2 months ago Oh, I like younger men IF they know how to make you feel like a lady.
  • F C
    F C 2 months ago @Jen Mar Yes, but older men are immature too.
  • Just J xx
    Just J xx 2 months ago Younger guys are sexually very inexperienced.... I don't want a fuck boy but I don't want a semi virgin either
  • Shallon Lester
    Shallon Lester 2 months ago Fully true--I am very aware of my audience on here and it's not all 20 year olds. There's a huge percentage of 40+ who are having the EXACT. SAME. PROBLEMS. with guys: ghosting, poor communication, cheating, being the sidechick, etc etc. Bad behavior doesn't change. You can't teach an old (bald, flaccid) dog new tricks....
  • Olivia McDonie
    Olivia McDonie 2 months ago Lol
  • Just J xx
    Just J xx 2 months ago @Shallon Lester true a fuck boy stays a fuck boy regardless of age
  • F C
    F C 2 months ago @Shallon Lester Very true! I just got out of a thing with a 60 (yes 60) year old who ghosted me out of the blue. I'm much younger and he had the nerve to come back like nothing happened asking why he hadn't heard from me 😡 I tried calling/texting until it became apparent he had dashed. They may be getting older, but not necessarily wiser.
  • Morgan J
    Morgan J 2 months ago Granted many men are “immature” regardless of age. However, a young guy is immature AND broke. He hasn’t built himself yet. All he can afford is “Netflix and chill”. Which is fine if you’re only worthy of $8 a month.
  • Barb DeSouza
    Barb DeSouza 2 months ago If you want gross old men aka sugar daddies, come down to Florida. There is a shit ton of rich gross old fuckboys who will drive you around in their sports cars. I hope you don't mind curling up around that hairy beer belly!
  • Carol Lipton
    Carol Lipton 2 months ago And so often, they are fickle and decide that they feel shitty about the girlfriend they broke up with 6 months ago and then go back to her. Am I right?@Morgan J
  • Andrew Thoppil
    Andrew Thoppil 1 month ago (edited) This is not true. It depends on the individual. I was able to retire at 25 because of smart investments, and the fact that my business did well enough. There are plenty of younger guys that are financially stable. My wife is 14 years older than me, and we were both financially stable before we met. You’d be surprised how many young wealthy guys there are. This is especially true in the business realm. You also have to take into consideration that she is in Hollywood where most of the younger guys are multi-millionaire actors, athletes, investors, business owners, and CEOs.
  • Kristi MacLeod
    Kristi MacLeod 1 month ago Wrong younger guys.
  • Kristi MacLeod
    Kristi MacLeod 1 month ago @AH truer words were never spoken.
  • Farah Facett
    Farah Facett 1 month ago (edited) Rizza The Great Plus they aren't ready to settle down & be loyal for life.
  • Farah Facett
    Farah Facett 1 month ago Rizza The Great younger guys are definitely hotter though. Their abs
  • Zeostrophie
    Zeostrophie 2 months ago (edited) "Someone hotter with hair in the right places" lmaooooo 😂
  • My Cheri' Anolani
    My Cheri' Anolani 2 months ago Hi my Cult Leader Zeostrophie!!!!
  • Penny
    Penny 2 months ago Here’s to manifesting a younger guy into my life 🥂
  • Lalmuankimi Chhakchhuak
    Lalmuankimi Chhakchhuak 2 months ago Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas
  • Irina Ermolaeva
    Irina Ermolaeva 2 months ago Lalmuankimi Chhakchhuak not my fave couple tho:/
  • Guli Garadaghli
    Guli Garadaghli 2 months ago Irina Ermolaeva thats the point
  • Lost philosophy
    Lost philosophy 2 months ago Yea, will they last, thoughts anyone?👀
  • Sera
    Sera 2 months ago @Lost philosophy I don't think they will!
  • Pink
    Pink 2 months ago @Sera They will, Nick is like a old man and Priyanka is like a little kid. Their personalities match.
  • kate T
    kate T 2 months ago How on earth does Pete Davidson keep bagging these gorgeous ladies...?
  • Night Owl Junkie
    Night Owl Junkie 2 months ago kate T He’s a sweet,adorable and funny guy, he makes them laugh, that’s a huge turn on for women. He also seems like a loyal, loving and attentive partner who goes with the flow.
  • Μαρτίνα Σταματίνα Μαγγιώρου
    Μαρτίνα Σταματίνα Μαγγιώρου 2 months ago Because he's charming. I would date him.
  • Olivia McDonie
    Olivia McDonie 2 months ago Big dick energy too
  • Justina Acorn
    Justina Acorn 2 months ago Olivia McDonie yes!🍆
  • Sera
    Sera 2 months ago Let's assess what the women have in common!
  • Carol Lipton
    Carol Lipton 2 months ago I would agree with very loyal. And my guess is generous as well. @Night Owl Junkie
  • SportsAndWit
    SportsAndWit 2 months ago Because he’s great
  • Ruby Suho
    Ruby Suho 4 weeks ago As someone who's always gone for the funny guys it makes sense to me
  • Diana Sofia
    Diana Sofia 2 months ago Can you please do a video on Ciara going from Future to Russell? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🤗🤗
  • wildhopeXx
    wildhopeXx 2 months ago dianasj Yesss
  • Madi Renner
    Madi Renner 2 months ago Yesss!!!!
  • Sandra O.
    Sandra O. 2 months ago Women should learn from Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. What I see more often then not younger men use older women as a fetish vs an actual marriage long term relationship. 🤷‍♀️
  • Laurel Forest
    Laurel Forest 2 months ago True!
  • Angelina
    Angelina 2 months ago (edited) Sandra O. Yep,some,not all. Some men don’t want kids.
  • Morgan J
    Morgan J 2 months ago Yes, and then once the “young guy” gets older. He dumps the older gal and gets a young, cute twenty something.
  • Peach Pixie
    Peach Pixie 2 months ago @Angelina Ashton broke up with Demi and had kids 3 years later. I think compatibility is stronger than age. It's clear Demi didn't want more kids, and Ashton obviously did.
  • sassy scorpio
    sassy scorpio 2 months ago Sandra O off topic but is that your real name? My real name is Sandra and I rarely run acoss anyone with the same name! I never went to scholl or worked with anyone named Sandra. I've met Cassie, Cassandra, Saundra and Sandy! Lol! So, I'm always shook when I see another Sandra!!!
  • avian carnegie
    avian carnegie 2 months ago Sandra O. Girl yesss I’m with someone that I’m 4 years older than n it’s refreshing he understands me and I love it!
  • F C
    F C 2 months ago That was too big an age gap IMO. I'd never go more than 10 years in either direction.
  • Barbara Louis
    Barbara Louis 2 months ago @Morgan J stop with the generalization
  • Julia de la Vega
    Julia de la Vega 2 months ago Demi took years to get over him. He broke her heart sooo bad that she had to stay in the hospital. Bruce Willis, her ex, had to help her to go through that. And so Ashton shows up with the young and fresh Mila Kunis and had babies with her. Honestly, I think Demi made the worst choice choosing Ashton, she was still young that time and SUPER famous...she made him famous and when she got older he dumped her. Very bad!!
  • jane smith
    jane smith 1 month ago Why does everyone here consider the relationship between Demi & Kutcher a failure...? It lasted for 10 years & that’s a looong time in Hollywood ... Her marriage to Willis didn’t last either ... & he’s an old guy ... Just saying... Nowadays most relationships with young guys AND old guys don’t last ...
  • Farah Facett
    Farah Facett 1 month ago (edited) Sandra O. EXACTLY. For them it's just about a sexual encounter. They don't see you as someone to marry and settle down with. Even if they do, they're often poor or inexperienced.
  • Ms. Nadia
    Ms. Nadia 2 months ago Also, younger men have less emotional baggage and fall in love quickly. They have more energy and are full of life.
  • Gina g.
    Gina g. 2 months ago full of life among some other things.
  • Salmo Ali
    Salmo Ali 2 months ago And fall out of love easily too. Let's not forget. They're only useful for pumping and dumping to be honest.
  • Elsa Villarreal
    Elsa Villarreal 2 months ago DING DING DING
  • Monkey Mind
    Monkey Mind 1 month ago Thanks for opening my eyes
  • Kay Gee
    Kay Gee 2 months ago I dated younger men & it went poorly. My husband is 8 years older and perfect for me in every way. It could be because I'm a mother. Younger guys aren't experienced and mature enough for me. My mom married a younger man and he definitely wasn't ready to be a stepdad. Younger men might be hotter, but I don't find them as interesting. Again, it's probably because I'm a parent so no hate.
  • Fabulous
    Fabulous 2 months ago @F C younger men older women with 5 plus age gap isn't same as younger women and older men.. happpy ppl don't need to shout out constantly that their happy.. countless number times. Younger guys esp 10 + age gap both way.. ..its mental unless ur interested in no kids and just sexy time till youth goes down toilet.. very rare find ppl stick around at 50.... when dude 40.... huge physiological change..
  • F C
    F C 2 months ago @Fabulous Why you write a long thesis about what other people must do with their lives, I'll never know. The only thing you convinced me of is that society is full of double standards.
  • Salmo Ali
    Salmo Ali 2 months ago @Fabulous Lol true. The only thing young men are good for is sex not actual life partnership. 15+ years is just too too fucking much no matter the gender. Yuck. If you're in your late 30s early 40s and want a serious relationship, maybe marriage, and children DON'T go for a fucking 20 year old! They're in a different stage of life! Bump and dump. That's it.
  • F C
    F C 2 months ago @Fabulous Also, men dievat least 10 years before women do. So a younger woman marrying an older foggie will have about 20 to 30 plus years of loneliness. This is provable by science. Terrible deal for the woman IMO.
  • Endlessbeauty
    Endlessbeauty 2 months ago I love pop culture but also learning about the deeper meaning of things !!! I can watch these videos all day
  • Irina Ermolaeva
    Irina Ermolaeva 2 months ago @ 13,00 Shallon sounds like real life Samantha Jones, “ Honey if i was ever worried about what people might talk about me, I wouldn’t leave me apartment”
  • SayiaN ;p
    SayiaN ;p 2 months ago Shallon Do a video around the same age gap difference in reverse like Sofia Richie and Scott!!!!!! Great video
  • Naomi
    Naomi 2 months ago How do you date a younger guy and not have it become like a parent child relationship?
  • Riss Lee
    Riss Lee 2 months ago You learn to chill out and chose someone more independent and not mommas boy.
  • Barb DeSouza
    Barb DeSouza 2 months ago Someone's maturity level can not match their age. Also, parent-child relationships can happen with any age. It's all about maturity level.
  • Agatha jay
    Agatha jay 2 months ago You don't. You do the samething you would do if dating a man in your age range, look for someone mature.
  • Barb DeSouza
    Barb DeSouza 2 months ago It depends on the age and the person. My husband was 21 when I met him. I was 30. He was far from a momma's boy. He was more mature than I was, even. Age is just a number. Find someone who has positive qualities you can love.
  • Claire Daniels
    Claire Daniels 1 month ago Naomi Men date younger women all the time and it’s not a parent child relationship.
  • Agatha jay
    Agatha jay 1 month ago Claire Daniels Oh yes it is. Many old men have told me a younger woman is moldable.
  • Claire Daniels
    Claire Daniels 1 month ago Agatha jay That doesn’t mean it’s a parent child relationship. Most people have to bend themselves and compromise in order to be in relationships.
  • Barb DeSouza
    Barb DeSouza 1 month ago @Agatha jay those women were immature mentally.
  • Sebastian V
    Sebastian V 1 month ago (edited) Barb DeSouza I’m more mature than my older female friend, she’s 35 and I’m 27. I was very accustomed to her lifestyle compared to the man she’s married to sadly, who is 20 years her senior. You kind of look like her and I’m also reminded by our age gap just like you and your Husband 😬
  • Carlos Colon
    Carlos Colon 1 month ago I don't get the way people can find an older man dating a younger woman disgusting, but be alright with it being reversed. Like, I like to stick with people my age, but what would be the difference?
  • Sebastian V
    Sebastian V 1 month ago Carlos Colon it’s fine both ways, but when the individual is old enough to be the junior’s parent then that’s a different story.
  • Hunter Jarvis
    Hunter Jarvis 2 months ago You uploaded this literally as I was watching the Jlo video omgg
  • Destiny Flores
    Destiny Flores 2 months ago The main thing I got from this video was Clicking Tock
  • Shallon Lester
    Shallon Lester 2 months ago Destiny Flores that really was the embedded message. I felt like I was having a stroke.
  • Destiny Flores
    Destiny Flores 2 months ago Shallon Lester lmaooo I laughed every single time 😂
  • Stargazer Lily
    Stargazer Lily 2 months ago Ya, dating younger guys is a beautiful thing 😏 I dated them after my divorce. They're kinder, sweeter, and are open to new things. Now I date guys my age, but I still have a sweet spot for younger men. I guess because they helped me to get over my ex.
  • Michelle Grenier
    Michelle Grenier 2 months ago (edited) My issue is not the age difference. She’s one of the most beautiful women on earth and he looks like he died about a month ago.
  • Shallon Lester
    Shallon Lester 2 months ago Michelle Grenier the accuracy 🙌🏻
  • Mila Cruz
    Mila Cruz 1 month ago 😆😆😆😆
  • Tayla Hartemink
    Tayla Hartemink 2 months ago It hurt my brain so bad every time you said “clicking tock” instead of “ticking clock” 😂😂😂 love your videos though x
  • Elfmaster
    Elfmaster 2 months ago See I love that she kept going with it!
  • Sam Scott
    Sam Scott 2 months ago (edited) I'm 43, he's 28, It's the best thing I've ever done, after dating men the same age, Or older... He has respect for me, treats me like a princess, unlike most men I've dated my own my own age don't seem to want to commit any more, and are just interested in young girls and one night stands, Ps, don't even mention the Sex with younger guys.. 😉😍 They respect older women with experience...
  • Maye VB
    Maye VB 2 months ago Sam Scott agree with you 💯
  • Monica Franc
    Monica Franc 1 week ago Sam Scott agree completly! Was in a never before so loving relationship with a younger man for 19 years straight. I was treaten like the most beautiful and sexy woman ever. Sadly our ways part(me doing) but now someone younger found me again and is showing so much love that it seems like I’m reviving my last relationship all together. He is sweet and is so in to me. I know that we can be happy together also, but I’m scared to fall in love. He rocks my world with this sweetness So, yeah, I agree with you. I don’t look for the young guys, both times they kept insisting and I had turned them both down. I wanted an older guy now, but they are into younger girls or are married and want you as sidepiece. So not everything is for everyone.